Yandere-chan’s Childhood

I always try my best to upload a video on the 1st and 15th day of every month. However, I didn’t upload a video on June 1st. The reason is because I was visiting another city at the time…but I still feel guilty if I don’t upload at least two videos per month. So, I’ve got a video for you today!

You’ll probably recall that in my “The Reason Yandere-chan Lacks Emotions” video, I mentioned that I felt worried that I had made a bad decision by making Yandere-chan a character who lacked the ability to feel emotions. I asked the fanbase if they disapproved of this identity. I asked what type of personality they would prefer for her. I asked if it was too late to change her identity. The fanbase’s responses inspired me to add depth to the character; to expand on her early childhood, her early school life, how she would adapt to society, how her parents would feel about raising a child with her condition, how she would feel about herself, and so forth.

In October of last year, an artist named Eisjon began creating tons of Yandere Simulator fan art, much of which I think is absolutely phenomenal! In March of this year, Eisjon created a short video depicting her idea of Yandere-chan’s infancy and early childhood. I thought it was a really charming video, but it wasn’t quite my vision for the character. I asked Eisjon if she would be interested in hearing how I imagined Yandere-chan’s childhood, and if she would like to create the illustrations for an official “Yandere-chan’s Childhood” video. She accepted! Then I wrote a script for the video that Yandere-chan’s voice actress was gracious enough to read for me. After that, I spoke with Irish Trish, an immensely talented musician who has created more than a few tunes for Yandere Simulator. I asked her if she would be interested in scoring the video, and she agreed!

So, what do you get when you combine the work of three very talented women? The below video!

You’ll probably notice that I specifically avoided using the word “emotion” anywhere in the video. Instead of focusing on the concept of an “emotionless girl”, I chose to emphasize the idea that she is “empty”; a person who cannot experience satisfaction, fulfillment, or happiness. She’s not a robot; she can feel pity, she can feel frustration, she can feel dissatisfaction, she can feel disappointment, and most of all, she can feel like something is missing…but she definitely can’t feel the emotional extremes that a normal person can feel.

I think that this video is completely compatible with the Yandere-chan we’ve known for the past 3 years. Please don’t think that the purpose of this video is to over-write the “old” Yandere-chan with a “new” Yandere-chan; this video is simply meant to deepen her and elaborate about her.

I’m very satisfied with how the video turned out, and I hope that you enjoy it!

…Oh, and by the way, there’s a new build today. Click “Continue Reading” for the details!


  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from picking up any item dropped in the vicinity of Kokona and Saki during their rooftop conversation. (Previous bug fix didn’t work – oops!)
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to go distract another student even if they stated that they weren’t going to distract that student.
  • Fixed bug that would cause gardening club members to get stuck on parts of the environment when walking around the gardening club.
  • Adjusted the nurse’s clothing to be more modest and practical. (She looked too much like Muja, the 6th rival.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to crash if the player killed a girl during the “Spooky Mode” easter egg.
  • Fixed bug that was causing an invisible force field to exist around the hiding spot on the third floor.
  • Fixed bug that could result in blood pools floating in the air near the edges of stairways.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Yandere-chan’s cooking animation from playing properly.
  • Fixed bug at the title scene that would cause the corpses to not spawn any blood.
  • Restored Ryuto’s bandana in his student portrait.
  • Fixed an error in Inkyu Basu’s profile.

189 thoughts on “Yandere-chan’s Childhood

    • Then find something more family friendly. You’re on the wrong part of the internet for such content. Obvious a game about murder has unecessary violence.

      • Killing the cat WAS necessary, it was a prime example of how she didn’t feel guilt/sorrow over the creature, and the fact she was desperate to feel something. She was young at that time and had no reason to kill a human being, it would cause far too much trouble compared to a stray cat. Most people feel guilty for stepping on a cat’s paw/tail, killing one is out of the question for them! I don’t like the fact she killed a cat, makes me think of my own babies when I saw it. However that’s what this game is, it’s a yandere simulator filled with blood and horrible ways to kill/torture someone.

      • Edgy.. Diffrence, dumbass? No I don’t want the game softened because some folks complains again that a game about stalking and murder is not about love and hugs.

        Really? Play something else when you can’t handle it.

      • no worries about the people commenting on killing the cat only being for an “edgy” factor, cat; nowadays, according to most people, everything that handles a strong concept, or even just a morbid joke, is someone trying to be “edgy.” it’s frustrating, but it’s just how people are.

    • Cat relax. She was just giving her opinion. If you think Yandere-chan’s backstory is fine like this that’s your opinion. We’re all entitled to our own opinions so let’s just be nice here. I doubt Yandere Dev is going to “soften” her backstory if most of the people following the game’s development likes it like this.

      Personally I think her backstory is fine though I do agree with Kinnerly that killing the kitty was probabynot necessary. (but that is due to the fact I have two cats and the kitten looks like my own kitten)

      • Nice as one can be, for somebody who hasn’t understood the game description. Keeping my opinion and moving on. Only typical drama queen fanbase is commenting after here anyway.

      • I feel like the part where she killed the cat was not completely necessary to show that she is empty, but rather helped a lot, it didn’t have to be a cat, it could have been any animal, however the fact that it was a cat – a animal that many people love – shows that she feels empty. Murdering an animal was a great way to express this

      • True however to murder a cat seemed too random for my taste. How often do you see a random kitten? Maybe making a bully cry or something would have a better statement. Feeling no guilt or enjoyment over violence and being able to see the desired effect it could have on other people. This is just my opinion anyways, what do you think?

    • It shows how truly emotionless she is. Dude, who could kill a cat and not feel guilty at all? It was necessary. That may be edgy, but this game itself is edgy. Only looks cute at first bc “Hurr durr anime schoolgrills!!!”

    • RIP the cat (crying inside) but I think everything has taken on such a deep meaning. Twisted, cruel, and taking a dark turn where there might’ve been some kind of light-hearted hope…absolutely perfect in my opinion.

    • Actually, I think it was completely necessary. Her personality fits that of a sociopath. One of the later tells of both sociopathy and psychopathy is torturing or killing small animals, before graduating to killing other humans. From a halfway-‘realistic’ standpoint concerning personality development, it makes perfect sense. Also, Japan has had problems with stray cats–and I’m not talking about their ‘cat island’, either. Cats would be readily available, and wouldn’t necessarily be missed. Given the location and what can be deduced about Yandere-chan’s personality issues, it’s logical that it would happen similarly to that.

      Let it also be know that I myself love cats, and that part was difficult to watch. However, within the context of the game, I would not change it.

    • Has a lot of persons said. Killing the kitty was necessary to explain more Yan-Chan, due that she actually wanted to feel something, all her life was empty and she was desesperating, she was thinking about every way too feel at least a bit, with things that use to be strong emotions to normal people. So, she killed an animal, most people can’t do this or will broke in tears if did, but Yan was empty and desesperate, so, she tried, but she couldn’t feel a thing after all.

    • The Cat killing WAS necessary, for Yan-chan to find out if she’d care if she killed a living being.
      If you think it’s unnecessary then, you’ve gotten yourself in a place, which isn’t for you.

  1. Love it! Honestly, it’s pretty similar to how I imagined her backstory actually.

    I like the dark feel, and the more serious tone. I also liked the description of her parents’ behavior, especially the dad. Knowing what we know of their backstory, it was very meaningful.

    Also, congratulations on being the second game ever that involved murdering kittens and is still good enough for me to play. Believe me when I say that is a serious compliment.

  2. I’ll be honest here, my life is almost/was almost exactly like yandere chan’s. While I still don’t really feel anything other than frustration, anger, default basic emotions, I’m empty inside. I even killed one if my cats like yandere chan (not in the same way). I once met a girl in middle school and my life became so bright, meaningful, and complete. I couldn’t stand not being around her. However, she left school and I never saw her since. I have no urge to kill anyone or anything, and I do have enough sense to not do it if someone is watching/getting at risk of getting caught. I just want to know if this actually is a condition and if anyone here has experienced it. I have seen 5 therapists in my lifetime yet none were able to help. It’s interesting to know that there are other possible people like me.

    • Um…I promise I’m taking this seriously, okay? Please don’t kill cats. They are the perfect children.

      I suppose you could say I have something like that. I act a lot around others, and cannot remember a time when I felt truly happy or elated. Also, I get angry instead of sad in most cases, and honestly would /not care/ if some of my brothers were to die. I wouldn’t bat an eye. Your condition seems really extreme, though. I’ve heard of Anhedonia, which is /basically/ the inability to feel pleasure doing things ordinary people enjoy, and is virtually incurable unless it is diagnosed as a symptom of (let’s say) depression. I don’t believe that’s the case, though. As for me, I’ve never seen a therapist because I hide my inside self with my life, and put on a front to look normal. I literally constructed my own personality out of pieces people I met lent to me. I don’t know how to help, but I’m present (maybe with a slightly less serious case, but whatever. Misery loves company). The only thing I find interesting is other people’s lives, whether they are made up or not. Like…reading. Video games in RPG format. Whenever I try something, I decide whether I like it or not, even though I should already know (?). Do you do this too?

      • I kind of do. I like to learn new things and take risks. And I am being serious. I did some ‘self-flection’/personal research and found that I love the way blood looks and how people react to horrible things(I feel energized by their reaction and only some can give that feeling of energy). It sounds weird, I know. But death, gore, tradgedy, stress, etc., do not affect me at all. Nothing about is sexual to me, it just entertains me at the most. Thanks for replying and I’m going to look up that medical condition you metioned in your post. Do you feel this way as well?

      • Yes, well…maybe? Whenever I see blood I shiver, and it’s like…a really deep, heart-wrenching shiver. I don’t feel faint, it just catches me off guard and I don’t know what to do about it. I can’t really label it as joy, per say. It’s simply a weird thing that happens whenever someone is injured and until you said something I didn’t consider the two emotional discrepancies to be linked in any way.

      • That is where you are wrong. I’d probably put them is the hospital hopefully paralyzed for life. XD
        If a human is weak that’s their problem due to the fact that we have the tools and knowledge to defend ourselves. But animals don’t.

      • 19michelle……Sorry, but what you said is just…dumb. Have you ever seen the fangs and claws of an animal? Those are theirs weapons. Saying that animals cant defend themselves is just ignorant. And ‘a human being weak is their own problem since we have the tools and knowledge to defend ourelves’. Ok then, where is my gun? and my knife? Because I walk with them all the freaking time, of course. And of course I will be able to defend myself from an murderer or a wild animal with the power of knowledge. If yu havent notice animals have more natural tools to kill than humans, if you compare we only got brain and that’s it.

      • What the hell is wrong with you? A Dog getting beaten up in real life?! You’re sick. Dogs are better than humans. Humans are selfish. Cruel. Have you seen those dumb dog abuse videos on facebook? Dogs are loyal and trustworthy. They are good. Humans are horrible. You think people wouldn’t do anything? If you were a dog getting beaten up in real life, I would help you. As a human, you can just continue getting beaten up.

  3. i didn’t expect so many people to get mad about the cat thing agian.
    it’s obviously not for ‘shock value’, i think it fits.
    i see people say ‘why not a squirrel’ or some other smaller animal, like thats perfectly okay compared to killing a cat?
    some people need to start using their brain.

    • you can’t really expect everyone to be fine with a cat-killing scene, pets are awfully fragile and are like lower-life forms compared to us xd

      • Sorry , but humans life is is fragile too.
        I could use a knife and murder you If you didn´t have weapons
        A cat could scratch me if I intend to throw it or maybe run away or MAYBEE BE FRAGILE LIKE ALL LIVING THINGS.

        PLS dont think like : Cats > humans
        cats = humans or… why not : humans > cats
        Finally , dont forget: this is a game

    • Guys……its not real.
      Did y’all miss the fact where it was a drawing?
      And if it does become implemented in the game that the cat is digital.
      That cat felt nothing, literally its just pixels on your screen.

      I understand if the animal, in real life, was harmed.
      But its not, its just straight up pixels on your screen.
      Its only purpose was to implanted into the coding and disappear when the act was created.
      If reading this still doesn’t make you feel better about the whole cat thing, then listen to this….

      the cat lives forever

  4. I think yan-chan is can feel ‘love’. But she never able to feel happy. So even if she loved her dad, She couldn’t be happy. And after he left, she lacks all emotions.

    Sorry for bad english

  5. I thought everything stated in the video is brilliant, every time I see you post a video Yandere – Dev, I’m like ‘ This is gonna be good ‘. I don’t see why people are saying killing the cat wasn’t need. Because Yandere-chan had no need to kill people then, so I thought the cat part fitted perfectly. I don’t see why people are talking trash about this ART! Putting Yandere – Dev down wont make the development go faster, it will slow it down!

  6. Just gonna leave this here, so people know it has a well-established precedent. tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BadPeopleAbuseAnimals

  7. These fucking people whining about a cat being killed but didnt realized at all that the whole structure in wich the character is constructed is about not caring for life, human or animal, at all. Fucking annoy me as fuck, in wich point didnt you guys realized that this is suposed to be a fucking dark story game in wich you murder innocent people in some of the most brutal ways possible YOU DENSE MOTHERFUCKERS.

  8. I like it but I do have a slight criticism.

    If the goal is more “empty girl” that lacks enjoyment in life and not so much “emotionless girl” then the backstory needs a little more emphasis on the fact she feels emotion but still feels no fulfilment.

    Overall I loved the video. I’m just saying from my perspective it didn’t feel like the intention was transmitted properly.

    The video’s dialogue felt more “Emotionless” than “empty”. So IMO it needs a bit of adjustment to emphasize the fact she is – A girl who could experience emotions, but was unable to experience satisfaction, fulfillment, or happiness…until she met Senpai.

  9. id like to offer a point of view to both the people complaining about the cat bit and also to the people complaining about the people complaining abt the cat bit: yes, its upseting to see a kitten and then have watch as yanchan kills it, even if its a fictional cat in a fictional game. it was upsetting to me too. HOWEVER, its a crucial piece of information tht really fleshes out yanchan. it demonstrates how desperate she is to feel emotions, and shows that even the act of killing the cat couldnt trigger anything for her. also, @ ppl saying human lives>cat lives. yes. that is true. they know it’s true. but it can feel different. i think part of the dilemma is its hard for people to see innocent animals be hurt. im not saying the people who die in game arent innocent, but every human in the game is potentially a threat. unlike a npc human, a cat cant call the cops, nor can it restrain you, be a witness, gossip abt you, sabotage you, hunt you down, or confess its undying love to senpai. all in all, the cat cant cause a game over. when burying a body, you could potentially put the cat corpse above a human corpse as a red herring for anyone who decides to find out why theres a grave sized pile of dirt on campus, but other than that, the cat has no purpose to be offed. can you see the other perspectives?

  10. Ok for everyone complaining about Yandere-chan killing a kitten and everyone complaining about the people against the kitten killing: you all need to CALM DOWN!!
    Look for those complaining about the kitten – I get it ok? I’m not thrilled seeing a little kitten getting killed but that is how Yandere-chan is as a person. She is empty. She can’t feel anything and since she had no reason to kill a person, she hurts animals instead. Remember there are people out there who actually do hurt animals, it sucks but it happens. Also how would killing something smaller like a squirrel be better?? It’s still an animal dying people! The story is dark and it will probably cover issues that will make people uncomfortable. Seriously Kokona’s talk with Saki makes it sound like her dad’s molesting her! You all just need to keep an open mind when it comes to these kinds of things. No animals were harmed in the making of this game ok? Remember that and relax!

    For the people complaining about the people against the kitten killing – you are the ones who need to chill the most! Look clearly I understand the purpose of it. I’m not happy seeing a kitten die but I. Get. It. Calling the people against it names doesn’t make you all look any better. People like animals. People don’t like seeing animals get hurt and that was a kitten. It was an animated kitten but it was still a small kitten and it makes people uncomfortable. But those people do need to get used to issues like that because this is a dark game. If you’re fine with it, great. Just ignore the kitten complaints and enjoy the game.

    People seriously, you all need to remember: none of us are actually working on the game! We can give our opinions and point out bugs in the gameplay but you all need to remember the person who has final say is Yandere Dev and I’m pretty sure all your complaints aren’t helping him! So everyone relax, forget about the kitten and just enjoy the game and video.

    Sorry for the super long comment but the complaints on both sides of this kitten issue is bugging me!

  11. That was an emotional ride… first i pitied her, then i just felt really bad. Than i thought it was cute. Then came the kitty… and i felt bad. Then it was like really, really cute and happy and then bam! Creppy. But that is amazing. And if the game manages to convey this change of feelings, not just the creppy part it is capaple of being one of the best in my opinion

  12. Damn this was well done. When the game releases and (probably) gets on Steam, I hope this video ends up on the trailer list

  13. I like the video but there are some things that are…confusing. One of them is being the concept that Ayano knew some of the students before she went to high school. We were all led to believe that she knew no one but now we ind out that she knows a select few, one of them is Midori. Now the death of the kitten is a bit much but the thing is I’m not so much worried about the death of a cat more so the message portrayed. YandereDev stated that Ayano should be a blank slate for the player to choose whether to do the right thing or not. Yet we see that Ayano is more then willing to do something horrible right off the bat. For a girl trying to be normal she is comfortable doing something like killing a kitten, even if it was to feel it still seemed as if the “blank slate” was not so blank after all.

    Now I love the video, I have nothing but respect for the game, the video, and the man who makes it. But it feels like there was something that has been missing in this whole picture that not many people think about. That is of course is the reason for Ayano to go about her business in aggressive or passive way. Now we have info-chan who, let’s face it, the clear picture of a bad person. Someone who can pull Ayano along to do what she says in exchange for embarrassing secrets (panty shots.) This is a clear reason why Ayano would stoop so low to do these things and it is to be expected of info-chan’s character, but that’s just the thing. Ayano already has the reason to do things in a horrible way specifically because of info-chan. But what would cause her to try the other side of the spectrum? To help rather then kill? Right now it’s up to the player to decide but that itself would not be a reason for Ayano to do something differently.

    I know she is a monster, a cold unfeeling creature who has no qualm in ending the life of another, but even still she knows she must act normal in front of others right? A normal high school girl who has nothing wrong with her and has hobbies, needs, desires, and maybe a friend who she could use to show everyone that she’s normal. Personally I think using Midori would be good. She’s an idiot and absent-minded so she wouldn’t look too much into Ayano’s behavior and she’s literally the total opposite of info-chan. Someone that represents of what a stereotype air head high school is supposed to be and can tell Ayano how to act so as to actually win senpai over cause killing the competition won’t mean anything if she can’t make a move right? That and the fact that at this point, she’s pretty much one of the mascot’s for the game. Let’s face it, we’re never going to get rid of Midori EVER. Might as well put her to good use right? What do you all think? First response get’s a cookie.

    • I think you’re right! Midori is an air head, and she LOVES sending suggestions to Yandere Dev, so why wouldn’t she give suggestions to Yandere-chan? Like the matchmaking or offhandedly saying something about an expulsion. Also, it would make sense if she’s on the roof top if she’s waiting for Yandere-chan to come to school and from up there she can clearly see if Yandere-chan has arrived! She would be an alternative to Info-chan! A no kill route!

      • Yeah! Also maybe for some elimination methods Yandere Chan would have to go to Midori. Example: Making two people fall in love –
        Midori would be taking about how Riku has massive crush on Kokona, and how she would love if they became a couple. And that would give Yandere Chan an idea of how to get rid of a rival, which she couldn’t have come up with, if it wasnt for Midori!

        Bassicaly Midori is a air head and loves gossiping, maybe, but she has a innocent mind So it would give perfect elimination methods for people who dont want to kill their rivals!

        Sorry for my bad English, its not my first langauge.

        P.S. About the cat thing, I LOVE cats. But personally, it DID make me uncomfortable, but at the same time, I didnt really care all that much. Because it’s a digital cat. Same as with you, I have nothing but respect for the game.

    • idk if im wrong but i think the appearance of the other characters were just easter eggs… i dont think they added midori and kuu dere to imply that they were “childhood friends” but because it was the artist’s decision… or at least that what i think happened. I guess we wont know until the game is released

    • I hated the death of the cat because I am obsessed with cats and I love mine and now I do not sleep unless I know she is in my room safe or in bed with me… that poor kitten! otherwise, I did like the backstory.

  14. Why the cat tho? Not like I was sad, I didn’t get any emotion from the entire video. The video wasn’t something that could bring real emotions to me, but I feel like it wasn’t necessary. It felt like it was just put there for the edginess of the video. We (I) got it she can’t feel emotions no need to make it… well, edgy.
    Everything else was good tho, so no need to worry about that. And I will probably get a bunch of the fan girls that jerk off to you to hate me because I am saying my opinion.

  15. Honestly i don’t know why so many people are conplaining about the video being “Edgy” (i fucking hate that word by the way) like guys!
    This is a game about MURDER!!What did you expect?

      • When did I say it’s bad? It was a fucking CHEAP way to add to the edginess factor, the thing that fucking bothers me is CHEAP.

      • I wonder how it was cheap and which methods aren’t cheap in comparison. I mean, Yandere-Chan here pretty much will be used to commit quite a few murders in the main game. Kitten killing fits since it can be seen as a predecessor to murdering humans. I can’t imagine anything that would show her desperation that well, as well as it explains how she is not caring about murdering classmates.

    • No. You are just running away because you know you lost the war. And I will wait for some other idiot to respond so I can beat him up too, until the part of the community that will be willing to eat shit that yanderedev pooped understand that he is not perfect as well.

      • atrupb,M8 this is not a war!You’re conplaining about something you didn’t like.Do you really consider that a WAR?!Also i already know that YandereDev is not perfect because he’s a fucking human being!Also you’re gonna sit here and wait for another person to respond to you?My god you’re pathetic.

      • atrupb,All you did was complain about a part of the video you didn’t like…Are you that pathetic of a human being that you get a fucking power trip over your opinion?

      • Wow. I agree with ultrachespin11. You are pretty pathetic if you’re getting such a massive power trip and feeling of superiority from just feeling that your opinion is better than someone else’s. I mean seriously, you’re calling a debate of opinions a WAR? You sound absolutely ridiculous.

      • Well I mean it was really a flame fight, if I could edit these posts I would but I can’t so shut up on that, also I am responding 2 days later or something I don’t fucking now because I didn’t want to deal with this until I felt like it… well I don’t really need to say anything else this was the only point you put up for me to expose, and I can’t really. My best thing is I apologize, if I could I would’ve edited it, but I can’t see the option, so yea, I meant fight. I didn’t think you will go on me crazy for saying “war”. Anyways bye

  16. This whole “emotion vs. feelings” thing reminds me of The Giver and how all the people felt only temporary “feelings” but never true, lasting emotions (like love). I think Ayano can lack emotion and still have feelings (which is kind of the vibe I was getting from the video).

    Also, it is very common for murdering psychopaths to have killed small animals in their childhood. It’s an obvious first step and blaring red flag.

  17. Honestly, this is so beautiful and sums up all you need to know about why Yandere-chan does what Yandere-chan does. It’s perfect for the opening of the game.

  18. Why is everyone fighting about if it’s okay to kill a game kitty? These are the same people who are okay with a girl getting sucked into her fan by her pigtails, seeing a girl committing suicide after killing her friend, kidnapping a girl and taping her so you can send it to her father, but you’re not okay with her killing a cat? This is an amazing set up for Yan Chan….we see how truly horrible it must have been for her to grow up without emotions and why she is so attached to Senpai. I can’t wait to here why Senpai has this affect on all these girls!

  19. God damn, everybody stop talking about the cat! I saw comments like “this is animal abuse” and let me tell ya, Is killing people better? Is it all real? the answer is no! If you don’t like something dark like killing (human or animal) then you should probably leave the fandom!

  20. Im just saying here that i have bday on 1st of August and ill be happy if the update will be finally in this day not in any 2nd, 3rd or somthing, even if it will be a simple bug-fixing one.

  21. here’s me checking the comment section for the first time and be like

    “How’s one person’s opinion better than the other one’s?”

    like seriously. one side goes “Cat killing! Animal abuser!!” and the other side goes “How is cat killing any worse than human killing?!” and the neutral side that says “It’s just a fucking game!!”

    i’m gonna stay in the side that says “All of us are entitled to our own opinions.”

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  23. Guys…. YANDERE CHAN DID NOT KILL THE CAT! She threw the cat on the floor, but obvi the cat didnt die bcs u know ITS A CAT and it got on its legs, and it was super u know like mad idk, bcs like Yandere chan threw her ont he floor and she was like “Oh no bitch not today” And she got on top of yan cchan and started strached the shit out of yan can, and then she flipped her hair like the boss she is and ran away, And yan chan just stood there defated blood coming out of her bcs the cat scratched her so bad, She felt defeated.

    SO pppl that its! Nobody got killed, thats why yan can hates cats and killed her in the other video for the police not to find the body, ayyyyyy lmaooo have a nice dayyy

  24. It is a little to long and dialog heavy. Let the illustrations take over the story telling to give a break in the dialog.Good video yet I prefer my characters with an air of mystery about them Ex; Spike Spiegel, Haruko Haruhara, Jewels (pulp fiction), and every horror film antagonist.

    I think the best horror stories let the viewer/listener fill in the gaps.Giving us to much information can be counter productive for instilling the felling of dread or fear. The best part of a scary movie its the parts when the danger could come from every shadow or around any corner. Hitchcock style baby, less is more.

  25. For me , what Yandere-chan is doing is all about the pure survival instinct that we all have. From what I understand , she knows she CAN’T live without actually feeling anything and because she is unable to feel anything , she can just kill herself easily. But she is chosing to cling onto Senpai to live. This is like killing someone to protect yourself. And it’s tottaly a human thing.That’s why we can’t really say she is in LOVE with Senpai. What Senpai showed her was just a little act of kindness. But the question is , what makes this kindness different from her father’s gifts ? Maybe because her father was trying to help his daughter instead of showing love (?). I also want to go to the beginning of her past , where she is always in hospitals and all that, but what was her first move that actually made her parents terrified ? I think if you can create a scene with THAT MOVE that made her ‘insane’ ( she is emotionless but to doctors she is incurable , but did Yandere-chan knew she was incurable ? Can a little girl grasp those things ? I don’t think so , that’s why i think it’s important to emphasize the first move that ‘ announced’ her insanity.) Yeah again if you can create a scene with that first move and connect it into the ending , that may even get Senpai killed , or good things may happen. I can’t elaborate much I hope you read this comment that I spent approx. 7 minutes 😀

  26. Personally, I would like for Yandre Chan to have a bit of a backstory, but I think it would be best to keep it simple. Maybe just give her an extremely neglectful mother who didn’t take care of her as a child, an emotionally distant workaholic father. You know, a home environment that would lead to emotional numbness as a coping mechanism, such conditions often lead to psychopathy and a range of other mental disorders.

    Maybe Senpai could remind her of the one person who ever showed her any compassion as a child, a gender ambiguous silhouette figure we never actually get to see so that literally any custom Senpai could fit into it.

    This is a way Yandre-chan’s psychotic obsession could be explained and made more relatable, and her origins would probably make a lot of sense to people, without feeling too forced.

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