Foreign Fan Appreciation Post

While I’m working on the game, fans often send me fan art that I love so much, I want to share it with the entire community. Usually, I share one piece of fan art in every blog post I write. Over the years, I’ve collected a massive amount of “This is a masterpiece, I’ve gotta share it” fan art – so much that if I wanted to share it all, I would need to make over 400 more blog posts!

A lot of that fan art was actually created by foreign fans of the game. It makes me so happy that Yandere Sim has fans all across the world! I want these fans to know, “I see you! I see you! I see the awesome artwork you’re making, and I love it! I acknowledge you!” but, I don’t want to wait 400 blog posts to send that message. So, I’ve decided to write one really massive “Foreign Fan Appreciation Post” where I share over 100 fan-made creations that I collected over the past year, which (I believe) were created specifically by non-English-speaking fans of the game! (But, if there are a few English-speakers in this list, it’s not a big deal. I don’t really mind, since I still want to share all of this artwork, anyway.)

I’ll start off with this artwork by Whitey0703 – it’s a POV illustration of you confessing your love to Aoi, and her reaction. It’s so cute! I love it!

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Wow – I learned something new about WordPress today! It really, really doesn’t like it when you embed over 100 tweets in one blog post. Whoops! The problem is that all of the tweets I embedded in this post won’t immediately load. The solution?

If the images don’t appear to load, wait for 30 seconds and then scroll down.

Okay! With that said, let’s continue.

Whitey0703 has actually made a huge amount of amazing student council girl artwork:

In fact, the student council girls are a very popular subject for all sorts of artwork, such this unique illustration by UN_known_ENS:

The majority of the fan creations will be artwork, but some of them will actually be videos, like this hilarious creation by 洱沫Almer:

If the video doesn’t embed and it simply appears as a link, here’s a preview of something you’ll see in the video:

Here’s another illustration from Whitey0703, with a very unique art style:

This is hilarious to me; a parody of the classic anime film “Kiki’s Delivery Service” featuring Kokouma in Kiki’s place:

And, hey, who is that in her avatar? It’s Velvet, my favorite character from Odinsphere! Wow! What a blast from the past!

Here’s a very cool and stylish illustration of Ryoba from crosma666:

And Osana:

A very interesting re-imagining of Ryoba and Jokichi as nun and demon:

All of crosma666’s artwork is stunning to me:


More Ryoba, looking psychotic:

I just can’t get enough of his style!

Wow, the Ayano+Budo pairing is popular even overseas…

I really like this “sexy Santa” Ryoba!

An ultra-cute Osana and Ayano by kizanasnobb…

…who has also drawn cute rival artwork…

…and even club leaders!

Gorgeous artwork of Ryoba by tho_liem:

One person is going to dominate this gallery for a while, and that’s because this artist is probably the most prolific Yandere Sim artists. blue_nori_snow, my favorite fan artist of 2023. See if you can identify who her favorite character is:

It’s not all Supana, though! Here’s hilarious artwork from blue_nori_snow of Seiyo imitating “Salt Bae”:

And here’s an absolutely adorable Oka, next to one of the characters who inspired her, Hex Maniac:


Mother and daughter looking ultra-cute in maid uniforms!

Beautiful Ayano!

Gardening Girls!

You remember that Mina of the Martial Arts Club is a shrine maiden, right?

Beautiful Kuroko!

Striking Akane!

Hey! It’s the meme! The meme!!

And last – I have no clue what’s going on here, but the art is great!

I could really just post blue_nori_snow’s artwork all day long, but I think I’d better let another artist have some attention, too. Such as suzu_UwU_1106:

Another one from tho_liem:

Heck, I even love seeing artwork like this; I love the style!

This art style looks familiar! Feels like mochiiroK drew a Ryoba who is about to engage in a rap battle to win Senpai’s love…

And speaking of Yandere Sim characters drawn in other games’ art styles, here’s an Undertale-style Ayano:

And something that I absolutely love to see – Ayano in Animal Crossing!

Here is some artwork of Enpitsu, a rare choice. hot_pool_AIN understands exactly how to communicate the character’s narcissistic personality:

Sometimes, fans contact me and ask me questions like “Does Borupen have siblings?” I always try to give interesting answers to these questions. That’s how Borupen got a brother – a brother who is the exact opposite of him, lively and energetic. This artist actually took that information and used it to draw Borupen spending time with his brother!

Hey, remember those “Male Rivals” designed for an April Fools’ prank? Look how much amazing artwork SIG_ynsm0223 drew of them!

Adorable artwork by sakuras_yans:

An ultra-cute Ayano by yasai_desu, in an art style that reminds me of River City Girls:

Extremely cute art by sudowreng:

Some particularly gruesome artwork of Osana:

Another one of my most favorite fan artists is Bbreaad, who is a master of many different art styles:

Unique, pixely artwork of Amai by luka_pixiilated!

An ultra-cute Ayano by Carlle_Alex:

An outstanding Ayano by amelovelio:

A stylish Ayano by cw10000110!

A touching moment between Megami and Aoi drawn by aki_okome:

And another illustration by the same artist that seems 80s or 90s inspired:

And here’s the student council in that style – adorable!!

An adorable Amai by in_chanarar:

The cutest Amai ever, by azur_fantasy:

A stunning Ayano and Ryoba by Flosnya:

Truly gorgeous artwork by ImHarHaze:

An absolutely adorable Ayano by HTM_166:

Another artist whose work I am absolutely in love with is kirnx. I could fill this entire blog post with kirnx’s art, but for now I’ll just share this one illustration, a very amusing Genshin Impact crossover:

Sorry, did I say I was only posting one kirnx illustration? I lied, here’s another. Boy Osana!

Very pretty pixel art by komame_21!

I even enjoy seeing stuff like this; Yandere Simulator characters dancing in MMD:

Angry little Ayano! She looks so upset!

There’s an abundance of gorgeous rival artwork over on saoart703’s twitter page! Here’s just one of them:

A very unique and creative depiction of the relationship between Megami and Ayano by X_iSLASHER_X

Man, the symbolism. Megami has a gun and could kill Ayano anytime, but is still playing chess with her anyway, since she would rather defeat Ayano intellectually than execute her outright. And if you look at the positions of the pieces of the board, Megami is currently putting Ayano into checkmate. Oh my god, I love it!

Incredibly well-made artwork by sushimxma:

Absolutely adorable Sumire by TakoyakiSegawa. Cute enough to make you squeal!

A super cute little animation by iHeartNayeon:

Yokichi Sakamoto drwe a ton of 1980s Mode artwork, including illustrations of every one of the rival girls. Here is just one, though!

A very soft Ryoba by yshanhoe!

A very in-character Hana by yup01030:

Adorable artwork of Ayano and Ryoba imitating these two cats, by d8_sv:

In fact, I think you’re about to see a bunch of d8_sv illustrations in a row:

I didn’t think that Ayano shopping with her mother could be so cute!

A cool depiction of Shiromi by 0ni0Nn_BB0y!

Next, I want to share some hilarious videos that were created by creamstwe_ekoda. First up:


And last…man, I can’t believe that this exists. This is a reference to something from the late 90s. When I saw this, I couldn’t stop laughing for minutes…I’m so happy that this video was made.

Next, I want to share some creations from gekidowga. First, I want to share some Undertale-inspired artwork they created…

But, next, I want to share something else that will probably require a bit of an explanation.

On a Japanese website called Nico Nico Douga, there is a tradition of creating extremely chaotic music videos called “MADs”. A typical “MAD” will re-create a song using sound effects from a game, while rapidly showing a bunch of wacky visuals from that game. The closest comparison would be “YouTube Poops”, which aren’t as common recently as they used to be, a decade ago.

gekidowga – the absolute madlad – created a Yandere Simulator MAD, and it blows me away. A tremendous amount of original artwork was created to produce this MAD – the animation of Ayano and Raibaru at the beginning, the pixel art for the parodies in the 2nd half, modding the game to put objects into characters’ hands…don’t underestimate how much work went into the creation of this video; it must have taken months. Please take a look for yourself:

Apparently, that video is only the “first part” of a larger video which is on YouTube somewhere. I wish I had the link – I would love to watch the whole thing!

Anyway, let’s get back to normal artwork. Here’s a really cool illustration of Ryoba by sumosukechan:

And Kokona and Saki cosplaying as Teto and Miku, by Konriko:

Actually, Konriku has made a lot of impressive Yandere Sim artwork!

A cute Ayano by 2ME_22ME:

A really gorgeous Supana by VTnate5sei:

Haha, just look at Ayano eating food happily while Osana chokes in the foreground. It’s funny, because she’s dying! Ha! Haha! Hahahahaha!

Cute Kuu Dere pixel art by Ghost_0815draw!

Artistic Ryoba by WatasHihaNaani:

Next, we arrive at the artwork of W7White_uma, who has a very unique style:

And last, but certainly not least, I’d like to finish off the gallery by sharing the artwork of Momo Fujimi, whose art style is precious and adorable!

Man! Looking at Momo’s adorable artwork, you’d have no clue that it was for a game about a serial killer…

That brings us to the end of the list of artwork that I wanted to share with you. I may have accidentally put some English-speaking artists into the list, but hey, if that happened, don’t worry about it. Just consider it to be “bonus” artwork for you to enjoy.

If you’re a non-English-speaking fan of the game and I didn’t include you in this list, please don’t take it personally. I probably saw your artwork and just forgot to put it on my list! But, yes, I see you out there! I am always admiring your amazing artwork!

Maybe I’ll do another “Foreign Fan Appreciation” post next year!

Alright…time to get back to work!

9 thoughts on “Foreign Fan Appreciation Post

  1. Thank you very much for sharing my painting with so many other wonderful works.
    I am sorry that I can’t tell you more about Yandere Simulator since I have only been playing for a short time, but I feel that it is a very attractive game with a lot of freedom, such as the various ways to eliminate rivals and the various ways to play by using your ingenuity. I am very much looking forward to the story of rivals other than Osana-chan.
    As a fan, I am more than happy that Mr. YandereDev is pleased with my work. I hope it will help motivate you to create more games.
    Once again, thank you very much for your time!

    Translated with (free version)

  2. aww… I love this! this is so cute… thanks for sharing all these amazing artwork with us, Yandev! and thanks to all the people who drew these awesome fanarts!

  3. Seeing all this artwork reminds me how much Yandere Sim has grown both in concept and in its cast of characters. Its a role model for people like me who haven’t really achieved anything in their life thus far so seeing something I love actually grow and improve really brightens my day.

    Thank you Yandere Dev and thank you foreign artists for showing this community some love

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