A Yandere Simulator “PMV”

In 2018, eleven artists from the Chinese Yandere Simulator fan community created illustrations of the rivals being eliminated in various ways to celebrate the game’s 4th anniversary. I never forgot about those incredible illustrations, and I’ve always wanted to use the artwork to create a “PMV” – a “Picture Music Video”, which is a series of still images synchronized to music. I knew it would only take a few minutes to put it together, so yesterday, I finally made it:

A Chinese fan explained to me that “because of China’s special national condition, it’s hard to visit foreign websites.” In fact, YouTube is blocked in China. This means that, even though I finally created a PMV using the artwork provided by those eleven Chinese artists, they have no way of watching the video or knowing about it. That’s a little sad, huh?

The Chinese fans get their news from someone who takes photographs of my blog posts and translates them into Chinese. So, I’ve decided to write this blog post. It’s my way of saying, “Hello, Chinese community! I acknowledge you! And I still remember and appreciate the artwork you made for me!”

A Chinese fan has suggested that I should start uploading my videos to a particular video website that is not blocked in China. I’ll consider it, but I can’t make any promises, since I have to focus the majority of my time on game development and not videos.

(That’s an ironic statement, because the next thing I’ll be posting will be a video unrelated to game development…)

In any case: No matter what country you’re in, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

Thank you to the Chinese artists 茶饭CHArice, 芬恩finn, 小忆YiTair, 流火FlowingFire, 赤球Radall, Rae, 阿繰BellyAone, 禾秧HeYang, 凤羽Phoenix, 汐酱Xi Sauce, and 茶珉TeaMin. (It’s been a few years. I wonder how many of you are still following the development…I hope you are healthy and safe.)

16 thoughts on “A Yandere Simulator “PMV”

    • I also want to say when the newspaper articles in the 80’s mode will be added. Some are already added but some say <> i hope you create the articles soon. They are very interesting to read

  1. Yandere-Dev, i have an idea about the kidnapping/ransom part of the game, you will get inside the school (just like the befriend/betray option with Osana) and take out your prisoner without being seen by the faculty/teachers, who are guarding the school.

  2. As a Chinese fan,I’m glad to see you wrote this.I just wanna say thank you and,there is definitely a way for those artists to watch the video so don’t be upset(Someone may tries to repost the video to Bilibili,which is currently the most popular video website in our country and I believe,is also the website that Chinese fan suggests you upload to.)I’ve been following the development,watching your video on Youtube and stream on Twitch so our situation is not that bad as you thought.Thanks for the concern and the love though.Cheers.
    (English is not my mother tounge so please ignore some grammar mistakes:D)

  3. i really love the new pictures you did for the 1980s mode it would be cool if you did something similar for the pictures that pop up for the clubs when you participate in their activity after you have already joined the clubs

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