January 15th Progress Report

I’m not sure whether to call this a “Progress Report” or a “Lack-Of-Progress Report”, because the only information I can report is the fact that I didn’t have enough time to make any significant progress on the game over the past two weeks.

Here’s a video that explains the situation in detail:

Although the last “bug-fixing update” was uploaded on January 3rd, I continued to fix bugs after that date. I logged all of the bugs that I fixed into a text file on my desktop, but unfortunately, when my hard drive died last week, I lost that text file. I know that I fixed somewhere around 10 bugs, but I can’t recall exactly what they were.

So, here’s what this week’s changelog looks like:

  • Fixed bug that would cause students to face the wrong direction and not sit down in their seats if the player arrived at school late.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student’s “detection marker” to remain onscreen after that student had died.
  • Fixed about 10 miscellaneous bugs.
  • Added a new Easter Egg.

Yikes! What an embarrassing changelog…hopefully, I’ll have a much more impressive one on February 1st.

151 thoughts on “January 15th Progress Report

  1. http://poal.me/ulg0t1

    So YanDev made this little question last night.

    I told him that maybe he could consider to stream the game developement each month as he releases the actualization. He would just keep working but with us staring at it. As a fan, I would love to see how the game is made!

    • Did he? I highly doubt that he even asked a question like that. That’s retarded, like yourself.
      Now get off the internet before I hunt you down and feed you eat you for dinner, hoe

      • Pal, it was during the streaming. You can watch it on YanDev’s twitch. Also, today he said it would be possible on twitter. Calm your tits.

    • I absolutely love that you added “Bad Time Mode” to the game, but there’s still a teency, weency, itty-bitty, problem that i have…….. PLEASE MAKE IT FOR MAC OS X, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM TIRED OF DOWNLOADING IT AND LOADING IT UP BUT IT SAYING: “SORRY, THS. GAME. CANNOT. BE. PLAYED. ON. YOUR. MAC OS X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so please, please, please, PAH-LEASEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Make the game available for Mac OS X, please? Just please in your busy schedule, just make a little time for this situation that I am pretty sure alot of other people have been experiencing, please?

      Thank you,
      PurpleFlame32 (a fan)

      • That’s not likely to happen until the game is fully created. It’s an unnecessary day or two of work to reprogram the game to make it suited for a mac. That’s 2-4 less days each months to spend working on furthering the game’s development. As much as that sucks, he can’t pander to the small percentage of fans that only have macs instead of windows. It would slow production down way too much. I hope you understand.

      • Just install WineBottler and create an app from the windows executable. You’ll have to choose to pack the exe and the files in the same folder in your app (be careful to isolate the uncompressed archive in a new folder to do so) and save your file (elsewhere, or else the install will be stuck trying to integrate itself).

  2. Hi! This is just a suggestion, but could you put a gun into the game? I think it would be cool to catch someone with a gun in their locker so I could steal it! 😉

    • A gun wouldn’t fit into the lore of the game…..how would a high school student obtain a gun and hide it in their locker, without anyone noticing?It doesn’t make sense…
      ALSO Yandere-Dev DID say that he didn’t want any suggestions, remember? I’m sorry but that’s what he said.

  3. I loved the new “Easter Egg.” It’s unfortunate about your hard-drive though. Also love how you’re making this game. Good luck! I’m sure once it’s finished in the future a ton of people will buy it. Keep up the hard work please and thank you!

  4. With Sans powers you can finally defend yourself from that malicious girl who keeps on murdering people with a knife…. oh, wait…

  5. Yandere Simulator is the best game I ever played! There are so much things you can do. Big fan of this game 😀
    Greetings from Germany 🙂

  6. I really love this game. I hope it gets bigger than any game out there. I just have one question. Note: This is not a suggestion in any form, just a wonder. Why not have an option for the main character to be male since senpai can be either gender as well? True, it wouldn’t be as entertaining since there are games that have male characters killing people just without the love factor.

  7. i think in the final game if yandere chan confesses her love to senpai there should be a scene were yandere and senpai gaze into eachothers eyes and hug and im sorry if this is a stupid suggested and wasted you time

  8. imagine an undertale mode in which every stundent changes into miscellaneous characters, the rivals would be the main characters, and yandere-chan would be chara
    it probably wont be in the game
    but imagine

  9. So far i think it’s one of the best games i’ve ever played, but i can only play the game with my friends, because they don’t have a mac. But i have a mac… 😐 I’m sure you’re already working on it, but i think you would get a lot more players, if you made the game available for mac users.

  10. Like at the first time, i was just looking at there videos here and then i recognized the eyes from Undertale so i was like it might be a possibility that that might be Sans and NOW IM FREAKING OUT >~~~~< YAAY

  11. I still love that last wordplay of yours.
    It’s beautiful day outside.
    Birds are singing, Flowers are blooming
    On days like these, kids like you (me: oh crap)
    Should be playing Yandere Simulator 😀 (me: holy shit X’DDD)

    So yeah,that was cool 😀

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