May 15th Update


The additions that the game received in the May 1st update inspired many players to approach the game in different ways. As a result, I received a lot of suggestions for various improvements that could be made to the game, and also reports of bugs that had never been discovered before. That’s the majority of what I focused on for the past 2 weeks.

To read a list of everything that was added/changed/fixed/improved in the latest update, scroll down past this gorgeous illustration of the bullies by shiying__!


  • Previously, when using a stink bomb on a student, students would run away from the stink bomb cloud, and then run back to their original location. To make stink bombs a little more useful, students will now WALK back to their original location instead of running back. (Unless they were already in a hurrying/running state at the point in time when they smelled the stink bomb.)
  • From now on, at the screen where you allocate Study Points into school subjects, you can press a key (or button, if you’re playing on gamepad) to see details on exactly what you’re going to gain from each “rank up.” This is to benefit new players who might not understand exactly how much you have to “rank up” any given subject in order to get the associated benefits.
  • When Nemesis performed her “look left and right” animation, she would rotate her head far too much, and would essentially look over her shoulder, which would allow her to see anything behind her back. This made her way more difficult to stealth-kill than intended, so her “look left and right” animation has been adjusted.
  • Rivals will no longer agree to perform the “Distract” favor at Lunchtime, since it’s way too easy to get a rival completely alone using the Distract favor. (Plus, it’s unreasonable to ask someone for a favor when they’re eating a meal.)
  • This is a significant change, but is essential to further balance the “conceal a corpse” feature: Wrapping a dead body in a garbage bag now involves an animation that takes 10 seconds to finish.
  • Updated one of the walkway textures so that the walkways leading up to the “matchmaking fountains” now seamlessly transition into the diamond-shaped walkways around the fountains.
  • Ritsuko (the 5th rival of 1980s Mode) will no longer respond to a dropped weapon by picking it up and returning it to where it belongs. It would be out-of-character for her.
  • From now on, when Ayano aims her camera at a student’s face, if it’s a “Selfie” instead of a normal photo, the student will look at Ayano’s camera rather than look at Ayano.
  • The stealth mission “Game Over” screens lacked any kind of post-processing effects whatsoever. Oops! That was a mistake. The missing post-processing effects have been added.
  • Updated the text for Kyuji’s task to make it clear that the player can purchase a headset+mic from the Electronics Store in town instead of Info-chan.
  • Previously, if the player spoke to a student while extremely close to a wall, the camera would clip through the wall. This bug has been fixed.
  • Students will no longer pick up a dropped object and return it to where it belongs if they are currently wearing a swimsuit or eating lunch.
  • Students now perform a more appropriate animation when they are in the “was following someone, now can’t find the person they were following” state.
  • From now on, if the player takes out a knife before talking to Sumire in the 1980s tutorial, Ryoba will quickly hide the knife.
  • Added voice acting for the 1980s Mode “I want a scarf” Task (female variant only).
  • The act of crafting bodybags is now accompanied by a sound effect.


  • Some students have a special reaction to the death of a specific student (such as Sakyu Basu reacting to the death of Inkyu Basu by attacking the player). However, if the murder involved electrocution, the “special reaction” code would not trigger. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player had Yandere Vision activated while interacting with certain prompts – such as a Task prompt, the Workbench, or the rival bookbag – the game would get stuck between the Yandere Vision state and interacting with the prompt. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player started a game with the “No Info-chan” Challenge active, they would still have the ability to perform a “Sneak Panty Shot” or send photographs to Info-chan, and then recieve text message replies from her. This oversight has been fixed.
  • If the player completed Gema’s Task and then turned it in at lunchtime, rather than morning, two bullies would perform their “spying on Gema” animation in the girls’ bathroom instead of performing it outside of Gema’s club. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player selected Hairstyle 12 for Senpai, he would appear bald in several cutscenes, such as the “walking to school with Osana” cutscene, the “Senpai meets Amai” cutscene, and the “Thanks for Playing” scene. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player left a note in Osana’s locker to arrange a meeting for 3:30 PM, and then advanced from lunchtime to cleaning time in less than 2 seconds, Raibaru would enter her lunchtime routine at 3:30 PM. This bug has been fixed.
  • When deciding whether or not to shut down a club, the game was counting the number of students in a club incorrectly, which could lead to clubs being shut down when they shouldn’t be shut down. This bug has been fixed.
  • It was impossible to join the Drama Club in 1989 because the game wasn’t acknowledging the club leader as being “in his club” when he was practicing his acting skills in the gym. This oversight has been corrected.
  • If the player electrocuted a student who was reacting to a missing phone, the student would stop being electrocuted and start running in the middle of the electrocution animation. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player alarmed Osana during her Tuesday “read Senpai’s book” event, she would slide across the ground without playing an animation, and she wouldn’t pick up Senpai’s book. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player told a student to go to their locker, and the student was stopped along the way by a Cooking Club student, the student would forget about going to their locker. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player tranquilized Komako in the gym storage room, her followers would walk through the gym door and enter the room, even though the door was meant to be locked. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player attempted to start the Amai Challenge with the “Knife Only” challenge active, the player would receive a game over instantly upon loading into the school. This bug has been fixed.
  • Previously, if you used the “Week Select” feature to establish a rival as being eliminated by being “Befriended,” the rival would not actually be your friend in-game. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player crushed a rival with a bookcase, the End-of-Day Police Investigation sequence would describe the death as “being crushed with a bucket of weights.” This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player was spotted by a student council member while wiping blood off of a weapon, the “reacting to being spotted” animation would not play properly. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player was caught lighting a bag on fire in the asylum mission and received a game over, the fire would still be visible on the Game Over screen. This bug has been fixed.
  • If a student was killed by demonic arms while running towards the protagonist to apprehend her, the protagonist would become permanently frozen. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing students in the Newspaper Club from performing the animation they were supposed to be performing during Club Activity time.
  • If the player was kicked out of a club in 1980s Mode, the text that appeared onscreen would reference Ayano instead of Ryoba. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would break the pathfinding of Chigusa’s “admirers” if Chigusa was killed and had her corpse placed into the incinerator.
  • Fixed a typo in the subtitles that appear when one of the 1980s Mode student council boys sends you to the counselor’s office.
  • Fixed bug that could cause one of the 1980s Mode boys to trip while running into school, as if he was Otohiko from 202X Mode.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “Set Tape Player on Seat” prompt to appear in 202X Mode, even though it was a 1980s Mode Task.
  • Due to a bug, it was possible for the player to walk around in the “Kokona Tutorial Menu” screen. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player activated the “No Bag” Challenge, all trash cans would disappear from school. This bg has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to control the protagonist before the “fade into school” effect had ended.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the female delinquents’ mouths to deform in a strange way when talking to the player.
  • The metal detector was not detecting the car battery as a metal object. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with the 3D model for the workbenches in the Workshop room.
  • Fixed a typo in the Workbench hint for crafting stink bombs.

Save Loading Change

I’ve made a change to the way that the game loads saves from the title screen. Here is how it works now:

  1. If you exit to the title screen while it is daytime (before attending school, or while at school) then, when you load your game from the title screen, you will load into the Calendar screen.
  2. If you exit to the title screen while it is nighttime (after attending school) then, when you load your game from the title screen, you will load into Ayano’s room.

This is because, if the player exits to the title screen from Ayano’s room, they haven’t established whether or not the player will do anything (such as go shopping or read manga) before ending the day. The player needs to end the day properly (by going to sleep and returning to the Calendar screen) before the game can know what screen it should be returning to upon load.

Outdated Build Warning

From now on, if you are playing an old build of the game, you will see “You are playing an outdated build! Please download the latest build!” text at the screen where you select your resolution. However, you won’t actually get to see this text appear until I upload the next build.

There is a chance that you might download and play this build so fast that you’ve downloaded it before the website’s cache has updated, meaning that the game will actually believe, for a second, that it’s not the latest build. If this happens, just wait a few hours, and the warning message will go away. (You can still play the game even if the warning message appears.)

What’s Next?

There’s only about 3 items remaining on the “Pre-Crowdfunding Checklist”, and I’m extremely eager to return my focus to that checklist, but it all depends on how many bugs get reported / improvements get suggested. We’ll just have to see how things turn out.

95 thoughts on “May 15th Update

  1. When they are created for corpses, the duct tape is completely removed from the game, and there is no more tape left in the entire school. There should be another tape in the world shop and on the gym stage
    You couldn’t create any more bags anyway, since the box of bags also disappears.

      • It makes sense for the tape to disappear, because to put 5 large bags together without tearing them, you have to use a lot of tape.

        The problem is that it is the only one in the school and there are other functions that require it.

  2. why can’t I change the texture of loose hair in the streamingassets folder? I find it hard to watch my custom ayano hair color change when she puts on a towel(((

    • You’re asking “Why can’t I?” as if you’re searching for a reason.

      There is no “reason.” I simply never added the feature to the game.

      But, just for you, this feature will be added to the next build.

      • yandere dev could you look into adding some updates to the atmosphere?? like more flower pots here and there i would recommend looking at mods that change environment. Just feels a little empty sometimes!!

  3. hi there, im addressing some thoughts i been having about the game so far (gets deeper the longer it goes):

    isnt it kinda weird that ayano/ryoba never eat anything ever?

    or that the student counsils members are also suspicious of ryoba? (i mean it is undestandable for ayano, but while playing as ryoba, she has nothing on her to be seen as suspicious by them).

    or that senpai doesnt have anything making him worth the hype by all of these pretty and popular girls? to the point where our protagonist would kill for him? i think it is very important to at least give him some interesting character traits, or perhaps make him the club leader for something? (also making it hard for ryoba to do things in that club since he is around)
    or that the protagonist cant even form a sentence near senpai but is supposed to spend “happy ever after” with him?

    i feel like implementing a way for us to be able to either get close to senpai, or at least interact with him, perhaps it gets easier for us to do so the more rivals we kill in ryobas mode? that way he notices us more?
    perhaps getting close to him, as challenging as that should be, it would help us not get a gameover where senpai believes rumors spread about us when our rep is low? i just feel like the potential “happy ever after” where senpai is ours, is illogical with ryoba and ayano behaving that way near him

    another thing is that aside from the environmental differences between ayano and her mothers modes, nothing is really any different, there is nothing notably special in either main characters making you go “ah yes, this is ayano for you” or “yep, that is definitely not the exact same senpai from 202X, just uncustomisable”
    i feel like it is kind of bland, having both ryoba and her daughter, be in the exact same classroom, falling in love with a guy that coincidentally goes to the exact same class as her father, and that also happens to not be a really exciting character either, however the exact same flavourless student, just like her dad was,
    same goes for the rivals, they all just have the exact same interactions with senpai, shouldnt senpai realize by now that receiving bento boxes from girls on mondays is jinxed cause they will wind up dead or gone missing?

    anyway, i just feel that interactions with senpai can be more creative, not the same concepts over and over, and that ryoba, ayano, and both senpais should have some distinguishable character traits, so that the player doesnt just feel like they are playing the same game, only with different students and club rooms

    • just a though, but concerning the idea of senpai being the club leader to something, since the protagonist needs to specifically talk to the leader in order to join any club, the logical part that will make us want to pursue senpais club, is that perhaps one of the scariest rivals most effective elimination method can be done only by accessing what the club has to offer to us, or perhaps we gain senpais trust by joining? thus like i mentioned above, gains us a life on preventing a gameover, and in order to be able to even talk to senpai, we have to raise our stats in certain areas, or maybe read certain books, so we would have more confidence and be able to approach him without acting all weird..

      • Yandere dev already said it before, senpai will be a much more interesting and darker character in the coming weeks.
        Also, the faculty is not only suspicious of ryoba, in the introduction scene he tells us that the faculty is on alert.
        And well, the reporter may have warned them of our potential danger.

    • Ayano kills for him not because OF him, but because he makes her feel. She only kills for him because he’s the only one who makes her feel alive, not cuz he’s cool

      • If eating a Bento is useful in the game, for example, if it helps restore sanity or unlocks a murder method (like poison), then it can be interesting.

        If no gameplay additions are included, then I think it would be pointless ^^

    • YandereDev has already stated the following:

      The council members are wary of Ryoba because Ui Tenesu informed them of her suspicious behavior during the tutorial.

      Taro and Jokichi will have a much more developed background in the final version.

      Regarding the fact that Ryoba and Ayano never eat, and this is me speaking, not YandereDev, I believe that if it doesn’t affect the gameplay, it is unnecessary for it to be in the game. ^^

    • Ayana and Ryoba have an empty state. That is, they do not know how to experience any emotions. Yandev said that for them it’s like being thirsty but not being able to drink. And Senpai is the only one who can give us the ability to experience emotions.

  4. Hey YandereDev, I have a suggestion for you
    I mean, it may be a big deal if a lot of things change but, I just think the school looks the exact same thing since 1980s, I mean the actual design is good for 202X, but Ryoba is in the exact same class as Ayano, and also in the exact same chair. The same goes for Taro and Jokichi, and I mean I’m not suggesting to change the whole school’s structure, it can be small things like a different color for the benches, or some objects moved into different locations, just to look like the school changed since 1980s to 202X

    • It would require a lot of new art assets to be created. I don’t have access to many artists right now, so this sort of thing is not really an option.

      • can you change the ”atmosphere” to something different so it looks like something’s changed at least

  5. dev can you fixe The bug If the player used the “Week Select” menu to befriend all the students in the school, they would be able to perform kaguya’s task and thus would never be able to unlock access to kaguya’s pink socks

  6. Dev I think you should add that when you gossip with student who likes gossiping, you won’t get minus reputation points

    • the reason its there is because they learn you like to gossip and no one knows if its true or not so they possibly think you are lying or so. its also an effect of what goes around comes around ( not trying to be rude at all)

  7. In the rejection process, it’s pretty weird that Jokichi is rejecting Chigusa, the celebrity girl, which should have been the other way around.
    I mean, Jokichi is the one who madly simps on her.
    And as for Sokono, the detective girl, I feel like if the player fails to eliminate her before 6 pm Friday, she would find out evidence that Ryoba killed Sumire, how she removed other rivals from senpai’s life and expose her in front of senpai which would be a game over.

    • Yes, Jokichi madly simps for a celebrity, and yet it’s possible for you to make him reject her love confession. That’s how much Ryoba can affect their interactions.

      There is really no evidence that Sonoko can find at this point in time.

      • YanDev, i found an anime that its style reminded me of Persona. Have you ever seen it, it’s called Ano Natsu Matteru

  8. The body bag change is amazing. I think this change was the last thing body bags needed to be a fun fair game mechanic. I didn’t think making them craftable really addressed the main issue of them being able to just essentially dispose of a corpse anywhere you want for free which teaches players to not interact with the various fun ways to dispose of corpses (i do like them being craftable though as it feels like you have to opt in to use them in a sense) Now though, sure you can make it easier, but you still might have to hide a body in a more convenient spot before wrapping it with a bodybag. You also won’t be able to kill in dumb places and then really quickly hide the body. Before the bodybags were a win button but now they feel like training wheels for players to use if they dont feel comfortable getting an instant game over for making a mistake when they havent even learned how to play the game.

  9. It seems to me that when the school atmosphere is low, then no one in the school, except for the daredevils, the student council and the faculty, should pick up the weapons lying on the floor.

  10. Since we’re nearing the end of the checklist, I guess I’ll share some things I and only I hope to someday see 🙂

    -Custom mode: I do casual modding with Pose Mod and it’s fun but labor-intensive, having to write scripts and edit textures and all. A built-in game mode that allows you to heavily customize a protagonist, love interest, and rivals with a more user-friendly interface would be a dream come true. This is super unrealistic and ambitious, but I’m imagining even a system that allows the user to (optionally, because this would be very time-consuming and only palatable to freaks like me) create routines for the characters and be able to write them (obviously unvoiced) dialogue. Eeee! I’ll elaborate a little bit more on this below, but for a theoretical mode like this, I’d love to be able to have any character of any sex. The protagonist can be female or male, the love interest can be female or male, and the rivals can also be female or male. I think I would actually die (in a good way).

    -Taeko and Ayato….I think it’d be really neat if, before the start of the game, you could choose the protagonist’s sex and then your love interest’s sex. Giving Ayato and Taeko all of their voiced lines would take FOREVER, so I would 100% understand implementing them with unvoiced captions for dialogue. I also think they shouldn’t be mutually exclusive: if you want to play as Ayato, you should be able to pursue Taro as well. Ayano should also be able to pursue Taeko. I don’t think genderbent rivals are necessary; I am completely okay with them being girls regardless of whether you’re playing with Taro or Taeko. Though, an option to choose what sex you want each rival to be…now that would be interesting, but I don’t view it as a ‘super awesome oooh i can’t wait’ kind of deal.

    -Extremely self indulgent, not much to elaborate on: I want to be able to kidnap male students. You gave me all these twinks and I can’t even have them in my basement 🙂 (obvious answer is that they kill themselves but that’s no fun).

    -Once again, selfish and self-indulgent: students being noticeably traumatized by witnessing murders or corpses repeatedly. Routine changes, the grey trauma eyes, avoiding you whenever they see you, and if you do it enough times they drop out of school.
    I have some weird priorities, but these are just the could-theoretically-be-implemented-before-crowdfunding things that I would die of excitement from if they were ever implemented. 100% selfish and daydreamy. Also bugs galore, most likely lol.

    • NOOOO it cut off most of the paragraph about kidnapping! Now it makes 0 sense. There was like a whole paragraph of stuff between that emoji and the parentheses. Smh wordpress.

  11. Maybe you could provide a value in details for school skill ranks. For example: You can read mangas 20% extra faster, corpes spill less blood by 2 less puddle etc

  12. Hey YandereDev! I feel like it would be cool if we could eat the stolen bento, or have more eating mechanics for ryoba/ayano. I feel like it would make more sense.

      • Eating the stolen Bento could have the same effect as laughing, or looking at senpai’s picture:
        This would restore sanity.
        Ayano and Ryoba could have 100% sanity for the following reasons:
        – Eating is good for the mind.
        -Eating the rival’s bento is better! 😀

  13. buen trabajo yanderedev , queria pedirte que talvez pudieras hacer que no podamos unir a las bullies porfavor el beneficio de unirnos a estas puede ser que nuestra reputacion nunca baje y que nos hagan favores sin ser sus amigos
    ademas de que nuestros chismes tendrian mas efectividad ya que todos confiaran en mi y poder bullear a nuestras rivales no se que te parece piensalo

    • For a long time, I have been considering the possibilities of allowing the player to join the bully clique or become a member of the student council. I would like to give the player the ability to join those two groups, but it’s not a high priority to me at this point in time. It’s something that potentially won’t happen until sometime after the crowdfunding campaign.

  14. I haven’t played YanSim before. I just observed the development and watched videos from different content creators for a while. (So I apologize if this comes off as disrespectful from someone who hasn’t played the game yet) ..That being said, did you spot and fix the typo during Kaguya’s rival task that says “tight-knight” instead of “tight-knit” yet?

  15. I have a small suggestion if it hasn’t been suggested already…

    Would you be able to implement an “interview” or a “task” that the protagonist has to do before she joins a club? It would make the game experience a little harder and more interesting. Just a thought ❤

      • well, if you ever feel like adding more depth to the game, then that’s an good suggestion

  16. Hey, YandereDev. I’ve actually got some flaws to fix and additions I want you to add to the game. Here’s the following:
    – At the start of the day, The Cooking Club including Shoku the club leader, will make food and spend the rest of before school walking around giving food to people. This means we only get to have a small window of time to talk to Shoku about joining the club.
    – I want to have the possibility of joining the student council which can be a very exciting addition.
    – I’d like more benefits when updating the rank of each stat in class so that there would be more reasons why a plyer should upgrade their class stats
    – The line for a student refusing to pick up a weapon and put it back to it’s destined location was too obvious that they’re earing a swimsuit or eating lunch. Could you adjust it a bit?

  17. Would you be able to tell us how you mad the student portrait like blur and shading effects because it would help out people who are trying to make custom portraits only if you are ok with it that is

  18. Hey, I’ve gotten an idea about snap mode for the arrestation game over. It would be a few minutes before the police investigation, when yandere-chan realized she forgot to dispose of her evidences and is about to be arrested. Hope you like my idea.

  19. I feel like if a rival is killed in a lethal way, Senpai should have a “sad walking” animation for the following week. That way it actually feels like he’s reacting to all the girls he cares about just dying or disappearing.

    • It’s possible that you are running a lot of memory-intensive programs simultaneously, which is taking up all of your computer’s RAM, leaving almost no available RAM left for Yandere Sim. To find out of this is the case, there is something you can try: Reset your computer and launch *only* Yandere Sim, without launching any other programs – then see if the game still crashes.

  20. Hi Yander Dev I wanted to ask you which of the things on the checklist will be implemented?
    You say it will be 3 but there are more than 6 things on the list that are missing, you also said that the list could change when you realize that it is more important.
    So I thought about it and aliste which ones are more likely than those that are missing to be implemented faster.
    from the least likely to the most likely to be implemented before the funding campaign:

    Investigate feasibility of implementing new character models prior to the crowdfunding campaign:
    It is an steric change that does not affect the gameplay and be implemented later

    -Change or Replace many 1980s Mode student hairstyles:It is an steric change that does not affect the gameplay and be implemented later

    -Replace modern-day models that appear within 1980s Mode:It is an steric change that does not affect the gameplay and be implemented later

    -Make students along Osana’s route perform appropriate animations instead of just chatting:It is an steric change that does not affect the gameplay and be implemented later and that it will take a while to have a solid idea of all the aminations.

    -Investigate whether or not the framerate would drop if I put more decorations around the school exterior and interior:
    Although it is a great idea at the moment you have to be more concerted in the gameplay and then that Akademy looks more beautiful both inside and out

    -Implement voice lines for the 1980s delinquent boys:If all the voice lines of the Karate Club are not yet implemented, it is difficult to think that before you will have the voices of the criminals first.

    -Add support for custom button remapping:Although this function is necessary for the comfort and attraction of more people to try the game, more varied playable content is needed first.

    -Add support for PS4 and PS5 controllers:Although this function is necessary for the comfort and attraction of more people to try the game, more varied playable content is needed first.

    -Give functionality to the two remaining demons: This would be very satisfying and fun but it would be something very hidden for new players and does not attract so much attention to raise money, later better

    -Give functionality to the Enlightenment stat: unless this new gambling addiction of a significant change in playing is better wait after the funding campaign

    -Implement Custom Mode and Random Mode:Although this function takes as long to implement as the 2025 tutorial, it would demonstrate the possibilities of the game with the current content and that it would give a lot of playability with what has already been built and more after the fundraising campaign. maybe just a basic system of the idea and to be improved later

    -Implement a better social interaction system;Many people think that increasing the reputation and damaging the reputation of a rival is very easy, so much so that you can complete it the second in a single day, if this is changed and it is shown that it can be a challenge, how to know more than one student, why create Praise that the student believes you and not being able to repeat topics as it currently is, also gossip is more difficult and that the students around them react negatively if they listen to you and have serious consequences if your rival finds out from friends listening to you or rumors that you are harming them the reputation

    -Implement the 1989 equivalent of Mission Mode: This is the opportunity to improve the original mission mode with many of the things that the community suggests and give everyone a lot of fun while creating and finalizing the fundraiser.

    All this is a theory and most likely I am wrong in many things, it is better to ask

    Of the 3 things that you need to implement, could you say at least 1 of the 3 things that will be implemented yes or yes before the fundraising campaign? at least one clue

  21. Hi, yandere dev, I have recently joined your community, but I was just drawn into this game. I was amazed that one person makes such an amazing game! I will continue to follow the updates. I want to praise you, you are well done! I’m not English so I’m writing this through a translator. I hope you will notice my comment

  22. hey yandere dev do you think that the concealing animation will have its own animation instead of reusing the dismembering animation? just it looks a lil funky. (no hate)

  23. maybe they try to gain their reputation back as a tempory compromise?

    (also some of these things have been removed from the checklist as they would take up too much time)

  24. please! please! yandere dev help me ive recently started playing and my pc is a decent pc and runs the game perfectly but when i got to the fourth week the game keeps crashing at the same time in the morning every time i log in the game.
    ive tried everything nothing is working to fix the problem please fix the problem i beg you

    • It’s possible that you are running a lot of memory-intensive programs simultaneously, which is taking up all of your computer’s RAM, leaving almost no available RAM left for Yandere Sim. To find out of this is the case, there is something you can try: Reset your computer and launch *only* Yandere Sim, without launching any other programs – then see if the game still crashes.

  25. Mean girls aka gyaru group 2025 mode should spread around the bathroom when they gossip, hashiko and musume normally gossiping , Kokoro doing makeup while looking at the mirror ( since she hates gossip but wants to in there group) and hana on her phone while kashiko talks towards her. Also the gossip girls should wear the gossiping panties that are found in the lingerie store

    Also it would be something simple but changes the game increasingly if you add a drama club elimination for kizana, cooking a rival elimination and some different animations, new voice actors , new models and alot of new stuff! Also for Oka ( my favorite rival ) could her task be based off of occult or summoning something from the dead like summoning sumire ( tamely) but if gone wrong sumire kills Oka.

    all that i have in mind for now!! Love the game hope it grows to the best!!

  26. yan dev you should make it so that if the player gets covered in blood by mindslave killing themself, people who witnessed the murder don’t think you did it because they already saw it happen.

    • Well, the problem is that if you’re standing close enough to the mind-broken slave to get blood on yourself during the murder, you basically look like you’re “bathing in blood for the fun of it” while a murder is occurring. That’s reason enough for people to think you’re psychotic and probably had something to do with the murder they’re witnessing.

  27. There’s a glitch that causes students to see through walls & doors. Also because of the increased sight range Kokona & Saki who are on the rooftop somehow saw me carrying itachi’s body when I was trying to hide it behind the confession tree I just think that it should be too far away for them to see that, I do like that students can see further though.

  28. yandere dev, yandere dev!
    How is the new model now? I’m really looking forward to seeing it!When do you think the new model will debut?Can we see it in July?i like it!

  29. I ahve an idea, No to big but it will be great, You should be able to eat snacks from vending machines, or allow the vending machines to run out, so you can’t abuse electrifying, eating snacks will boost something like speed or less sanity taken, or eat lunch to have a increase in speed or Sumthing- (LOVE your work!)

  30. Hey Dev, I had all challanges on and I wanted to do Amai Challenge but a second after I killed Amai with knife without being spotted a CHALLENGE FAILED screen shows and I don’t know why 😦

  31. Dev, I have a suggestion or maybe request. I heard you said something like Taro Yamada will be more interesting character in future weeks but could you do him more interesting already in first week? Like I think he should be handsome, ambitious (I think you said something that Senpai wants to write a book or something but is too shy to reveal it), clever and he would has better reputation (he has friendly and respectful personality on yandere simulator characters page). I think he should be more attractive because many girls like him or they are interested in him. He would be kinda “big-brother type”. Maybe he would have different routine like looking at things he can write a book about and can you do him a facial expression or maybe some decorations on him? I also think he should be capable of self-defense(but not in snap mode and he would be more strong in Asu Rito week) and less dramatic. Some people don’t like Senpai but you really could do him more interesting. I like Taro and I would be happy if he would “evolve”.
    Also I really like your work! Please tell me if you’re going to do something about Senpai in the future.
    (sorry if my english is bad)

  32. yandere dev please notice this!! a bug in the game with the suicide elimination for other rivals in 1980 and 202X it shows only osanas model please fix this!!

  33. yandere dev I know that this has nothing to do with the in-game environment… but…

    I’ve noticed that Ritsuko, Moeko and komako’s roles still say ”Senpai’s new friend” in their descriptions. And yes, I know that’s generally what they are, they become friends with Jokichi once the past rival is eliminated, but, the role isn’t quite right for them, because they are MORE than just being Jokichi’s new friend, they have characteristics that make them stand out from an ordinary student.
    I suggest that you should change the roles to :
    Ritsuko: ”rich girl”.
    komako: ”’popular girl”’.
    and as for Moeko, I was thinking of… ”pyromancer student” since she enjoys burning things, but I don’t know if you’re convinced.

  34. Here’s a german 100 digits of pi: 😀
    ASAP Science präsentiert
    100 Ziffern von Pi

    3,14159, das ist Pi
    Gefolgt von 2-6-5-3-5-8-9
    Umfang über Durchmesser
    7-9, dann 3-2-3
    OMG! Kannst du nicht sehen?
    Und jetzt sind wir auf Tour
    38 und 32, jetzt sind wir blau
    Oh, wer wusste?
    7.950 und dann eine 2
    88 und 41, so viel Spaß
    Jetzt rennen wir
    3-7, 51
    Halbzeit geschafft!
    0-5-8, jetzt kommen Sie nicht zu spät
    2-0-9, wo ist der Wein?
    7-4, es liegt auf dem Boden
    Dann 9-4-4-5-9
    2-3-0, wir müssen los
    7-8, wir können es kaum erwarten
    Wir sind fast am Ende, machen Sie weiter
    62, wir kommen durch
    0-8-9, 9 pünktlich
    Es sind nur noch ein paar mehr!
    8-2, dann 5-3
    42, 11, 7-0 und 67
    Wir sind fertig! Hat das Spaß gemacht?
    Zufallszahlen lernen
    Damit Sie vor Ihren Freunden prahlen können

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