New Build Now, New Video Later

I’ve uploaded a new build with some improvements and bug fixes. I won’t have a new video prepared until tomorrow (Feb 15th) or the day after (Feb 16th). If you’re hoping to hear an update on Osana progress, don’t worry – it’ll be covered in tomorrow’s video.

To see a list of everything that is new or different in the new build, scroll down beneath this amazing illustration of Yandere-chan as a magical girl, created by Lady Tapioca!

And there’s a “Yan” version, too! Check it out!

Bug Fixes and Changes

  • Significantly reduced file size and memory usage by compressing numerous files that were way too large. (This should probably fix the “out-of-memory” crashes that have been happening for many users. If the game has been constantly crashing for you, please test out the latest build, because the crashing bug should be fixed now.)
  • Fixed bug that could cause the player to permanently freeze after killing Midori in the Light Music Club under specific circumstances (summon, kill, dismember, summon again, kill again).
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona to have her rooftop conversation in the shower room if she was splashed with water on her way to talk with Saki on the rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a club leader’s subtitles to linger onscreen permanently instead of disappearing like all other subtitle text.
  • Students will now walk on pathways instead of walking on grass. Also, students will no longer walk on the borders of pathways.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to always look directly at Yandere-chan whenever she was performing a club activity.
  • Fixed bug that was causing bugs with kidnapped victims in the basement if the player was using the 6th school uniform.
  • Restored the hidden “give Yandere-chan a long skirt” command, which was accidentally disabled in the previous build.
  • It is no longer possible to take a panty shot of a character who is not wearing a skirt.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to use psychokinesis on teachers during Bad Time Mode.
  • Fixed the “bald spot” on one of Yandere-chan’s hairstyles.
  • Added sound effects to the east and west fountains.
  • Added several new hairstyles for Yandere-chan.
  • Added 1 new accessory for Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed a typo in the credits.

57 thoughts on “New Build Now, New Video Later

    • Can confirm
      Additional note. Amd Crimson Relive doesn’t pick this game up as fullscreen application despite being in fullscreen. Had to enable desktop recording. Probably amd to blame..
      Ambient music needs a slider or be less present. Barely can hear the plot conversations and other ambient sounds over the humble melody. Had to mute it.
      Setup: Smsl m3 96khz dac, beyerdynamics dt 770 so I don’t use the onboard but it’s the same over there as the dac is just a better “soundcard”

    • I think some people seem to forget that we don’t own Yandere Dev and we don’t control his life. Do you want his every waking moment to be committed to Yandere Simulator? So what if he takes a little bit of personal time, he’s not a robot.

      And personally, I love the hairstyles. They’re always the first things I check.

  1. Come on, it’s not like you would do any better if you were a programmer. Coding isn’t easy, plus it’s not only YandereDev who works on the game. Both him and the volunteers have a life and they can’t work on the game 24/7. I bet you’d want a break too if you were in his place.

  2. Nice update!
    Would it be possible to change the color for all the new small trees, and made them regular trees instead of sakuras ? There are too many of them now, I think you should vary the models. Having different kind of greens for regular trees and only sakuras at the entrance, on the hill and on the date point is enough IMO.

    • I was thinking maybe bright red trees. I also think that having them in near symmetrical ( other than branches ) would make sense because of the type of school Yandere Chan goes to

  3. since there’s an ungodly amount of hair styles to cycle through now, why can’t there be a customization menu like the one for senpai ? no one likes having to mash the h button just to get to a specific hairstyle

  4. Yan-Dev you should make a feature when Ayano sees someone talking to Taro she loses her sanity and then there would be a control bar andwhen its green means Ayano is ok yellow means has slightly the erge to kill them and red means well lets just say snap

    • That would contradict the point of the conversations in the first place, your supposed to sneak up on them and listen, and also, Senpai and insanity don’t mix, remeber if senpai watches you kill someone or your insane, it’s game over, and in the future he may try to tear the mask off of you

  5. Heya, YandereDev! I was looking back at some of your older posts and noticed that you mentioned that a big part of the lag was the constantly updating text! I play another game made in the Unity Engine by the name of Slime Rancher. They also have constantly updating text, but not as much lag. Perhaps you could ask them what their trick is? :3

  6. I have a problem with the latest build: Every time I want to run the game, Fun Girl pops up and tells me to change the name of Student 33 back to “reserved”, though I didn’t change the name. I’ve tried to re-download the build, but the same issue kept occurring. Can someone help me?

  7. I thing there should be a student who loves Ayano and follows her around at certain times. If he sees her murder someone he would run away, but the next day his love would overcome his fear and he would convince himself that nothing was wrong with her. Also he could be kinda obsessed with Ayano and if he sees her stalking senpai he would get jealous and would be wearing the same thing as senpai the next day in an attempt to catch her attention. At the end if Yan-Chan wins senpais heart, he would kill himself, but if senpai rejected her, he could take advantage of her sadness and comfort her, making Ayano care for him, or, depending on how violent she was in the gameplay, Ayano would kill him in annoyance and rage

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