August 19th Bug-Fixing Build

The previous update actually had way less bugs than I expected! But, it still had some issues, which I’ve addressed with a new build.

To see a list of everything new in the latest update, scroll down below this drawing of Kaga Kusha by Tilanie-Pyon! I’m fond of the chibi clubmembers included at the bottom right corner!

I’ve also got some Yandere Simulator videos that I’d like to share with you, which I’ll include beneath the list of fixes and changes.

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Previously, if you annoyed a student by repeatedly talking to them / wasting their time, they would ignore you for the rest of the day. Now, they will only ignore you for a few hours (after you’ve passed time in class).
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to slide along the ground while posing if the player aimed a camera at their face while they were on their way to distract another student.
  • From now on, if a Phone Addict witnesses you commit murder in the span of time *after* they have taken a photo, but *before* they begin fleeing, they will snap another photo.
  • Fixed bug that caused the “Chase Camera” (the view that appears when a Phone Addict is running away after taking a photo) to display the AR minigame models.
  • When joining the Gaming Club, Yandere-chan will now wear a red cloth instead of a D-pad in her hair, like the rest of the members of the club.
  • Disabled the cinematic camera’s ability to see the “augmented reality” models, so that the magical girls don’t photobomb your screenshots.
  • Fixed bug that made the augmented reality “magical girl” float in front of the smartphones of students who weren’t playing the AR game.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the player from being able to use the “Feed” feature on a student after joining the Cooking Club.
  • Lowered the volume of the latest set of background tracks, since they were much louder than the rest of the game’s music.
  • Distributed different Personas to some of the students, since the ones in the previous build were placeholders.
  • Changed the appearance of a Cooking Club student who looked too similar to a pre-existing student.
  • Students will now refuse to follow Yandere-chan into the locker room; it’s just too weird.
  • Added a voice clip for Yandere-chan when she is asking the bullies their opinion of Gema.
  • Fixed bug that would cause two students to try and sit in the same seat.
  • Added the D-pad as a hair accessory option for Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed typos and inaccuracies in Students’ profiles.
  • Added aprons to male Cooking Club members.


I’d like to share some videos that I found noteworthy!

First, a Spanish YouTuber created a “Draw My Life” video about Yandere-chan and Yandere Simulator. Although I can’t understand the language he’s speaking, I’ve always loved Draw My Life videos, and I think it’s fascinating to watch someone explain the concept of the game using the Draw My life format!

The next video I’d like to share was uploaded to the YouTube channel for a rapper named Denzel Curry. The music video for his track “BLACK METAL TERRORIST” uses footage from Yandere Simulator! This came as quite a surprise to me! I definitely didn’t see that coming!

The last video I’d like to share comes from a YouTuber named Borupen Saishiki. In a very creative move, he used Yandere Simulator’s Pose Mode to create an animated music video! This is remarkable to me, because what he’s accomplished is the virtual equivalent of stop motion animation, which is a very, very time-consuming process. I’m impressed!

That’s all I wanted to share for now!

44 thoughts on “August 19th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Yandere I have a question…. in the future I’d like to matchmake Kizana with a male student but the problem is that none of her male club members have a crush on her… Tsuruzo (substitute club leader) should have a crush on Kizana! I think they are perfect for each other! So will you change Tsuruzo’s profile with the crush section being “????” ?

  2. Hey Yandere Dev! This was an amazing build! I spent a lot of time trying to see everything that was added and it was so much fun to explore the school! I have two quick questions though.

    1) I was so intrigued by the only two students in 1-1 being Horuda and Shiromi that I made a sketch of all the classrooms with students. You can fit Shiromi in 1-2 and Horuda in 3-1, soo maybe you can place them there until the obstacle gets implemented, and station Reina in the Faculty Room?

    2) The vegan boy spent a good chunk of Lunch time chasing after the Gaming Club congo line trying to give them food. Maybe you can increase their walking speed just so they can catch up?

    Alright, that’s all I have! I am so hyped for Light Music Club, but this amazing update will surely excite me for another few weeks! You’re amazing Yandere Deeeev! 😀

  3. Don’t you think there should be snack bars that people can buy lunch from or places that the cooking club opens stands because it would seem realistic and also when will you add more backround conversations?

  4. 1) Yandere Dev! Yandere Dev! As usual I’m so appreciative of all this work you’ve put into the game, but I’d like to point out a certain persona I’ve thought of for a long time that might prove difficulty to the game. There’s no certain name I thought for it, but basically if this student witnesses you murdering somebody and if they’re on the floor that their club is on then they’ll run to their club, lock the door, and call the police. The police will come faster then a student that gets off campus because it’ll take that student some time to get home and there could possibly be a mini game that will allow Yandere Chan to unlock the door or it could be a skill that she’d learn through the delinquents (if getting in all their good sides), learnt through a subject, or possibly there would be a certain object that could help with this. Either way I am excited for the updates to come and can’t wait for thoughts and feedback!

    2) are you planning to a exchange student to the school once done with all primary features

    3) after finishing all the clubs what will be your next goal or primary focus for the month?

    4) in the first year of making yandere simulator did you expect for it to reach this complexity?


  5. hi yandere dev,
    just to point out, the light music club leader is the only official member and there are 4 slots available for other member. There are also 4 rainbow girls not in the game anymore. It would be cool if they were part of the club, with newer hairstyles!
    love the game!

  6. Yandere dev! I have a question! (Plz reply)
    Once the game is finished would you consider doing things such as:
    Make the anime a real anime
    And make the AR app a real app

  7. Can you change the organization of the students at the beginning of the day?
    It is so messy.I would be perfect that all the clubs enter in the school like the photography club: all together.Thanks!

  8. Yandere Dev! Yandere Dev! I have some questions for you.
    1. For the cooking club substitute leader, shouldn’t it say “trusted by Amai Odayaka” instead of “trusted by the Cooking Club leader”?
    2. Now that Gaming is an official club (correct me if I’m wrong) shouldn’t the poster actually be on the board next to the courtyard door rather than next to it?

  9. Hi Yanderedev!
    Well, while I was playing the new build I founded a weird bug that made the game crash. When I was eavesdropping the kokona’s phone call i went to change ayano’s shoes, and they didn’t change, so ipressed the button to change her shoes again, like three times, and after that, the crashed game.
    Thank you for developing yandere sim!

  10. That’s so awesome to see you show off those kind of obscure videos. I feel like the stop motion thing would be something I would rely on for doing certian videos. To see it in action is amazing! 😀
    (am I first? looks like I’m first)

  11. Yandere Dev, Yandere chan still wears the old kerchief when she joins the cooking club, will she be getting the new one?

  12. So um… Are we going to address the fact that Kokona still makes Octo-dogs in the cooking clubroom? 😂 I mean I get that it still needs to happen for gameplay reasons, I was just caught off guard by it.

  13. Hey yandereDev will we be able in the future to change ayano aishi’s name to something the player likes just wondering I like her name now you dont have to reply sorry for my bad English as well bye!

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