Nemesis Manga Update! Chapter 3 released!

On August 1, 2019, I released “Retribution”, a short manga that revealed the origins and motivations of “Nemesis”, the mysterious girl who hunts and kills Ayano in Mission Mode. Three years later, on March 19th, 2022, I released a sequel to that manga – a continuation of the story. It ended on a cliffhanger, with Ayano and Nemesis about to battle. I’m proud to announce that, after one year, Chapter 3 is ready!

Chapter 1 was 7 pages long, and Chapter 2 was 24 pages long. Chapter 3 is just a tiny bit shorter at 21 pages, but every one is packed with action! I really hope that you’re going to enjoy reading it!

(It’s formatted in the style of a traditional Japanese manga, so remember to read the panels from right to left!)

English Version:

Russian Version:

Arabic Version:

Chinese Version:

Italian Version:

Korean Version:

Spanish Version:

Polish Version:

Indonesian Version:

Urdu Version:

Portuguese Version:

Esperanto Version:

Argentinian Spanish Version:

Turkish Version:

Swedish Version:

French Version:

As you can see in the blog posts where each chapter of the manga was announced, the first two chapters of Retribution were translated into TWENTY different languages! A testament to the fact that no matter how many years pass, Yandere Simulator retains passionate fans all over the world! Just like before, foreign fans of the game are welcome to translate chapter 3 and e-mail me a link to a zip file containing all of the translated pages.

And, to make it easier for you, here’s a link to Chapter 3 without any words in the speech bubbles:

38 thoughts on “Nemesis Manga Update! Chapter 3 released!

    For playing the game for 6 years i have enjoyed every single new thing that was added to the game and i tougth what if i try to Imagine some things for Yan Sim and i think i found some great ideas so i will write it here:
    – a little addition that we can hide from nemesis.(for example in the Box wall thing that you can use for hiding when you listen to Osana’s Phone call.) Because now in the builds when nemesis is following you and you hide in that Box wall She just freezes and stands there and if you go out she will move too- thats a bit weird
    -An option to customize Yandere Chan when you Get inside the game
    -Events for specific students like when the two science people talking about the Anime game.

    Well these are my Ideas for Yandere Simulator i hope you will see this Yandere-Dev! So much love from Hungary :DDD

    • the customization thing would have to be added later on since yansim is getting new models and everything, not to mention the amount of glitches that would happen like overlapping soundtracks or trying to use your phone while customizing- what i’m saying is that it would take quite a bit of work for that. i hope to see it one day as much as you do, so here’s to hope!

  2. This mangá is so cool!!! Thank you for your incredible job Yandere Dev! I hope to see more about this history, and learn more about Info-chan! Kisses from Brasil, we love it!

  3. Cool but i have something to share. As revealed on the 4th Mysterious Tape, Ryoba used her manipulative skills during the trial – she cried non-stop, feigned ignorance at every opportunity, and had an excuse for every accusation leveled at her. She called the Journalist “a dirty pervert’. That’s what I found on Yandere Simulator’s wiki. I mean that Ryoba doesn’t cry and she just responds with excuses. I would like to see you making her crying in the trial, this would make it look more like Ryoba. I also wanted to tell you that Ryoba to tell the Journalist that he’s a pervert. It’s ok if you can’t do that, BTW keep up the great work.

  4. Hi Yandere Dev, I found a small bug, when the girls of the sports’ club perform a “jump Into the pool and swim” animation their body get weird, like taller…I think is the same bug they used to have when they stretched before going to run, please take some time to fix this, you’re doing an amazing job with the game.

  5. Hi, I found a bug. So, when I started up the game and looked in the senpai shrine, I saw Ryoba’s senpai in the portrait, even though I was playing in Ayano’s timeline. Also, he was moving around as if it were a video and not a portrait.

  6. hi i found a bug in the game, if you change your senpai’s hair at the beginning of the game, he will appear without hair in kokona’s tutorial animation, hope that helps, sorry if my english is bad I’m Brazilian and I wanted to try to help with that

  7. I honestly want to help you in some way, but im so afraid of getting myself going through the same shit you already went through…

  8. I didn’t expect a Korean translation cartoon to come out. As a Korean yansim fan, I am happy now (using a translator)

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