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  1. After I download it I can’t get into it it needs an engine in order to be played and for people to get into it it wont work for me so yeah fucking bullshit assholes

    • It’s a debug build, and it could need certain things in place to work. Just because it doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean it’s bs! I’m sure the full version will be more agreeable.

    • Did you unzip it? That’s really all it requires. And if that’s not working, if you can’t even get to the files, you may need to find a ZIP version. https://yanderehost.com/ Here they have two ZIP versions, I would suggest starting with the Google Drive (Zip) one, I’ve used it before on a device non-compatible with rar. Download it (You may have to do a few things after clicking on the link to download it) then unzip it, open it and you should be able to find Yandere Simulator inside.

    • Try not to spam the same question over and over dude. He very rarely reads comments on this blog anymore C:

      • i’d like my question: why does midori look like tsuruya?
        & i know she was added just to kill for that very reason.
        yandere dev yandere dev she says is just as annoying.
        but she is too easy to kill, unless she had a suggested: ‘friend!’
        it be a lesser annoying girl that’d avenge midiri’s death.

  2. when can we create a senpai “female” ? and why I can’t finsh the game ? (I kill Kokona but I can’t finish the week !) and why when I exit the game when I replay the game my senpai have changed ??? I want the senpai who I’ve create ! (sorry for my english I’m french 😉 )

    • 1. The female sempai feature hasn’t been implimented yet. It will be available when the game is finished.
      2. You can’t finish the game because the game isn’t finished. Yanderedev builds these debug versions so people can help him test it for glitches and bugs, and also to try out new features. However, there are no rivals and no ways to win, because it isn’t a full game yet.
      3. I don’t know why your sempai changes to the default when you restart, but I am sure your custom sempai will be fully functional by the time the game is finished.

    • The reason why when you kill kokona but still loose is because kokona isn’t your rival! the rival has not been put into the game yet! kokona is there so yandere dev can test ways to kill your rival, also rival-chan (the immortal girl by the tree) was put in to test one feature. that is why you can not win the game yet.

  3. oh and why I can’t do the flirt with the demon of fire ??? It’s to late ? how we can have the power of the succubus (the demon) ? It’s not available yet ? and why the skull have just one eye shine in blue and the other not ? and WHY A CHEESE ???? O.O WHYYYYYYY ?

    • 1. You can’t flirt with him because either a) he will only have that one line of dialouge, or b) the game isn’t finished yet.
      2. Most likely, the succubus isn’t finished yet, or you will not be able to get her power at all. I don’t know.
      3. The blue eyes in the skull and the cheese are a reference to another game called “Undertale”

      • Ok ! thank’s for your help ! I hope Yanderedev can finish the game the most rapedly possible ! Come on Yanderedev ! YEAH ! (I want senpai just for me so please finish this game ! and it’s a wonderfull game, continue like that !)

  4. (Sorry I dont play yandere simulator)
    Can you allow tablets to play like download it in the tab???

    • Most likely Yandere Simulator will never be downloadable on mobile. I think he explained it as if he made a mobile version it would be severely limited in quality compared to the PC version and not have all the the functions he’d want.

  5. HELP SOMEONE!1!1! Okay so, I downloaded a rip off of some non affiliated website, and it came as a zip file. I have WinRar, so it’s not a problem. All the files are there, I’ve checked. I have tried extracting shit and all that wonderful stuff, but it wont open. I don’t know what to do, and I have literaly no idea how to use winrar basically, I mean I understand it but just barely enough. Someone tell me how to make it open pleaseeeee

    • It should be quite easy if you have 7-zip (I think Windows 10 comes with 7-zip but I can’t remember) and all you would have to do is download it, then open 7-zip and unzip the file in there. It may take some time finding the file, however.

      • (If you press the tiny file button with a green arrow going up as much as you can, then click documents then click the file-and-green-arrow button find downloads, and open it, yandere simulator will be in there and you can click it once then click extract)

  6. Hello…

    I’m reading everything on this page,and more,but i still don’t know some controls…Like opening Debug Menu or Easter Egg menu…


    • the “\” and “/” keys open the easter egg and debug menus.
      As for other controls, the game pretty much tells you them all as you’re playing.

    • to open Easter egg menu its / and choose a thing ( in order to change power you need to press ` to restart the day)
      to open debug i believe its \ and you choose whtever

  7. i need help… i downloaded yandere sim. and i loaded it up, but whn i go into cinematic mode i cant get out… plus i don’t know how to Telleport, someone help?

  8. hi. so yandere simulator has downloaded as a RARfile. is this a normal thing and should I download RAR opener, its says it will help. I have an Windows 10 laptop.
    thank you

    • Yes, it’s the format the game is dowloaded, you should download a Rar openner for this.(I find it weird how there are a lot of people here that doesnt already have one, because it was essencial for me since I first brought a computer…)

  9. Hello! I’ve downloaded Winzip from the first alternative in “downloads”, but, When I open it it wont open the game? it just says “There should be a Yanderesimulator.Data” or something. and when I press there it’s just files and no programs? help me to open the game??

    • The game is not a virus. What happens is that the game is not licensed yet, this May cause your antivírus to track it thinking its a virus, when its not. Desativate your antivírus while downloading the game, then after the instalation activate it again.

  10. I have a very important request! I would like a general rating of the game based on its current content. ((You know, like how most games are rated from E for everybody, to M for mature.))

    • Either T or M (not sure). As the game gets more intense and brutal in terms of elimination methods, it will most likely be considered M.

  11. There is one question I wanted to ask, that was about the most recent addition to the game: “Friendship and Betrayal.”

    While I can guess the advantages of being able to do this route with your rival and even if you “Spare” her and just tell her to back off from Senpai, wouldn’t there be a danger to leaving her free?

    Here’s the example I thought of: Suppose everything in the demonstration happened- You spared the rival and helped her father by kidnapping the daughter of the loan shark and used blackmail to clear the debts. If the game progresses and the player decides to do murders to turn the atmosphere at school dark, Previously, you had brought up the photography club and how in a dark atmosphere, they would turn into an “investigation club” to find the murderer. What would the chances to that they wouldn’t ask questions to students to get their thoughts, and they happen to stumble over the girl you kidnapped and she tells them what happened to her, while at the same time finding out from your rival that “Yandere-Chan somehow helped my father clear all his debts! But she didn’t tell me how she did it.”

    Of course, I might be confusing the Photography club for the non-existent “Newpaper Club” (As of course there’s no reason why there should that club anyway since the only thing it could do is probably get your information you need, and you have info-chan that does that already), meanwhile what I proposed probably sounds highly improbable and would be something only “L” from Death Note would have come up with if he was some kind detective student.

    I thought about emailing this question, but I felt that it would fall under the “suggestions” where it would be pointless to actually consider and probably would add in alot more work for the game then there should already be.

  12. I have a question I like to ask to Yandere Dev(hope it doesn’t sound stupid), but I have no idea where to ask him that besides his email. I have checked the FAQ as well as the doc google, but none of them have the question (or answer I was looking for.)

    I’m aware that the game have features that are based from the anime/manga/video game he plays (aka: Character stereotypes, school activities/extracurricular, etc). In addition, from his previous video, “Friendship and Betrayal,” his next elimination method is matchmaking. Well, my question is somewhat relate to those two topics.

    Will there be a forbidden love (aka: teacher/student) implemented in the game?

    I know that in many anime/manga/video game “trope”, there is a romance between a teacher and a student. And usually, that relationship is supposed to be private and secret from public’s eyes since the relationship is taboo. So I’m curious if this type of relationship will be implemented into the game. I will admit that it will make good use for blackmail, spread rumor, and such. However, the only complication I see is how does that affect the teacher. It will be too much work to deal with the teacher, but if it’s similar to eliminating the student non-violent; perhaps it might work? Anyway, just throwing in a silly question in.

  13. Will it be possible in the future to change the controls in to Arrow keys instead?
    Great game btw. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  14. is anyone else having this problem where students move or shake in there spots when there are events? like when everyone stands in the courtyard they’re constantly teleporting back and fourth or spazzing out in place. i don’t know how to fix this please help

  15. It says i need to open my download with an app ;-; i have tried everything and i AM on a pc i was actually in tears because i love the game so much and i cant get it! please help me 😦

    • Sigh, I Just can’t understand the ignorance of people about extracting a file -_- Just dowload a Rar oppener to extract the game and you’re done. There are Winrar and 7zip, they are the most common ones, they are free.

  16. if midori is like tsuruya, than whom is going to look simular to asakura?
    add or awnsure me with a name of a possiable long dark blue hair girl!
    whom, would complement midori gurin with a rich new blue haired girl?
    name??? idk how about? ai saku ra? her last name i’d have you decide…
    club: marshal arts, personality: social but not only is a friend of midori.
    rich girl protective of her BFF midori & acts mothery towards kuudere.

  17. A Fun Easter Egg to Add would be The SOS Brigade Litteracy Club Room!
    & whouldn’t kuudere easily belong into such a club as it’s only member?
    look at it this way; you all ready have added the light music club from K-on!

    • Dear Yago-kun,

      YandereDev doesn’t usually look at the comments so I’ll respond to your comment.
      Rival-chan is simply a stand-in for the tutorial rival, Osana Najimi.
      She will not have any actions.

      Have a nice day~!

      ~ Answer-chan

  18. I have so much ideas to make the game so much more fun without losing its theme. Please listen to my ideas owner, it be epic if you implement some of my ideas.

    1) MAKE A NIGHT MODE! (Stealthy in the night, stealth mode) Yandarie Chan can come to school at night time (optional) and do things (IDEAS are limitless). It would also incorporate the delinquents into the game better and the occult club even more scarier (i.e. the occult club can tell scary Japanese legends, idk but can effect story line).. Of course Night time will also have night guards and security camera. Ideas are limitless instead of merely waking up for school to the next day there is an option for NIGHT TIME mode. I feel this will make the game more fun.

    2) MAKE THE LAYOUT OF THE SCHOOL LIKE A COLLEGE CAMPUS. I feel if there is more things to interact and not merely isolating it into one school would make the game more fun to explore.

    3) IMPRESS SENPAI MODE. You can impress senpai and he will grow fond of you.

    4) A GIRL DATES SENPAI. (will be hard and plenty of chances to prevent it) Don’t worry if a girl manages to get into a date with senpai you will have a chance to redeem yourself. This is where the WEEKENDS are incorporated. You will try to ruin Senpai’s date with a girl as they head to town. OMFG Town can finally have a meaning. However if you fail to do so you will be heartbroken.

    5) DELINQUENT DARK QUESTS: This will happen in the night time mode (because dirty things happen at night) you have a chance to do tasks for the delinquents and fight rivals. But that is more action themed…. However there is positive things you can do, if you win respect from them you can have them do things like kidnap for you, erase murder evidence, and other dirty things that make it easy(evil deeds) to rid the competition. However, if the delinquent is caught their is a chance for an Expel.

    I have many more ideas to implement but so far I’ll share these ideas if the owner is willing to want to hear more. Love this game, I can see so much improvements.

  19. what I think would be a good idea would be “extra classes”. I think yandere-chan should have to attend a certain class to join a certain club. Such as i.e. “Art class>Art Club> The advantages of the art club. or Drama club to gain the abilities that the drama club provides.
    I know some or more clubs i.e. gaming, photography, gardening or occult clubs would NOT have a specific class but maybe I’d leave that to yandere-dev if he/you ever decide to implement this as a real game-play mechanic. But I think we should give some thought on the light-music, martial-arts/sports, cooking, and science clubs and others due to their similarities to real life classes.
    Martial-arts/Sports> PE/Physical Education
    Cooking> Home Economics
    Science> Science

    • the game is a covert operations game so stealth in military modern time but I need to find a game engine for mac so like me to some and send suggstions

      On Thu, Jun 16, 2016 at 5:31 AM, Game Development Blog wrote:

      > sapzboy21xl commented: “what I think would be a good idea would be “extra > classes”. I think yandere-chan should have to attend a certain class to > join a certain club. Such as i.e. “Art class>Art Club> The advantages of > the art club. or Drama club to gain the abilities that” >

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