Yandere Simulator Is Banned From Twitch

Yesterday, Yandere Simulator was banned from Twitch.tv. That’s a real shame, because Twitch.tv is, by far, the most dominant game streaming website on the Internet. Twitch almost has a monopoly on game streaming. There are some noteworthy competitors, but Twitch’s reach and visibility is beyond anything else available. As a result, when Twitch refuses to allow a certain game to be broadcasted, it deprives that game of a lot of visibility.

You can find out more information by watching this video:

In this video, I mentioned that I’d be willing to modify some of the game’s content in order to make it acceptable for broadcast – the key word there is “some“. I would only be willing to change minor and insignificant things that aren’t part of my vision for the game, such as the skin texture during Titan Mode or the size of steam clouds on a nude character’s body. I would not be willing to remove gameplay mechanics or change parts of the game that are essential to my vision, such as torture, bullying, panty shots, erotic manga, the ability to kill students in a school setting, etc.

I hope that Twitch re-examines their criteria for banning a game from their service. I hope that Twitch realizes that Yandere Simulator isn’t anywhere near as bad as many of the other games that they’ve banned. I hope that Twitch realizes that they presently allow people to stream games that are far worse than Yandere Simulator. I hope that Twitch revokes their ban on Yandere Simulator.

However, I’m not going to hold my breath.

324 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator Is Banned From Twitch

  1. YandereDev, we are with you and Ayano-chan) But, i’m afraid, Twitch will not change opinions. And.. It’s strange, what YandereSimulator was blocked. Ugh~

  2. Don’t want Yandere Simulator / LoveSick to be banned? SIGN THE PETITION:


    Even if Twitch won’t unban Yandere Simulator, they’d be forced to give a reason why! This is what we’re fighting for – no matter WHAT rule this game has broken, the very fact that Twitch.tv refuses to reveal the reason to the very developer is quite suspicious in itself. Wouldn’t it be better to know WHY a game is banned rather leaving people in silence?

    We have a right to know just as much as Twitch have a right to ban it.

  3. Twitch.tv is a fading classic. It’ll dwindle within the next few years – spend your time on more promising, fast-growing sites that gain much publicity instead of a kek-infested cesspool. I doubt that you’d want a serious game to be associated with the mess Twitch has now become.

  4. Why would Twitch ban Yandere Sim? It makes no sense at all, i see no reason for them to ban it. It’s just a game about eliminating your rivals, taking panty shots, and torturing off-screen. While GTA 5 has torture scenes, sex scenes, all that stuff.

  5. Reblogged this on Core's Blog and commented:
    Wow Twitch, i see no reason for you guys to ban it. It’s just a game about a high school girl eliminating another rival. And the pure bs is:
    THEY GIVE NO REASON FOR THE BAN. Well yeah if you guys provided a reason to ban it then YandereDev can try and fix it, but no reason for a ban? Good job, Twitch. You are now an idiot, now go ahead and ban GTA 5 mkay?

  6. Who do you think you are, making a video game as offensive as this? If you want Twitch to like your game, you are going to have to change the whole theme

      • I’m also a female bisexual who uses tumblr(albeit for video game gifs n shit but) and I also aren’t offended by this game, in fact I see this game as the best thing since sliced bread

      • First, you misspelled my name. Second, I am not saying it is offensive to women (even though it is), I am saying it is offensive to Japanese people. Third, why would I even play the game?!

      • It’s offensive to Japanese people? Yandere comes from Japan. There are publications far “worse” than this in Japan (Gasai from Mirai Nikki makes Yandere-chan look like a normal girl.) So let me sum up your “argument”, Isaac: Something that is form Japan is offensive to Japanese people.

        It’s offensive to women? You don’t get out much, do you?

    • Twitch thinks that GTA 5 and other equally inappropriate things are totally fine. Their reasoning is bullshit if they don’t ban those, too.

    • Take a load of this guy…

      Pretentious morons like you deserve to be booted out of gaming. Plus, if that Marie, a bisexual, female feminist who uses Tumblr (AKA Triggerpolis) is not offended, then you are there to ask for troubles. You’re just a anonymous coward.

      Your dear website Twitch is a parasite riddled with neo-nazism, racism and sexism. Thanks them for sparing us their putrid “support” by “banning” this game.

  7. Welll
    I don’t know why Twich do that, but, like other people say, is suspicious the way Twich is acting. And maybe this isn’t a family game or for all public, but for me, is the best game I’ve played, it is a new concept and that makes the game so special for me.
    And…. If your game is good, maybe you don’t need Twich, there are more streamers and more people around that wants to help you and also make your game famous.

    Well, that’s my opinion, I don’t know if you read it or not but I writed for you.


    PD: I don’t know if my english is good because I live in Latinoamérica and English isn’t my natural language.
    If it’s bad, I apologise

  8. I made this post elsewhere, under a different name, and no one has had the courage to challenge me on it yet. The GTA V comparison doesn’t work, because of everyone will argue it’s because the game features high school students, so I made another comparison.

    Ok. To all you people saying this is because it’s about high school students, let’s make a fair comparison, shall we? How about Until Dawn? That game isn’t on Twitch’s banned list. That game features a group of 8 high school students, in sexual situations, and who can all die horribly and gruesomely. It’s far more realistic looking than Yandere Simulator, as well. There is even the chance to get one of the girls stripped down to her bra and panties in Until Dawn. There is also the option to shoot and kill one high school girl. So, why would that game be more acceptable to stream than Yandere Simulator?

    The truth is this is just Twitch showing their prejudices. They assume any game with an anime art style is an adults only H-game. They are doing it in real style this time too. By YandereDev’s own estimation, the game is only 13 percent complete, yet has already managed to be banned. Congrats, Twitch.

  9. Strange things are happening… don’t want to suspect major producers of games in unfair competition in relation to successful indie projects. Personally I have not seen in this game is nothing offensive. A parody of the cliches of Japanese popular culture? Dark humor? Or, maybe the real serial killer would find this game offensive?

  10. But wait,isn’t this sort of a good thing?

    (Well,generally it isn’t,but…)

    If people hear that this game is banned,they would probably want to check it out,right?

    Which could lead to some new potential fans.

  11. Anything banned is bad therefore people want to see it, we live in a strange world, but that’s actually what could make it more popular, or make it drown. Anyways let’s go complain on Twitch

  12. Yandere Dev, I have a question, Have you already decided if your going to use the no quite perfect avatar of Osana Najimi, You said that you may use her in the final game, If you do, do you have a name decided if you choose to use her? Or will that step come later after the decision. I would like to know because I thought of a name you might like If you dont or do (Which you’ll probably not) I would like to know so I could tell you some of my ideas

  13. I am TIMING when this comes out, ILL BE THE FIRST TO DOWNLOAD IT!!!! OuO Oh ya, i got school delay which will result in pulling a all nighter and playing this al tomorrow to! #Best Game Ever!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  14. Has the reason been figured out yet? Cause if not this is terrible! If they haven’t given out an answer, maybe there trying to hide the reason but I just don’t see why! This game is pretty much normal compared to GTA and such! Plus the game isn’t even finished! I hope twitch actually sees how many people want it to be unbanned and if they don’t unban it their not worth it! Oh and if they have given a reason and it’s all fixed, my rant was for nothing~ carry on PS: Yandere Dev your doing great, keep up the work

  15. Gore and Other Obscene Conduct
    Content that exclusively focuses on extreme or gratuitous gore and violence is prohibited. <—— A rule from Twitch.
    I think that's why Twitch banned the game. I honestly think they should add GTA 5 to the ban list and remove Yandere Simulator because GTA 5 literally is all about killing and having sex. Sure, Yandere Simulator focuses on blood but that's the point of the game!

    • if that’s the really what is getting it banned then too bad the only reason for the ban is because the non-violent removal methods aren’t in-game yet then twitch can go fuck themselves the final game will allow for a bloodless runs and as such won’t be exclusively focused on violence.

      if that’s what getting it banned that’s silly and is still bs because there are games with far worse and are pretty exclusively focused violent content that are allowed on their still.

      probably the only real reason is because those games are probably big view-count and money makers and banning them would hurt them more than banning the content from being show.

  16. Hm, I can see why they could see it as an inappropriate game, and can sympathize with that fact, first of all what I do not agree with is most if not all the banned list is indie games, but a lot are in fact hentai games, but the reason the games share the same pattern is BECAUSE they are Indie, Game ratings are not enforced by any country for any kind of game. They’ll just ban your game, if they found it objectionable enough. The rating is more of a de-facto standard used to make the end-user aware about the content of the game, so that kids do not play games containing extreme violence, overtly sexual interactions etc.

    You’ll be required to submit ratings only if you’re making games for major consoles, such as PlayStation, XBox or Wii. Microsoft accepts ESRB and few other ratings for games in Windows Phone and Windows RT platform too, although it’s optional.
    Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft will fail your game unless you have a proper age rating, as this is a major compliance criteria for any game submission.

    Big names as Twitch do not have to give you a reason, they see your game as inappropriate because it is a case sensitive basis as well, you have the full capability of massacring a whole school full of ‘highschool’ (?) kids, which I am not sure where Twitch HQ is butttt (One Quick Google Search Later) San Francisco, CA is based in America, where school shootings have occurred more frequently then I would want to admit, (whether staged, fake or conspiracy or not) it is a very sensitive subject and the mass majority do not want to see kids die or be apart of inflicting, whether I fully completely agree or even care with Twitch’s decision, that doesn’t matter, what matters is understanding that the main concept of the game is taboo as fk :/ sorry.

  17. This sort of ban is where “Youtube Live” can strive. It can have a full stream of the game, and then a full Youtube video afterwards.

    It’s a shame Twitch is so nit-picky, but eh.. Whatcha gonna do? The Internet is filled with people from around the world, and people from around the world can be ninny babies. : /

  18. You Should Update The Game Change It Abit Like On Friday Let Us Kill Osana Before She Gets To Senpai Or Atleast Let Us Gossip About Her

  19. Please do someone have a site where i can download yandere sim safely ? I can’t find … (sorry for my bad english , i’m french)

  20. im just gonna say this, offensive or not, this is life, you need to stop being scared and man up, what if something like this happend in your school? it doesn’t have to be some psychopath girl but there are crazy people out there that shoot up innocent students in school. Wouldn’t you want to know how to out smart these type of people? how would you be prepared for something like this if you never had anything to learn from? this game shows nothing more worse than you can find on the news. like what the hell is your peoples problem. grow up you pussy shit cowards, this game is no worse than every other M game

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  26. You know, for a game that is technically R18 because of the gore, horror and torture… i am surprised to see steam cloud censorship for the nude scenes.
    Even Eroge shows boobs even if they put moziacs on the bottom waist. This is technically an adult game… so why the censorship? Maybe yes for broadcasting purpose, but if twitch is not allowing it anymore, why care?

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