Let’s Examine Hitman

On July 1st 2015, I released a video titled “Let’s Examine Natsuiro High School“. This was intended to be the first video in a series that would examine numerous games that are comparable to Yandere Simulator, and examine features that could benefit Yandere Simulator. However, I haven’t had the spare time required to make any videos like that. I will probably be limited to one “Let’s Examine” video per year. This year’s video is about the Hitman series!

This video has multiple purposes:

  • The first 2 minutes and 25 seconds of the video list all of the differences between Yandere Simulator and Hitman. This serves as an introduction to Yandere Simulator using Hitman as a reference point…and it’s also kind of my rebuttal to anyone who dismisses Yandere Sim with the words “It’s just anime Hitman!”
  • Some segments of this video are about features that I won’t be stealing from Hitman (disguises, NPC density, coin-throwing) and other segments are about features or mechanics from Hitman that would make total sense within Yandere Simulator (bringing items from home to school, teachers picking up dangerous objects, a way better interface for the game’s inventory).
  • Some segments of this video elaborate on some of my future plans for Yandere Simulator (Challenges, Custom Mode, Random Mode) that I haven’t previously said very much about.
  • Hopefully this video will dispel the notion that Yandere Simulator is meant to be a silly and frivolous game; it’s meant to be a genuine stealth game.

Although I invoke the words “game design” very frequently in this video, this video shouldn’t be interpreted as my personal game design manifesto. One of these days, I’d love to make a video about what makes a game “fun”, or what constitutes “good” game design and what constitutes “bad” game design, or the “right” and “wrong” ways to design a video game…but that video will probably have to wait for a long time.

By the way, although the above video might seem like it’s a 13:10 commercial for the latest Hitman game, it’s not actually a sponsored video.

It’s possible that producing sponsored videos might actually provide me with enough income to hire experienced professionals to produce top-quality assets for Yandere Simulator. I might make a video about this topic sometime soon, but at this point in time, I’ve never produced a sponsored video.

What’s Next?

I’m going to add a new feature to Yandere Simulator, and then make a very short video about it. I hope to have this video out tomorrow or the next day. After that, I’ll get back to work on the next elimination method. I was planning to implement the next elimination method by April 15th, but there’s not very much time remaining until the 15th, so it’s possible that I might have to postpone the next elimination method by a few days.

By the way…

In one of my previous videos, I mentioned that I’d be live-streaming Dark Souls 3 on April 12th. I just checked Steam, and it looks like Dark Souls 3 will actually unlock on April 11th! I’m extremely eager to play that game, so I’m going to stream Dark Souls 3 on April 11th at 3:00 PM PST instead of on the 12th. I try to never mention my live-streams on this blog, since I want this blog to be 100% about Yandere Sim, but I decided to mention it this time because the information in my previous video is now incorrect. In case you’re interested, I’ll be streaming to twitch.tv/yanderedev

85 thoughts on “Let’s Examine Hitman

  1. I think that if, for example, the student has a coward personalitym it shouldn’t follow the laughs, and call somebody else or something like that.

  2. Great video as always ;D
    Also many interesting ideas which are gonna take so long to implement, if they’re actually going to be in.
    But man, it’s going to be so good… You’re best!

      • That’s already going to happen – instead of taking you to the Headmaster though, you’ll be taken to the Guidance Counsellor which’ll determine your punishment based on what you tell her.

  3. “By the way, although the above video might seem like it’s a 13:10 commercial for the latest Hitman game, it’s not actually a sponsored video.”
    Remembers me of the the fated day I tryed to make a presentation of why Portal 2 questioned a lot of life related phylosiphical question for some kind of philosophy event when I was in High-School.
    I wasn’t aware the whole 3rd years, teacher and director were supposed to see that. And of course, since we’re french and the french are the kind of people to always see unusual thing negatively, I was covered in shame, disgusting pity and a lot of irony for the rest of the year.

    So you did right to mention you want to COMPARE and not to PROMOTE Hitman.

  4. I am B E Y O N D excited for the new features. I really wish I had money to support you, but I’m so poor right now haha

  5. Excellent stuff! Keep up the awesome work and do give us a video on what kind of rude answers you have given to people at some point! 🙂

  6. You say that you will be streaming Dark Souls at 3pm on the 11th. What timezone does that refer to? GMT? EST?

  7. OMG the updates are getting bigger and seem to be coming faster I’m so excited! Keep up the good work yandere dev!😄

  8. It’s not in the topic, but will you be able to change Senpai’s real name and change his traits/popularity in the custom mode? It would be way more fun to murder people for my celebrity crush instead of Senpai (it’s just that there’s not this connection between me and Senpai making me actually want to murder someone) What do you think, people?

    • @PinkClouds Currently, Senpai’s name is the Japanese equivalent of the American John Doe, “Taro Yamada”. This will most likely be changed to something of more significance in a later update in order to develop the plot. However, within Custom Mode, and with the ability to customize the school and your rivals, it would make sense that Senpai be customisable also, from his appearance, which is already a feature, to his name and traits.

      I’m sure YandereDev is already a few steps ahead of you.

      Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator.

      • I can’t wait to murder people for my BIGBANG celeb crush.
        Obsessed much? I say yeah.

    • You’re the best, YandereDev! Keep going that way, and we’re going to have a great time playing this game.

  9. Thing is in the hitman games it’s possible to stage crimes as accidents and so forth i wonder if it would be possible to stage and prepare crimes in yandere sim if we wanted to such as preparing a full corpse meal (see what I did there) with a dismembered cooking club leader or literally staging a murder by making the body look like a set piece on stage with the drama club president

    I wonder if we would ever be able to do this

    • @Nate0027 Yandere Simulator already has the capabilities to allow the framing of a killer, as each weapon tracks who’s fingerprints are on the weapon. Thus far, examples of a framing include means of a tortured slave, whom would commit a murder suicide, or by killing with a weapon that has previously been handled by a student, such as the kitchen knife used by Kokana Haruka in the Cooking Club.

      Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator.

    • It has been revealed that you will e able to kill someone with a falling object, maybe that will be an “accident” mwa ha ha HA!

      • I kind of ment being able to create murder scenes based off that particular rival like they do in serial killer movies but I guess that would be up to the character to do

        Also for the crushing accident I feel like the fire extinguisher would have something to do with that

    • The crushing accident is actually performed with the chello case. The fire extinguisers were a volunteer’s assignment to prove they could 3d model. YandereDev didn’t want the model to go to waste so he added them since the school needed them. But in the future the extinguiser will probably be used for bludgening someone. YandereDev just needs the animation.

  10. 80 students sounds only fine when I imagine Akademi High to be a school with three grades, two classes per grade. That makes 6 classes overall in the whole school with at least 20 students in each class, the rest 20 divided in some way that fits the scenario. The more Yandev raises the possible options in the game, the more small YanSim feels like. I mean there are 10 clubs, and each club must have at least 5 students for being functional, that means 50 out of 80 students are engaged in some club. If there are more clubs, or groups, in the end there would be no one except for Senpai who does nothing. That just feels a bit bland. Is YanSim supposed to be set in some back water place? That would at least make some sense for the low character density in the game. Otherwise the game feels quite confined with these many amazing features lined up and just a small number of students to try them all on. YanSim definitely needs a small town to loosen up the strain and confinement on the single school set up. It’s surely gonna be a difficult task to achieve all this and even more for an Indie dev, but watching all these videos and YanDev’s enthusiasm for making the gameplay filled with tons of options, I feel that that the final product should be the best of all available scenarios.

    With that said, I hope someone just comes with a forum with dedicated admins who can take the strain of the Q/A of the builds and other insignificant issues he encounters in the emails. He’s being extremely perfectionist which in turn is harming his psyche. It’s saddening to read comments where people tag him with some mental disease because it “fits the description”. Just shows being too smart is neither good for them, nor those attacked by their words.

    • Akademi High School is supposed to be a private/very prestigious school, iirc. That would explain the low number of students.

      • So the clichéd super special Japanese school where the only most exceptional kids can enter? Then I sure hope Yandere chan has some special skill right off the bat, otherwise I don’t know about private schools where there are so less students. Nor do I want to cast off the issue saying that it’s just a game so it can do anything with logic when the Dev is trying so hard to make everything sound coherent and logical.

    • I think YandereDev is planning on having more than 80 students. He said somewhere around 100. That’s actually doable, not every student will be in a club, and there’d still be enough people to make it a bit of a challenge

  11. You know Yandere Dev disabled the size mod from working . Instead of disabling it why not make it an easter egg in the game…idk if its possible for him now, but Captain America civil war is coming up next month and an Ant-Girl easter egg would be awesome. This would also prevent people from editing the game files to implement that mod and attract marvel fanboys. I’m not sending him an email about this as its a suggestion 😅

    • There’s nothing wrong with editing the files… it’s a solo game… YandereDev doesn’t mind mods unless you send a bug that happens when you use a mod. And I don’t think he disabled it from working

  12. I fear that Yanderedev can’t hold out much longer if he’s alone. Wasn’t there a pool where most of us decided that it would be time for a kickstarter? Come on guys! He needs an upper hand! Too much time will be wasted until the game is released.

      • YandereDev already intend to have a kickstarter, but only once the majority of features are complete. He wants to get as far as possible through the project as he can as a one man team before he starts asking for crowdfunding. Moreover, he has already addressed this issue before in one of his Youtube videos, as well as in this blog’s “About” page.

      • Ahh, ok. That’s cool. That guy has a lot ahead of him, though, if he’s going at it alone.

      • Progress is set to have the project finish around 2019, however this is dependent on his speed of work, the time at which he triggers the kickstarter, and most importantly,


        It’s worth stating again that dealing with useless emails takes up a lot of YandereDev’s time, and he has predicted that too much could set him back as far as 2022.

  13. Wow. Watching this video…. I’m excited for the future of Yandere Simulator! I love the approach YandereDev is taking with the design of the game! That being said, the video also kinda had me concerned… YandereDev has so many plans for the game, but he’s only ONE person, and this seems like a TON of work for one person. From what I understand, it’s going to be a long time before we see any builds that are comparable to the final gameplay.
    If I had the skills, I’d love to help with the game. It’d be a dream come true for me, actually, as game development has always held a high interest for me. But, I lack the proper experience. So, until then, I’m just a bug-tester I guess.

  14. I wonder if the next elimination method will be matchmaking? I don’t really care what it is, because I love all rival-related updates.

    • Dev said that matchmaking will come after the Friend Elimination Method, which he said he’s rather show in a video than explain so we may have to wait a while.

  15. personally i’m in favor of the resident evil inventory over the hitman inventory. because 1. the hitman style inventory to me feels like it would reduce the difficulty of carrying weapons and other suspicious objects and 2. you could make the RE style inventory look like a schoolbag which is immersive ^.^

  16. what if yandere chans laughter was a psychological weapon the player could use? What if her sinister laughter could decrease the sanity of her victims until they went insane?

    For players who want to be 100% stealthy or avoid melee combat, this could be a way to take down tough enemies that cant be kidnapped… Laugh near a victim several times every day without being seen and they will become paranoid, scared and act suspicious to other students… They might ignore crime scenes thinking it is a hallucination, go to a mental hospital or commit suicide!

    If framed for murder, a victim of this psychological torture might even admit to the police they are the murderer!! They obviously have gone insane hearing maniac laughter, something is clearly wrong with them.

    This could also mean that rumors about an evil ghost would start; lowering school morale. The occult club members would start patrolling the school to find evidence of this evil spirit….

  17. Watching the development of Yandere Simulator has been informative, interesting and fun – not usually something I have to corrientes with any other game development except The HappyCat (she is an amazingly clever lady on YouTube). I think learning and gaining inspiration from other mediums out there is really healthy and it’s always good to incorporate things you really enjoy in the things we all do. 2 years will go SO quickly … Happy to wait and see where this games takes us all! 😊👍

    Look forward to the Live Stream With all of you – just happy to chill and chat .

  18. Clubs should have 2 kinds of abilities: one gained from joining the club, one gained from club activities.
    For example, the Occult Club’s “Losing Less Sanity” ability should be gained, and will not be lost if ヤンデレちゃん leaves the club.
    Also people’s names are not right.

  19. In the “Blood Money” game, you DID have a “reputation” of sorts with the notoriety system, if you were careless and got tons of witnesses or camera footage then in subsequent missions they would notice you and alert guards right away.

    It’ll be interesting how Yandere-chan’s interactions with the police will change if she elects to be excessively violent but at the same time remembers to clean up and is not arrested. I’m thinking after X number of unsolved murders the authorities close down the school (game over?) or at least post cops in all areas, making anything very difficult and maybe even forcing the delinquents to go to class, LOL. Let me send numerous e-mails to Yandere Dev about my idea…. just kidding. 🙂

  20. I have a question. If Akademi Highschool is supposed to be like a private very rich academy similar to Harvard or Yale (as you can see in the wiki) why are there delinquents? Why would they spend their time and money in a rich school when clearly they don’t care about their studies?

    • That’s simple. They have some rich parents with good connections, who can pay for their study and for them not being kicked out. But the kids themselves are rioting on their parents and aren’t interested in education.
      That’s one possible explanation.

  21. (I know you don’t want us to E-mail you suggestions, so I’ll just leave it here) It would be cool if one of the rivals was in the acting club, and one day she will perform. this would be a perfect way to make a murder look like an accident, because, you could for example make something really Heavy drop on her head (if so then you migh have to join the club so you can get access to either push the thing off or put it there in the first plase) so she would break her neck.

  22. My school had 1000 students, and four floors, but it never was crowded. students were either in the yard or in their classrooms.
    each floor would be dedicated to two years, so you a 7th grader would usually not meet a 12th grader.
    People were always grouped together in small groups, not walking from everywhere to everywhere, and i could always find many places where i could be alone as i wanted.
    In fact, there was a whole building with ten classrooms and two auditoriums that always had lots of free space in it.
    I do not think space would be a problem for more than a few seconds in the game, as long as there is enough space for the hundreds of students. Some students would go outside with their friends and play or find a spot for themselves, some would immediately go where they need to go, and some would stay where they are until they are forced to leave by the bell. All in all movement is constrained into small intervals of time, and thus for most of the time you could find more than enough free space to do what is needed.

  23. A considerably higher NPC Density might actually be kind of good. Right now, there are so little characters that it almost feels like there’s not much to kill, talk to, frame…

    You might even be able to make a random NPC generator.

    Basically just load random elements from your arrays (clothes, hair type, gender, face type, personality) and randomly generate names (make a text array of generic japanese first and last names, then randomly zip two together for the entire session)
    Then just script them to do random things from another array, since a school of only 75 students or so seems unrealistic (I’m assuming this is your end goal, based on the numbers of desks?), even for a game. Things such as running on the track, or swimming in one of the pool lanes

    • I don’t know how your model generator is set up, but what you could do is something like
      //assuming this is the constructor
      public class Actor{
      Actor::Actor(Gender gender, Hair hair, Personality personality/* etc…*/){
      this.gender =gender;
      void generateRandomActor(){
      //You’re storing used actors in a single list?
      actors.push_back(new Actor(rand()%genders.size(), rand%hairs.size() rand()%personalities.size() );

  24. Are Schemes meant to be a supplement to the opportunity system used in Hitman (by making it easier for the player to find and try them all) or a stand-alone system? I would definitely prefer the first option, since using only Schemes would force the player to choose between using the intended-to-be-optional panty shot system, watching walkthroughs, or floundering through the game on their own. Plus, discovering opportunities seems like a good extension of a mechanic that already exists in Yandere Simulator: finding out information about a student via eavesdropping.

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