Interim Build + April Plans

Surprise! I’m uploading a new build one day earlier than I usually do. But, don’t get too excited – it’s just an interim build. What the heck is an “Interim Build”? Watch this video to find out!

Scroll down to read possibly the longest changelog I’ve ever written!

Fixes and Additions

  • As of now, when multiple button prompts are visible onscreen, the game will highlight the one that is closest to the center of the screen, rather than the one that Yandere-chan is standing closest to. (This fixes the “Can’t pick up objects dropped near incinerator” bug.)
  • From now on, if a student witnesses a corpse while they are running to the locker room to change their clothing, they will switch their personality to “Loner” and run out of the school, instead of following their normal corpse-reaction routine.
  • Previously, when a student was following you, they would run when they were more than 5 meters away from you, and walk if they were less than 5 meters away from you. Now, students will run until they are 2 meters away from you.
  • Nearby pickups now have a little icon floating above them, instead of having a button prompt and name above them. The button prompt and the name of the object won’t actually appear until the player gets close enough.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the police to locate bloody clothing at school even if no bloody clothing was present, if the player committed murder using two different types of weapons while wearing the same mask.
  • Added textures to the castle area in Yanvania. Yes, that’s right, textures! Previously, the whole thing had no textures whatsoever! Everything was using solid colors until today! Check out Yanvania again!
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to drop a plate of food during the middle of a conversation with another student, if Senpai walked by while she was talking.
  • When the player looks up a character’s information in the Student Info menu, “Club” will now change to “Occupation” when displaying the information of an adult.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to pause the game and move the camera around in unintended ways if the player paused while dismembering a corpse.
  • Now, if the player kidnaps the week’s current rival, reduces her sanity to 0%, brings her to school, and hands her a weapon, she will commit suicide.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan’s body to tilt at a 45-degree angle if the player paused the game while preparing food in the Cooking Club.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan’s hands to twist in an unpleasant way during Ice Fairy Mode if her sanity was lowered.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause male students to get “stuck” on other male students while walking to their lockers.
  • Updated Yandere-chan’s character model to use her trademark black stockings at the character customization screen.
  • Fixed bug that was resulting in students walking through a closed gate like a T-1000.
  • Removed the ability to enter a changing booth while naked (it was causing bugs).
  • Senpai’s reaction to witnessing Yandere-chan taking panty shots is now voiced.
  • Added a new character, a PE teacher who hangs out near the school entrance.
  • Fixed a visual bug with Yandere-chan’s right eye at the title screen.
  • Added a hiding spot on the third floor outside of the computer room.
  • Edited the text that appears when the player levels up in Biology.
  • Added some decorations near the locker room area.
  • Added a new school uniform and hairstyle for Yandere-chan; the uniform and hair were designed almost 24 months ago.
  • Began to implement “Schemes” – this will be explained in a future video.

What’s next?

You shouldn’t have to ask what’s next! I spelled it out for you at the very beginning of the video! There is a lot for me to discuss, so I’ll be making three videos in the coming 2 weeks – one about obstacles facing development, one about potential game design changes, and one that clarifies my intentions regarding clubs. It’s very uncommon for me to produce so many videos within such a short span of time, since I would always rather write code than produce videos, but I’m going to make an exception this month.

By the way, please don’t forget about this.

117 thoughts on “Interim Build + April Plans

    • It actually doesn’t work, your chaser will still find you (but run on place next to you until you come out) or rarely apprehend you right there without you coming out.

    • YandereDev there is a couple of delinquent bugs that are kind of commen that people find out.
      How to find out the bug: kill someone and show the dead body to the delinquents and run away. If you mange to get away and try to go on with your day, the delinquent will pop out of no where from the walls.
      Next one: first get the ritual knife from the skull in the occult club, then kill someone with it and show the body to a delinquent. Run up to the occult club and place the ritual knife in the skull, the delinquent will pop out of the wall and hit you with his/her weapon. And you will teleport to the dimension, but be looking at the occult club carpet.
      Next one: first kill someone and show the body to a delinquent. Next run to the table hiding spot and hide. The delinquent will be running into you and when you get out of the hiding spot, the delinquent will be spinning around behind you.
      Next: first kill someone and show the dead body to the delinquent. Run over by the sports club track, the delinquent will get stuck and can no longer chase you properly until you get up to them. Thank you for your time YandereDev and sorry if I DID waste your time. Just trying to help the development of the amazing game.

      • and also theres a bug if you use the Demon Hands, or dismember a teacher to kill her, she will have a school girl outfit on her torso

  1. Many of those bug fixes seem to overlap with bugs that Jay (of the Kubz Scouts) finds and shows in his “Yandere Simulator myths” videos. I wonder if this is just because of the publicity it grants them, or maybe YandereDev actually watches them (O_o)

  2. I don’t want to report this to YanDev before I try it a few more times, but:
    Has anybody else had problems equipping the gloves if they join the drama club after the school day has ended? For some reason, I can only seem to pick them up. Just wanted to check if anyone else experienced this, or if it was just me before I bother Dev with a report. >.<

    Also a random question for anyone on here who might know:
    Does anybody on here know if it's possible to upload a Unity model into Blender (and, if so, where I could find a tutorial)? ^-^ I got YS student models off the unity website, and I'm tempted to try my hand at editing some of them. ^3^

    • I have the same problem but A little different.
      I started new week wore the new outfit joined drama and when i equip gloves they float and follow me.

  3. Yandere dev! Yandere dev theres a bug that i found if you dismember a corpse after that they will have water in their uniforms

  4. I found an answer sheet inside the school faculty room. What the heck do I do with it XD. Someone answer please, when you have the time

      • The answer sheet is used for expelling your students away from the school and you can actually expel Kokona of the school.

    • 1. Get the answer sheet.

      2. Take it to the info-club and slide it under the door on the right.

      3. Take the original answer sheet and place back in the faculty room.

      4. Wait until lunch time Friday and place the duplicate answer sheets in Kokona’s desk.

    • you have to grab the answer sheet and go to the info club, on the right door it says duplicate sheet press the button that it says to press the go back to the faculty room and place the fake sheet down on the table. Go to class. Go to Kokona’s class and look around for her desk to place the answer sheet down. Go to class. It will tell you that Kokona is basically expelled

    • What you do is Idk how that’s what I’ve been looking for but you put it on kokana harukas desk (shes ur rival) and she will be expelled I think

    • YandereDev, there a couple of delinquent bugs that I whould like to inform you about.
      1: kill someone and show the corpse to the delinquents. Once a delinquent is chasing you, run to the roof. The delinquent will pop out of the ground.
      2: kill someone and show the body to the delinquents. Run to the table hiding spot. The delinquent will run into while your hiding. If you get out of hiding, the delinquent will be following behind you and wont move.
      3: kill someone and show the dead body to the delinquents. Run to the sports club track, the delinquent will be stuck running in place.
      4: get the ritual knife and kill someone with it. show the delinquents the dead corpse and run to the occult club. The delinquent will pop out of the wall, and hit you with his/her weapon and you will be teleported to the dimension but, will be looking at the occult club rug.
      Your welcome for telling you and in the future I hope you fix these bugs. Thank You!

  5. if you take bloody clothes and go to side of incinerator and pick up trash bag, trash bag will be covered in blood

  6. I wonder what the answer sheet will do later in the game 😕 is yanderedev adding a test so we can frame rivals with taking the answer sheet? /don’t worry i won’t email him!

  7. can we not download this version? She look very cool now and I love her whole look. It really suits the yandere. She looks very goth tho.

  8. I just downloaded the new update w/c is the april4th. but it seems to have problems with extracting the files. it says “wrong password”. i tried redownloading it. still the same issue T..T .though, i can open the game. but it seems broken. is it me or i have the same problem with anyone?

  9. If anyone doesn’t know where ,,The Hidden Girl” is she is right behind the house behind the entry of the school!

  10. I don’t know if this is a idiotic question or not but, where the hell is the download link? Ive looked through this page for 30 minutes reading every thing so I wouldn’t miss it but I still cant find the mediafire link.

  11. Where the hell is the download link? Ive looked through this page for about 30 minutes reading every thing so I wouldn’t miss the link but I still cant find the mediafire link. Also the only other links I can find are the 3 newest ones (Kuu dere simulator, Burning love Yandere dating sim & the april 15th 2016 build) why is it doing that…

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