New Build, Update Preview, Poll, and other stuff

My next big feature isn’t ready yet, but I’ve prepared a new build with a ton of minor improvements, bug fixes, and miscellaneous additions…including a new cassette tape!

In case you’d like to see proof that a significant addition to the game is coming in the near future, I’ll give you a peek at something that is currently being worked on:

Keep in mind that this is a rough work-in-progress and that the end result is going to be more polished!

There are a few other things I’d like to do with this blog post. First up: a poll!

Which of these are your favorite Yandere Simulator characters?

You can pick multiple options! The results of this poll will determine something that will happen in the future, so please vote honestly!

Next, I wanted to mention that Kjech, the artist who drew all of the artwork for the Characters section of the official website, is now accepting commissions! So if you’ve always wanted the artist of Yandere Simulator to draw artwork for you, go check that out!

There are a couple more things I’d like to share with you today! To see those things and also see a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, click “Continue Reading”!

March 8th was International Women’s Day, and IceAngel0203 celebrated by making this illustration of Ayano dressed as Rosie the Riveter! Even though I’m a week late, I still wanted to share the image with you!

Hikari-NJ made the above animation after I suggested the idea to her! I think it’s hilarious, and I wanted to share it!

Okay! With all of that out of the way, time to list everything that is different in the new build!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to attend class while holding an object in her hands (this could allow Yandere-chan to hold a bucket in her hands during the Low Rep game over sequence, which was actually kind of hilarious to me).
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to break out of a killing animation if witnessed by four Heroic students (the game couldn’t pick between a Heroic takedown or a group takedown).
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to complete the Mission Mode’s “clean up blood” objective if the player committed murder using a weapon that doesn’t spill blood.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Phone Addicts from contacting the police if they exited the school while the circular countdown timer above their heads was displaying.
  • Fixed bug that would make a button prompt display onscreen even if the object associated with the prompt was behind the camera and out of the camera’s view.
  • Fixed bug that would cause male screams to be audible from anywhere on the map when they should actually only be audible when in range of the student.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Phone Addicts from performing the appropriate reactions to murder if the murder occurred before they entered the school gate.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent blood from appearing on Yandere-chan’s body when she performed a medium-sanity attack with a short stabbing weapon.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Senpai to play the wrong animation during a Low-Reputation Game Over if school atmosphere was in its lowest state.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from being able to dispose of a baseball bat in the incinerator if it was used for a stealth attack.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to push a girl off the school roof even after a fence had been put up around the rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that would cause panties to appear on the protagonist’s body while the Yandere-kun easter egg was active.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the red “Tag” circle to appear in the opposite direction of the targeted student.
  • Fixed bug that caused the teacher’s podium in the Science Club to float a few inches off the ground.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a Spiteful student to join his bullies in performing a group takedown.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan’s fingernails to be very long in the Befriend/Betray cut-scene.
  • Fixed some graphical bugs that would occur underneath railing on the corners of the rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that caused Teachers to transform into Phone Addicts after witnessing murder.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing students from running to their destinations when late.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the chair in Yandere-chan’s basement to lack textures.
  • Fixed a few instances of curtains clipping into props throughout the school.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Info-chan’s “Services” menu from displaying.
  • Fixed student portraits that had club leader armbands in weird locations.

Changes and Additions

  • The player can now use Info-chan’s Services menu to increase their reputation, decrease their rival’s reputation, obtain information about a student, and delay the police when they are en route to school.
  • Kokona will now react to Yandere-chan eavesdropping on her private Monday phone call. (This is relevant because Osana’s phone call event uses the same code.)
  • Decorated the incinerator area with a few props, since it’s going to receive more focus in the near future. It’s definitely not finished, though.
  • There is now an “Eavesdropping” warning at the top of the screen when Yandere-chan is eavesdropping on a private conversation.
  • Students will now react negatively if they spot Yandere-chan eavesdropping on another student’s private conversation.
  • Aiming a camera at a bully who is bullying a student will now cause the bully to prematurely end the bullying event.
  • There is now a DDR-style dance machine somewhere on school grounds. Eventually, I’ll explain its purpose.
  • Re-named “Bookworm Persona” to “Scholarly Persona” because “Bookworm” was a very poor choice of words.
  • The player can no longer talk to a character who is in the middle of an event.
  • From now on, students will investigate screams instead of ignoring them.
  • As of now, if all bullies are dead, a student can no longer be bullied.
  • Updated the warning text that displays after launching the game.
  • The player can now apologize for eavesdropping.
  • Added some new props near the shoe locker area.
  • Added a few decorations to the Gaming Club.
  • Added a new cassette tape to the game. There aren’t any huge plot twists in this tape, but it sets the stage for some future twists.

186 thoughts on “New Build, Update Preview, Poll, and other stuff

  1. I think I know who Yandere-Chan is fighting in the image, I believe it is the delinquents, because he said “in order to join the delinquents, you must beat them in a battle” I think it all just adds up.

    • JustDeivon youre right its a fighting minigame with the delinquents (im sorry YandereDev but you cant hide it from us)now…

  2. Judging by the bat in the fighting animation. I think the next feature is the ability to fight delinquents.

  3. U need to fix where u get the pink triangle thing while eavesdropping, but you don’t fully get noticed. I think Kokona tells everyone and everyone says It’s not polite to eavesdrop but also the teachers give a game over.

  4. I know this is really long but it’ll be worth it to read I promise!

    Also Yandere Dev i have a supercool new feature that I would love to share ok I was thinking add a new rival… one that’s known Senpai way longer than Osana but just like Megami’s problem she comes to school really late in the year because her mom didn’t have enough money to enroll her but anyway this rival is WAY harder to eliminate than Megami because Senpai has actually known her since they were first born! Yup you umm….heard…no read right! Senpai’s Mom was friends with Kawaii’s Mom oh yea I forgot to mention that the girl’s name is
    Kawaii – Cute
    Tsunami- Tidal Wave
    Anyway Senpai is always standing next to Kawaii he even sometimes gets off the fountian to go talk to her by a tree. Of course Osama is trying her best to get Senpai back but it’s no use

    Killing Spree:
    Disadvantages/ •Ayano can’t even get close to Kawaii unless Senpai is away from her.
    •If Kawaii sees Ayano acting strange like she usually does when she gets in Senpai’s ora Kawaii will come to the conclusion that Ayano likes Senpai and will become more defensive when she’s around Senpai and if you come to close to Senpai while she’s around she’ll push you away.
    •If you find out how to kill Kawaii while she’s away from Senpai, Senpai will notice that she’s not there the next day and then assume she’s just sick but if he goes home and calls Kawaii’s parents and her parents don’t know where she is Senpai will become scared and the next day of school he’ll ask the school council to put security cameras and metal detectors etc. At the end of the day Senpai will check the security cameras and if he sees that you killed Kawaii…he’ll hunt you down
    • When Kawaii sees you hanging around Senpai for too long for more than 2 days she’ll become a seriously dangerous rival she’ll definitely be hard to kill then

    Advantages/ • Remnber what I said about Osana? Well she’ll become desperate and want to kill Kawaii and if Osana succeeds Ayano will have an advantage to frame Osana so Senpai will kill her then Ayano will have two rivals eliminated in one day without getting her hands dirty
    • If you befriend Kawaii she’ll be less Defensive when you’re around Senpai and Kawaii will be easier to eliminate because she’s opened up to you

    About Kawaii:
    • Kawaii is a kind, independent, emotional, phone addict if you follow Kawaii around you’ll see in classes studying and getting better grades than everyone else but after class she’ll take a two minute phone break then she’ll go to the bathroom and fix her hair then come out and go to the courtyard to talk to Senpai then go to her club (Pyhsical Education) then go to lunch and talk to Senpai again then go home this cycle continues until Friday. On Friday the first thing Kawaii does is slips a note in Senpai’s locker and runs to class then continues her procedure until the end of the day where the confession takes place

    Getting Senpai to hate her: All I have to say is ITS SUPER HARD

    Confession Lines:
    Kawaii: S-Senpai…I umm
    Senpai: Why is such a pretty girl like you stuttering so much? *lifts her head with his finger*
    Kawaii: I’ve developed deep feelings for you Senpai ( her voice is kinda squeaky but cute and sweet)
    Senpai: What do you mean?
    Kawaii: *looks in his eyes with a tear* I…I love you Taro and I hope you feel the same
    Senpai: 😮 I…love you too Kawaii
    Kawaii: R…Really?!
    Senpai: *smiles happily*
    *Kawaii jumps and kisses Senpai,
    Senpai catches her and wraps her legs around him while Ayano sadly watches her Senpai getting taken away)

    Rejection lines:
    Kawaii: S-Senpai…I umm
    Senpai: ..?
    Kawaii: I’ve developed deep feelings for you Senpai
    Senpai: Oh well umm you’ve been acting weird lately…and if you’re going to say you love me….
    *Kawaii looks at him will a tear*
    Senpai: I think we should just be friends
    Kawaii: Wait…What…?! Please tell me you’re bluffing me!
    Senpai: I’m serious Kawaii I’m sorry…
    *senpai starts walking away*
    Kawaii: *starts crying* Nooo! Senpai I can change! I-I promise just please don’t go!! *sniffs and falls to her knees*
    (Ayano watches as her senpai is safe and sound waking away)

    To put Kawaii together: Kawaii’s persona is very enthusiastic so she is a Nesshindere a person that is always happy and this person is hard to upset or get mad so yea that’s Kawaii! Thanks for reading!

      • Hoi! I’m back again with some cool new Kawaii features so read until the end!

        Kawaii Features:
        Body Shape: Well uh Kawaii is shaped a bit like an hourglass but she has a smaller bust size but as for the back I assume that her thighs are big and muscly (because she works out a lot)
        Hair Style/Length/Color: Kawaii’s hairstyle is like a ponytail but two braids in the ground that are cover her sideburns. Her hair is back length and her hair color is a chestnut brown with a purple streak on her ponytail
        Facial Features: Kawaii has freckles and always smiles even in her profile picture. But when she sees death that’s a different story…
        Kawaii has a black animal paw that kinda look like this 🐾 on her left cheek. Kawaii has light blue eyes
        Profile Picture: If you take a picture of Kawaii you can see her making a heart with her hands while smiling with both eyes closed
        Clothing: Kawaii wears the normal outfit except she wears slightly different shoes that are a pale brown and she has knee high stocking that have the galaxy on them. Kawaii wears a purple chocker with a rose on it because it reminds her of her great grandma who died in her own flowerbed
        Height: She’s kind of short she’s like up to someone’s neck when comparing her to other people in the game
        Role: Assistand leader of the Sprts club
        Status: Single
        Personality: Nesshindere
        Appearance: Week 2
        Weakness: Being bullies until going crazy

        Thanks for reading 😋
        Comment how you want to improve my plans or anything if you need or want to then I will correct them and if you have any problems please comment thanks!

  5. Also I forgot to add if you take a picture of Kawaii, instead of making casual poses like a normal student she’ll take your phone and put on a dog filter (off of Snapchat XD) and then give your phone back so when you take a picture of her she’ll stick her Tongue Out and the dog filter will come on then Yan-Chan will snap a picture

    • Listen if you’re in grade school then you shouldn’t be asking to put in features for a game that features BRUTAL MURDERsaelf

      Stick to making fanart of your amateurish self-insert OC instead of bugging a guy trying to make a game.

  6. Yandere Dev I’m super sorry if I put to much pressure on you with the new character thing but I think that after the police come there should be a cutscene of the police walking around the school investigating also I noticed that when people go to lunch they just stand by the vending machine and talk what I think is there should be a cafeteria where stundents buy food,sit at tables and talk in their groups

  7. Also I’ve been thinking about Yandere-Chan’s cutscene with Senpai but you don’t have to read this or use it

    Confession Lines
    *Yandere-Chan runs to the cherry tree with Senpai behind her*
    Senpai- So what did you need me for?
    Ayano- Uhh Senpai you know those girls that have been going missing?
    Senpai-Yea…? Why?
    Ayano- Well y’know all those girls had a crush on you…
    Senpai-….wait…How do you know that?
    Ayano- Because….B-because *looks at the ground*
    Senpai- Hm?
    Ayano- Because I’m the one who killed all those girls…
    *Senpai starts to slowly back away wide-eyed*
    Senpai- WHAT?!
    Ayano- I’m sorry Taro! It’s just that I’m a emotionless girl! But until I met you or saw you I felt an emotion l…love but when I knew that other girls liked you I…I went a bit crazy because you are the only one who matters to me! *a tear runs down her eye*
    Senpai- oh…I umm
    *Ayano stays quiet*
    Ayano- You know what never mind this was stupid I never should have tried to gain the courage to tell you how much I love you!!! *runs away crying*
    Senpai- Wait! *runs after her*
    *Eventually Senpai catches Ayano and Ayano is still trembling and sobbing*
    Senpai- You know…for you to have the courage to say you love me..kill people…
    *Ayano puts her hands over her face*
    Senpai- …and then tell me why you did it…
    *Ayano turns around and Senpai looks down at her then grabs her hands. Ayano looks up at Senpai with teary eyes*
    Senpai- I love you too…
    *Ayano gasps*
    Ayano- REALLY?!?!!?!
    Senpai- Yea heh
    *Ayano jumps on Senpai and gives him a big sloppy kiss then Senpai walks Ayano home*

    Rejection Lines

    **Yandere-Chan runs to the cherry tree with Senpai behind her*

    Senpai- Okay I don’t even want to have anything to do with you!!
    Ayano-H-Huh? What?!
    Senpai: Don’t play that innocent crap on me I know you killled Osana… And I know…
    Senpai- You killed Hanako
    *Ayano tries to back away but she bumps into the tree. Senpai pulls a knife out of his pocket*
    Senpai: I don’t want an explanation I want my sister back…*Senpai pins Ayano to the ground and stabs her repeatedly until she dies*

    Thanks for reading 😋
    Comment how you want to improve my plans or anything if you need or want to then I will correct them and if you have any problems please comment thanks!

  8. Question:
    When are you going to improve the school outfits to make them look like a more high school look and When are you going to change the Identity pictures of their faces and if they’re smiling or frowning also when are you going to change the face look of different characters?

    I’m just asking I’m not trying to rush I promise!

  9. YanDev !!!
    I gotta say I really love the lore with the headmaster’s tapes and Megami’s family. Are there going to be as many tapes as there are spots for headmaster’s tapes? hory sheet that would be a whole lot. I’m excited to try the combat out! Wondering how a DDR machine will work into the game(murder by dance-dance??)
    I have tons of photos and shoots to edit currently but me and my waifu(4laifu) bestie cosplayed Yan-chan and Info-chan(a bit rushed and sloppy but hopefully we will cosplay them again!) Will send you some of the finished edits of our cosplay shoot in the near future!!
    and because I don’t think you hear it nearly enough:
    Keep up the awesome work! We’ve been following for a long time and the evolution of Yandere Simulator has been incredible! You will always have a good group of fans who are willing to back the game and help out. There might be a lot of kids out there who play(which can be a negative due to their inability to donate/kickstart or buy the full game when finished) and probably plenty of people who criticise your work but those are bound to happen. Don’t let it get to you, there are tons of people all over the world that appreciate your work and are patiently waiting and following the development of yandere simulator!
    – Iggy ‘infodealing’ st clair

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