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  1. I think you should add some contest to boost reputation when you win and lose reputation when at the last.. Also you should add in school activities like joining in clubs and quiz and assignments 😀
    just my thought though

    • YandereDev said that no one should ever suggest their opinion because:
      1.It’s stupid.
      2.It’s planned.
      3.Scrapped idea.

      • He never said something like “Do not comment on this website” or any bullshit like that. He said not to report bugs in the comment section, as he will not notice. He also said not to comment with any ideas/suggestions at all. Read the whole fucking thing, you dumbass.

    • Clubs are already planned but only a few functions for them are implemented. And btw, he doesn’t want us to suggest ideas, even if they are really good.

    • Please yanderdev don’t sell the game cause you said last time the final game would in 2019. It means that when I finished waiting, I need to pay for the game!!

        2. ‘Don’t sell the game’? Really? A) I doubt he’d work for years on a game he’s not even selling. B) He has already said that HE IS GOING TO SELL IT C) He is not going to not sell the game because of an apparent 7 year old in the comments section (which he doesn’t even read) asking him to stop his life’s ambition.

  2. No response needed, Yandere-Dev you sexy , smoothed voice son of a bitch, you made my day. have a great day and take care of your self, with love, a yandere fan.

    • I think the Midori’s hairstyle change because Yandere Dev don’t like the physics in the game. When the physics be improved, he will add the original hairstyle again ^^

    • YandereDev said that no one should ever suggest their opinion because:
      1.It’s stupid.
      2.It’s planned.
      3.Scrapped idea.

  3. It would be cool if you could join clubs and do things with that club then make them trust you so you could talk them into killing people for you

  4. I think the progress on this is awesome keep working at ya own pace… i love this soooo much, im rooting for ya!!!!

  5. I think people need to realize that yandere dev has to code all the features,and the whole game.. Think before you ask for something needs to added, no reply needed, have a great day 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  6. Holy hell that’s a sudden drop in patreon funding.
    Or…given that the numbers are completely different on non front-page ones, maybe a glitch, but if it’s the sudden loss of 80 funders, damn.

  7. Love the game so far 👍🏻 i hope when You are finished with the game, that You have more days so You can play more 👍🏻 good work and keep on the good work 😁

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  9. Just a thought Yanderedev, maybe you could make a system that allows yandere-chan to take selfies with her victims. Maybe selfies in spots for future plans of murder etc. I would love to place that on the cork board at night :). I will donate when I can, wow am I impressed so far! Keep up the great work!

  10. Woops! Noticed a glitch XD When a student commits suicide and doesn’t come home and we go to ask somebody to “distract” the dead student, the student we asked says “alright” or sth like that and then stares at us. We can not do anything and the game is stuck on the dialogue XD

    • well obviously not…that would render the time he spent making the game pointless…he said the final price depends on the production value he receives from donations

  11. Yandere Dev,Maybe You Can Make A Letter That Will Scare Your Victim Like Threaten Letter Like This ”I Will Kill You”. I Hope You You Read This Message.KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!.

  12. I love very much this game and would like to give suggestions for development. When yandere stay naked and walk among the school students would lower reputation. When the Oka Ruto was the bathroom where the ghost girl is, you might have to talk to her.
    I need to have a way to kill the osana.

  13. Sometimes if you kill a person to be seen , however, perhaps will remain calm, but maybe he will continue to do things , or escape of learning and teaching , is a mysterious figure.

  14. I feel as though giving visitors the ability to pledge a donation through a two step process isn’t the best way to go if you want monetary support. What I mean is right now I have to click a link to be redirected to another page to support you and that’s just a barrier to lose a supporter/donator. Also, why is there no one time option for donations? Acquiring debt isn’t very appealing to me. Just my 2 cents.

    • Another thing that I noticed is that it’s not readily apparent where someone can donate. A person would have to read a large portion of the paragraph to know where to click to donate. Most millennials just don’t have that attention span. You need a button or something that will help a visitor identify where to donate within a literal second or two. Better yet, ask an expert how you can streamline the whole donation system you have. I don’t think the time invested will be terribly long but it’ll really pay off in the long run.

      • “Most millennials just don’t have that attention span.” Dear sir, what sort of slander are you trying to peddle here!?
        While the point you raise has merit, I take offense at the insulting of an entire generational cohort…

  15. hi there, im just saying that your fanbase is full of child and people that is immature and childish
    its just kinda disgusting seeing that sooo
    (im not hating the game or anything, i just dont like the percentage of people in this fanbase)
    Please there are people who are very disgusting in this comment section
    also, if my english is bad i would say apologies because english is not my first language

  16. Hello….yandere dev my friends and I love this game and want to help we have a youtubeuser called hyun’s dojo and we all make that animation our self and we want to help you animate some characters just give us what kind are they and picture sow that we can help. I’m not the leader of us I’m just helping them do something and were all still young and one of us actually put a game in y8 once and all of us are from Philippines we actually don’t have anything good to animate on the min time sow pls reply to this comment and can I say can you put yuno from mirai nikki only the cloths and stuff.


    • You don’t sound very official. You didn’t even spell ‘animators’ right. Actually, you didn’t spell a lot a things right.

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