November 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

Whoops! The previous build had some embarrassing bugs in it. I’ve released a new build where those bugs are fixed!

To read a list of everything that has been fixed in the latest build, please scroll down past this adorable Yandere-chan cosplay by Annabunny!


  • Fixed bug that could result in a corpse being marked as a “sacrifice” even if the player hadn’t activated the ritual knife’s paranormal properties.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Miyuji’s character model from displaying properly if she was kidnapped and put into Yandere-chan’s basement.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Akane to get stuck on the Martial Arts’ door if the Martial Arts Club closed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to soft-lock if the player attempted to use the Miyuki easter egg.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from giving a weapon to Horuda Puresu if she was mind-broken.
  • Fixed bug that prevented armbands and club accessories from appearing in some student portraits.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to activate certain easter eggs while in Mission Mode.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to soft-lock if the player tried to use Pose Mode.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to drop items and weapons into the school pool.
  • Fixed bug that would make the camera bump into Miyuki’s Love-Love Beam.

Hey, didn’t you say you were making a video, or something?

The past few days have been rough and unusual, so I wasn’t able to work on the video as much as I wanted to. Now my schedule has cleared up, so I’m going to get straight to work on it! I hope it’ll be ready for you within 48 hours, but please forgive me if it takes a little longer than that!

67 thoughts on “November 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I think you can add some features like this:
    1. Add difficulty, so you can try the hard way or easy way.
    2. If you can still change the persona, so just ask what type of persona do you want in the new game. That will be the fast way to change persona.
    3. Add a few minigames like: Find things in the whole school, kill many students before times,…
    I hope you will do one of these.
    Sorry for my bad English.
    Your fan,

  2. What Is soft-lock taht means the screen to Freeze because when i wanted to become Miyuki the screen Freeze and i was crying

  3. Looking forward to the next video!
    I’ve been re-watching some of the older ones lately and the games really come a long way since then!
    Keep up the good work YanDev!

  4. I’m always looking forward to a new update! I love seeing all the progress being made! Keep doing what you’re doing, Dev! Can’t wait for the new video!
    P.S. I am LOVING the Miyuki easter egg! I find it fascinating how much detail you’ve put into world-building for this game. I love getting to learn more about the characters in the game, even though these types of things aren’t really part of the actual gameplay. Things like the Headmaster’s tapes, the mystery of Miyuji’s sudden transformation, Kaga’s Midori clones… These types of things are very interesting to me, and I hope we continue to learn more about the world of Yandere Simulator (and perhaps solve some of these mysteries).
    By the way, I wanted to ask you a question. One of the items on your list of things that need to be accomplished before Osana can be implemented is the Mysterious Obstacle. Will the Mysterious Obstacle be in the game as a properly functioning student before Osana is implemented, or will they both be added to the game at the same time?
    Thank you for reading my comment!

    • I think that they will come together, because it’s kind of pointless to add her now because she would be just a normal student without a routine or anything

    • So you’re happy that he wasted so much time working on pointless things instead of working on things that are actually important? ..Ok

      • Wasted? Those little things improve the game SO MUCH without them the game would be super dull everyone’s already done everything that can be done so far so for all this secret lore and easter eggs that we can find/use is amazing and improve the quality doing stuff like this is just as important as stuff like the mysterious obstacle and osana. people like you need to learn to be grateful yandere-dev puts so much attention to detail.

      • No, he’s not working on pointless things, everything is important. But i’m telling that she will act as a normal student if she came before Osana, so it’s pointless to add her before Osana (YandereDev can still work on her but not release her)

      • Shut your bubblegum dumb dumb looking a$$ the heck up. YanDev is doing his best to at least work on his game. If you aren’t happy with it, why the freak are you still here then?

  5. YandereDev! YandereDev! There’s a bug that was bothering me so much and for a long time!!:
    When i trie to make sure of something (and that involves kill a bunch of people) i usually disable de Sanity Animations to make something with the old version of anims. However, the old base animations only work once, and then, the turtle bugs too. The turtle bug is that when you disable the sanity animations, and kill someone, the first kill is with the olds anims, but the second return to the sanity anims, ang you go to the turtle to disable them. So when you go to it, it says ‘Enable anims’ instead of ‘Disable anims’ and you need to select that two times or three to disable them. But if you disable them while using the Cyborg Easter the old anims goes well. So in summary, when you disable the animations in normal mode, only work in the first kill, and in the second kill they turn back to normal and with Cyborg easter egg, the turtle works well. I hope to not bothering you

  6. Even though it says that soft locking when the Miyuki easter egg is active was fixed, the game still blacks out and then freezes when i try it.

  7. wow. I just looked back on some videos and builds, and yandere sim has gone a long ways! thank you, and I mean THANK YOU for doing all this work. this is my fav game ever

    • 4 Years = New School, 7 new mechanics, 80 students that walk around like everyone Else, wow S O M U C H W O R K

      • You seem very disgruntled about the rate of progress on this game. May I ask, why are you still here, following the development of the game?
        Please don’t take this the wrong way, I am not trying to be rude. I am just curious, what has kept you interested in the game despite how long it’s taking?

  8. alright this might seem like a disturbing comment but you said your “next” responsibility after a bunch of updates ago was osana. whats up with her o.o

  9. What if, if you had suspension from the guidance counselor, the player could be given the option of somewhat “snapping”? The player could sneak to school, but could not be caught by absolutely ANYONE. Normal students would have you lose reputation while student council members and faculty would have you expelled.

    Also I activated the Miyuki easter egg and my screen blacked out. I had to shut down the game, etc.

    • I think this could be a really cool idea! It would add a lot to the stealth aspect of the game. This is definitely something I can picture being part of the final game.

  10. Yandere Dev, Yandere Dev! Could you add a Phone Addict Persona to the mirror in the bathroom cause it would be cool if you join the gaming club with a phone addict persona like the rest of them, it should be easy because you’ve already added the persona and persona changing mirror right?-Midori Gurin

  11. Yay!!! Only 48 hours (more or less) for the NEW videooo!!!!
    Sorry, sorry…I was too exited…
    But, talking about the developement, you said that after the LMC and the Student Counselor you’ll implement the 5 clubless students (one of them is Osana’s Obstacle)..After them, what will you add next???

  12. OMG! Thanks a lot for posting my cosplay I appreciate so much 💜💜 waiting for the video and playing this update tomorrow 😁!

  13. I remembered that Yandere Dev once said student council members will send you to the guidance counselor like teachers, i checked out if he did that yet but student councils just gossip about you

  14. Hi Yandere dev, i have so good idea of clubs joining

    Her tasks to join clubs.For example,
    İn order to join the photography club, we have to take beatiful photos and give them to Fureddo Jonzu.Of he likes, he’s gonna gets us into the club.Or if he doesn’ t like it, or if we give him bloody photos, he’ il reject us.

    To join the science club, our chemistry subject should be good

    To join the cooking club, we must complete the cooking mini-game

    Please read this and say your idea

  15. there is a bug i saw and it is not fixed:when you clean blood in the miyuki easter egg,the mop wont look normally,the broom part bends but miyuki does not move her hands,i mean they dont move like yan chan’s movement when cleaning,its in her normal persona,and when everybody died and the teachers except senpai,the next day you cant go to class.those are the bugs

  16. Yandere Dev cuando vamos a tener un menú para personalizar a ayano.
    Podrías poner ese menú cuando puedas.un saludo jonychiwa14

  17. Yandere Dev when we are going to have a menu to customize to ayano.
    You could put that menu when you can. A greeting jonychiwa14

  18. yandere dev I know this is not important but, the school ground is very big and you have a lot of empty space you could make the walls smaller and one more thing you can put different ways to run ayano is that it does not run like the others. greeting from canary jonychiwa 14

  19. I would like students to react differently to the corpses, if they see a friend they feel bad until they cry and do what their personality says if they are an enemy they feel good but at the same time call the police unless it is bad and if is a lover, they feel dejected and they burst into tears on the corpse, if they are a member of the student council they feel afraid and the school environment goes down a lot and if it is a teacher they feel equally horrified to know that a student could do that to a teacher

    • There’s already something like this in the game. Even though the students may be friends, they’ll only react to what they’re persona is. However if you matchmake 2 characters or they’re siblings, they will fight you. Senpai is different,he’ll actually cry and be visibly sad for the rest of the game if you kill his childhood friend or little sister. He might even reprimand you

  20. While I am aware that performance is a huge issue, still, I thought I could reach a stable 60 FPS through brute force with a 2080 Ti. Seems like I was too naive.

    This has come such a long way now and I’m still looking forward to its finished state. Thank you very much for putting in so much effort into creating this. 🙂

  21. YandereDev will There Be more clubs in the game I’m asking cause The Empty rooms in the game are Just…Empty I mean whats the point of Kuroko Just checking in an Empty room That’s Just Pointless
    Love The game By The way you’re the best don’t let anybody stand in your way

    • To my knowledge, all the clubs that are planned for the game have already been added, so I don’t believe there will be any new ones. I’m not sure what you are referring to when you talk about the empty rooms, since I haven’t gotten to play the game myself, but I am quite certain that none of the rooms will be empty in the final game.

  22. Yandere dev! Yandere dev!
    When did you add rainy weather and rain jackets in the Yandere simulator?
    on youtube, you show the results of the rain test and rain jacket, right?
    or, will the feature be canceled?
    I just want to ask … please don’t mad…

  23. I know that the 1980s Mode hasn’t been added yet, but how can Ryoba (Yandere-chan’s mom) tell which girl has a crush on her Senpai? According to the wiki page of Yandere Simulator, the uniform policy is stricter, which means the students will look more plain. I’m guessing that it means no “crazy hair colors” (my grandma’s words, not mine). I also know that the Phantom Girl (also according to the wiki page) is the girl that has (or had) a crush on Ryoba’s Senpai, but what if Ryoba killed another girl that has the same haircut as alive!Phantom Girl? I know it sound odd for two unrelated (or related) girls to have the same haircuts, but it could be a possibility.

    • She will stalk Ayano’s father and she will be able to determine who is who (but 1980s Mode is supposed to be harder so maybe there won’t be student info because there is no Info-Chan then, and phones. But again, maybe someone else that knows the whole school will help her, we’ll just have to wait and see)

  24. Hey so I have a question.
    Can you credit your artists more in your videos? I’ve noticed that you only credit them on the music videos and stuff like that. I like the artist who draws a lot of the game art, but they never appear in the description.

    In my opinion, you should credit the artist in any video where their art appears. However, my opinion does not dictate what you do with your videos. But still can I get the name of the artist?

  25. uh yandere dev when I enter pose mode and pose the teachers I can’t get out of the posing menu did I do something wrong

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