May 6th Bug-Fixing Build

Fixed more bugs, one of which was actually preventing one of Osana’s elimination methods from being possible.

To read a list of everything that was added/changed/fixed/improved in the latest build, please scroll down past this beautiful artwork of Komako – the 8th 1980s Mode rival – drawn by asuka_cam!


  • From now on, if the player commits murder with a bucket of weights, the text during the End-of-Day police investigation sequence will make mention of the weights, rather than simply saying “no murder weapon was found.”
  • Adjusted the position of the camera during the Chigusa gravure photo shoot minigame to reduce or eliminate the chances that any character could block the view of the minigame by walking in front of the camera.


  • The act of throwing a car battery into a puddle of water is perceived as a murderous act. However, merely dropping the car battery by emptying your hands was not considered a murderous act, meaning that you could get away with murder in front of an audience by dropping rather than throwing a car battery. This oversight has been fixed.
  • If the player started a “Knife Only” Challenge run and then put sleeping medicine into their rival’s bento, the game would incorrectly identify the rival as “poisoned to death,” and the player would get an instant game over. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player approached Senpai and Osana’s bentos and poisoned one of them, the button prompt for poisoning the other bento would not disappear from the screen. This bug has been fixed.
  • If a student changed into a gym uniform after being splashed with water, they would later change clothing a 2nd time – inside their classroom. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a student from being able to reach their destination if their destination was a toilet in the “haunted bathroom.”
  • When the player spawned at school, they would be wearing two panties simultaneously. This was unintentional; the bug has been fixed.
  • It was possible to perform Chigusa’s “gravure photo shoot” minigame even if Chigusa was dead. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player attempted to save a photograph in 1980s Mode, the feature would not work. This bug has been fixed.

67 thoughts on “May 6th Bug-Fixing Build

    • There’s a bug
      ( for debug, but it’s big ) if you press o in debug, it won’t let you leave, evewn if you try to plae it at their desk, once it hits 6:00, it just turns black.

    • YANDEV, please move the femaale delinquents in the 3rd week, i was trying to get out of the libraryn and i got into a fight and now i have tto use debug commands oor a i”ll get a game over to to having -106 rep. 😦

      • Hello YandereDev! I have a question that is stuck in my mind since 2022. I know the fact that Raibaru simply stabs the player if she witnesses Yandere-chan doing something by illegal, but it clearly doesnt make sense to me why she doesn’t apprehend the mindslave who tries to attack her???

  1. Maybe make Ai not hear the radio while rehearsing? It’s strange to drop singing for a mere radio you shouldn’t even be able to hear. Plus, it would make her harder to eliminate. Maybe make the other members that are performing “deaf” to the radio noise. Also, I found that it’s extremely easy to eliminate Ritsuko using the “Pool’s Closed” sign since if you use it there’s only 1 witness and she’s not even in Ritsuko’s proximity and can’t notice her getting murdered.

    Some ideas for new challenges: No Radio, No Buckets and Traps, No Bodybags

    • I think that Ai should definitely be able to hear the radio. At max volume, it would definitely be heard while she is performing.

      With that said, I also think that I should put another NPC behind the stage so that it’s not super easy to kill her back there…

      • Maybe there could be a teacher whose role would be to make sure nobody besides Ai and the light music club can walk on the stage or Idk👀

  2. YandereDev! I have 1 bug. I completed the task of the first rival, and then killed her. When the 2nd week started, all the girls changed their stockings to the stockings of the first rival.

  3. Yan dev, is there any way you can fix this?: when you dismember a student, the uniform doesn’t change like stockings, only the head changes

  4. Thank you for another bug fix! I’d like to report one. While walking around in 20XX mode, I realized you can do AI’s task with the piano (place the tape recorder and pick it up, even if you aren’t in the music club or picked up/used the recorder). I know this isn’t a big bug. Thank you again

  5. YandereDev! I decided to play through the game since the last update was so big. This is a list of everything I encountered that I believe would be useful to know as Dev, as I can remember:
    (Bug) When you accept a quest for a scarf, and then go home and come back the next day, it won’t let you turn in the quest (Found in the May 2nd Build)
    (Bug) If you wear the raincoat, and then use the box method of getting someone’s fingerprints on a weapon, the game doesn’t require you to wash the raincoat. (Found in May 2nd Build).
    I had all of my stats maxed out by week 4 from using the study panties and making sure I made it to class on time every time. I also made sure to study after school every day.
    Befriending the Rivals is not necessary if you have max seduction, but it makes it REALLY easy to kill them. Because of this, I was able to kill almost every rival on Monday before class.
    -Quality of Life Changes That I Just Think Would Be Nice-
    When chasing the kitten, it would be much less annoying to catch it, if you didn’t have to hold down the button.
    If Ryoba joins the photography club, shouldn’t she get a camera, like the rest of the members around her?

    Also, I know this is probably not a bug, but I can only report blood/corpes to the nurse, and not any teachers.
    Thanks for developing Yansim!
    I can’t wait for the full game!

  6. Hey
    I have a bug. When I accepted a quest for a rose (from the Sonoko Sakanoue’s suitor but I was playing on week 1), and then go home and come back the next day I can’t pick up the rose

  7. Hey, YandereDev. When will it be possible to join the student council? Is it going to be only exclusive in Megami’s Week?

  8. Yandere Dev,
    In the youtube video, Osana & Organic Game Design, timestamp 8:09, you mentioned if you kept adding every feature that came to mind into the game, the game would never be finished. Doesn’t it seem as if the game has fallen into this state?

    • Not quite.

      Sometime around the release of the Organic Game Design video, I decided, “Okay, that’s it, I will no longer add new features to the list of all features I want to add to the game. I will implement every feature that I’ve already planned, but I will not plan any NEW features beyond this point.”

      Since then, 90% of my focus has been on implementing features that were already planned by that point in time, and I only added new features to the list if :

      1. It was for the purpose of balancing the game.
      2. It was an important quality-of-life improvement.
      3. It was important for helping new players adapt to the game.
      4. It was a feature requested by a huge portion of the player base.
      5. I decided that the value of the new feature was worth the extra development time.

      With that said, though, it’s worth mentioning that I did deliberately change focus from making a linear story-based game to making a “periodically updated with new content” type of game, and I feel that there’s nothing wrong with that.

      Read this for an elaborate explanation:

  9. when we take an assignment from a student and don’t finish it the same day, we can’t finish it the next day, for example, we can’t return the magazines. For example, we cannot approach the table and take out magazines the day after taking the tasks, or take the task again to open that possibility.

  10. Hey yandev!
    Would you ever consider making the bodybag function optionable? I understand the implementation of it, but it sorta makes the difficulty of the game overkill for players (like me) who mainly play for fun and not the challenge aspect. Much like with the togglability of the new challenges, maybe the bodybags could have an option to be infinite, but automatically be toggled as limited. Also I feel like the amount of bodybags that are craftable are kinda low. I mean a school that large is bound to have at least a dozen trashcans: one in each class room (9), one in staff rooms (4 including the faculty room, infirmary, counselors room, headmasters office), one in eating areas (2 including the lunch area on the second floor and the lunch area outside), and usually bathrooms have a trashcan as well (which would be 6 extra trashbags needed per can). This equates to a probable minimum of 21 trashcans. I’d assume they wouldn’t buy small packs of ten for the entire school- itd be too inefficient and expensive (assuming each bodybag uses two trashbags) even buying a twenty pack of trashbags for the school seems low, but for spares for students to use, it would make sense.
    What if- instead of having trashbags as a one time resource a day, you make them like the hairpins and paperclips- something you have to restock (but have a limit to). You could even have an extra box put away somewhere like the gardening shed or the faculty room. Then there brings the issue of the masking tape. Realistically, you probably Could make about five or so bodybags given the amount of tape on a roll, but I don’t think they would hold. Masking tape would work well for the water container trap, since it needs to be ripped off easily, but it would just peel off of the bags and unravel the body. Maybe there could be an addition of duct tape in places like the storage rooms (where the raincoat is and the areas the science club members go).
    Making them craftable multiple times adds the challenge of non infinite bags, but also adds an inconvenience (having to run and gather materials and craft more bags), making the player think ahead and plan gameplay better. I feel as though it would be a comfortable middle ground for the feature.

      • more corrections sorry! 4 bathrooms on each floor would be 12 total (since there are none on the roof) meaning there would actually be 24! 6 for the classrooms, 4 for faculty areas, 12 for the bathrooms, 2 for eating areas. It’s late for me and I’m tired, but I’m sure you understand the gist of what I’m trying to say

    • I don’t think that’s a good idea. The game is too easy right now and increasing garbage bags makes the new update pointless and makes it really easy to get away with killing. plus, it makes other features in this game useless(like the garbage cans, the cello case, the tarp). You have to remember that this game is a stealth game.

  11. I found a bug, YanDev. If you talk to a delinquent girl about her task(The one about homework), her mouth goes all crazy.

  12. Hey yandere dev, I do have a suggestion
    What if some students (random students) got sick certain days of the week so they don’t attend to Akademy?

    • I dislike the idea of adding random events/routines to the game. If the player prepares an elaborate plan and it is ruined by a random occurrence, the player would be very frustrated. The addition of randomness would completely ruin the player’s ability to create plans. Whether or not the player fails should be determined by their skill, not by randomly getting unlucky. However, in the future, I may consider the addition of a separate “Random Mode” that tests the player’s improvisational skills.

      • Actually, those random events can be a great addition, so the player should also prevent them from happening, like putting an object in front of a door, in case someone tries to break in. Take longer and say the dialogue to alert the player, or not spend all your resources in one play.

        It is also a way to take advantage of the game mechanics. Always put them just in case… Also… Yandere Simulator, apart from being a game of the century, is also one of trial and error.

        This way the game doesn’t become so… “Do task 1, do task 2, do task 3 and that’s it, rival eliminated” the player must be worried all the time so that something doesn’t ruin his plans.

  13. Hey Yanderedev, I’m just commenting to report a slight oversight with 1980s Mode. I noticed that in Odayaka Bakery, Amai’s mom is still in there behind the counter, and i’m sure Amai’s mom would be around the same age as Ryoba. Just thought I should let you know. 🙂

  14. YandereDev i have question:Why does water doesn’t makes student’s hair flat and darker? Also i found bug after Female Student changes her clothes into gym uniform her eyes automatically turns into “Round” type.

  15. Hey yandev! HUGE bug from this download build for some reason, also, these are ALL in 1980’s mode:
    1. Ran Uchimara’s task is already asked for when/if I start a new game
    2. ALL teachers have pink faces, and only the eyes are visible
    3. One of the female delinquents (can’t remember if it was Akari or Raimu) had her jaw w a y open when I asked for her homework task when she was in the bathroom
    I think that’s it..

  16. the game needs more students 😭 i find weird that everyone is just reading in such a random places. If there where more students there could be more witnesses interacting and make it less weird. Also I found in the challenges when the player finds an easy way to kill the rivals, they use the same method all the time and its not really fun 😭 (like making them go to throw up, making them go to the sewing room, or throwing water so they are alone). When I see the videos i dont find like there is a difficulty progress. Adding students or changing the already existing routines to make that these rooms are not empty would solve it. Maybe in each week there are more and more students in those rooms. Or in a certain time these rooms have less people making the player find when its a good time to try the plan. I think would be funnier if the player has to make these witnesses go away before the rival falls to your trap.

    • …it’s true…the ideal solution is to have many more students…however, it would be difficult to update the game to support more students, and I worry that too many more students would hurt the framerate…

      • Hello Yanderedev
        The game now has a much better framerate than before.
        Why not add an option in the debug menu to add more students to test this? (Like you did a long time ago)

      • there is already a mod by Rommy which adds over a hundred new students. I played it and the framerate goes pretty well. I know it might be hard to design and add that amount of students, or its not in your priority list, but maybe would be cool just adding fewer default empty students just for test (like the old fake club leaders) so people can test how would be like. If you kill in front of them they wouldn’t react so its not a perfect solution, but as a testing purpose could work.

  17. Hey hey hey!!! I just wanted to say I completed the challenge on It’s hardest mode In just a few hours. It took me a long time cause I spent quite some time perfecting everything for no reason and putting everything back after murder and all that lol. Lowkey proud of myself too cause I managed to not only kill them all but I did It all first thing In the morning before classes on the very first days

  18. I came across a bug btw! After killing the model girl, senpai and the guys all froze until I came out with her corpse In a bag. As soon as they saw me they all started running after the corpse and going googoogaga. Also a little funny thing was that when I stabbed her she screamed which I thought would be a game over but no one heard It except some green haired dude and when I went to check who heard the scream the dude was right there INSIDE the girls showers ajlwgqkwgwksg😭😭😭

  19. Has anyone else encountered a random bug where sometimes when the girls get covered in water and go to the locker room that their phone doesn’t appear or when it does, the girls immediately say “how did my phone get here” and it disappears? there are even times I can’t grab their phone..

  20. i have to be honest with you yandere dev considering all the things i did to implement students in separate places i honestly think the best solution would be to improve the ability of the game to implement more students i understand you care about the performance of different types of PC but you could consider and even study the way to add more students and do at least test versions, there is a mod that implements even 100 more students and try to spread at least one student per room and a few corridors and even so I just barely got almost the whole Institute watched but it didn’t even look good honestly I think they should implement 100-200 new students maybe in a general test format or random students.

    Another solution is that no matter how you do it, there will always be areas of the Academy that will never be guarded and you will kill your rivals there. So you should focus on putting these students in strategic places near the places where you dispose of the bodies, add more penalties and they will discover a body or suspect that a disappearance was murder, that they have classes near the places where bodies are disposed of as evidence, and that students react more quickly to suspicious activity” nowadays you can have a head of a student running through the corridors and many do not suspect with the atmospheream 100%”

  21. Hey hey!!!! I thought of something that you might want to consider maybe? So since there are very few students In school the game Is obviously much easier and a bit unrealistic and yk It can be weird to have random students all guarding the places the rival walks by and yeah I thought you could add more and more new students each week along side the rivals and I guess It could make sense why the rivals would suddenly appear out of nowhere yk? It would not only make the rivals harder to eliminate but Idk It’s up to you!

  22. on week 10 sonokos task repeats itself even after completed, part 2 wont work because it just goes back to part 1

    • You must bring her both items that she requests on the same day.

      Ending the day will – obviously – reset the progress on her Task.

      If you think I misunderstand, record a video of the bug occurring and e-mail me a link to the video.

      The video must begin at the start of the school day.

      • dev If the player used the “Week Select” menu to befriend all the students in the school, they would be able to perform kaguya’s task and thus would never be able to unlock access to kaguya’s pink socks.

      • dev i have a question If the player used the “Week Select” menu to befriend all the students in the school, they would be able to perform kaguya’s task and thus would never be able to unlock access to kaguya’s pink socks.

  23. YandereDev i hope you know that you are doing amazing 🙂 Good job making Yandere Simulator into the game it is today

  24. it counts as a murder weapon now? so Ayano will finally be arrested because her fingerprints are on the bucket now? this game is getting harder by month

  25. A bug: Teiko Nabatasai has the placeholder task of finishing an assignment in the library rather than the special task she is supposed to have.
    On a file started on the newest patch, max psychology, read all the relationship manga, wearing low-leg panties, no re-loaded saves, but the game has been closed and re-opened.

  26. Hi! So i had a weird bug where after eliminating Kaguya in week 1, on Monday in week 2 and almost every day after that (until week 10), everyone (all the student npcs) would immediately start running instead of walking to their lockers, and continue running until cleaning time started. It wasnt just a one-time bug either, it happens every time i start a new game.

  27. hello yandere dev! when i download the new built, it remove all of my posemod and my picture for modify ayano appearance disappear. it is normal?

  28. Osana is a hard rival as she has Raibaru, but there’s an easy way to kill her. You become friends with Osana, then, at the lunch time you ask her to distract a girl on the rooftop, and she does that(raibaru doesn’t follow her), and you kill them both. Is it supposed to be this way?

  29. hello YandereDev! i have a idea for something that i think would be cool to put in the game, in the November Osana and Raibaru Progress Report video from 2017 you thought up of a way for the player to somewhat interact with Senpai, giving him gifts, this is a feature in the game now, i really do like this feature, but i find it a bit weird that Senpai doesn’t react to the players gifts, what I was thinking was when Senpai sees the gift on his desk, there could be a voice line (or maybe even just some subtitles), example “huh?… what is this… Who left this on my desk?” this is a just a suggestion but I really think it would be a cool feature to add

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