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  1. Don’t make it that we have to take pictures of someone falling, there is a risk of looking like a jerk, just seeing it manga should be enough. I think you should look up more to Hitman, as you already were and not Yakuza. Yandere chan is weak, and hiding her personality should always be the main focus. Her actions should be more cowardly like.

    • Srdjan Pancic,

      YandereDev doesn’t usually look at the comments so I’ll respond to your comment.
      He suggested both a manga AND taking a photo. I think you make a good point, but maybe this’ll be the price you pay for learning a new move. For example, when you gossip you earn the image of a jerk. Why not take a photo of a person? People will gossip about your rudeness and lower your reputation.

      • When its friday and you haven’t defeated your “Rival” does the rival just disappear or in the next week do you have to defeat that rival and then defeat the new one??

      • When you cant defeat the rival by Friday, its game over, because you let her confess to senpai. The game ends.

      • I have a suggestion, will there be special school events like a culture festival, sport events, and things like that? I think this could add unique situations to allow the player to murder a rival in different ways and allow you to get away with thing like causing accidents to lead them away that you normally couldn’t do other wise.

      • Hey I have a few questions and I don’t want to bother the dev. 1: What program does the Dev use to make the characters and my second question is, can we submit out own characters to be put in the game ?

  2. maybe you should add a different system of combat like one which includes you hiding from the men in the building and you need to catch them off guard then kill them. And you can make a table you can hide behind to block their guns if you give them guns. You can even implement a dodging move allowing you to run around them and sidestep. You can even use confusion like make one guy go behind you and one guy in front and when he tries to punch you you sidestep and the other guy gets hurt.

  3. Hey, this question isn’t with regards to the game itself but more with regards to the concept of the game. I am aware that some official Yandere Simulator merchandise is going to be sold but what is your stance on fan-made prints, posters, keychains, etc sold at anime and comic convention booths (not online)? I know that some indie creators are not always on board with this, so I thought it best to ask your preference on the matter.

  4. Another Question for you to solve (yayyy) anyways, i been always wondering when can the game come out for different platforms, like mac, linux and etc. I always wanted to play the game but its for windows, and as you can see i dont have windows. I will be soooooo happy if you can make it available on other computer. Thanks :3

  5. I have a 2 questions first, do you have to kill or get rid of the new rivals that come before the end of the week and if not would it be possible for a rival to kill, fight or dispose of another rival?

    • No, you don’t need to kill then, there are non killing methods to get rid of a rival. And no, I don’t believe so, not for themselves, I mean. The only way to make one girl kill another is by kidnapping one of them and turning then into a mindless slave that will kill the person you want and then herself.

      • I know there are ways to get rid of a rival without killing them I’m just asking if you have to kill the rival that arrives at the beginning of every week before the end of the week (i do know that this is not yet implemented since there is only one week)

    • That’s also in the FAQ, you have to use some method to stop the rival from confessing to Senpai and you have to stop them by Friday. Yandere-Chan can’t confess to Senpai until all rivals are eliminated.

    • A new rival will arrive every week. No two rivals will be in school the same week, probably. Therefore, one rival may not be able to eliminate another. The deadline currently is the end of the week.

  6. So you can only play as a girl currently? Will there also eventually be the option for those who don’t want a girl character to be able to play as a male Yandere?

    • this is on the faq, ple read all of it before questioning. No, he doesn’t plan to make a gender choive since Yandere-chan is a fixed character, but he might implement it as a strecth goal on the crowd founding and if the game earns enough money he will do it(against his will, but…)

      • (wow, such typing errors, that’s what happens when you try to type with the keyboard in a diferent position…)

    • like i said covert operations stealth killing guns the game is only be avaliable on mac linux and windows

      On Fri, Jun 17, 2016 at 2:40 PM, Game Development Blog wrote:

      > Duplo CS commented: “Do you need a strong computer to play Yandere > simulator?” >

      • He’s talking about Yandere Simulator. It’s been explicitly stated there will be no guns. It is a stealth game, but where are you getting ‘covert operations’ from? And he never said it’d be only for mac, linux, and windows, he said he didn’t even know if it’d ever be on anything but PC. Read the FAQ before you try to help people.

    • i have a intel core i3 @ 1.8 gh and 4 gigs of ram and a intergraded graphics card and it runs at around 20-30 fps and yandere dev stated that he is working on fixing the frame rate

    • YandereDev doesn’t usually look at the comments so I’ll respond to your comment.

      yandere-simulator.wikia.com is the Yandere Simulator wiki. YandereDev himself contributes to it. That link is your best bet. Good luck ^^!

      – Answer-chan

  7. The game will come out in the middle of 2017 but dont worry it come out for mac linux and windows i need your guys help to get me a game design for mac because that is what iam looking for you can help by suggestions for my game

    • Because he needs money, of course! Why would he get though all this stress for nothing? Dont be greedy! 5 dollars is really cheap if you compare tô other games. (the game Will be between 5~15 dollars depending on the crowd founding) If you cant pay, then you Will have tô do with the demo version when it achieves this state.

      • It wouldn’t be right for YandereDev to get nothing for a game he has and will work on many years with. Sorry, but it’s stupid to ask ”why should it cost money”. He already needs money to develope the game, and possibly hire some people to work with him in the future (I don’t know if he already has some people hired or not). He has put so much of his time on this game, so it’s only right for him to get something in return.

  8. i have an interesting question/suggestion when it comes to the kidnap mechanic. specifically, that people look for people when they disappear.if a young girl doesn’t come home from school, and isn’t accounted for in a matter of days, people get consirned. police is called yo report a missing persons report, and they go into an investigation until evidence of the persons whereabouts, or death. i propose that if a person is kidnapped, and they are missing for a number of days, the police might patrol around the school, or even question people she was seen with last. similarly to if a person has been “disposed of” without any evidence coming up of their deaths. just a thought, great job with the game so far.

  9. Yandere-dev,Yandere-dev! i think someone within your team or someone at the site you use to present the builds to us is trying to sabotage your game on purpose because recently i keep getting virus notifications whenever i try to download a new debug build from you and so far this particular thing makes it to where i can’t close any window and i have to force my computer to shut down immediately and so far the source is ONLY from here so you should look into that because i don’t want ANYONE to ruin your hard work or ruin your real life reputation. (; o□o) .

  10. Hey Yandere-dev, I have a question regarding the interaction with other characters. I currently haven’t seen it mentioned previously in other comments or suggestions and have seen it mentioned in your videos, but only in the form of rivals. So i’m wondering, have you considered of more interactions with other students in the form of positive or negative feelings towards either Yandere-chan or Senpai? For example, once Yandere-chan has reached a certain level in popularity wouldn’t some of the boys (and possibly the girls) take notice of Yandere-chan and even further begin to develop feelings feelings for her? Would that in turn cause some students to go out of their way to see her and interact with her? Or what if the opposite happened? What if someone began to simply despise either Yander-chan or Senpai for no good reason? Would that person themselves spread rumors about Yandere-chan or Senpai around the school or would they also go out of their way, not to gain affection but rather cause problems for them,maybe someone suddenly had stolen Yandere-chan’s Drama mask or case from the music room, maybe someone else dumped a bucket of water on Yandere-chan rather than the other way around. Just a thought for you.

  11. I apologize in advance if you’ve heard or replied to this question before, but will different types of personalities react differently to being kidnapped? For example (if you don’t mind) i think that cowards should beg for mercy, evil students should try to convince the player to let them go, social butterflies would react as shown in the “Torture,Mind-Breaking and Murder-Suicide” video, and heros would try to escape. Speaking of wich, if you choose to implement this into the game, what will be the results of having a student that you’ve kidnapped escape? Would they go to school and damage your reputation? Or would they go straight to the police?. Also are Yandere-chan’s parents an active character, or more like, will they be an active character? Because if Yandere-chan is still a schoolgirl it would be highly unlikely for her to live all alone; i do realize that it’s a videogame so i shouldn’t expect flawless logic. I would aprecciate very much if you replied!

    • Pls, read the ENTIRE faq before asking. About Yandere’s parents, they are not active in the game because during the game they are traveling overseas due to their job.

  12. What if you make it so if you don’t kill Kokona and you befriend and help her Dad out of debt, she helps you talk to senpai or interact with him in a positive way for the first time.

  13. Also, I feel combat will eventually be necessary in the game, especially with new rivals potentially having combat experience. Instead of investing time in complicated fighting mechanics, small cuts scenes could be animated for the instances with choices with fast timers, like in zombie games and struggle scenes in many genres. The choices will make players feel more involves and cut scenes instead of mechanics stay within the game’s feel. To make it fit the stealth of the game requirements in the strength stat should be necessary to overpower these girls and certain things should have to be done to get the rival into the situation that starts the cut scene. There could also be negative consequences if Yandere-chan’s strength isn’t high enough and the rival gets the upper hand. To conclude this I would like to suggest making the final rival another yandere girl who is also trying to kill Yandere-chan once she discovers she like the same senpai. I think a model randomizer on the final version of this suggestion could be a very effective surprise for each play of the final game.

  14. Hi YandereDev , I’ve had an idea for the game and maybe you’ll like it , maybe apart from the skirt invertory thing also add a small knife that can be used to slow down and injure your rival, this knife could be not found by the police. Another thing is that now you’re adding the option to censor yandere’s panties maybe you could add the option to remove the steam clouds in the shower or have her have a towel. PS I’m not a perv , pluss I’m a female It’s just that it’s weird she should have steam clouds around her , as you said , the bolder the better , the more opinions it creates and the more publicity the game gets.

  15. You say there will not be a gender change within Yan-chan but why would we get the choice to make Senpai a girl? Wouldn’t that make a lesbian relationship, to those that wouldn’t know the game worked like that they wouldn’t want a same sex couple and so a male would pick their lover as female and also be female? You might as well not have any gender customizations at all.

  16. yandere dev can i have my suggestion…. can you change the animation of the axe like slicing them but not going to be dismember like slicing their chest

  17. Hey, YandereDev…I have an idea on a possible elimination method. But BEFORE I propose it, it does have a TRIGGER WARNING to it.

    What about overdosing? And this is what I was thinking for how it should go down. One of the rivals starts feeling sick and heads to the Nurse’s Office to lie down and the rival falls asleep. Yan-Chan could sneak into the Nurse’s Office, get the syringe, and like the tranquilizer have it to where Yan-Chan can administer a lethal dose of (whatever) to the sleeping rival. Messed up, I know but it’s interesting right? This could be used with the biology skills since Biology rank 1 allows you to administer the tranquilizer without killing the student. Well, it’s just an idea. 🙂

  18. In your videos you say that if your reputation drops you will be considered as a delinquent and senpai could never love a dwlinquent, but the delinquent boss is a rival that love senpai, i don’t really understand this thing; cam someone answer me?

    • The boss of the delinquents would have a sort of respect about her, would she not? Anyway, who’s to say Senpai would return the love? When she confesses, she could easily bully Senpai into pretending to return her affection.

  19. crock-san,

    The Delinquent will probably have a high reputation, but you have a good point.

    – Answer-chan

    • So your question was:
      The game download is updated
      El juego no se actualizará a sí mismo … Hay que volver a descargar desde el sitio web , me temo.

      (También, lo siento si mi español no es muy grande , estoy usando Google Translate … Lo siento !! )

      ~ Answer-chan



      The game does not update itself… You have to redownload it from the website, I’m afraid.

      (Also , sorry if my Spanish is not great , I’m using Google Translate … Sorry !! )

      ~ Answer-chan

  20. I’m just saying this out of the top of my head, I’m not asking or suggesting at all for this, but I think it would be cool if snap mode were to be used differently, depending on the type of “bad” ending you get.

    Also, Happy birthday Devpai. Today is also my little brother’s and sister’s birthday also.

  21. Hello caan please anyone say the link so i can download yandere simulator september 20th on mediafire? Please say the media fire link to september 20th Yan Sim! 🙂 Thanks for answer 🙂

  22. I have a suggestion, will there be special school events like a culture festival, sport events, and things like that? I think this could add unique situations to allow the player to murder a rival in different ways and allow you to get away with thing like causing accidents to lead them away that you normally couldn’t do other wise.

  23. Would it be possible to implement an option that causes Yandere Vision to momentarily activate, upon killing your first victim with the axe? In order to give it, like, an ‘entering insanity’ kind of feeling? I think it’d look badass.

  24. YANDEREDEV I DONT KNOW IF YOU SEE THIS COMMENT but here a idea you know the touture room you should break the person insted of pressing abutton

    • Making a mobile version of Yandere Simulator will not be as fun as the PC version, as a phone can’t support the full requirements of the game. Even if there’s a mobile version, it won’t be free. “There is no free meals in the world”. Making a game is hardwork and the developers need money.

    • There’s a mobile thingy named “High School Simulator”. I haven’t played, but it’s apparently pretty much Yandere Simulator, but…well, more messy. It’s downloadable for free on Google Play.

  25. OMG I CANOT PLAY IT!!!! It just says “The crash folder named “2016-07-09-185283″ next to game executable. It would be great if you’d send it to the developer of the game” ! I’m foreigner soI cannot understand this D: What should I do?????

  26. Yandere dev. I think I have an idea for the game. Why don’t you add a fencing club. This way you can use the sword as a new weapon and you can change into a fencing suit and it wouldn’t be suspicious for you to be carrying that around. The only thing is I have not thought of what the bonus could be. Maybe it could do something with the amount of time killing someone. Anyway I hope you like my idea. Thanks.

  27. Hey YandereDev! I am always curious about the number of elimination methods in the game. First in your Past Present future video it said there are going to be 15 different elimination methods. But then later you said 13. You said you have many planned but my question is how many elimination methods are planned for the entire game?

  28. What if Yandere – Chan was named Yana or Yan Shinto since Shinto means deadly silent it could be kind of ironic?
    And this of course is just an idea but what if she had split personality disorder? That could explain the sweet side along with the cray side if she ever got encountered.

  29. Hi Yanderedev! I just wanted to say Yandere Simulator is going great and it looks amazing, but I do have one question for you.
    You have been releasing debug builds for people to report bugs they find in the game, which helps you get closer to implementing more features and finishing the game, but when you actually get to the point where everything has been tested, when will you stop releasing the debug builds for us to play?

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