Student Schedules, Behavior Near Senpai, and Passing Time

I decided to work on student schedules; I programmed NPCs to have a predetermined daily routine. To facilitate this, I built a simple school environment so that students could have various destinations and demonstrate path-finding. I started decorating the school for fun, and I think I went a bit overboard:

It might look better in motion, so here’s a webm:

The school grounds and the interior of the school are very bare-bones for now, but I actually think it’s kind of fun to run around in this environment.

Student Schedules

I created a female NPC and gave her a schedule. She walks from the entrance of the school to her locker, then walks to class, then loiters near the entrance to the rooftop, then returns to her locker, then goes home:

The system I’ve built makes it very easy to designate student schedules by simply dragging-and-dropping a destination marker, and typing in a time that the student should begin traveling to that marker. It should be pretty painless to pre-define (or randomize) schedules for dozens of students with this system!

Behavior Near Senpai

Being able to run up to Senpai and stab him in the face would defeat the purpose of the game, so I came up with a gameplay mechanics that prevents players from doing this:

Being near Senpai causes Yandere-chan’s kokoro to go doki-doki. Near Senpai, the screen gets pink and blurry, a heartbeat sound effect plays, Yandere-chan’s animations change, and she loses the ability to run. This prevents Yandere-chan from directly interacting with Senpai. It’s a stealth game, after all! You’re not supposed to let Senpai notice you.

Passing Time

Depending on how fast the game’s clock is, players may have to wait a long time for a student to reach a certain moment in their schedule. To prevent players from getting bored of waiting, I’ve implemented the ability for players to speed up time until a specific point in the day.

There is a button that makes Yandere-chan take out her cell phone and hold it up to her face, which stops time and gives a bunch of options to the player; this is basically the game’s pause screen. One of the options on the phone menu is “Pass Time”.

Telling Yandere-chan to “Pass Time” until a specific minute will cause her to take out a picture of Senpai and gaze at it lovingly. The clock will speed up exponentially until exactly the minute that the player specified, so you can make hours pass by in mere seconds.

Classroom Trail

Getting to class on time is not mandatory, but truancy can have a negative effect on your reputation, and missing too many classes can get you expelled from school. I wouldn’t want players to miss class because they got lost and couldn’t find their classroom, so I added a feature that makes things easier. At the tap of a button, you can spawn a trail that will direct you to your next class.

I’m proud of this feature, since I always considered it a feature for triple-A games and not a feature for indie games. It was actually super easy to implement, but I’m still proud of it anyway!

Myth Tree

This is something that won’t matter to anyone who doesn’t care about lore / backstory, but there’s a certain tree in Yandere-chan’s school that has a myth attached to it. According to legend, if a girl confesses her love to another student underneath that tree on a Friday at 6:00 PM, the student will accept her confession. Every one of Yandere-chan’s love rivals plans to confess to Senpai under that tree, which is the reason for the Friday 6:00 PM deadline.

Yandere-chan herself won’t confess to Senpai under the tree until she has eliminated every girl who has a crush on Senpai.

Update on Story

Speaking of story, I don’t have a new cut-scene this week. The extremely negative reception of the previous cut-scene has caused me to re-think the story and the characters. I was planning on remaking the cut-scene between Yandere-chan and Info-chan, but then I started thinking about the weeks of work that go into a cut-scene, and everything else I could be getting done in that time. I’m considering ditching the idea of fully-animated 3D cut-scenes, and just displaying some still images accompanied by music and text, so changing the story is a much easier process in the future.


As of the time of this writing, it looks like my Patreon hasn’t been very successful…but I still wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who has shown their support so far! Thank you!

86 thoughts on “Student Schedules, Behavior Near Senpai, and Passing Time

  1. A Patreon is healthier when it has goals and rewards to entice people. Currently you barely have any incentive to pledge.

    I’d suggest rewards like earlier access to the game, new features and beta tests. Possibly even things like having your own character in the game. There’s so many ideas to flirt with when it comes to backer rewards.

    • I see your point. I’ll explain what I was thinking with the Patreon.

      The incentive is supposed to be that if I can make the equivalent of a full-time progammer wage via Patreon, then I can stop working as a freelance programmer and focus on Yandere Sim 100%. It’s the difference between working on the game a few hours a week in my spare time, and working on it like it’s my full-time job. I was hoping that would be “enticing” enough.

      I’d like for playable demos and beta tests to be free and available to everyone equally, not exclusive to people who are paying for it. As for rewards like getting your own character into the game, that’s something that I feel should be a Kickstarter backer reward. As for new features, I feel like those should be Kickstarter stretch goals.

      The one thing I dislike about Patreon so far is that when I designate a “Goal”, it seems to think that goals are supposed to persist throughout every month. So if I set up a goal like “Add multiplayer to Yandere Sim” Patreon seems to think I’m asking for a specific amount of money per month to add that feature, but that type of feature doesn’t need monthly funding, it would need one-time funding. Patreon isn’t really ideal for goals that don’t need monthly funding.

      I feel like it’s not the place to offer people rewards, but the place to offer people the opportunity to let me work on Yandere SIm full-time rather than as a spare time side-project. However, I also acknowledge that perhaps I should be approaching the Patreon issue from an entirely different angle.

      I probably won’t try to make the Patreon more appealing until I’ve put out an official playable demo for the game; that’s when I’ll feel like I’m actually ethically justified in allowing donations. Until then, it’s just an opportunity for people to let me “quit my day job” and focus on Yandere Sim.

      • I think that if you put a concrete goal where you can say you can quit your day job, people would be more enticed to donate. While it’s not an obvious “reward” per say, I know many other Patreons that announce that sort of thing.

      • Sure. Those tracks are only temporary placeholders, though; they’re only meant to provide an example of what the game’s actual OST might sound like. They can’t be included in the final version of the game, because they were actually composed for another game, Persona 3.

        “Memories of the School”

        “Memories of the Garden”

  2. Was there a survey on the last cutscene? Cuz I didn’t feel the need to comment on it, as I liked the idea of Info-chan being yandere for her newspaper career and providing the (key word) little push to set our protagonist yandere on the path of yandereism. So uh… keep everything exactly like it was, only with Info-chan being more roundabouts.

    Letsee, commentary on the walkin’ around test-thing, recorded in the process of playing:
    -Test-chan takes corners too sharply, so she ends up walking into walls for a moment
    -The world is wracked by tremors when standing at the exit from schoolgrounds. I’m assuming this is due to the invisible wall, and not due to Yandere-chan’s desire not to leave campus when senpai is still there.
    -School clock tells time and it is great.
    -Test-chan is a little hooligan who skips her afternoon classes. Probably for illegal reasons, and/or to steal sempai from us. If I eyepatch hard enough at her, will she die?
    -In my quest for easter eggs, I tried to get an upskirt view of our heroine, and stood next to senpai for hours to see if her little heart would give out. Because I’m apparently an immature weirdo, she spent from 5:00 to 5:59 staring at his junk. Nothing found in my first playthrough, so clearly the easter eggs are part of New Game +
    -New Game +, I found an easter egg by running around aimlessly. Because I was clearly lost, the easter egg’s color scheme reminded me not to lose my way.
    -Reds are beautifully vivid while in the dokidoki aura.
    -Apparently nothing happens at 4:44. Time to go stare at senpai’s junk for an hour and fifteen.
    -New Game ++. I have discovered the best location for upskirts. While she has no problems with slipping off somewhere to change her uniform’s color scheme, Yandere-chan refused to change her panties, because that would be lewd.
    -I have successfully broken Test-chan’s pathfinding by blocking her progress at a corner, she is now cursed to spin around on the staircase forever. I’m going to pretend that’s the second easter egg and declare success.

    • I like your commentary!

      I changed how Test-chan takes corners minutes before exporting the .exe, I really should have left it the way it was. You’re right, she’s kind of a juvenile delinquent, isn’t she? She skips class, and leaves school early!

      The second easter egg involves breasts, and can only be discovered when using a keyboard to play the game. Those are the only two hints for now!

  3. I wouldn’t say the reaction to the last cutscene was “extremely negative”, at least judging by the comments on the blog. Did you get some harsh private messages or something?

    • There was a lot of criticism on 4chan and in the YouTube comments. Most it was valid, and criticism that I agree with.

      * Yandere-chan seems like an innocent victim who is being manipulated, not like a psychopath.
      * Info-chan suggested murder to Yandere-chan far too casually.
      * There hasn’t been enough behavior from Yandere-chan yet to demonstrate any obsessive or sociopathic tendencies.
      * It’s not clear enough that Info-chan is an optional, ignorable part of the game.
      * The cut-scene wasn’t visually interesting, just the camera panning between the two of them for >5 minutes

      There was other criticism, too, but those were the main points. I think that the new revised script fixes all of these problems, but I’m hesitant to work on it since it takes about 2 weeks to make a cut-scene and I bet that people would prefer it if I worked on gameplay instead.

  4. Apparantly you can use Test-chan as a bouncepad to break the game completely and have twice as much fun with the demo quirkiness.
    Yeah, have fun guys.

  5. Playing the new prototype was fun. :3 The framerate was in the 140s with occasional dips into 50s when moving around, on the gtx780.
    I should say, the additions of the red and black outfit as easter eggs in the prototypes certainly gives me a DmC vibe, when Donte goes white hair and red coat when DT is active. You don’t suppose there will be a Yandere Trigger in the finished game?
    The second easter egg is fun, but gets a bit creepy if the < key is held for too long. I believe this condition is called Pectus Excavatum. Tapping in rhythm while standing near Sempai was fun as well.
    About the path marker, it certainly looks sleek and works well, but I found it going a but awry when activating it while running on the stairs. The marker starts doing zig zags and loop de loops and Yandere-chan isn’t athletic enough to follow. I assume this will be fixed in the main game by getting study points in PE.

    That’s it for now. As always, many thanks for your dedication!

  6. I’ve always noticed something a bit odd with how things looked and I realized that it’s because the FOV is too wide. I’m not sure if you’ve built anything around this wide of an FOV yet but may I suggest lowering it a tad bit?

    In any case, keep up the great work! I’m excited to see how this turns out.

    • Sounds like it would require a lot of time and money. I’m looking for a simple solution that is fast and affordable, especially if I decide to change something.

      If the sky was the limit, I’d want the cut-scenes to be animated by Gainax and to run for 8 hours, but I have to be realistic.

      • I’ve always wanted to try my hand at animating something. Something sakuga-like, and not like those horrible attempts at “animesque” stuff that fail to comprehend what animation is.

        Alternatively, you could have the cutscenes be manga pages, screentones and all, and just pan from panel to panel. It could even be taken further, with each cutscene being a “chapter” of the manga and having a colored cover, with noise making it look like a fan scanlation off the Internet. Side missions can be omakes and drawn in a simpler style.

      • If we’re talking about 3D cut-scenes, that’s something I can mostly produce on my own, without paying anyone for anyone, or getting outside help.

        If we’re talking about full-screen illustrations, 2D animations, or manga pages, then we’re talking about paying artists to produce artwork for me. The comment about paying an animation studio to make me hours of content was a joke, since that would cost tens of thousands of dollars. Paying a good graphic artist to make sequential artwork (comic-book style / manga style) could cost almost a thousand dollars. Paying for a handful of really good full-screen illustrations would be just a few hundred dollars.

        It’s nice to imagine all of the different ways that the game’s narrative could be delivered, but it should really be the most practical / prudent choice, not the most fanciful choice.

      • before you were talking about visual novel-style cutscenes.

        Maybe you could reconsider that but with 2d portraits instead of models. that way it won’t look clunky like while still being cheap

      • But what if the players want customizable Senpai and Yandere-chan? Then portraits wouldn’t work, since it wouldn’t reflect their appearances. There are probably ways that it could work (like how the protagonist in Fire Emblem is customizable and still appears as an accurate 2D sprite) but why go through all the work to make all those extra art assets, when the 3D models already exist?

      • because it would probably take the same time to draw them as it would to model them if not less. and 3d models would just stand there livelessly like dolls, even if the models were to make small animations as in the video above it would still look robotic. for the customization i was thinking like fire emblem yes. the only things that would be a problem so far would be hairstyles, clothing and accessories. the rest could just use the same base and get recoloured (if it were an advanced customization menu like the sims or skyrim it would be a different story though)

      • The game is going to use 3D models. The 3D character models are getting made, no matter what. If they’ve already been made, might as well put them to multiple uses (both gameplay and cut-scenes).

        Making 2D sprites for the cut-scenes when 3D character models already exist is completely redundant.

  7. This is really coming together nicely! I noticed a couple of things while monkeying around with it:

    The camera isn’t supposed to go lower than the ground (I think), but can be forced to do so if the mouse moves fast enough, which isn’t that fast.

    Yandere-chan walks slower than Test-chan. In a foot race, Test goes from gate to front door 3 “minutes” faster than YC. It brings back painful memories of “escort this NPC that walks faster than you walk, but slower than you run.” In this case “stalk” would be more appropriate than “escort,” but could still be frustrating.

    The pause screen is neat, but looks a bit odd with a big disembodied hand coming from offscreen. I recall a first person view was used when you showed off the phone-camera stuff, I think that might be better.

    • Shoot! I tried to disable 16:9 screen resolutions. I’ll have to figure out what’s going on there. Or just pin the GUI elements to the “corner” of the screen, wherever it may be.

  8. I really wish I could contribute to the Patreon, but as a student my budget is tight enough as it is, so I can’t provide much more than encouraging words. And trust me, I wish I could do more. Last time I looked forward to a game this much was many years ago.

  9. I would also like to add;

    Not sure if this is a known bug, but while running inside the school and spamming T, Yandere-chan will sometimes be sent flying in random directions. Doesn’t appear to be happening while outside, I’ve been trying to launch her to the moon a couple of times without success.

    Also as a little sidenote. It’d be nice if you could lock the mousepointer, or make it so it can’t go outside the game window when playing / running around. Some developers neglect this (Dark Souls as an example) and it’s a little bit annoying for people who use dual monitors (or more) when the mouse goes outside the game window when you have to click on something.

    Also the soundtrack is amazing.

    • I can’t replicate that “spamming T” bug, but I think I know the problem. The trail has a collider on it, and I have to tell Yandere-chan to ignore collision with that object.

      I think the mouse pointer actually is locked to the game window, until you hit alt+tab to change focus to another window. When alt+tabbing back into Yandere Sim, the mouse cursor will be unlocked. I can fix this.

      The soundtrack is actually stolen from P3! I was speaking to a musician about composing an original soundtrack for the game, but he stopped contacting me…

  10. With everyone giving helpful and long comments on demo i feel like a hobo with my: Yandere-chan standing animation makes her ponytail teleport a bit. Also everything running smoothly in full HD on my,not too good i may add, PC which specification I listed some post ago. I is sad I couldn’t find uniform easter egg this time, falling through doors and walls doesn’t do anything. Need to spend more time serching I guess. Also flat yandere chan is supreme being and have now motive to kill all othere girls in the school.

  11. Hi there
    I had quite a hard time figuring out one of the easter egg because I have an azerty keybord (yeah french are weird ^^”) however it led me to another discovery : whenever I press the +/= button the time accelerate. Didn’t find out how to slow it down (if possible).
    Everything else I wanted to report already have in previous post ^_^
    Keep up the good work!

  12. I didn’t know where else to ask this but. yandere Chan is pretty cute so what if a guy wanted to confess to yandere Chan. Just to change up game play so your on the defensive. For one thing their wouldnt be a time limit because the tree isn’t used and he could blow your cover by trying to get your attention. Just an idea I think could be good.

    • My vision of Yandere-chan is that she is a plain girl who isn’t noticed by anyone, a wallflower who fades into the background. She’s the protagonist of a stealth game, so she shouldn’t be someone who stands out. This is another one of the reasons I’m really hesitant to let people customize the main character; I feel like she should have an appearance that is designed to make her seem like someone who is easily overlooked.

      There’s got to be a time limit, or else the player could just waste time all day and never progress the game and take out the target. The target has got to pose a threat so that the player is motivated into action.

      • If you don’t want to allow the players to change Yandere-chan’s appearence, let them at least change her hair style during the game.
        Another thing, about the cutscenes. What about using the fully 3D cutscenes only for really important moments of the story.

      • Could an implement for the time limit be like every day, one of the girls will confess to sempai after school, and you have to find out which one it is and dispose of her before she can confess (lethal, non-lethal, cupid, etc). I feel like without a set rule the player is just going to kill everyone. I’d love to help out so contact me if you want help with anything.

      • Well, like with the Hitman games, Metal Gear Solid games, or almost any other stealth game like Dishonored for example, the player is totally ABLE to indiscriminately slaughter everyone they see, or the player can choose to not do so.

        I think different players will want to play the game in different ways. I think it’s fine to go on a killing spree or play the game only killing the targets, or play the game without killing anyone. All options are fine.

        Although, the more students you kill, the worse the School Atmosphere will get, which makes it harder to get away with things…

      • Thank you for your polight response. I only wanted to contribute to the creative process I understand if it doesn’t fit your plan.

      • If you want to put a time limit you should consider adding an unlockable free play mode where you don’t have a limit. Maybe also a slice of life mode where there’s no violence or senpai and you just need to live your life as a qt grill.

  13. From the Demo I’ve played I had a stable framerate of 60 FPS and I really love the idea of Yandere-Chan going doki-doki around Senpai. But now I have one question when will you have a demo demonstrating the yandere stealth gameplay of the game? (I need to go berserk with Yandere-Chan) XD. Overall it was a awesome demo keep up the good work man! 😀

    • When I release a demo with actual gameplay, it will be a fully playable school week, complete with a target to kill and multiple ways to kill her (as well as other students). It’s the sort of thing that I don’t want to release publicly until all of the proper systems are in place. For example, it would be weird to give you guys a demo where you can kill NPCs, but NPCs don’t react to witnessing murder, so both of those systems have to be working. A gameplay demo is far off (anywhere from 1 month to 4 months, depending on how busy I am) so I can’t promise that anytime soon.

  14. I finally decided to donate and it seems like your patreon has “warmed up” a little since your blog post yesterday.

    Regarding the demo, there is a bug when you spawn a trail in front of the stairs (facing downstairs) the trail will shoot wildly into all directions. It’s also pretty hard to see the trail spawning behind you when you are facing in the opposide direction of the school/the classroom, so it would be better if the beginning of the trail was always spawning at Yandere-chan’s frontside and making a u-turn if her classroom is in the opposide direction.

    Other than that, I really love your progress, the game looks great and had a solid 60fps running the demo. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    • I’m immensely grateful for all of the recent contributions to the Patreon! It grew so much in just a 24-hour period. I only hope that the final product doesn’t let anyone down and meets their expectations.

      Thanks for giving me some input on the trail, your suggestion makes sense.

      I wish I knew why the pathfinding of the trail and the NPC freaks out at the bottom of the stairs…I’ll prioritize figuring that out…

  15. Hmm, I have something weird going on.

    I’ve recently upgraded to a new computer with a Core i3 processor and 6GB of RAM, as well as Windows 8, getting 18-29 FPS when I play the demo. The problem, though, is that most if not all the of the textures fail to load and everything ends up being rendered as black silhouettes; I have to use the Trail button to better find out what things are supposed to be. Troubleshoot?

      • This is weird, but I had the same problem. It fixes itself if I hit ctrl+alt+del for some reason, but I can’t really imagine what caused it in the first place. The older demos worked fine.

      • That is so weird…I have no idea what is causing that. I don’t know for sure, but I feel like it must be some kind of compatibility bug between Unity and your graphics card, or something. So weird. I guess I’ll check to see if anybody has reported similar issues on the Unity forum…

      • For the record I figured out I just had to update my video driver after switching to Windows 8, the default one was glitchy. I’m just surprised that this was the only game it seemed to affect.

  16. Might be a Unity glitch, but it seems like the game gets VSync’d to 50Hz through my primary monitor although the monitor which I use to play the game (and gets selected on the launcher) is 60Hz.

    Other than that it runs fine, but on an i5/970 it probably would.

    Still can’t clip out of the front gate to go exploring there though.

  17. Yeah I think setting goals or rewards for patreon would be nice. Like adding an NPC of their choice (they get to choose the design) or having an opportunity to Skype with you or something. Maybe even adding a character from an anime of their choice? But that would cause C&D issues so nvm that. Also, custom skins as a goal would be nice. Just take an example of the popular patreons out there. I would totally give you $20 each month if I get to design an NPC or receive a custom skin. Other than that, it could probably be because your project is not exactly well known to the public. But I don’t think that’s a problem as long as you show results.

  18. There was one thing I wanted to ask. Let’s say that hypothetically the Yandere Sim gets recognition, and you get a reasonable starting investment. Which parts of the development would you then outsource and which parts would you only work on by yourself? It’s my understanding that you wanted to have a dedicated composer, artist, modeler and animator, but what about other stuff, things that you can theoretically do yourself, but a dedicated specialist would do better for money? Like writing, character design, level design, mechanics tweaking, lore, etc?

    • That’s a good question.

      I can’t make music, artwork, models, or animations, so those are the things that I mainly wanted to outsource.

      I’ve received a lot of praise for my writing and storytelling ability in the past, so I felt confident that I could compose a good story…until all of the criticism that Yandere Sim’s narrative has been getting lately. Since I first pitched the game, lot of people have offered to contribute their writing talent to the game’s story / dialogue for free, so I don’t think I’ll have to pay anyone money for help with that.

      I love the act of designing a character’s appearance, but to be honest, almost no-one has ever approved of a character who I personally designed, so I have to admit that almost anyone would probably do a better job at that than me. Fortunately, the types of characters this game is going to need are rather simple; they’re all anime stereotypes, so I can look at almost any anime in a school setting and get lots of good reference for how a character should look. Because of the fact that every character must wear a uniform, and the (presumably) low budget and scope of the game, characters’ designs will basically come down to hairstyle and accessories, so I don’t think this is a huge factor that I’ll need to consider outsourcing.

      After 20+ years of playing video games and 4+ years in the game industry, I’d like to think that, by now, I would be more than capable of producing a game with good level design. However, I have very little proof of that; I’d like Yandere Sim to be my way of proving that I can design a good environment, but if the demo is released and everyone says that my level design sucks, then I’ll have to admit that they are right and ask for assistance with that. However, I think I’d rather just make a level designer and release it for free so the community can design levels, and feature the best environment in the final game rather than pay someone to design the highschool.

      Likewise, when I release the demo, I’ll primarily be asking for feedback on which mechanics need to be tweaked; tweaking stuff based on the community’s feedback is something I intend to take very seriously, and I don’t think I’ll need to hire anyone else specifically for that role.

      I personally value story in games very much, but I acknowledge that story is a lower priority than gameplay. I love world-building, writing lore, and thinking up backstories, but I think it’s the frosting on the cake, and that gameplay is what really matters. I don’t think I’d hire anyone to write lore, not unless I was trying to make a game like Skyrim.

      The thing I’ve learned about programming is that anything is possible, you just have to put in the effort to learn how to implement it. Sometimes I hit roadblocks where it takes me a long time to learn how to program a feature, or I code something inefficiently and have to re-write it. I think of myself as a competent programmer, but I acknowledge that there are definitely programmers out there who are more experienced and skilled than I am.

      Releasing a well-programmed game is more important to me than programming a game myself; if I had the opportunity to hire a programmer who is better than me and can work faster than me, and if I had the money to spare, I suppose I might have to swallow my pride and just outsource the programming.

    • Reading through Patreon’s new TOS, it seems like there are several statements which are open to multiple interpretations.

      “we have zero tolerance for content that sexualizes children in any way.”

      Some of the uniforms I was planning on including into the game are kind of racy, and the school nurse / substitute teacher openly lust for young male students. Does Yandere Sim qualify as “child porn” now?

      “We don’t allow funds to be collected for organizations that promote, forums that distribute, or anything else that primarily facilitates harmful or dangerous activities.”

      My game’s all about bullying and murder, so is it “promoting dangerous activities”?

      “People with a dangerous criminal history or known affiliation with violent or dangerous groups including terrorist or cyberterrorist organizations, organized criminal groups, and violent hate groups, cannot receive funds through Patreon”

      So, if someone affiliated with #gamergate tweets about my game, am I now “affiliated with a dangerous cyberterrorist hate group”?

      I fear that Patreon’s terms of service have been modified to be as vague as possible so that Patreon can ban anyone they wish for any arbitrary reason…

      • I don’t think you should worry about it unless they choose to ban you. It seems to me like they’re mostly just covering their ass so if someone makes a stink about you and your game they can quietly ban you and claim you were breaking one of those rules.

        As a measure to ensure that doesn’t happen you should probably not post this game anywhere that might have people that would strongly disagree with it. You should probably also not ever contact ISIS.

  19. Well, I’m the unity programming, I just found your blog, nice try, hentai game in action, like this style, but the detail is not enough, I think camera & movement script would do better. beside, are you using mecanim as the animator for charactar ?

  20. I’m not sure if this is actually a thing, but when I opened up the phone menu, and then pressed up up down down left right left right B A enter, the FPS counter changed from 60 to Infinity.

    Also, for some reason I feel like yan-chan should walk faster than NPC’s to make it easier to trail them.

    • Pressing the pathfinding button while standing on the spot where you need to go, and then pressing another direction right away sends yan-chan towards the ceiling, too :v

      • Yeah, some people have pointed out that the pathfinding trail has collision and can bump into Yandere-chan. I fixed it a minute ago, so hopefully you won’t get that bug in the future!

  21. Downloaded the demo. I only found one easter egg…working on the other.

    But there is something I would like to address: the Camera.

    I’d like to be able to zoom in and out with the mouse wheel. It was bothering me a great deal when I couldn’t do this. There was also the fact that the Camera somehow…affects walls. I could walk towards a wall and semi-noclip through it, but move the camera BEHIND the wall and you can walk through it (with slight difficulty).

    • There was also the Sakura tree petals.

      I don’t know about you, but I actually consider my PC to be a much better PC than my previous crappier one (yay Planetside 2). But one thing that really bugged me was when I shook my mouse to quickly move the camera, my frame rate dropped.

  22. Please keep the cutscenes they need polish but they’re way better than the alternative.

    I think you should try posting the script you plan for the cutscene before you make the cutscene so you can easily change it if it’s crap before wasting effort making the cutscene.

  23. hello yandere-dev! I was thinking maybe to try to add a multiplayer mode whee one player can be the good girl trying to stop yandere chan and one can be yandere chan… just a thought! haha hope you respond it would mean a lot!

  24. Second, as far as future HOT companies go, it’s hard to say. The best way keep tabs on trending companies is by using Owler–I know that sounds like a shameless plug, but I really mean it. Use our Daily Snapshot to NBA 2K MT
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