September 1st Bug-Fixing Build

Yep! Just as I predicted, there were still some bugs lingering in the demo. Here’s a bug-fixing build that should fix most of them, although I’ll likely have to release another build within 24 hours just to finish mopping up the last remaining bugs.

To see a list of everything that I fixed in the latest build, please scroll down past this amazing illustration by Beedrops!

Click here for the full resolution version!

A lot of people were reporting this weird bug:

It should now be fixed in the latest build! Sorry about that!


  • While spying on Osana and Musume’s Friday morning conversation, Yandere-chan will now automatically record the conversation as long as she is in the “Spying” state, without the player having to manually press a button to make it happen.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from unlocking the outside-of-school stealth mission if the player left school by letting the clock reach 6:00 PM instead of leaving school manually via the pink glowing portal.
  • Osana will now commit suicide upon her reputation reaching -150, instead of -200. (By the way, if she has already stopped attending school, any future changes to her reputation won’t make any difference.)
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from unlocking the outside-of-school stealth mission if the player spoke to Osana about her problem without purchasing the Befriend/Betray Scheme from Info-chan.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “Thanks For Playing” environment from using the graphical settings that the player had set in the Settings menu.
  • Fixed bug that would make Osana return to being a normal student if she was brought to school as a mind-broken slave.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Info-chan to react to the Befriend elimination method as though Osana had been killed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the screen to get really blurry when talking to a student at very close proximity.
  • The Internet interface in Yandere-chan’s home will no longer be super blurry at some screen resolutions.
  • Fixed bug that caused Senpai to hold a smartphone in his hand during Osana’s Monday lunchtime event.
  • Characters will no longer snap out of scripted events after noticing dropped weapons on the ground.
  • The heart cursor on the title screen’s Settings menu should now be much more easily visible.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “debug” cheat from properly activating debug commands.
  • Fixed bug that could result in the confession cutscene playing at a high speed.
  • Fixed typo in the “Osana checks out all clubs” event.
  • The camera will now move quicker at the Title Screen.

89 thoughts on “September 1st Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I cant beat the demo with the matchmaking elimination, I get the cutscene with Osana confession to the readhead guy then I get stuck in a black screen :< No matter how many times I close the game and reopen it I cant get pass that :<

  2. I eliminated Osana using the bullying method that led to her committing suicide, but the next morning it played the walking to school cutscene where she talks about her dream. There also wasn’t any cutscene for the death of a student the next day, unless that is supposed to happen.

  3. I already played Yan Sim Demo and i like it, but have one problem. When you start the day the characters when they finished changing their shoes end up catching a cake of people, and Musume Ronshaku bugged in the bench where the boys from Sports Club are having lunch, i’ve watched gameplays too e and i can confirm this bug. Btw, i like the Befriend/Betray method and the matchmaking too, and i managed to discount some of my frustration killing Osana, AHAHAHAHAHHA.

  4. Thanks for fixing those bugs. Also once there is a crowd funding you will see me send my support to it, I really like the way the demo feels and know that the final product will be even better.

  5. Hello there! 😄 I am glad that you are fixing bugs! Also, I think Trello may be helpful while we are in the game’s current stage to fix bugs. Something like a bug-hunting checklist, with each new bug and exploit found, the checklist will have more items. I consider it super efficent and effective for the game in order for the crowdfunding campaign to raise enough money for the game and find it as a game that has potential, not a rushed and buggy mess. And remember, I am always by your side, because I CARE! I hope you read this!

  6. hi yandev 😌 um i noticed how easy it would be to eliminate osana through gossiping. it could be lowered to -200 by 8AM. i just think that its a bit too simple to drive someone to kill themselves after one morning, so I was thinking a set amount of gossiping should be able to be done perday? idk that’s just what I think

  7. Guys, no one has such a problem that instead of Senpai there is only a blue silhouette and his hair, eyes, phone and book are flying through the air? : D

    this happens to other students too, but they load normally afterwards, but senpai doesn’t …

    in cut-scenes with a Osana, except for a declaration of love, and she also has only a pink silhouette, hair and eyes flying in the air

    This is all very funny, of course, but Sempai was like that even when Osana confessed her love for him. his blue silhouette without hair blocked Osana’s face and did not let me see her emotions)

  8. I’m enjoying the demo so far. Did the matchmaking method. Though, I think I found a bug. On Tuesday & Wednesday when I got Osana & her suitor by them fountain, her suitor was right by raiberu instead of in front of Osana right when I was about to tell what them suitor say to her. Think it was a bug or a glitch?

  9. iam SO HAPPY that kub scouts was playing this. When i found out he posted a video on this game. I WAS SCREAMING “YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” Even though i cant play this game.

  10. I saw someone easily use an axe on Osana while she was at her desk then drag her away while Raibaru was awake sitting right next to her. I feel like she should notice that. They were complaining that it’s still too easy to eliminate Osana. Also I love the whole rescue the cat mission but I definitely feel like the stalker should try to chase Ayano While she Attempts to escape or something if he catches you.

  11. Hi yandere dev,when you go to the stalker house can you make him more aggresive,for example when he notice you get the cat he would likely would fight you instead of just rambling and staying in one place,and the fighting should be very stealthy cause if the people outside hear so much noise they would likely go investigate so you can make a distraction on his computer and play the music of pretty miyuki so that they will think he just playing or watching.When you done fighting with the stalker you would tie him up and sneakily go out of his room.
    Secondly can you make the parents not disappear after you go out of his room like it need to be more challenging when going out of the house,for example the sister should be going down cause there gonna have dinner and the mom would give her son food outside of his room and the father is still fixing the tv,you need to be more quite in getting out and make distractions to them.So you can successfully go out.
    I was really hype going to the stalker house and it was so easy and I want it to be more challenging but the stealth mechanics was good and the song was dope.I just want to make suggestions and I know is just a demo and i hope in the final game it will be more challenging.Congratulations on releasing on osana!

  12. just an observation. its kinda weird that whenever osana and ayano talk about problems raibaru just listens instead of adding inputs or comments. aren’t they bestfriends? she should react even for a bit even tho she already knew. like thanking ayano for helping osana for finding the cat charm or telling osana in front of ayano she should be the one who helps her instead of relying on a stranger. also with the stalker’s sis, it also sounds like she’s talking to herself in the phone call because she aint saying things like “yes! that!! uhuh, yeah!” or something similar. i’m a girl and i know girls talks are full of reactions even when ur not even finished talking. you might know already, but in just saying. It’s just one of the things that bugged me the most other than the actual game bugs. i dont agree on people saying raibaru is like osana’s dog or stalker because some girls just like to do things together every time even in the bathroom. but they tend to lock each other arm to arm rather than one of them walks behind. so i kinda understand where people are coming from when they think raibaru is like a stalker.

  13. Wow, I didn’t even know there were that many bugs, I just looked at the one with info-chan saying that osana was killed when she was just befriended, I knew immediately that it was a bug and it was going to be fixed soon, and it was sooner than I thought since I just ended that method right now lol

  14. Hello yanderedev, so a bug is happening to me, I don’t know if it’s my computer or if it’s the game! but when I change clothes (any towel, swimsuit, gym clothes) simply yandere chan is totally distorted! it happened to a friend of mine too and her computer is very good and runs very heavy games, this is very annoying because when we kill someone and we need to change clothes it is almost impossible to play my tactic and put on their bathing suits (unless distorted) and after killing I put the towel on (which is almost impossible to move because I don’t see anything!) and then I wear the uniform that goes back to normal

  15. why aren’t we able to use the debug commands after we’ve beat the demo on a different save file other than the one we used to finish the demo because what’s the point of using the commands on an already beat game..? the game should remember we’ve finished the demo forever and work if we erase any save files.

  16. Hey YandereDev! I’ve got some questions about the demo.
    1.Will the game be updated regularly like the debug builds?
    2.Will the game be updated with the new rival when she is complete?
    3.Will we have to wait till the game is finished?
    4.Or will it be under different conditions?
    Sorry if this question has already been asked.

  17. Does anyone know if YandereDev is ever planning on implementing the ‘trip’ function ever again, it would be a fun addition back into the game but of course I don’t want to nag or even imply that YandereDev is and hasn’t been working really hard on the game?

  18. Minor spoilers

    I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or not, but for some reason, it’s not letting me record the conversation between Osana and Musume, even though I’m in the spying state.

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