Student Council Contest Results

At long last, I am finally done reviewing the 535 contest entries that were submitted for the Student Council Contest! This is the part where I’m supposed to proudly announce the winner of the contest, but…

I can’t do it! I can’t possibly pick a winner; there were too many phenomenal entries! To declare one of them “the winner” would feel like an insult to the rest! In my mind, this contest has 15 first-place winners:

With that said…the first-place prize can only go out to one person! I can’t bring myself to declare one person to be the winner, so I need your help! Please vote on this poll and tell me who you think deserves to be crowned the winner of the contest! 

Choosing 2nd place is also way too difficult, so instead, I’ll compile a list of every illustration that I would consider “tied for 2nd place”!

Additionally, here are a bunch of other illustrations that I just really, really loved! Click “Continue Reading” to see them all!

I’d like to give a special spotlight to Rainbow Goldist, whose entries completely blew me away. Look at these two rough animations that she created for the student council and their animal namesakes! They look absolutely phenomenal!! I really hope that they are polished up and colored one day! Milfscribble created a similar rough animation; even though it’s sketchy, I think it’s fantastic!

There were also a few other participants who created very cool animated entries:

And a few participants sent in sprite artwork, which I found to be very charming!

Instead of drawing 2D artwork, Victoria Walton chose to create a physical model for the contest! The concept (Akane looking graceful, while casting the shadow of an evil demon) is very cool!

By the way, ITerAtiveGLue created this outstanding artwork for the easter egg contest, and I overlooked it until it was too late. It would not have changed the outcome of the contest, but it’s definitely worth sharing!

If your artwork is featured anywhere in this blog post and you want me to change your username, link to a different portfolio, or link to a different version of your artwork with higher resolution / no watermark, please e-mail me and let me know!

What’s next?

I had a wonderful time reviewing all of the submissions for both of the art contests! I’m so happy that there are so many people who wanted to draw the Student Council! I hope that you all enjoy looking over the artwork as much as I did!

Although I enjoyed these contests immensely, reviewing all of the artwork took up a lot more time than I thought it would, and it was a bit troublesome to split my attention between development and contests. Now that both art contests are out of the way, I can finally focus 100% of my attention on development again! I’m super hyped about that!

I’m very excited about the next feature that is going into the game! I want to keep it a surprise, but I’ll tell you that it’s going to involve 5 new characters being added to the game! I’m looking forward to seeing how you’re going to react to it!

Over the past 10 days, a lot of bug fixes and minor additions have piled up. I’ll probably be able to release a new build tomorrow!

As always, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

55 thoughts on “Student Council Contest Results

  1. First

    Also, I’m curious as to who these five characters will be. Maybe the character that will make Osana supposedly much harder to eliminate?

    • Theyr e right. It takes a long time to develop a game, especially when you don’t have a full company at your disposal like many game devs do. It also seems long because we get constant updates on the game and [for the most part] have been following the progress since it was just an idea. In reality, it isn’t that long.

  2. I voted for Mugetsu, but I wouldn’t even be mad if Azurra Mysteria, Ratna, or BriBriBeastie won. All due respect to others as well, but when all are so good, the vote comes down to personal taste (which tends to be shit), so I guess we are the real winners afterall.

  3. My respect for check all those entries, I suggest that you take at least a day of rest!
    And congratulation to all the winners and those who were mentioned here, you really deserve it. All the pictures were amazing and had nice ideas~

  4. Thank you very much for that contest, I really liked it! The other drawings are really amazing!!! And I can not believe that I am in the 2nd places! Thank you very very much! ❤

  5. I think Mugetsu has to win, I mean, he / she did not make a single drawing, he did 4.
    And each one is well drawn and very detailed, he used different poses in each drawing and he made a great use of the colors so that the characters and animals are not confused
    In addition to all this, they are aesthetically beautiful.

  6. I think that the 5 students can be the delinquents. I say that because Yandere dev said on reddit that the delinquents will be only 5 boys in the final game (without counting Osoro) and that they will have different designs that those who already exist. ^^

  7. Time to speculate about the 5 new students top 3 guesses
    1. Club leaders place holders
    2. Delinquent5.operatioal
    3. photography club
    Bonus :drama club

  8. By one of the fan works……..i got some idea.
    I want to say this for a long time, i imagine that…
    Usually we pair up the character by hair colour… Kokona and Riku, Senpai and Yandere chan(???)……
    then…i discover each 4 student council girl’s hair colour is match with one male club leader.
    Kuroko->Budo, Akane-> Art club leader, Aoi-> Gameing club leader(?????) and Shiromi-> Science club leader.
    I imagine if they are CPs for a long time.
    Then i imagine that if the four girls really date with others, maybe they will distract on patroling??? (A way to make them less dangurs????????)
    Sorry for my poor english.

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