November 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

I didn’t intend to release another bug-fixing build so fast, but there was one issue in the game that I really, really wanted to fix ASAP, so here’s another build for you!

To see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, please scroll down past this gorgeous artwork of Ayano by Yiki-chan!

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to perform their walking animation while remaining in one spot if the player was walking as they used the “Pass 30 minutes of time” book in the library.
  • If the bookcase is pushed over without killing the librarian rival (Honami), she will adjust her routine and stop walking over to that bookcase.
  • Fixed bug that would cause button prompts to move around the screen in a “choppy” way, inconsistent with the player’s actual framerate.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Student Info menu to be laggy while attempting to tell a mind-broken slave who to go assassinate.
  • The save file text seen from the title screen will now always have a black outline, since that makes it much more legible.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the game from remembering the player’s Camera Position (left, right, behind) preference.
  • The “Killing Rival Slow Motion” effect will no longer occur when tranquilizing a rival in the gym storage room.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Senpai of 1980s Mode to have zero reaction to a note/gift left on his desk.
  • Removed “…that…ring…” easter egg from 1980s Mode, since it only applies to 202X.
  • Fixed a typo on the Content Checklist screen.

77 thoughts on “November 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Wait since Yan Dev said that the That ring thing was only supposed to be in 202X mode then… The girl who owned the ring became a demon… She says that ring because she recognized it as her ring in the 80s
    *not confirmed
    Only a theory

  2. Hi yanderedev I am having a problem. I have downloaded the latest build, but no matter how I did or reset the game, I can’t join club, gossip, apologize and socialize. I don’t know what happens and I can’t get the true ending because I can’t gossip Komako to suiside.

  3. another bug I found is when you kill someone and get arrested, while your reputation is low that senpai doesn’t like you, you get “heartbroken” instead of “arrested” . I selected SNAP and the game crushed.

  4. Hi! YandereDev!
    When I was doing the Genocide Ending, a very weird bug suddenly happend.
    When I started to kill all Class 1-1, my sanity was 0%. First, I killed Tsubaki and a teacher saw me killing her, and I switch to kill Saki after killed Tsubaki. The teacher went to me to apprehend me, after killed Saki, Teacher automatically perform the animation f02_counterB_00 (The one that Teacher apprehend Yandere Chan if she don’t have enough strengt to kill her) and the game just freeze. But the time still and Sanity Meter still moving.
    Here’s a image:
    (Sorry for bad English)

  5. Hey YandereDev, does leaving a note/gift for the senpai in 202X or 1980s mode actually affect them yet? For example, if I killed Osana infront of Senpai, it will take a hit to his mental health/sanity. So when the player leaves a note/gift does that slightly improve it, or has this not been implemented yet? If you still leave note/gift everyday on Senpai’s desk (without anything bad happening) will that affect Senpai or gameplay? Just curious, anyway thank you for the frequent updates and hard work!

  6. hey hey when i report anything about the rival after the how closer she can get expelled de game stops whith the black screen i dunno if that is considered as a crash or as a bug.

  7. I joined the cooking club and I made the little octopus food and went to give them around the students and when I got to the last octopus and gave it to a student my game didn’t freeze but it kept repeating the same action and my reputation just kept going up and up and It didn’t let me close the game so I just went to task manager and closed it cause otherwise, it wouldn’t have closed

  8. Hello YanDev ! I have a complain:

    When I play 1980s mode, the framerate is very smooth. But, when I play the 202X mode, which is the present timeline, it is very glitchy. I tried to turn of some graphic settings such as Bloom, etc. but the framerate wasn’t improved. I don’t think it might be because of the number of students, because there are the same number of students in 1980s mode as there are in 202X.

    I hope you fix the framerate!

  9. hey yanderedev! i have sort of an idea for the framing for murder system. personally, i think that it’s way too easy to frame someone, and this, just like getting away with murder, shouldn’t be easy.
    some ideas:

    -if you raise your language or psychology stat, you can fake being a witness of a murder if a body has been found and the murderer is unknown to the police. in order to do this, you would need to stalk your victim of framing, maybe similar to the eavesdropping system, and gain new information on where they were at certain times that you then can recall to the police. then, you would only need to committ a murder nearby their location, or somewhere where they were earlier, or you can simply move all of the evidence to that location. if there was another student who witnessed your rival’s behaviour and you accidentally make a mistake in recalling it (maybe a minigame where you need to choose the right answers), you will instantly fail at framing, and maybe get a game over for trying to fake would also make sense that framing requires you to have a higher reputation/have never been seen doing something suspicious.
    -this process of framing could also need you to get proof, in addition to you as a witness. you could, for example, make a picture of your framing victim near something bloody, maybe in bloody clothing (filling a bucket with blood from a corpse and spilling it on them, or using red paint if youre in the art club), pictures or security camera recordings of the dead student and your rival walking together somewhere, which can be achieved by having someone follow you, distract them or whatever. them with something that could be used as a weapon would also be an option for a picture.

    this as a whole system could be portrayed similar to the “rival rejection progress” screen, “rival framing progress” and maybe a checklist.
    (checklist could be like this:
    -Psychology/Language stat raised
    -Rival stalked and routine information acquired
    -Murder committed
    -Evidence and corpse moved to a location on your rival’s routine
    -Evidence unlinked from yourself
    -Photograph/Recording of your rival doing something suspicious)

    it seems really complicated, so it’s more of a thing for the finished game. don’t feel pressured to do anything, it’s just an idea! the game is fine the way it is right now. 😀

    • Interesting. It’s not a *bad* idea, but at this point in time, I am trying to avoid creating any further complications in the game’s development, and really just want to finish the project…

  10. hey yandere dev i have a suggestion. On Fureddo Jonzus student info it says he has no interest in photography. So when u look at his interests shouldnt he have a negative face on photography?

  11. I found a small bug: when you kidnap a bespectacled character in 1980s mode (ex. Mei Mio), their glasses clip through the blindfold.

  12. Yandere Dev i found a bug in this November 2, 2021 update: 1st bug: I started the game all over again, I skipped the tutorial, I arrived in the 1st week of the rival, I went to school, I saw a the delinquent Yakuza spawn in fountain and when changing shoes become 5 delinquents.This bug works even if you reset the day. This bug is found in 1980 mode

  13. Hey Yandere Dev,

    I think I encountered a bug where if I try to wear a bloody mask and gloves when changing into a towel and then bathe, the game hardlocks me in the girls’ bathroom. The game forces me to take off my gloves, but my mask is still on my face, and when I bathed, it stayed there. After that, I couldn’t change into my gym uniform or swimsuit—I was stuck wearing a towel (I can take off the bloody mask, but it doesn’t do anything). Each time I tried to change, it showed the changing animation, but I stayed in the towel.

  14. Hi Yandere Dev.

    I have found some things which shouldn’t be seen on the 1980 mode.

    The first one is in front of the teacher’s room; it speaks about phones:

    Second, the notes the rivales put on senpai’s desk each friday. Well, I guess it’s not supposed to be read, but it’s talking about covid 19 and may 2020, so…

    Third, some photos on the photography club:

    That’s all for now.
    If my english looks bad, it’s simply because I’m french.
    And because it’s my first post here, I’m joining my thanks to you for creating this game!

  15. Hi YanDev! i really like Ryoba’s new standing animation but whenever i change clothes at the shower room, it changes back to the old one.

  16. Found some bugs in 202X alphabet challenge. First, the student council members freeze when spoken to by cooking club members (who also freeze). Second, when a student council member should be pepper spraying you, the game freezes.

  17. yandere dev con la 5 rivale non riesco a farla svegliare e non si muove dal lettino dell’infermeria. ho eseguito come potevo le istruzione per ucciderla con il suo metodo canonico ma non ci sono riuscita se riesci a sistemarlo te ne sarei grata

  18. Hey, there is a statue of the Headmaster in the art room, but in the 1980’s mode, it’s still the statue of the old Headmaster

  19. hi yandere dev i found a bug when i try to reset the week the screen just goes black i thought that its just loading in but i have been waiting for so long and nothing happened just a black screen i tried it again and again ang nothing still happened

  20. hi yandev, i found a bug that happens in 202X and 1980, when im going to give the knife to mindslave, the screen to choose people gets stuck and laggy, and when im going to choose someone it keeps returning to the beginning (sorry if i say somethin wrong!! english is not my first language) i think that is not my pc, because when im not on that screen it runs perfectly

  21. Hey yandere dev, I found a bug that makes to expel osana on Thursday giving her the sandwich does not work, simply when I press the ¨e¨ she only talks to her.

  22. Hey Yandere Dev! I’m showing my friend Yan Sim and we encountered two bugs! During the event to sabotage Kaguya we encountered a bug where senpai noticed her from about 20 feet away on the rooftop before he ate the emetic poison. Additionally, when she tried to steal the book, it never played the event where she searches around the classroom, though the event did run through as normal and gave her the sabotage progress.

    • “Senpai noticed her”? Noticed who? Kaguya? What was Kaguya doing that made Senpai notice her? Have you been able to replicate this bug?

      This a lot about this bug I don’t understand. It would help to see a video of it.

  23. Hi YandereDev,
    You might have already heard this but in 1980’s Mode, some of the matchmaking information is mixed up. For example Kaguya writes in her diary that she likes a suitor’s intelligence, but she actually likes courage (this is the same with Moeko, Ai, and Komako). Rivals who supposedly like courage (Sumiko, Ritsuko, and Chigusa) actually like strength. And rivals that supposedly like strength (Honami, Teiko, and Sonoko) actually like intelligence.

  24. For some reasons, the cloaking device doesn’t have the button to activate it anymore. At first I thought I pressed something wrong and I went back to watch some youtube videos to confirm it. Can you look into it, thank you so much ^^

  25. I got a bug, I tried multiple times on this build and just is there, when you try to get the cloaking device, I think that is called(?) well…. It just doesn’t let you get it, I couldn’t get any screenshots and Mabye I can’t upload any until tomorrow but im getting you aware of that bug

  26. BUGS
    – Every time I giggle, a steulth student loses their camera (they also hear the giggle of course) (in 1980’s)
    – During the club meeting on Friday, the students stand up instead of sitting down on their chairs in 1980’s
    – The order in the Alphabet killer challenge in 1980’s is incorrect.
    – In 202X, I can still check Osana’s bag as if she was in the 1980’s mode + steal her lunch
    – In 1980 I can steal a rival’s bento even when the rival had left her bag and is on her way to eat during lunchtime
    – This is not a bug, but I really wish the rivals would walk faster to their classroom – it is boring that I have to wait for them to place their stuff
    – Ryoba can walk on the stair’s raillings during mission mode!

    IDEAS (all of them are my opinion – it is ok if you don’t like them)
    ~ There could be witnesses in the rival’s classroom + Senpai’s (but for Senpai only on Monday and Friday) (Perhaps the 2 boys that used to talk about Magical Girl…?)
    ~ The room with the pool sign could be locked
    ~ The 7th rival’s routine was pretty boring imo. What if her suitor played the role of Raibaru – always there stalking her, running towards distractions etc. This would make her more special imo.
    ~ What if The rainbow students would follow the 8th rival everywhere she goes because they’re friends.
    ~ The simps could be running towards the 9th rival when she goes to check her note in her locker for example instead of slowly walking.
    ~ The 10th rival suspects Ryoba of murder – what if she was acting just like a student council? Always avoiding Ryoba and perhaps even having a pepper spray (unless she befriened Ryoba)? Also, the steulths around her could run up to Sonoko (when she checks a note for examplel) instead of casually walking towards her!

    QUESTION: Who does the bullying in the 1980’s?

  27. Hi! In the 202X mode, on the calendar screen if you press F (same button that shows stats in 1989 mode) you actually see the stats for the 202X mode. Also, in 202X, since you’ve changed the placement of the screwdriver from the Science Club to the Workshop, please change it in the schemes as well. Certain schemes requiring a screwdriver, tell the player to go to the Science Club.

  28. Hi Yandere Dev! I’m new to the game and I’m playing the 11/2 build, 1980 mode. When attending class and allocating study point to study subjects up to filling the box, I’ve noticed this does not increase my stats, even though it should. I’m almost level 3 in chemistry, but stats still show level 1.

  29. hey yanderedev i have a bug:in the 80s mod when you go to girls shower and undress you’ll see that her face is normal but when you giggle her face will become angry

  30. hey ihave a bug:in the 80s mode when you go to girls shower and undress you’ll see that ryoba’s face is normal but when you make a giggle her face will become angry

  31. hey Yandere Dev ! I found a weird thing when i enter the Alphabet Challange. I notice that I can’t Activate the cloaking device eventhough it still there and in the 1980’s mode, the phone jammer can not activated when a student calls the police using a cell phone in the Faculty room

  32. (talking about 1980’s mode) I don’t know if this happened just to me but today, after the conversation between my rival and senpai, they started turning around themselves. I tried to make them move but it was like if they were stuck there

    • I’ve never seen this bug before. To begin investigating the bug, I’d need to know absolutely every detail about the situation (what day it was, what rival it was, etc).

      • it was Tuesday and the rival was Moeko. The day started normally and I noticed the bug immediately, after the conversation of the book. I noticed that another character of the game was walking but not moving too but I don’t remember well which character was.

  33. I have a suggestion for the game, it’s kinda easy to implement:
    The point is that in one of the tapes of the Headmaster he said that after all that happend in 1980s mode almost anybody wanted to go to Akademi because everybody started to see it as a dangerous place, so he tryed to make some changes to the school rules to make students feel more confortable with the idea of studying in Akademi, between those changes was allowing students to have free acces to the school rooftop, so this means that in Ryoba’s time period students couldn’t go the rooftop whenever they wanted, but this doesn’t happen this way. I think there should be a schedule for the rooftop in 1980s mode to make things a bit more cannon, I think the only moment when students should be able to go to the rooftop must be at cleaning time ’cause thay are cleaning the school, so if you want to push a girl from the rooftop you would have to do it at cleaning time, but you’d also have to deal with the obstacule that others students would be cleaning erasers and others would be near the encinerator…
    I really want to know your opinnion about this, and sorry for the bad english.

  34. Found a bug! If you commit a murder and a teacher’s pet finds the corpse to tell a teacher, the teacher will run, do the animation, and grab her phone to call the police. But, the only thing shocking is the fact that it’s 1980s mode.

  35. hi, I found a bug in the alphabet killer challenge. when Ajia goes to give Akane food, both of them glitch and won’t move unless you use a stink bomb, and the same thing happens with the other person giving food in the same hallway. Also, I don’t know if it was just a one time thing, but when I got to Horuda, the game glitched and it wouldn’t let me kill her with any weapon, and she didn’t even react when i pulled out weapons- it made me lose the challenge 😦 i’ve yet to get back to that point cause i’ve been busy, but when i do i’ll see if it happens again.
    on another note, i love the 1980’s mode! it’s very polished and i LOVE ryoba. great work yandere dev 🙂

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