April 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

Wanted to fix some bugs and improve the design of Juku’s Task, so here’s a new build.

To see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this video by Diamond Pro, who used Pose Mode to pose the entire cast of 202X Mode, as well as the entire cast of 1980s Mode! That takes a legendary amount of dedication!

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What if I had prioritized the rivals instead of the gameplay?

Whenever someone urges me to hurry up and quickly implement the remaining rivals into Yandere Simulator, I wonder if they really understand what they’re asking me to do. They’re telling me to put 10 characters into a game before the game has all of the mechanics necessary to make it fun to eliminate those characters. And that just seems silly to me.

Sometimes, I think about creating a build of Yandere Simulator that has 10 rivals – but no features – purely for the sake of making a statement: “It would be dumb to put the rivals into the game before building the systems that would make it fun to eliminate those rivals.”

So, today, for April 1st, a day reserved for silly jokes and pranks, I decided to do it: to create a build of the game that features 10 rivals…and nothing else. The purpose? To send a message. “This is what you asked for. A game with 10 rivals in it. But it’s missing something, isn’t it? That’s right – it’s missing the fun. Now do you finally understand why implementing fun mechanics is more important than implementing the rivals?”

Here, take a look. It’s a build where you can kill 10 rivals, see the conclusion of Ayano’s story, and watch the credits roll. But it sucks. Because it lacks all of the features necessary to make the experience fun.


“But, YandereDev!” you might say. “It shouldn’t take 8 years to make a game fun!”

According to what I hear on a daily basis from the fans, the game is already fun. It became fun years ago. There are people who have e-mailed me to say that they’ve played Yandere Simulator for 6 hours straight and had a great time. I already made a fun game, and it’s not even complete yet. I’m proud of that.

So why isn’t it done yet? Because my plans for the game are just so ambitious that I’m still not done adding fun things to the game, and I won’t put the remaining rivals in until I’ve finished preparing all of the systems and mechanics that the game needs. That, and I also need to raise the funding necessary to pay for the rivals’ voice acting / animations / events.

Actually, there are also a lot of other reasons why it’s taken 8 years. If you want to know them all, you can read about them here.

March 30th Big Build

Hello! I’ve got a really big build for you today. How big? 20 gameplay changes, 39 bug fixes, 4 new tasks for students, and a pretty significant update to one of the game’s previously-existing features!

Want to read a full list of everything that changed in this massive new build? Then scroll down past this beautiful illustration by Denzel Adobas!

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Nemesis Manga Sequel Released!

Hello! I have something to announce that I’m very excited about!

On August 1, 2019, I released “Retribution”, a short manga that revealed the origins and motivations of “Nemesis”, the mysterious girl who hunts and kills Ayano in Mission Mode. For years, I’ve wanted to continue the manga with a sequel…but it had to wait until I found the right artist to work with.

Last month, an artist with a phenomenal talent for drawing manga contacted me and volunteered to create artwork for Yandere Simulator. After seeing her incredible artwork, I told her about the Nemesis sequel that I’ve always wanted to release…and she agreed to draw it! (In case you’re curious who it is, the artist has asked to be credited as “JIBJAB“, and has shared a few of her fan-made illustrations on Reddit.)

Over the past month, she’s been drawing it in her spare time, and as of today…it’s finally ready to be released! I am very proud to release Chapter 2 of Retribution!

Chapter 1 was 7 pages long, but chapter 2 is over 3 times as long, coming in at a whopping 24 pages! I really hope that you’re going to enjoy reading it!

(It’s formatted in the style of a traditional Japanese manga, so remember to read the panels from right to left!)

English Version: https://yanderesimulator.com/manga/chapter2/nemesis2.html

Spanish Version: https://yanderesimulator.com/manga/chapter2/nemesis2-spanish.html

Japanese Version: https://yanderesimulator.com/manga/chapter2/nemesis2-japanese.html

Romanian Version: https://yanderesimulator.com/manga/chapter2/nemesis2-romanian.html

Greek Version: https://yanderesimulator.com/manga/chapter2/nemesis2-greek.html

Urdu Version: https://yanderesimulator.com/manga/chapter2/nemesis2-urdu.html

French Version: https://yanderesimulator.com/manga/chapter2/nemesis2-french.html

Polish Version: https://yanderesimulator.com/manga/chapter2/nemesis2-polish.html

Italian Version: https://yanderesimulator.com/manga/chapter2/nemesis2-italian.html

German Version: https://yanderesimulator.com/manga/chapter2/nemesis2-german.html

Arabic Version: https://yanderesimulator.com/manga/chapter2/nemesis2-arabic.html

Brazilian Portuguese Version: https://yanderesimulator.com/manga/chapter2/nemesis2-brazilian.html

Turkish Version: https://yanderesimulator.com/manga/chapter2/nemesis2-turkish.html

Hungarian Version: https://yanderesimulator.com/manga/chapter2/nemesis2-hungarian.html

Hebrew Version: https://yanderesimulator.com/manga/chapter2/nemesis2-hebrew.html

Indonesian Version: https://yanderesimulator.com/manga/chapter2/nemesis2-indonesian.html

Chinese Version: https://yanderesimulator.com/manga/chapter2/nemesis2-chinese.html

Vietnamese Version: https://yanderesimulator.com/manga/chapter2/nemesis2-vietnamese.html

Russian Version: https://yanderesimulator.com/manga/chapter2/nemesis2-russian.html

As you can see in the blog post where I announced it, the first chapter of Retribution was translated into TWENTY different languages! A testament to the fact that Yandere Simulator has fans all over the world, from a wide variety of different cultures and countries! Foreign fans of the game are welcome to translate chapter 2 and e-mail me a link to a zip file containing all of the translated pages!

And to make it easier for you, here’s a link to Chapter 2 without any words in the speech bubbles:


“But YandereDev, YandereDev! What about the game? When’s the next build?”

I’ve got a massive update with lots of changes that is almost ready to be uploaded, but I need a few more days to put the finishing touches on it. I hope you’ll look forward to it!

March 13th Bug-Fixing Build

Hello! There were some bugs in the water cooler update, but I’ve prepared an update that fixes those bugs, and also improves the way that the feature works. You’re going to be interested in this build’s changelog!

To see a list of everything that was fixed, added, or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this screenshot of an entire classroom being electrocuted to death:

Yes, someone actually pulled it off! And he recorded a video of it, too. Exactly what I hoped to see when I released yesterday’s build!

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Two New Features!

Edit: Oops! There was a critical bug in the build that I uploaded this morning; the character would freeze upon dipping a mop into a bucket. I’ve uploaded a new build with the problem fixed. Sorry about that!

Hello! Two new features have been added to Yandere Simulator for the purpose of replacing some gameplay mechanics that simply weren’t any fun at all. Hopefully, you’re going to have a much easier time with certain elimination methods now that these new mechanics have been added.

So, what exactly was added? Well…

It’s complicated, but click Continue Reading to read a looooong blog post that explains everything!

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March 1st Bug-Fixing Build

Hello! I’ve prepared a new update containing around 40 differences from the previous build.

The number of bug reports I’ve been receiving has drastically declined, which means that I can finally start to focus more of my time on adding new content instead of fixing bugs and removing exploits. With 99% certainty, I can say that March is the month that we return to “Hey guys, check out this new feature!” builds, instead of “Hey guys, I fixed 40 bugs…” builds.

To see a list of everything that changed in the latest build, scroll down past this beautiful artwork of Ryoba and Sonoko by x_anp!

This art appears to be the “cover page” of a short manga that x_anp drew! It’s only 5 pages long, but the artwork is gorgeous! I really hope that someone translates it into English!

Actually, x_anp has been drawing tons of stunning illustrations lately! From cute ones like this to highly detailed ones like this! Please go check out x_anp’s Twitter, because everything they draw is absolutely amazing!

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February 18th Bug-Fixing Build


Darn, there were some unforgivable bugs in the last build! I’ve prepared a new update with 27 differences from the previous build.

To see a list of everything that changed, scroll down past this photograph of my car:

Just kidding! That’s not a real-life vehicle; it’s a virtual car from a video game, decorated with a custom texture. What game? Who made the texture? Who took the screenshot? I’m really sorry; I don’t actually know! But, I still wanted to share this with you, anyway, since it made me really happy to know that someone enjoys Yandere Simulator enough to decorate their virtual car with it!

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Valentine’s Day Bug-Fixing Build

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I was informed about some really unfortunate bugs in the most recent build, so I quickly prepared a new one with the issues fixed. Also, I have some news that will be relevant to anyone who was encountering the “screen turns blue when entering first person view” bug.

To read a list of everything that was fixed in the latest build, scroll down past this super-adorable Valentine’s Day artwork by maxusfox23!

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