New Cutscene, Environment Art, HUD Design, Cheat Codes, and Polls

UPDATE: This blog post has been updated with a download link! Check out the “Environment Art” section!

I’m almost done animating the game’s intro cut-scene. Cut-scenes aren’t a high priority compared to gameplay, but I was having so much fun that I couldn’t stop myself. I promise that by the next update, I’ll be done working on the game’s intro, and I will get back to working on implementing new features and gameplay mechanics.

I’ve been told that this cut-scene has awful dialogue. Do you agree? I should mention that I’m intentionally trying to make the characters talk the same way anime characters do; I’m not trying to make them sound like realistic or believable characters. I’m using the “anime style” of writing.

On the subject of how I’m depicting the characters, I’m interested in hearing your feedback about something. What kind of story do you want the game to have? Do you expect the main character to be mentally unstable before the game begins, or do you want to watch her spiral into insanity as a result of multiple traumatic events? Do you want the game to be dark and serious, or is it fine if the game is lampooning cliche anime stereotypes like “running to school with toast in mouth”? And how do you feel about the way the story has been unfolding so far?

Environment Art

All of the environment art you’ve seen me post in the past has been placeholder artwork that looked bad, or store-bought artwork that looked nice but didn’t suit my needs. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a very skilled 3D modeller who is producing excellent environment models for me. Soon, the days of white-cube environments will be over!

Here’s a link to a little environment you can run around in for fun, if you’re interested in seeing how things are coming along:

Hit the “m” key to listen to sweet jams while you walk around!

HUD Design

Another area of the game that is moving forward is design of the HUD and user interface. An extremely talented graphic designer is helping me out by producing various mockups that are helping me decide the direction of the game’s GUI design. This is nowhere near final, and obviously subject to change, but I’d like to share some of the work he’s done so far to give you an idea of where the game’s GUI design is headed:

Cheat Codes

I don’t know if this will make me sound like an old man, but I miss the good old days when games had frivolous cheat codes, like “DK Mode” from Goldeneye 007 or “Flying Cars” from GTA3. So, I intend to include silly cheat codes in Yandere Sim. I put together a short video demonstrating how cheat codes will be unlocked. (This screen has had no UI design whatsoever, so the GUI here is completely placeholder.)

There are much higher priorities than adding frivolous cheat codes into the game, but I’d like to ask you what kind of cheats you would be interested in seeing in the final game. I’m totally in favor of adding completely ridiculous cheat codes, such as replacing everyone’s hands with chainsaws:

Or putting a toaster into Yandere-chan’s mouth:

What kind of cheat codes do you want to see? Let me know in the comments below!


There are several subjects that I would love to hear your feedback on. First of all, what do you think of the name of the game, “Yandere Simulator”? Do you think the name should be changed to something else, if the game isn’t meant to be a pure “simulation” game? I thought up several name ideas, and I’d like to hear your opinion on them. If you think that all of these names are garbage, please suggest some better ones!

Do you think it would be okay to continue using the name “Yandere-chan” for the protagonist, or do you think she should have a different name instead?

Japanese high schools are very utilitarian, with lots of straight corridors and right angles. This is not exactly the ideal level design for a stealth game. Do you think the high school layout should be authentic and realistic, or do you think the layout should be designed for stealth first and schooling second?


Last April, I swore not to accept donations until I had produced a playable demo. Then I made a poll and asked if it would be okay for me to start accepting donations at this point in time. More than 75% of people stated that it would be okay for me to begin accepting donations. I’ve decided to create a Patreon page and allow donations. I’d like to find out if I can make enough money through Patreon donations to stop doing freelance programming work, so I can focus 100% on developing Yandere Sim in a full-time capacity. This is money for “keeping the lights on”, not for paying anyone else to work on Yandere Sim. There won’t be a serious fundraising campaign until a true playable demo is available.

Click here if you’d like to check it out:

84 thoughts on “New Cutscene, Environment Art, HUD Design, Cheat Codes, and Polls

  1. Cheat codes we want to see? Well some of these are cheat material, others are too different from normal gameplay to be “just a cheat”
    -Big Head Mode.
    -Change game filters (so the default’d be like, “brightn shiny to gritty as yanderetude increases” cheats could unlock like, goes sepia, or something)
    -Various dialogue options (half-assed Japanese translation if anyone’s willing to provide one -and assuming the game engine can handle those characters, weeaboo style, complete nonsense)
    -One or two secret “gag” tracks of music
    -I don’t know what the last word was on character customization, but I’d accept that as a cheat.
    -Hall Police Brutality: Anyone running in hallways will be suplexed by a spontaneously teleporting authority figure
    -Library Mode: Nothing makes any sound except the BGM and Yandere laughter (volume reduction based on current Yandere level, to actually being louder than normal at max)
    -Bloodbath: All NPCs are Yandere for one other randomly determined NPC. Things have become ridiculous.
    -Booga Booga: Yandere-chan is a ghost; she interacts differently with the world (doesn’t go home at night or have to attend classes), but senpai and her current victim are the only living creatures she can see, and she can’t engage in personal physical violence. Welcome to Traps, Framing, Rumorspreading Mode
    -The Know: The ghosts of previous victims are visible at the sides of the screen in poorly lit areas (including potentially Yandere-chan’s room, where they may mess with her corkboard)
    -Senpai ga Ippai: Every male NPC looks like senpai.
    -Yukki ❤ : Yandere-chan has some written record which tells her what Senpai will be doing every ten minutes, barring outside interference, up to 24 hours in advance. Mandatory Mirai Nikki referencing cheat. Assuming this isn't already a planned feature.
    -On Fire: Just everyone is on fire, forever.
    -A Real Neko: All characters have cat ears and tail.
    -One Hit Clear: Gain a pair of panties with the power of all other panties combined. Name an Arcade Gamer Fubuki reference. Alternative name: Passion Panties.
    -Codec: The ui for any remote communications (cellphone, email, etc) is redone to resemble Metal Gear Solid's codec calls.
    -Too Cool for School: Yandere-chan becomes instead Yandere-sensei, with the accompanying privileges and weaknesses. Alternate game mode thing that would make mainstream media flip its shit.
    -Kryptonian: Yandere-chan gains a totally obvious disguise (ex: a pair of glasses, tying up her hair, or untying her hair, etc) which for some reason no one can see through. She isn't blamed for anything done while in her obvious disguise, and never will be.

    -The Utterly Improbable: Alternate game mode where Yandere-chan is a normal girl and someone's gone Yandere for her…

    • There are a lot of fun ideas there! Ones like “Everyone is on fire” are really easy to implement, but alternate gameplay modes or brand-new features would be a lot more troublesome to add. Thanks for all these suggestions!

      • Good Cheats:

        1. What if you could get full grades on everything if you do a code like if you press ;’ together at the same time

        2. If you could add more weapons

        3. use all the chat options

        4. If you could climb and jump

        Other Idea’s:

        1. If you could have multiple weeks.

        2. If you could be a guy

        3. If they eat and go to the toilet and near the edge of the rooftop and fountain more often because they never go near any of those things.

        4. If you could leave them notes on their locker at the start of the game.

        Also HELP: what are those arrow things you know like when you buy blackmail and stuff how do i get that??

      • Good Cheats:

        1. What if you could get full grades on everything if you do a code like if you press ;’ together at the same time

        2. If you could add more weapons

        3. use all the chat options

        4. If you could climb and jump

        Other Idea’s:

        1. If you could have multiple weeks.

        2. If you could be a guy

        3. If they eat and go to the toilet and near the edge of the rooftop and fountain more often because they never go near any of those things.

        4. If you could leave them notes on their locker at the start of the game.

        Also HELP: what are those arrow things you know like when you buy blackmail and stuff how do i get that??

      • How do you make your boobs grow cause i see everyone else doing it but not telling me what control can you tell the key for it thx that would be helpfall for me ❤

  2. Do you plan on releasing the full game on Steam? I noticed that it’s good place for indie devs or anyone trying to release their game because they are always welcomed. (Plus, I can’t really buy anything either other way. 😦 No credit card)

    • Yes, I’m hoping to get the game released via Steam. I’m not promising it yet, because I don’t know the entire process for getting released on Steam (perhaps there is something in the Steam terms of service that says no children-killing games?) but I am definitely planning on it.

  3. I always assumed you’d just name Yandere-chan yourself, as in, when you start a new game or whatever. I don’t think it really matters very much, but it might help in terms of immersion and realism if that’s the road you go down.
    If you do decide to scrap character customization it wont make much difference as there’ll just be one, recognizable “Yandere-chan” but if customization is an option then to add to the individuality the ability to name your Yandere might be nice.

    About the name- I think Yandere Simulator is nice, and good for the audience for whom the game is intended, but for those who aren’t familiar with the term “Yandere” they might not be interested in “Yandere Simulator”. Something like Yandere: Deadication, I feel leaves more room to peak the general public’s interest, and is definitely catchier, although maybe it’s a bit too late to change the name now that Yandere Sim is getting more recognition- and not to mention it’s grown on us fans.

    This is the first time I’ve posted here, but I have been lurking for a good 3 or 4 months and just wanted to tell you how amazed I am at how far you’ve come- I always give up on big projects like this but you’ve really pulled through, and the game’s really starting to look like a reality.
    If you want any British female voices later on, lemme know, I’d love to help out, if there’s a place for that in Yandere Sim 😉

    • Thank you for the kind words of support! 🙂

      I haven’t really been planning on allowing the player to name their character, because I never really imagined this as a game about making a custom character; I always saw it as a game about stepping into a specific character’s shoes. Like being Solid Snake or Agent 47 or Corvo Attano; those games simply don’t let you name the main character, they give you a specific character that you’re going to BE. Plus, if I let players name the main character, then all of the game’s voice acting would have to do that awkward thing where they don’t ever say the name of the person they are addressing, or all the dialogue would have to be written so that no character ever says her name…it would be awkward.

      I’m interested in hearing if your voice would be a good match for the game! You’re welcome to send a voice sample to

  4. I feel like watching yandere Chan spiral in to madness would be cool but I feel like that would be best in a dark and serious story. But it could be fun either way like if she was yandere from the start and when the red head tells her to kill someone she’s shocked by how imedetly willing she is.

    • I think it would be the most interesting way of dealing with her character but also probably the most difficult one to pull off as well.

  5. I think Yandere-chan is fine if you plan to keep the silly story. It fits in well with all of the other silly cliched dialogue. I also think that the names of the sempai and protagonist should be changeable, but I don’t know if that’s possible.

  6. I don´t want to sound like a naggy bitch now (even though I do), but the info-chan feels a lot more like yandere, than the actual yandere-chan (judging by the silly cutscene). Are you going to change yandere-chan to be more yandere or? (Nothing offensive intended, I´d like to see this game done c:)

  7. Oh man, you’re working really hard! I can’t wait until a full-fledged demo comes out.

    By the way, a while ago you discussed taking a break to work on another project to avoid burnout. Was there ever any follow up on that? I don’t recall any, but maybe I missed it…

    • I never really took that break. Every now and then, I spend about 30 minutes working on something unrelated to Yandere Sim, but it never really goes anywhere.

      I had an idea for a game starring a main character wearing a cape, so I tried working on some cape physics, but I failed miserably, so I stopped.

      I had an idea for a game where you design a dungeon in a level editor and then fight your way through your own dungeon, so I started making a level editor, but I couldn’t make a great interface for it, so I stopped.

      Around Halloween, I had an idea for a horror game where you’re a ghost and you move through a house by “possessing” furniture and “feeding” off of organisms like potted plants and pet dogs. The prototype was working great, but then Halloween passed by, so I lost motivation to work on a horror game and stopped working on it.

      I take breaks to work on these little game concepts, but I never really bring them to a finished state. I always manage to make progress with Yandere Sim, though.

      • “I always manage to make progress with Yandere Sim, though.”
        So are you implying you’re yandere for Yandere Simulator? Also I feel you should change your name to Yandev rather than YandereDev though that may be too late to bother at this point.

      • I think idea of possessing furniture can work within the game, maybe as an Easter egg or special way to kill succubus from DLC or just a cheat code.

  8. I loved the cutscene. Looking good. Personally, I’d love the game to be as outlandish as possible. Here are some cheats I’d like to see:
    -Kawaii Uguu mode: Everyone has really big eyes that are too far apart.
    -Costumes from popular anime/manga series with yandere’s
    -Mascot costumes as if everyday was the cultural festival.
    -Everyone in school has a weapon and can attack you.
    -Turn the school into a mall.
    -Child-friendly mode were some weapons are reskinned to be giant hammers and instead of dying people get the classic x’s as eyes
    Keep up the good work!

    • That last one is a hilarious idea. It gave me another idea; swapping every weapon in the game for red lipstick. “Stab” someone with lipstick and the “wound” is really just a red lipstick smear. The school is for kids who are allergic to lipstick, so “stabbing” them with lipstick knocks them out. And being caught lying on the ground with lipstick on your body is illegal, so kids would call the cops if they find an unconscious lipstick’d body. And if you toss someone into an incinerator, you just hear them say “I found a hole, I am crawling away now…” or if you push someone off a roof, then a trampoline spontaneously appears at the bottom and then they bounce away to safety…so the implication is that nobody ever “dies”.

  9. After running around a bit I have to say that aside from slaughtering people it could turn out to be a very comfy game. Have you thought about adding some jrpg stuff, like talkative NPCs, changing seasons, weather etc? I know side quests may be too much. Looking forward to your updates.

    • I’d love to make an actual JRPG (I guess that’s technically impossible since I’m not Japanese or based in Japan) using all of Yandere Sim’s assets. However, RPG-like stuff will probably not be in Yandere Sim, unless there is a really good place for it; for example, super simple sidequests might be implemented if they somehow help the player pull off a specific kind of murder.

      • Cheat code to make accessible (somehow – like, as a pause screen, or replace the normal inventory with…) an RPG-esque “character sheet” for Yandere-chan and play some sort of “level up” noise (Woosh! Ding! Chimes! etc after completing a main story goal)

  10. Hey, I think you’re doing a great job! Ridiculous cheat codes sounds fun, I like the chainsaw one and the one in the comments about everyone being on fire XD Also, how about like a cute mode where everything is butterflies and sparkles and stuff? Like people bleed out rainbows and the only weapons are fairy wands or something 🙂

    I would love to see your game on Steam, it would make it a lot easier for me to buy it! As far as I know, the only restriction is that the game “must not contain offensive material”, which is pretty vague.

    I think Yandere-chan is a good name, if you are having voice actors then give her a name, if just written text, customisable names are cool (well that’s my opinion).

    Keep up the good work!

  11. -Cosplay Mode: Everyone including Yandere-Chan and Senpai wears their Favaourite “Anime and Manga Characters”
    -Tsudere Mode: Yandere-Chan’s interaction to NPCs and Senpai will be sooo Tsun XD
    -Dandere Mode:Yandere-Chan becomes Antisocial thus she has low reputation or low fear throughout the game plus her interactions with the NPCs will be mute.
    -Changes the HUD in to a more mecha oriented design
    -Megane Mode: Everyone wears Glasses
    -Zombie Mode: Everyone Becomes a Zombie and the whole game will have Low School Atmosphere

  12. Random cheatmodes ideas:
    -Whatever… mode: Your actions never raise any suspicion. It is a -cheat- mode after all.
    -Overactive: You are considered as part of -all- clubs. Increased running speed too possibly?
    -Cruise control: ALL TEXT IS IN CAPS
    -Bloody nice: Blood is bright pink, slightly sparkly. Possibly up to a point where flowers and shit start sprouting from it.
    -Katawa Shoujo mode: You’re on stilts. Some students at random are blind (can’t see any of your actions), armless (can’t fight back if that’s even a thing), deaf/mute (can’t call for help), or burned (cosmetic effect). If senpai notices firsthand one of your murders, he dies of a heart attack.
    -The tale of Bearington-chan: You look like a bear standing on its hind legs, with a ribbon or something. Nobody reacts to it.
    -Man-mode: Everybody look like bodybuilders.
    -Infinite ammo: You have infinite amounts of any consumables/arrows for the bow/things like that. Also, you wear a bandana.
    -Easy cash-in DLC/Thriller mode: Everybody looks a zombie.
    -I LIKED it before!: No textures. Possibly no sound and simplified geometry too.
    -Squid mode: Everybody’s limbs/Yandere-chan’s limbs flail around randomly in an uncontrollable-looking manner. Blood is replaced by ink.
    -Noclip: You can phase through walls.
    -No clip: Any paperclip, hair clip, and other kinds of clips found in the game disappear.
    -Revengeance mode: Time slows down whenever you knife someone, and Rules of Nature/Some knockoff starts ringing everytime that happens.

    Probably lots of other ideas potentially.

  13. A few points here:

    Definitely keep the tone as it is. The gameplay is already morbid enough; making the story dark and serious on top of that would push things to Hatred levels of edge.

    Having her be initially crazy and obsessive would help keep the tone light, as we (the player) wouldn’t need to see the traumatic events that caused her to go crazy. However, her hyper obsessive personality needs to be shown to us early; more so than what’s in the intro cutscenes now, in my opinion.

    I can understand wanting to make Yandere-chan her own character, but it feels like she’s getting outshined by the more interesting Info-chan. Based on the opening cutscene and some of the lore you’ve given us so far, Yandere-chan feels like such a hollow character in comparison, which is okay if you want her to me more of a player avatar rather than a well established character, I suppose.

    Some of the lines in Part 4 were a little awkward, even when compared to the anime style of writing, but it wasn’t a big issue, just a noticeable one. My biggest problem with Part 4, however, was Yandere-chan’s motivations. Info-chan just told her to murder somebody and she takes it surprisingly well; it feels really odd. It stems, I believe, from not knowing Yandere-chan well enough at this point. Again, if it’s shown that she’s a very unstable obsessive at the beginning of the game, then this scene would be better. From the current videos, all we know is that Yandere-chan is a bit of a romantic, easily falls in love, and is kind of the jealous type, but nothing to suggest that she’s willing to consider murder, you know?

    Sorry if I’m coming off as too critical. I honestly do admire your dedication to the project and what you’ve done so far.
    Also, if you were to keep her name as just Yandere-chan, were you still going to give the other characters real names? Because that would actually be pretty funny.

    • I don’t remember if the intro actually showed Yandere-chan’s dream but if it doesn’t it should and if it already does, I think changing it to be something a little bit more morbid like having the entire area darkened and littered with corpses with Sempai being in the middle of a spotlight would probably help set the tone for her frame of mind.

  14. -obsessive mode: you have to see sempai at least once an hour or game over
    -REKT: everytime you kill someone airhorns, lensflares and other things you see in montage parodies appear.
    -9ball: you can’t learn anything from class and everybody will call you an idiot
    -chronos: the schedule for the day will go in reverse.
    -narcissos: sempai will look exactly like yandere-chan
    -all about me: everybody will look like yandere-chan
    -saipu: you will become huge and only have one eye
    -big sister mode: yandere-chan will refer to senpai as otouto/imouto and senpai will refer to you as onee-chan.

  15. Hello Yandev! I’m absolutely thrilled to see the development still going strong. The 1st and 15th days of each month are always a source of small joy to me, and never once has a new blog post disappointed me yet. Thank you so much for your detication!

    Now, about the points that you’ve raised in the post. About the mood and setting of the game, in my opinion a good yandere story should have a balance of both light-hearted, humorous elements, and visceral and gruesome scenes. The contrast between these, a sudden shift of mood, is what actually makes the trope work, at least for me. Running to school with a toast in mouth doesn’t detract from more violent elements, on the other hand it amplifies them through subversion of expectations. If the story was dark and realistic all the time, then it would be just a homicide/slasher drama, and if it never took itself seriously, it would become a black comedy.

    About Yandere-chan’s personality, I kind of always assumed she wasn’t right in the head all along, so being presented with the option to witness her start off normal and then gradually lose her mind and humanity is actually a surprise for me. For my personal taste, the option to begin with a relatively plain girl and then watch her descend into madness is of course a more emotional story, and the one more entertaining to play through, but it actually needs decent writing to be pulled off in a believable manner.

    If we were to talk about cheat codes, then in my opinion the best codes are those that grant you some kind of hilariously overpowered weapon to play with. In Yandere Sim’s indoor settings that would probably be some kind of cluster grenade launcher or a wall-penetrating railgun with an x-ray scope. This would require additional programming and assets, of course.
    Another cheat code that is actually easy to implement, but I never actually saw implemented anywhere would be Laughing Track mode. Basically a chance to play a background laugher track on just about every event, like in sitcoms.

    About the name of the game and the protagonist, I personally expected that, like in one of the earlier posts, the game would be called “Yandere” with a subtitle, like “Yandere: Deadication”. This kind of title both makes the game’s name distinct and easy to search, and make it possible to just shorten it to “yandere” or “that yandere game”. I also remember somebody suggesting a purposefully bizarre and mistranslated title like “SUPER DEDICATION STALKER LOVE GIRL ATTACK !!”
    About the heroine’s name, just going with Yandere-chan pretty much makes it hard to take the character seriously. In one of the early threads there was an actual Japanese speaker who suggested a fair amount of catchy names for the main character that also had a subtle double meaning to them. In my opinion the character of that story needs a proper name.

    On the topic of plausible vs. playable environments, my vote definitely goes for the latter. This is first and foremost a game, and if the level design is optimized for comfortable playing, then a very small amount of people would even notice that it doesn’t make sense in the practical aspect in the first place.

    Now that you actually have a patreon account, I can finally support Yandere Sim with more than just words. My own financial situation isn’t stellar as well at the moment, but at least I can offer you an equivalent of a free beer!

    And the last thing I wanted to say, polls and opinions are all good, but please do not let them sway your own focus and detract you from your own goal. Yandere Sim is your own brain child and you should create it in the way you personally think it would be best. That way the game will turn out really unique.

    Thanks again!

    • ーProspective Titles, in der nihongo, cuz apparently that’s part of the plan.

      Yandere Simulator ヤンデレ シミュレータ

      Yandere: Love you to Death ヤンデレ:ラブユチュです

      Yandere: Dying to be Yours ヤンデレ:ダイイングチュビヨアス

      Femicide フェミサイド

      Super Dedication Stalker Love Girl Attack スパ デヂケーション スタルカ ラブ ギャル アッタク

      Yandere: Deadication ヤンデレ:デヂケーション
      (dedication should be different, but couldn’t figure out how to the small “i” with this keyboard)
      -Fun Fact: 功夫 is both “dedication to spiritual improvement” and “scheming, ingeniously solving, etc”. Left character “Achievements”, right character “Husband”. Achieve a husband by scheming to ingeniously solve the problem of your competition existing. Haha, obtuse kanji jokes.

      Yandere: Berieve ヤンデレ:死んじて 
      (a joke in English because “haha, Engrish, and also the word ‘bereave'”, a joke in Japanese because it writes the command/request form of “believe” with the kanji for “die” instead. 信じて vs 死んじて)

      • I totally support the idea of using Japanese homophones / homographs / homonyms to create double entendres!

        For example, I’d like the high school’s name to have a dual-meaning. If the Japanese word for “place of learning” and the Japanese word for “murder scene” could be spelled using the same kanji, I would totally want to spell the school’s name that way.

        (In lieu of an actual pun, I could probably call the school “Satsujin Genba Academy” and I doubt that very many English-speakers would realize that the school is named “Murder Scene Academy”.)

        “Osananajimi” means “childhood friend” in Japanese, so Senpai’s childhood friend is named Osana Najimi. But if the Japanese words for “first friend” and “first victim” used the same kanji, then her name would be whatever the hell it has to be, in order to make that pun into a reality.

        If I can’t find the right kanji to make interesting double entendres, then the characters’ names will come from the Japanese words that literally define them. For example, the Japanese word for “murderer” is “Satsujin-sha” so perhaps Yandere-chan’s name could be Satsu Jinsha or Jinsha Satsu, whichever sounds more natural. Or, I could use kanji wordplay to make a name that sounds completely natural when spoken out loud, but screams “MURDERER” depending on the way it is spelled.

        I would also like for Info-chan’s name to be a play on words, as well. The Japanese word for “informant” is ‘Jōhō teikyō-sha” so perhaps her name could be “Joho Teikyosha” or “Teikyo Shajoho”. It would also be very cool if her name could mean “informant” or ‘traitor” depending on what kanji is used to spell it.

        I have a very small vocabulary of Japanese words, and I haven’t memorized any kanji at all, so I will need to rely on a punny Japanese speaker to find the ideal names for the game’s school and characters.

  16. As far as the story goes, I don’t think I’d like watching Yandere-chan start out normal and then go insane. Innocent characters suddenly becoming serial killers over a “tragic backstory” are hard to take seriously, and I feel like that would be even more difficult for you to have it all happen convincingly in the opening scenes. I think the player needs more small hints of her instability as soon as possible, but you might reveal more about her past as you play the game, if you want to create a more emotional connection with her.

    I’ll wait until the next video like you said, but it brings up several possible directions it could take. Is she feigning surprise at Info-chan’s suggestion to kill? She might not have killed before, but maybe she’s having trouble repressing these violent feelings inside of her. Maybe she’s surprised Info-chan… knows what she’s already thinking about?

    As for the overall style, I like the idea of “cute anime gone wrong” it’s conveyed so far, so yeah I think stuff like toast in mouth works.

    • Oh yeah, and here’s a few cheat codes I thought of:
      -Watch Those Edges: All of Yandere-Chan’s dialogue is replaced with cryptic, laughably edgy quotes, like she’s trying to be Hannibal Lecter. No one questions it.
      -Dead Studio Audience: Adds a laugh track, oohs and aahs from the audience during events like killing someone, taking a panty shot, etc.
      -Size Matters: Every weapon you wield becomes ridiculously huge.
      -Newton Was Wrong: Gravity stops trying
      Also maybe a 4kids version like someone else suggested, but it just berates you for minor infractions, such as running with scissors, or entering and exiting the bathroom without washing your hands. Instead of getting arrested you lose a gold star.

  17. That’s Spooky: Everyone is skeleton and ghost become humans
    Gloomy: School atmosphere is always at minimum
    Sunny: Atmosphere is always at maximum

  18. Oh my, i slept a bit and saw new update just now. The GUI is really cool and suit a game, with minor tweaks it’ll be fine. Cheatcodes sounds great and I think that they make sense in that game, where nothing have that much sense really. About dialogues, as I said earlier, more anime chliches, refernces and shitty responses like in most of the scool life/yandere series! Keep on good job Dev-senpai and remember to rest if you feel you need it. We can wait, as long as you feel the game will benefit.

  19. For cheats, I’d like the ones that allow sandboxing, playing around in the map without failing. So in some games this would be like ‘god mode’ or maybe ‘detection off/invisible’. These would fall under the ‘trainer’ category probably. Maybe cheats that allow for some kind of mini game, like in GTA were all pedestrians attack you?

    • I’ll probably need a gameplay mode where I can easily set up any arbitrary situation for bug-testing purposes, so there will probably be a “Sandbox” mode where the player can right-click to spawn schoolgirls and weapons and that sort of thing.

  20. I really wanted to see a dark and deep story. The idea of the psychological deconstruction really amuse me. Sadly there’s more people who want a not too serious game… Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad idea either.
    The dialogues were good. The only thing that don’t convince me is the fact that Info-Chan looks crazier than Yandere-chan. I mean, it’s like she is the crazy one and is pushing the main character to do bad things instead of Yandere-chan being a yandere.
    By the way, everything looks great; i also wanted Yandere-chan to have an actual name but whatever, most people don’t anyways…

  21. i think it would be a good idea to change yandere-chan’s name so that people don’t confuse her with the visual novel yandere-chan.

  22. Cheat codes? Very much yes.
    Laser eyes ignite everything they are directed at. Let everyone feel the heat of your love!
    Fish-eye-lens mode, because no horror movie is complete without it.
    Upside-down-school mode, everyone walks on the ceiling.
    Knife-eye attack. The ultimate finishing move, deploy knives from ocular cavities.
    Geddan mode. When not walking, everyone gets down, physics be damned.

  23. Cheat codes would be awesome. Fun fact as a side note: nowadays we can buy cheat codes under the name of DLC.

    Milf mode: adds “ara ara” to all girls’ dialogues.

  24. I cant wait please finish this soon I’m dying of lack of living the Yandere life Hehe ^,^
    -.- That was a weird thing to say Oh well ^,^

  25. Seeing how you haven’t received many donations so far, have you thought about giving special rewards to the people backing you?(e.g. being mentioned in the credits)

    • Well, I haven’t kicked off a formal fund-raising campaign yet, I simply opened up a Patreon for people who might be interested in that sort of thing. Before officially asking for donations, I would spread the word about the game, make a kickass video showing off the game and explaining why it needs funding, and offer rewards to backers.

      I have some potential ideas for backer rewards. These aren’t set in stone, just ideas:

      $10 – Get a wallpaper pack and a digital copy of the game’s OST.

      $20 – A Steam code for the PC release, PC beta access, access to a sub-forum on the game’s website, and a “Backer” title in the game’s credits.

      $30 – Physical boxed copy of the game, featuring your choice of either silly parody box art or serious box art.

      $40 – Digital “sketch book” of concept art, Steam code for another indie game I’m partnered with, and a “Contributor” title in the game’s credits.

      $50 – Full-size Yandere Simulator poster.

      $100 – Yandere Sim postcard set, Yandere Sim t-shirt, “Supporter” title in the credits.

      $150 – Physical CD of the game’s OST, a sketch from the game’s official artist, and a “Crush” title in the game’s credits.

      $200 – A voicemail recording from one of the game’s voice actresses, and a “Lust” title in the game’s credits.

      $250 – A fully-colored drawing from the game’s artist, and a “Puppy Love” title in the game’s credits.

      $300 – I’ll include you (or your own original character) into the game’s school as a student, and give you a “Love” title in the game’s credits.

      $350 – “True Love” title in the game’s credits.

      $400 – Custom Yandere Sim controller/keyboard to play the game on, and a “Obsession” title in the game’s credits.

      $1,000 – A trip to meet me in person, two-way airfare and accomodations included, and a “Yandere” title in the game’s credits.

      $10,000 – You and I will travel to Japan, where we will meet up with an actual, real-life Yandere girl who will violently kill you with a weapon of your choosing, and a “RIP” title in the game’s credits.

  26. Hahaha I am a real life Yandere girl ^,^ and I’m not from Japan hehe I’m half Japanese though ^,^ Hehe but I wont hurt anyone who dont give me a problem Can’t wait for the game ^,^ Hehe

    • I always love hearing about real-life yandere girls. If you’ve had any interesting yandere experiences in real life, you’re welcome to e-mail me at and tell me all about it. Just by sharing a story with me, you might give me inspiration for a new feature in the game!

    • My girlfriend is actually a half-Japanese Yandere girl as well… XP

      What kind of yandere things do you do on a regular basis?

      Stalking? Setting up a shrine for your lover? Keeping an eye on those
      other nasty girls trying to steal him away? </3

      • I have done some crazy things that i’m not proud of I hurt people and scare people most people dont want to come near me but I’m ok I’m used to it hehe I lived most my life locked up in a mental institution so I’m not very good at talking to normal people and the way I show i care is brutal force or stalking or other means of obsession hehe but :/ The guy I loved is gone forever so I’m all alone as usual Hehe He never loved me he married some other woman while we were together and then he left so I wanted to stab him but I couldn’t hurt him after hurting so many I couldn’t hurt him so I stabbed myself and I never seen him again I miss him but he’s with another girl and I am no longer part of his life :/

  27. Love it so far. I do think that a character customization for Yandere-Chan wouldn’t be a bad idea. I would love being able to do that considering I have a weird quirk of making a female character look like a female version of me.

  28. Okay, so just giving a few opinions and ideas.
    1. I think some of the dialogue is coming out like a dubbing of an older anime: a little awkward and stiff. But it’s not too bad, just a little off-putting.
    2. I don’t think the story should be too serious. I mean, yeah it needs to be dark, but I think it would be best to have it go along the route of satire. Breaking the 4th wall might be fun, too.
    3. Yes please, to the goofy cheatcodes. Some ideas: big or tiny heads, different colored/rainbow blood, give everyone fake mustaches, and change all the weapons into something ridiculous, like fish. Also, earlier there was a glitch or something where you coded the torso of a dismembered body as a weapon, and I would really like it to be an actual weapon in the game (or to be able to use the other limbs like weapons), maybe unlockable through cheats or something.
    4. I think just naming it “Yandere” would be great. Short and sweet, and I don’t think anyone will mistake it, seeing how this is probably the only yandere game in the world.
    5. What if there was a “choose your name” screen, and the default name was Yandere-chan? (I really like having highly customizable characters, especially since this is a simulator.)
    6. I think you should try to stick with the Japanese school standard for the hallways and stuff, but there are also rooms and stuff (and maybe a courtyard or something?) that would be more ideal for stealthy slaughter.

    Also, I’m really happy to see this game growing, and I’m super-excited for when it’s finished. It’s looking really good.

  29. For your patreon you should make a public budget. Show us how much you think you need a month to replace your current job and stick too it. If we fill it up half way that means even if you’re still working you should at least reduce your freelance work in half and spend any newly freed up time on the game. The more transparent you are with funding the more likely you’ll get it and keep it.

    Here are some ideas:
    1. Like IRIS said above give us a name entry box and make yandere-chan the default. I would also suggest giving senpai a name box when you’re dreaming him up but feel free to keep most of the in game text referring to him as senpai.
    2. Yandere is usually a great horror plot device when it’s a mystery who’s committing the murders. When you’re the one committing the murders that kind of falls through the floor. So keep it lite with some occasional serious stuff. Keep throwing in anime tropes and maybe expand it to some video game and western tv show tropes.
    3. It’s ok to make the school a little better for stealth but keep it looking like a proper school. You should add vents to offer multiple movement paths.
    4. Both you and Senpai sit in the MC spot
    5. Give us a handful of out of school locations where students go after school (Wc donalds, The park, A store or two. These can serve as the places where non club members go after school.
    6. Here are some cheat code suggestions
    a. All girls (Yuri everywhere)
    b. All boys (Yaoi everywhere)
    c. Teachers are kids (Aren’t you a little young?)
    d. Internet tans and chans appear as classmates (Is that copyrighted?)
    e. Green blood (E for everyone)
    f. No plot or violence just attend class like a student (Slice of life)
    g. Unlocks army uniforms (No civilians or Sora no wotw)
    h. Everyone has huge breasts including boys (Hentai ja nai yo)
    i. Everyone is naked with a blur (Lewd)
    j. Every sentence ends with eh (Canadian translation)
    k. Flip phone (Why don’t they ever have smartphones?)
    l. You look like the ghost from the pics (I’m a spooky ghost)
    m. Halloween themed school (Spooky skeletons)
    n. You wear a bike helmet (School for the gifted)
    o. Everything is in Japanese gibberish (Moon runes)
    p. All girls wear head scarfs (Kawaii Allah)
    q. All blood and gore replaced with rainbows and flowers (Think of the children)
    r. Everyone has robotic metal skin (Mr. Roboto)
    s. Unlocks civilian clothes uniform (Uniforms are so oldschool)
    t. Unlocks catholic school girl uniform (This is America!)
    u. Unlocks a delinquent uniform but others wear the standard uniform (Cromartie)
    v. Everyone has a big long nose (Kaiji Senpai!)
    w. Christmas themed school (Ho Ho Ho)
    x. Unlocks blur as a type of panties (Feel the breeze)
    y. Everyone has dark skin (Japan is off the coast of Africa right?)
    z. Senpai cross dresses (Senpai you perv!)
    a1. Replace laugh with a really really bad laugh or a dumb sound (‘Avin a laugh m8?)
    b1. Makes the last scene of the game ridiculous or nonsensical (Gainax ending)
    c1. Replaces the menu screen with the protagonist running or falling (Just like my anime!)
    d1. Everyone wears forehead protectors (Just like naruto)
    e1. Lets you play the yandere cookie clicker game (Yandere clicker)
    f1. Mini game that puts you in a large open area with various weapons and ai trying to kill you like you can kill them (Battle Royale)
    g1. Unlocks a photo gallery containing several pictures of main characters in steamy poses (Photographer)

  30. – The female students become monster girls (more humanoid ones to keep the required work for the cheat to the minimum, unless that’s fine with you). (Optionally, if you’re fine with doing that, Senpai additionally becomes an incubus, and Yandere-chan becomes a succubus with the Seduce interaction working regardless of how low her reputation could be.) [Hora Hora]

    – An enthusiastic announcer (Info-chan, perhaps?) comments your every move (“What’s this?! Yandere-chan ran up to the tsundere waste of air! There’s no way! She can’t possibly– SHE DID! WE HAVE A POWER BOMB, PEOPLE!”). [YWE – Yandere Wrestling Entertainment]

    – Unlocks the option to play an upgraded (or regular, you decide) version of Yandere Clicker on the cellphone. [Remember This?]

    – (if vomiting will be a possible reaction from students) Students can randomly puke blood. Those that do that will walk slower than usual and will have blood coming out of their eyes, nose and mouth. This cannot happen to Yandere-chan, Senpai, or the girls that try to confess to Senpai. [Good Luck, Ebola-chan!]

    I’ll add more if anything else comes up to my mind.

    • The monster girl cheat would require so much work that it couldn’t be a mere cheat code; that’s the sort of thing I’d consider as DLC. That WWE-style announcer idea sounds really hilarious, though!

  31. How about for cheat codes, Maybe add an infinite Study points code, maybe a code (Or add it in game, no cheat code) To customize Yandere -chan, and while we’re at it, why not add some more playermodels, such as cat girls, demons/angels, and other creatures?

    • “why not add some more playermodels, such as cat girls, demons/angels, and other creatures?”

      Sure, want to give me dozens of team members or thousands of dollars so I can add those things?

  32. Cheats are not needed at all.

    As for the game name, it will be best to not contain “yandere” in it. Something like “Decaying cherry blossoms” is cool enough.

  33. Good Cheats:

    1. What if you could get full grades on everything if you do a code like if you press ;’ together at the same time

    2. If you could add more weapons

    3. use all the chat options

    4. If you could climb and jump

    Other Idea’s:

    1. If you could have multiple weeks.

    2. If you could be a guy

    3. If they eat and go to the toilet and near the edge of the rooftop and fountain more often because they never go near any of those things.

    4. If you could leave them notes on their locker at the start of the game.

    Also HELP: what are those arrow things you know like when you buy blackmail and stuff how do i get that??

  34. Obvious cheats are maxxed stats. Because I couldnt figure out how to lure people or leave notes or anything and i was so busy studying my deadline jumped. You cant just drag miss “I will never leave this spot on the roof” over to the dumpster and hitman drop her corpse over the side you have to some how lure her over and push her which is impossible. Also taking pictures of what i assume is my rival yields nothing as does the nurse’s face. So ultimately it leads to getting. Could barely do an LP on it and it was loud in my ear holes but i am a newb and not yet minx jack pewds or mark so i just gotta keep practicing i guess.

  35. I would like to see some sort of “free play” mode where there is no time limit, no deadline, you are free to explore at your own pace. This would be the only way i could play, as I cant even watch an LP without having massive panic attacks over the time limit

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