Yandere Clicker – A parody of Cookie Clicker


I got a little tired of working on Yandere Sim, and decided to take a little break from it by making a silly game for fun. (Actually, this thing doesn’t even qualify as a game, because you can’t win or lose…)

The only website I know that lets people upload web games is Kongregate, so I decided to upload the game there.


The idea was to make a parody of Cookie Clicker, except instead of clicking a cookie, you are a Yandere girl stabbing a dude.


  1. Be a Yandere girl
  2. Stab a dude
  3. Move the camera around to get a panty shot

If anyone thinks this game is amusing, I could update it with more features. I can add upgrades and achievements, like in Cookie Clicker. What kind of upgrades should you be able to buy, though? Hire other Yandere girls to stab for you? Upgrade your knife so each stab counts as multiple stabs?

Please note that this doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped working on the original game; I just decided to take a short break and made this for fun. This doesn’t actually hinder the development of the real game.

10 thoughts on “Yandere Clicker – A parody of Cookie Clicker

  1. unlocks: pantsu

    shimipan, polka dots, hearts, the one with the bear, white silk lacey, black silk slutty, and finally nopan modo after 100,000 stabs

  2. Two knives – one for LMB and one for RMB.
    Some automatic pain-dealing stuff giving you one stab per five second and so on.

  3. This is an awesome game Devpai! Thank you for developing it! I will play it on my channel! I am Matti Swan I have 25 subs

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