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  1. Yandere Dev, if someone wants to voice act in your game and has previous experience, would they have to have to visit you to record, or just send the recording via a phone or computer?

  2. I know you said 12 year olds can’t email you or volunteer, but my daughter has a friend who’s father does programming and 3D animations and she has high quality work, which even I can’t replicate. Is it alright for her to send you her work?

      • You watched his ‘Yandere Simulator’s BIGGEST Problem’, right? I will just quote from there, if she, the friend, does not think a video game company would hire her, she should not volunteer for Yandere Simulator. YandereDev is dead serious on making this a good game. AN ACTUAL GOOD GAME. He has no reason ‘to accept volunteers whose work is below professional quality’.

    • If the work is of game quality, I guess so. I think the work would probably be good enough since she has had her whole life to practise animating and her father is a good animating, then she probably learnt from him, so I’d say it would probably be good enough.

  3. Hey I have some fan art but I can’t even figure out ur email address so good bye to what I spent awhile drawing😪

  4. Honestly, I have the talent to voice act but I never thought about doing it. I really want to see Yandere Simulator come out before 2019. I want the opinions of everyone in the comments section. Should I try voice acting? If you would like to hear my voice acting, let me know. I’m always open to new offers.

    • You can’t really try out for voice acting now since he currently doesn’t need any voice actors. But when he does need voice actors, I would suggest:
      1. You need to show him a previous example of your work.
      2. Make sure your microphone records your voice loud and clear and doesn’t make you sound like you’re speaking into a can and string.
      3. You have to follow all of the instructions above when emailing YandereDev.

  5. I’m sorry to bother you, but could you help me please? I have a problem with the game, I downloaded it but half of the documents have disappeared and when I entered the game a black screen appears and the the game crashed a few minutes after the black screen appeared, what do you think I should do?

    Thank you very much for your help !

    • Not YandereDev, nor his Secretary. Just a fellow player who wishes to help.

      Download the WinRAR file again. Open the files. If there are some errors in the WinRAR, then you’re missing somethings. Download the WinRAR file again. Open the files. If there are no errors, then you’re good to go. But if it keeps on doing like that. Try one more time, but if it persists. Look for help, or Wait for the Downloaded/Launcher/Something

  6. yandere dev, you dont have to do this but im just saying, hows about putting in a go compare man student>

  7. Hi, my name is mary! I would love to help with the voice compartment! (Sorry, im a soon 2 be 11 yr old). I can do many voices, like if you add animals, I will try my best to make that noise! I dont care if u modify it, all i want to do is help the creator of my FAVORITE GAME IN THE WHOLE WIDE FRICKING WORLD! email: demitra112@gmail.com

    • Yandere Dev currently doesn’t need an translator because the game script is not complete yet, this making the translation quickly become outdated. Yandere Dev will only accept translation if the game is complete

  8. I really want to contribute as a voice actress, but I don’t know how to record, because I don’t have the conditions to do so. I only have my mobile ,as my laptop would not record sound, and with that I wouldn’t be able to send it to him. Help?

    • I would go do some research on a good quality microphone made for such a job, and invest in one, and other gear of that type. He only accepts professional quality work, so you probably wouldn’t be able to do it on a laptop or cell phone. If you really are serious about contributing, wait until he is requesting voice actors/actresses, then purchase a good microphone. You could hook up the microphone to your laptop and send it there, good luck!

  9. Hey guys, i know Yandere Dev is busy so i was wondering if any of you guys could answer this question? i would like to volunteer to do hair models, what do i use to make digital artwork that will fit Yandere Simulator?

  10. Hey can anybody answer this question, I have thought about volunteering but I’m only twelve, I have had lots of experience in 3D animation and 2D animation and I would love to help but do you think that he would allow me to volunteer knowing I’m only twelve?

  11. I hope you add another anime reference easter egg!
    Somewhere around Yu Yu Hakusho or Tokyo Ghoul..
    Can I e-mail Yandere Dev about that?

    I just can’t stop thinking about Yu Yu Hakusho~. (insert le drool face here)

  12. YandereDev ! I have an idea for Yandere Simulator game.
    The idea is that you could create a new “game over” available only to Yandere-Chan.
    This “game over” is called “Suicide”. I think that could happen if you first do a pupil, student or rival, in the computer-Chan Yandere insults and harassments put on it.
    As it goes down the reputation of Yandere-Chan, the more you want to die removing his own life.
    When you have enough down the reputation to the maximum, the day I go to school with depression insults, rather than interacting with Yandere-Chan, I think you should put a disturbing cinematic Yandere-Chan hanged considering that she he has committed suicide and before her die could hear his last words: “Whether you Senpai want me or not love me, I’m tired of suffering” and then as the image and kinematics would Yandere-Chan hanging with the word “Suicide “in red and the well-known piano” game over “ringing.
    I hope you have done any good idea.
    Greetings =D ~

  13. hey yandere dev i know you might not read this but look… i am willing to be a voice actor and if i don’t get picked for anything i can accept that… as long as you are happy i’m happy im a youtuber btw

  14. hey yandere dev i would love to be a programmer or a 3d animator i specialize in both of them i would be very greatful if u let me play and debug or play and program the game thank u so much for reading this also my name is tiffany

    • This is answered in FAQ. (Programmers may be need when he decides to implement online multiplayer mode)
      It is great and really helpful to YandereDev if you can continue playing & reporting bugs.
      You can help volunteer as a 3D animator too. He does need them. Follow the instructions in Volunteer if you want to volunteer

    • Hey yandere dev
      one question sure that the next update will be on June 1 I want to know if it really going to be that day to be prepared , because I have an appointment that day and wanted to ask good that

    • It all depends on us. If people keep spamming YandereDev with e-mails, it could take until 2022. If all goes smooth, perhaps 2019 earliest.

  15. Hello!
    Does anybody know if YanDev needs any music/sound effects? He hasn’t put anything in the ‘simulator needs’ page, and I know he already has quite a lot of composers working with him, but I thought i might as well ask – and I didn’t want to bother YanDev with silly questions…

  16. It would be awesome if we could change the easter eggs in the same day, not choose only one and keep it that day and wait until the next day to choose another one.

  17. I have so much ideas to make the game so much more fun without losing its theme. Please listen to my ideas owner, it be epic if you implement some of my ideas.

    1) MAKE A NIGHT MODE! (Stealthy in the night, stealth mode) Yandarie Chan can come to school at night time (optional) and do things (IDEAS are limitless). It would also incorporate the delinquents into the game better and the occult club even more scarier (i.e. the occult club can tell scary Japanese legends, idk but can effect story line).. Of course Night time will also have night guards and security camera. Ideas are limitless instead of merely waking up for school to the next day there is an option for NIGHT TIME mode. I feel this will make the game more fun.

    2) MAKE THE LAYOUT OF THE SCHOOL LIKE A COLLEGE CAMPUS. I feel if there is more things to interact and not merely isolating it into one school would make the game more fun to explore.

    3) IMPRESS SENPAI MODE. You can impress senpai and he will grow fond of you.

    4) A GIRL DATES SENPAI. (will be hard and plenty of chances to prevent it) Don’t worry if a girl manages to get into a date with senpai you will have a chance to redeem yourself. This is where the WEEKENDS are incorporated. You will try to ruin Senpai’s date with a girl as they head to town. OMFG Town can finally have a meaning. However if you fail to do so you will be heartbroken.

    5) DELINQUENT DARK QUESTS: This will happen in the night time mode (because dirty things happen at night) you have a chance to do tasks for the delinquents and fight rivals. But that is more action themed…. However there is positive things you can do, if you win respect from them you can have them do things like kidnap for you, erase murder evidence, and other dirty things that make it easy(evil deeds) to rid the competition. However, if the delinquent is caught their is a chance for an Expel.

    I have many more ideas to implement but so far I’ll share these ideas if the owner is willing to want to hear more. Love this game, I can see so much improvements.

  18. I honestly would love to volenteer as the male Yandere and I can send you a voice message if I can figure out how to do that and trust me I make a great Yandere I am actually insane in reality so your welome i’d love to help and I do not care for the money all I want is to help make this a full game because I love it so much also my girlfriend Alicia Denise Fason can be the female Senpai so just look her up on facebook or google and talk to her or skype she is a_l_i_c_i_a-26 so yes also I am David D. Ritter I am halfzombie100 on skype also davidritter1901@gmail.com so yes your welcome no need to thank me please I feel bad for it

  19. I want to become a volunteer, but I cannot record a demo of my voice using my computer. I have a deep voice, and I could be a good voice for the delinquent rival. I’ll send you an email with my voice as soon as I can, Yandere Dev.

  20. Honestly, you can’t always said “Email Him” on every conditions. But, now, if YandereDev received DOZENS of Email of an useless things (I mean, the things that he’s already done) That would be useless Unless you read the “What To Do List Do” List Docs above and Other Menu IF YOU READ IT PROPERLY.

    I really don’t like people who just Read it short and then asking like
    “Do you need a Programmer?”
    “Hey, i have a good Voice.”
    “Hey, i can translate it to another Language.”

    You can find the Work He already done on a Link he insert. And the worst is this question:

    “What is his E-MAIL?”

    I know you bored with all those Words. But, can you just read it fast, You know, Scanning?
    Man… You should learn how to read..

    By the way, i am sorry if these words hurts a lot. But hey, i said the fact. No hard Feelings~

  21. make a character called meiu jamauchi she will be like this: hair color/style:bun baby blue navy blue eyes & she will be apart of the garden club and have a crush on the teal haird boy and friends with midori gurin and rivals with kokona haruka they both want to be president of the gardening club she is a evil student and if sempai is teal hairde she will be on his tail all day until Friday she wont react to murder and will be a easy kill and she is also a teachers pet she will put the blame on you when you dint do anithig such as stealing kokonas lunch she will say lies non stop until you fail she will laugh at you when apprehended and heartbroken the teacher will send her to detection she is the bully of the game she will give yanchan weakness she is the only student that will pay a visit to the guidance councelor thank you for reading please add her. youre welcome

  22. Yandere Dev when you have your next update can you please add multiplayer ? cause that sounds fun 🙂

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