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  1. hi im twelvee and there is a bug can u fix it? the teechur spins wen u go to the bush so ya. and the guy should just make multiple gmail like obvs lol and plz stop swearingg guyz :l itz anoyying


  2. Hello, Yandere Dev. I am REALLY SORRY if this does not count as a bug, but, when I kill the leader of the Occult Club, then get caught by a member of the Martial Arts Club, a teacher’s pet will tell a teacher about what I just did, and the teacher will come and see the death. AFTER THE GAME OVER SCREEN. So what I mean is, you hear the teacher talking, and seeing the body, without the text on the bottom, during the Game Over screen. So yeah, I’m REALLY SORRY for taking your time, and if it’s not a bug.

    Sorrowfully yours,
    DC Mayhem-miners

  3. hey yandere Dev i was playing the game i had a mind slave i used the psychokinesis on my mind slave and the voice kept gong after the gym teacher went on the corpse so i was wondering if you can patch this bug on your own time

  4. (I’m sorry for my bad English but I’m still telling you this bug) If the player wants to take a picture of a student, that student will pose (that’s ok.) after the student posed, and the player is laughing, that “student” will not pose anymore. (OMG sorry again for my bad English XDD)

  5. i have a questin i asked my parents for the game and they said no cause of the pantie shots do you have to take pantie shots in order to play the game? if not then i can say to my mum and i could get it thanks.

    • Yes and no. He is planning to add different subtitles for different languages, but not the actual audio. It would take hours of planning and recording to get the game’s audio in all languages. However, the English script isn’t even final yet, so there’s no reason for anyone to translate it.

  6. Um so when I click to run Yandere Simulator it doesnt work, it only shows a black screen :/ I think you need to fix that man, if you want people to play this beta game i think u need to fix the beta bugs -o-

  7. if you decide to acuse one of the “Sucubu’s girls” of thievery, at the end of the day, after you listen the acusation of the teacher to the student, you are arrested. It was surprising at the begining XD

  8. ok can anyone help? i have been looking around and i cant find anyone with the same problem – when i start the game it just goes to a completely black screen and i have tried re downloading it but nothing is working? pls i just want to play ;-;

  9. Hi I want to report a bug.
    When I put as an example: ebola and killed some character and took him to the teacher the text is repeated many times and do not catch as it should be directly stays in place. If you can change it would be great. Thank you.

  10. I’m JUST saying if there was a RECORD OPTION finding bugs would be as easy as PIE but it should only be for bug reports! so in thefinal game it would be removed! it would also be sent to your desktop so you can sent the bug to yandere dev but before you record the bug it would show you a list the accept option should come in about 1(OR MORE) minute the cancel button is always there (SO IN CASE SOME JUST WANTS TO SHOW YANDERE DEV A KNOWN BUG)

  11. Yandere dev, Will someone ever love yandere chan (have a crush on her), well here is a suggestion : I was thinking about somene being as interested in yandere chan as she is in senpai (be yandere too) and senpai would be their rival so that way yandere chan has to protect senpai .. im just saying .. it might be cool

  12. I’m pretty sure that I’m not supposed to be playing this game at my age, but it’s honestly something I find myself excited about for the first time in a long while. I find myself eagerly anticipating each new build, and when new things are announced, it makes me happy. I feel as though I am mature enough to stomach this game and I’m really enjoying it! Yandere Dev, if you see this, keep up the great work!

  13. Shut up peopple of publish stupid e-mail comments but don’t send the commentary of e-mail and don’t set sugestion and nothing of stupid question o sugestion you’re gonna all the game on 2019 pr 2022? So don’t have wait on 2022 don’t set stupid emails and this area is of reporting bugs don’t say anyone idiots stupid shit question or sugestion or anyone shits and if you download the game in the other link (im no the official peopple) and download in mega so please stop sending emailthat help of yanderedev to not distracction so stop plis peopple I don’t wait the game on 2022 plis don’t send more stupid anyone comments idiots plis respet the rules and thank you for lissenting

  14. When dismember the students of no put the uniform conform dismember the students and the clotheths return to normallity a student normal anyone of teachers, yeah and put other colour of uniform and return of write to uniform official what happening? .-. this is normal and other bug it’s the hair of the new students it’s invisibility when she’s watch to kill anyone and the circular saw in the club gardening when put the second body and put the cub not expelled blood .-.

    • *the bucket* and when load a weapon on blood and go on the circular saw machina it’s saw blood *sorry for my english i don’t speak good*

      • And other bug it’s so when kokona recived the note of see in the balcon she go and wait and kokona leave the balcon and press e when kokona it’s in anyone floor she watch of yandere-chan push of kokona but no in the balcon of the floor and she fall in the next floor and dead

  15. I’ve always wondered why reputation isn’t a bigger part of the game! Like if you could get your reputation or relationship with a student to a certain point, you could have them help you with murders (ie, cleaning up blood, dumping uniforms or weapons, but not actually killing someone, as that would make mind slaves meaningless). I always imagined a student helping yandere and saying ” You did what?…Well okay, but only because we’re friends!”

  16. You should add to the list that the game doesn’t display correctly using a 21:9 aspect ratio. You clearly know already. The phone and other messages on the side are always visible. Hope you fix this eventually.

  17. Does anyone actually read the fucking FAQ?
    Or the HUGE BLACK BOX?
    Or the fact it should be self-explanatory that you shouldn’t ask questions here in the bug reports page?
    Or the fact that it’s to obvious that he doesn’t read/respond to comments?
    Or that you shouldn’t report bugs in the comments of the bug reports page?
    Or that if you can’t even stand on your tippy-toes to get the whipped cream from the top of the refrigerator, you’re most likely not old enough to be playing YanSim?
    Or that we don’t give an honest damn about what you ask because we’ve seen it thousands of times before?
    Or that the girl by the tree ISNT A RIVAL?
    Or that you should probably read the FAQ?
    Or that you should fact-check what a fucking debug build is?
    Or that adding emojis makes him more likely to read your comments?
    Or that adding capital letters does not make your point any less retarded-sounding, if not the opposite?
    Or that even though this is a game 12-year olds (maturity-wise) shouldn’t be playing this game, you should not insult them for their age?
    Or that complimenting the Dev’s work on the game then asking for a feature in an email does not awe him and will not make your ideas any less worthless to him, if not opposite?
    Sorry, just snapped there.

    • I don’t blame Dev for snapping. People just can’t keep information of them to their selves and then Dev gets on and people get their feelings hurt and it’s a big waste of all of our time.

  18. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong , but no matter where I ask Kokona , her task never pops up, so I can’t “befriends” with her.

  19. omg i love it it needs in town tho like follow senpai when hes out walking home from school make sure no ones hitting on him on the way home from school follow him when he goes to the store movies or somethings like straight up stalker like i love the aduio clips of mom and dad lol those are awsome i love everything i wish you could get off the bike walk around and enter houses like go to senpai house and watch him sleep lol everythings awsome i love it tho if i could donate i would but dont worrie im posting everywhere someones bond to donate alittle something i also love being able to be other avatars those are great also i wish you could custom make your own avatar tho i could change the hair and stuff but not the face lol but its cool yandere is the main avatar anyway shes on main screen so we cant really change that that wouldnt be cool lol but seriously the game is awsome and i wish you could put in some pointer on how to make friends lol its to hard for me but watching videos helped me out abit lol some teacher dont talk though itd be cool to pick some accion button when senpai notices yandere like a run away button or hide button or something or say like hey your shoes untied and run away lol something lol or those that owe you a favor you just scream or whistle or something and they distract him or something lol because i always forget what senpai looks like i know where his class and locker is and where he sits in the garden but i get busy killing people and dont notice which hallways he walks though lol omg i talk alot lol but yeah im in love with this game just add more stuff to the town bike needs to go inless you can kill people with it then it can stay lol be able to follow senpai for reals like really everywhere and enter his house would be nice to lol more stalker fun please!!!! i love you guys and ll your hard work i wish i could help i hope some of what i said made sense and sounded fun to add to the game lol i downloaded june 1st so im waiting alittle longer to update that way i can notice the changes lol peace and love its just me and you now senpai my darling dont be scared my darling ill protect our love just like i always have my darling senpai!! love yours truely Amaya.

  20. Hello, I have a problem with the file to be downloaded , when I download the file and start ( or extract ) tells me that the file is damaged.
    What I can do?
    Someone help me please .

  21. (why do you guys have to make a comment down here this part of the page is literally only used to send bug reports) give yandere dev a break you’re all just wasting time while he’s trying to finish the game. And making ‘troll’ comments isnt going to help.

  22. Hi Yandere dev.I have some bugs that might help the game!
    In Yandere simJune1st.I saw in a class room 1,thers no wood that teacher is standing on.
    In Yandere simJune1st.On the Yan-chans computer it says that her name is Ayano?
    Oh yeah,when Yan-chan makes octo dogs you can teleport in diffrent locations.

    • I do not know if they are bugs. (No wood to stand on is not important, right?) I do not play the game. Btw, nice of you to tell YandereDev that, but you should read the Bug Reporting carefully(, you’ll understand what I mean then). Continue reporting bugs, trooper!

  23. …Well I initially came here to tell people that the more you complain about stupid things..the more time Yandere Dev’s team has to take out of their busy day to pander to every ones level……. and its ridiculous that They have to Take Yet more time out There day to make Videos to console every one Over one little announcement…but…after scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the page and seeing every ones horrible comments to each other I think some thing else needs to be addressed….If you are only going to comment and be hurtful and rude to each other then DO NOT COMMENT! You are not helping Any one…if you want to get out mindless aggression Then there is a place for that….its called Tumbler…Not Yanderedev.wordpress.com….I feel Sorry for people like Yandere Dev and The net Work of Volunteers…they have to sort through your mindless fighting over a video game……the more you fight the less work gets done,….and for the love of god…DO NOT REPORT BUGS HERE! It clearly states not to the the very top of the page in BRIGHT RED LETTERS! ….thank you and have a lovely evening~

    1) Don’t repeat what people have already said, then you’re just adding fuel to the fire.
    2) Don’t point out things that are OBVIOUS
    3) 1 and 2 are both irrelevant. Why did anyone comment down here in the first place? It’s plain unhelpful. Yandere Dev doesn’t check this page.
    4) Repeating myself for those 12-year-old’s who don’t know what irrelevant means (nobody who is 12 say that they do know what ot means, I’m just simplifying #3), E-mail Yandere Dev. Read the top of the page.
    5) Last one, please don’t write any bugs from above. Yandere Dev has mentioned this page is outdated, so why are you posting things that are just that old?
    Thank you. I’m done.

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