Webm Gallery

Here’s a gallery of video clips that I’ve made while working on the game, in webm format. The latest feature to get added to the game is at the bottom of the list. Please note that all of the below animations are temporary placeholders.

Funny bug that happened while giving NPCs the ability to watch Yandere-chan: http://webmup.com/KnZd8/vid.webm

Demonstration of real-time mesh deformation and preview of potential character customization: http://webmup.com/VtrSW/vid.webm

Building a staircase out of dead bodies to reach previously inaccessible areas: http://webmup.com/xRdNG/vid.webm

Visual Novel Preview: http://webmup.com/pGGpP/vid.webm

Visual Novel Preview with tiny heads and huge hands: http://webmup.com/zWXRF/vid.webm

Visual Novel Preview with chainsaws for hands: http://webmup.com/DbqAa/vid.webm

*Newest Feature* The ability to drag around around dead bodies by each of their four limbs: [link down for now]

Obviously, the final game won’t ship with limbs that spaz out and wobble around. I just wanted to get the basic functionality working so I can test body-hiding gameplay.

Ragdoll Test

Ragdoll Test

Today, I worked on stuff that isn’t easy to show with screenshots. Better control scheme, smoother camera, less clipping, nicer transitions between animations, improved collision detection, the ability to crawl, the ability to walk up and down stairs, etc.

None of that stuff is really exciting to see in a screenshot, so instead, I’ll show you a screenshot I took while testing ragdoll physics. Framerate was still smooth with over 20 dead girls flopping around.