The “Everything I Plan To Do Before The Crowdfunding Campaign” Checklist

I just wrote a 4,533-word post on Patreon describing everything that I plan to implement – or investigate the feasibility of implementing – between now and the crowdfunding campaign. It took a really long time to write! So, I hope you read it:

Also, someone used artwork of Ayano as the wallpaper of their smartwatch, and I think that’s cool!

36 thoughts on “The “Everything I Plan To Do Before The Crowdfunding Campaign” Checklist

  1. I’d say for Moeko in 1980s mode, their task should be something along the lines of getting an ingredient from the cooking club or finding one that was misplaced. Say if someone from the cooking club had a grudge against her maybe?

  2. The one thing on the list that I disagree with is the one about the students on Osana’s path needing more interesting things to do. I think the main reason people really liked when you made students socialize along Osana’s path is the fact that it made the characters feel more human, actually spending their free time with socializing, rather than constantly doing their club activities, even when they don’t need to.
    Sure, if someone is interested in something they will probably spend a lot of their freetime doing said thing, but almost every single student spending 100% of their freetime with their single assigned hobby would make the environment feel extremely robotic in my opinion.
    I’m not saying I’m against the idea of some students actually doing interesting and productive things in the hallways, I’m just saying it’s perfectly fine for some of them to just be talking to each other. In order to still make it more varied you could perhaps implement different talking animations for students with different personalities – someone may be leaning against the wall while talking, others could have their arms crossed or their hands in their pockets, some may look more energetic and be gesturing with their arms a lot, or some may be a bit more awkward and constantly fidgeting with their fingers. And maybe not all of them would need to be smiling as well, some students might look a bit upset or bored. Also perhaps instead of always talking in pairs, some of the students could be chatting in groups of three or more.
    And students could also be doing other things, that aren’t necessarily related to what club they’re in, eg. studying or reading manga.
    Of course, this is all just my opinion and It’s okay if you disagree, it was just a suggestion.

    • I think it would make the school feel more alive if students bumped into their friends while walking by them, and stopped to chat. It would satisfy the need for students to be in the path of Osana while also not looking like they were placed haphazardly for the sake of just having witnesses there. And I think just in general it would be fun to see anywhere in the school, like the science club friends waving to each other as they pass, or stopping to have a conversation. Little details like that make it feel less like just a game environment

  3. When I first saw the list I actually got a little bit frustrated.Some of those items in my opinion are not important or necessary,for example the better intro cutscene and the better socialization system,beacause I am already satisfied with how they are working now,but I know there might be people who disagree and I understand that as well.Most of those items are there beacause of feedback,right? And if those updates make the game more challenging in a way that makes them more fun I am totally fine with that,I just don’t agree with some of those items,but a lot of people do,so I respect your decision.

    But I really hope you implement custom mode and random mode,I really hope to play these scenarios someday

    • I personally think if YanDev ever implements custom mode or random mode, it should be a DLC. that’ll be a great idea don’t you think? even better than extra rivals for a DLC in my opinion. a multiplayer Yandere game would be so cool too.

      • I agree that a custom mode or random mode should be implemented later down the road when we finally have more Rivals. I’d look forward to it, but right now it’s not a high priority when it comes to major features before the crowdfunding campaign. It’ll probably be like the ABC or Amai Challenge, you play it a few times because of the novelty and then forget about it until you remember it in a few months.

  4. Ok, I read the list and I have mixed feelings for this, YanDev…
    I’m going to leave my personal opinions about this list here.
    First of all, I like how you’re planning to implement better features and systems for the game. that’s definitely needed before the crowd funding campaign.
    and I like the ‘Balance the overpowered “conceal corpse in garbage bag” feature’ and ‘Allow the player to read manga while at school’ too. makes the game more stealthier and fun, doesn’t make the player depend on one thing.
    But! I disagree with a few things. I don’t think you should change or replace 1980s Mode student hairstyles and create difficulty options for 1980s Mode. both of this is very unnecessary! because you’re going to change the models anyways so why not change the hairstyles after the crowd-funding? and I don’t think you should focus on 1980’s mode that much until the main game get’s finished.
    small changes are cool but a big change like that takes really long too. I don’t think you should spend precious time on a bonus mode! 1980’s mode isn’t even important than the main mode. working on it after the main mode is a better choice.
    I think you should only focus on small changes or something that’s important to the game like the intro cut-scene and improvements and fixes. I don’t think demons, challenges are a thing you should be working on. people use to loved those years ago, but now they want the actual game! not Easter eggs. I don’t think it would be wise to work on something people won’t like.
    The unique tasks can be added after the crowd funding campaign too. After you get a lot of money from the fans, there would much more fun and exciting tasks you can put in the game.
    well, that’s all my thoughts! hope you read this, YanDev! have a good day!

    • I agree it seems that yanderedev just wants to improve the game instead of finally adding the rivals in my opinion the agent should stop giving him money until he adds the rivals because it’s been almost 9 years since we’ve been paying and nothing with everyone helping me I’m sure this game would be ready, and sorry if I wrote it wrong I’m Brazilian

  5. You know, since you mentioned the friendship mechanic being overpowered, you could make a system where every time you socialize with a student, you get a “friendship point”, and once you have a certain amount of said points AND you have done their task (and maybe even more than one task too? 3 for each student should be enough, it that’s not too hard to do of course), then you can actually befriend NPCs, I feel like that’s a good way to balance it.

  6. ( Sorry for my bad English , i’m learning)
    Hi yanderedev!. I read about the 1980’s mode mission mode and I love the idea!. I was thinking about who Nemesis could be. I know that Mission Mode should be at least sligthly different from 202x mode, but I have and idea , what if Sumire was Nemesis? Maybe because she wants revenge of Jokichi’s death , or she’s secretly suspecting of you because of crimes related to the Yakuza. This could add more difficulty to the mission mode. Well, I hope you read my comment. Have a nice day. I really love your game! I hope the crowfunding campaign will be succesful!

  7. Hello! I have two questions. 1 In what video you said “If you cheat on game Senpai will reject you for being a cheater?” i’ve been trying to find that video 2. Will there be video of Aoi and Megami? I think you mentioned about that

  8. “Change or Replace many 1980s Mode student hairstyles”
    I’m happy to see this cause yeah like u mentioned a lot of the students feel real bland with only a few standing out such as Ui, Himeko, and Shinako. A suggestion to help with this is trying to use stuff in the game specifically the breast sizes and eye shapes. It’s something that I liked about the 202X students that some of them have different features. With the breast sizes u can change them for Ui, Himeko, and the rich girls that could be sold to the Yakuza. Probably within the range of 1.05-1.5. Ui and Himeko could have them set within 1.5 and the rest of the girls randomly within 1.05-1.4. And then with the eye shapes could be like how the main mode have it and some groups can have different shapes. The serious eye type could work for the Occult and Science Club and possibly the newspaper and photography club depending on the theme ur trying to go with them but I think Shinako could also use the Serious eye shape. The girls in the gardening club can have the gentle eye shapes. U don’t have to do these but these are some suggestions to help to make some students stand out.

  9. I know that you may feel like you need to have the game be absolutely perfect for the crowdfunding campaign, but honestly I think that you should focus on polishing what you already have before deciding to add more features. Scope creep is very real thing and I don’t think anyone wants to see this game fail because of it. Maybe a couple of fun new features to build hype for the campiagn would be nice, but don’t overdo it and delay the game so much further.

    Also, about the models in particular, I think a possible option would be to simply show a sneak peek in the campiagn of what the final models in the game will look like rather than trying to implement the new models before the campaign. That way, people could get an idea of the final look of the game without you having to go through the trouble of implementing them.

    All in all, with all due respect, remember that most people just want to be assured that you will be able to finish the main game’s ten rivals with the money you gain from the crowdfunding campaign. If you focus your time too much on improvements that don’t effect the game’s main gameplay, 1980s mode, and easter eggs, people are not going to be as trustful that you are able to complete the game and won’t be as willing to invest in you. That’s what I have to say anyway, sorry if I come across as rude in any way. I like this game a lot and would hate for it to not reach its potential.

    • I agree and disagree at the same time.

      Yandere Simulator was supposed to be a game developed within 8 months about killing 10 girls. Then scope creep happened, and turned it into a different type of game. The game that Yandere Simulator turned into is a million times more interesting and entertaining than the game it was originally going to be. The cost of increasing the scope was time – a LOT of time. But, the reward for increasing the scope was a far superior video game.

      At this point, I’ve implemented 90% of the scope-increasing ideas that I came up with for Yandere Simulator. At this point, that’s what Yandere Simulator *is* – it’s the sum of all the ideas I came up with (or collected) from 2014~2015. Implementing the remaining 10% of those ideas could hardly be called “scope creep” at this point in time; it would just be “finishing off the last 10% of the planned features for the game.”

      I’m going to actively avoid increasing the number of tasks on my to-do list, and I’m going to turn down most scope-increasing suggestions that people are making at this point in time, but if I’ve wanted to put a feature into the game since 2014/2015, I’m going to consider it “unfinished business” rather than “adding yet another thing to the list.”

  10. So I’ve been a long time lurker of this project(started following ca.2016) since we are now approaching an important time of development I want to express my feeling regarding your Plan before the crowdfunding.
    First of all I really appreciate you showing us what you’re planning right now! Even though you know this might backfire, I think this was very important to start a healthy discussion between the community and you! That way we can understand each other better and maybe find a common ground. And just like you said there will be things that I won’t agree with but that’s normal. So since this has been tackled let’s begin with my thoughts and some input.
    Thinks that I think are spot on and are going to improve the overall gaming experience before the crowdfunding campaign:
    tutorial to 202X Mode, support for custom button remapping, Allow the player to adjust the game’s resolution from the Settings screen,Balance the overpowered “conceal corpse in garbage bag” feature(I’ll add some thinks later about this point), Implement 5 generic tasks, Implement a better inventory screen,better social interaction system, better social interaction system, Re-evaluate student behavior after their club shuts down, Implement a “Choose Your Strategy” feature at the beginning of the week(I’ll also add some thinks later).
    So what do all these points have in commune (more or less)? They are quality of life improvements (remapping,resolution,etc.) or enrich the gameplay loop(5 generic tasks,better social interaction,etc.). Why I think you should focus on these first and foremost, simple these are things that will get people hooked when playing the game! A game can look as impressive as it wants but if the gameplay loop is not engaging a lot of people will drop it and move one with their lives. At the end of the day people don’t play Fortnight or Overwatch because the cosmetics and skins look cool, they play it because they deem it fun and engaging. Now you might say “but having cool new hairstyles, intro/1980s cutscene, decoration, etc. help oneself emerge in games.” This is true! And I can totally see where you’re coming from. I myself love this kind of detail in games like persona, fire emblem, etc. but you have to reevaluate the situation you are currently in. Let’s face it you don’t have the necessary manpower to create these things to your perfect liking. And since you are going to change the models anyway, why spend time on things that might not be future proof or even broken with the new things. I hate to use this as an example, but look at what happend to kokona. Some of the things you did got forgotten and haven’t helpt the game in the long run. I don’t want to see this happen again since I know how much work goes into this kind of thing. Your labor should not be taken for granite. Just like you said about the Models “it would be really risky to try implementing new character models before the crowdfunding campaign – it would delay the campaign by a lot, and could even make the game buggy around the time of the crowdfunding campaign, which would be a disaster.” Currently the gameplay loop should be your main point because this is the thing you can express yourself and yandere sim the best. Everyone knows that it’s an indie game’s main selling point. You don’t have the necessary funds for outstanding visuals, voice acting, cutscenes, unique tasks, animations, etc. AT THE MOMENT! This is okay though, since there’ll be a crowdfunding campaine. The demo is a proof of concept, an alpha, a way of showing a snipe of the final game. It should give an idea of the final game, not try to be the final game!So try to focus on these aspects first and build upon this. “You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation”-Gordon B. Hinckley
    Let’s talk about the balancing and helping new player aka “Choose Your Strategy” feature. A lot of ppl might report on these things because they are crucial to the gameplay loop. In your example the garbage bags are way to op and you are going in the right direction when it comes to it. But I think you might not see the forest for the trees. Their inclusion overshadowed all other ways of getting away with murder. “Why should I join the music club for the cello cage, instead of using the garbage bags? Why should I dismember a body, instead of using the garbage bags?Why should I join the science club for the wat of acid,instead of using the garbage bags?” There exist more questions of that liking but I think you are getting the hang of it. The club benefits, the school subjects and consequences of elimination methods need an overhaul! There are a lot of overlaps ( music club minigame for reputation +100, cooking club), mechanics that their disadvantages are greater than their benefits (why should I really join the delinquents?).
    If stabbing rivals is too easy, instead of placing unnatural amounts of npcs around the rivals, discourage the player from doing it in the first place. If for example stabbing a rival made Ayano only able to permanently recover her sanity to 90% for the entire game and got lower for each time I stabbed someone I wouldn’t use it as often. If rivals would help me in the following week after completing a long and tedious befriending methode I would use it over simply killing. Things like this are in my opinion ways to balance game mechanics. Instead of restricting the creativity of players and mechanics like befriending nps (maybe you need to keep in touch with them on kbook or else the benefits expire) find benefits and drawbacks as consequences. If you need creativ aid this could be something you could ask the community or commissioning someone with the money of your slurps.
    Now to the “Choose Your Strategy” feature this is a bit tricky. Just like you said, new players are very lost on the first playthrough. The game doesn’t give any visual cues on what to do; many mechanics are very hidden and hard to find. The environment doesn’t provide enough indicators that I can interact with it in a meaningful way or that’s important for something else/I need something specific to unlock it and where I could find it. Since the tutorial isn’t out yet I cannot give a definite answer to it other than agreeing that the schemes need to go. In my opinion they are glorified walkthroughs.
    I didn’t mention the 1980s improvements till now because to be honest I think all the side content is nice to have but not game changing important. The 1980s mode was created to show that you can implement 10 rivals. You did this and polished it for an entire year. It has done its purpose and it’s now time to move on instead of doubling the workload with both modes. Each addition can be made after the crowdfunding. Why work now on DLC content before continuing Yandere Simulator the actual game. It feels as if you have abandoned it since you are at a point where funds are needed to move one but you aren’t sure how to get them.
    Now this got longer than I suspected it would. I hope you don’t see it as me demanding these things. In contrair I want to say this as food for thought!I hope you have a wonderful day and keep up the work.

    • Oh boy, that is a LOT of feedback! I appreciate that you care about the game enough to provide so much feedback – but if it’s not too much to ask, could you condense it down to a bullet-point list for me?

  11. what about to add support for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox one and Xbox One X. And also, sone advertisement ads for youtube, tiktok, and facebook. feel free to take my advice.

  12. I think the biggest issue with the game right now is that every character seems so… Robotic? Like every character seems so attached to their club and not like real people. Every character has five likes and dislikes, but I can only see one interest that they have: their club. It makes all the characters in the game so unrecognizable and so bland cause it feels like they’re robots rather than the actual students in school. So rather than having students do their club activities in the hallway how about making them act like actual high schoolers? I really like how characters talk to one another, but I don’t like how they position themselves. They’re all standing upright in one position for an hour. A lot of students at my school sit down and talk or walk and talk rather than staying in one stagnant position. Additionally, I only see a couple students hang out on their phones at school, while at my school everyone is on their phone all the time. So maybe some students can hang out at tables. Maybe they could be outside with their computers and phones chatting with one another. Maybe they’re on benches talking, chilling, hanging out, or doing homework. Additionally, a lot of students lean on walls which I don’t think I’ve seen once in this game. Many students catch up on their sleep at school, so maybe we can see that in game! A lot of students at my school are dating and I see them hugging and kissing each other, which I only see in the matchmaking elimination method, but what about students that are already dating? They should hug and kiss at school. Finally, the bathrooms are the most popular place at my school. Girls do their makeup, it’s a great place to catch up on missing assignments, you can sneak off there to skip classes etcetera. I would love to see more use of the bathroom in the game besides getting a bucket and mop. That’s it thanks you for reading you’re such a king.

    TL;DR: Student routines are robotic because they are too reliant on their club. Maybe students should talk in different places and ways (walking, sitting, sending texts, etc.), doing homework, sleeping, dating, hanging out in bathrooms, chilling on their phones, and acting like people!

  13. Ok I have some reasoning as to why it is ok to work on the things like 1980s mission mode and the 2 other demons.

    So of course, people have been asking for these things for a while, and they would be very grateful if they were added to the game. Working on the bigger more important things worth isn’t a good idea because it will leave people with “I’m still working on that new feature, but here are some bug fixes” builds for a very long time. Instead, make the 1980s mission mode and the demon rituals which give us enough content not to care about waiting. I’m sure people would appreciate their suggestions being heard especially since there’s people still on the fence about whether to trust you or not. Listening to people suggestions will make them feel heard and ultimately cause boost the popularity of Yan Sim. Still, there should be a limit. Never spend all of your time working on the same thing, working on a variety of things and releasing them at once would count as a “Major Update” and doing this regularly will, again, cause people to gain trust in the development of the game.

    One last thing, sorry if I repeated a topic or something, I have to go somewhere and I don’t have time to proofread.

    • I disagree with your thoughts. From what I have seen lately, many people won’t be excited or get happy if YanDev work on small things like 1980s mission mode and the 2 other demons before working on other stuff.
      They want the game polished and finished, not the extra stuff. it happened with the scythe. I was excited like you when it got added, but other people wasn’t. there were hunderes of people leaving hate comments about how YanDev is adding ‘useless things’ and ‘wasting time’. which is not true, but!
      People does think like that and adding these things will make them think like that again. that’s why adding these stuff before the crowd funding campaign is a bad idea.

  14. I have some questions regarding what I’ve read on your patrons page about pre-crowdfunding checklist?
    I hope by answering me it won’t take time from development

    1. Balance the overpowered “conceal corpse in garbage bag” feature
    It says you need to get duct tape and x amount of garbage bags
    -will you remove the availability of the duct tape at school and force the player to buy?
    -will it be a tediously slow process of concealing the corpses in the garbage bags before you can carry it to the incinerator? E.g going through the menus selecting the duct tape and garbage bags and waiting for animations?
    2. Create difficulty options for 1980s Mode
    It says difficulty options for “NO FRIENDS”, “KNIFE ONLY
    -will the same apply for Osana and Amai’s week?
    3. Give functionality to the Enlightenment stat
    It says In short: it’s a “just for fun” feature, not an “absolutely essential for the game to be complete” feature
    -since this is a just for fun feature stated, will this benefit the player any how in getting rid of rivals?
    4. Implement 5 generic tasks
    It says I think that there should be a set of 5 generic tasks, so that there is much more variety in what students ask you to do. “Find my lost (X)” “Get me a drink” “Clean up the muddy footprints” “Take a picture of (X)”, etc.
    -will some generic tasks be more rewarding than others, or do they all have the same rewards? For example, will you get more favours from other students?
    5. Implement a “Choose Your Strategy” feature at the beginning of the week
    Regarding schemes
    -will you still be able to buy some schemes perhaps easier ones from info-chan or is it being phased out completely?

  15. The idea of the custom and random mode sounds super exciting, but just like you said about the time factor, it just doesn’t work at this time. However, I believe it would make an extraordinary DLC in the future, to add excitement down the road of a new gameplay, if you decide to continue with it in the future.

  16. I’ve been thinking of ways to balance reading manga at school for a long time now:
    1. Maybe Ayano can read manga in class instead of doing classwork. This wouldn’t allow her to allocate any points maybe balancing the feature.
    2. Reduce the percent of manga read like increase it by 5% 10% or 15% or something like that.
    3. Or, like you said, not allowing romance manga at school.
    Those are just some thoughts to maybe balance manga at school.

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