Kuudere Simulator 2

It’s been exactly one year since I unleashed Kuudere Simulator upon the world. Kuudere Sim obtained 10/10 scores from literally every gaming website in existence, and achieved massive financial success. Not a single day has passed without people begging for a sequel.

Today is the day that your dreams finally come true! I’m pleased to announce that Kuudere Simulator 2 has been in development this entire time, and is now ready for release.

You can download this masterpiece here:


I am confident that Kuudere Simulator 2 will not only be declared The Game Of The Year for 2016, but for all subsequent years, as well. I should probably just cancel Yandere Simulator. What is the point of developing another video game when I have already achieved perfection with Kuudere Simulator 2? Who is even going to remember Yandere Simulator, after playing a masterpiece like Kuudere Sim 2? I should probably change my username to KuudereDev…

When you’re done playing Kuudere Simulator 2 (which might be decades from now, because there’s sooooo much content) you should watch the latest video from Did You Know Anime. You might recognize the narrator’s voice!

134 thoughts on “Kuudere Simulator 2

  1. OMG! Now this game is gorgeous! The ability to change the color of the walls is just perfect. And Himedere is very… stately. Gosh, her voice is very nice. I wish in “yandere” game could also be this type of character ❤

  2. The amount of people who think that this is real makes me lose fate in humanity… Like seriously, it was posted on April 1st, come on! Never trust people on April 1st!

  3. YandereDev, you really outdid yourself this time. It’ll take YEARS for me to run out of content in this game.

    what the HeCk yandere dev
    we alll hate you for making a joke!
    you must be lying this is NoT the best game of the year!!!!11!
    wHy did u stp making yandere sim! y u make kuudere instead?!!?
    -everyone who cannot take a joke

    On a serious note, good job Yandere-Dev, you made me chuckle. (Though this also made me want to punch humanity due to several of the older comments.) Good job on the progress so far. Don’t listen to the trolls who scream at you. Take your time, because quality vs quantity, eh?

  5. Hey everyone, DM, here, and welcome to a random comment! Go to my YouTube video to watch a series called building Yandere simulator!

  6. Idk what’s worse…
    The fact that people think this isn’t real…

    Or the fact that people call us retarded…

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  8. not falling 4 it everyone look at the day it was posted

    April 1

    i am rlly the only one who has a brain here

    especially because I watched him do this

    (well, because I am the main character of his game)

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