March 1st Update


New build! Multiple features have been added/updated. Some are minor aesthetic changes, others are noteworthy improvements to gameplay.

I’ve prepared a video to describe and explain the most significant aspect of this update:

To read a list of everything else that was added or changed in the latest build, click Continue Reading!

Throw Update

There are now two “preparing to throw object” states – “Obvious” and “Subtle.”

You can switch between these two states by pressing the “Yandere Button” – it’s RB on controller and left control on keyboard. (This information isn’t explained anywhere in-game, so I’ll have to remember to make it display onscreen in the next build…)

Some information about these two throw states:

  • When subtly aiming, you don’t look suspicious, but you can’t throw very far.
  • When obviously aiming, you look suspicious, but you can throw much farther.
  • When subtly aiming, you can repeatedly throw objects faster than when you’re obviously aiming.

Oh, and one more thing:

The maximum distance that you can throw an object is now increased when you upgrade your Physical Education stat.

New Counselor Model

The Guidance Counselor’s 3D model has been updated to more accurately reflect her official character artwork:

Panty Shot Alternative

Two of Osana’s elimination methods – Expulsion and Rejection – required the player to take panty shots with Osana’s phone, in order to frame her for taking lewd photographs. However, I want to be able to say “You can 100% the game without taking a single panty shot,” so I’ve implemented an alternative way to put lewd photographs onto Osana’s phone:

If you bring Osana’s phone to the Computer Lab, you can now sit down at a computer, find lewd photographs on the Internet, and put them onto Osana’s phone. This way, you can perform the Expulsion and Rejection elimination methods without ever letting a pair of panties enter your field of vision.


  • When a club shuts down, it no longer makes sense for that club to put forth any recruitment efforts. So, from now on, whenever a club shuts down in 1980s Mode, the “Join our club!” advertisement stands will disappear from outside of that club.
  • Added a new Scheme to Info-chan’s Schemes menu – a Scheme that explains how to perform the “Drive to Murder” elimination method (currently about driving Horuda to murder, rather than driving a rival to murder).
  • If the Music Club shuts down, the turtle and its aquarium will disappear from the room, since it doesn’t make sense to keep a living animal in a room that nobody can access.
  • If you activate Yandere Vision when security cameras are present at school, you will now see red outlines indicating the security cameras’ cone of vision.
  • The love letter that Ayano holds on the title screen wasn’t really a good-looking asset, so it has been replaced with a better-looking one.
  • The “students refuse to go to locker at lunchtime” restriction now only applies to rivals; it doesn’t apply to other students.
  • Senpai’s profile in Mission Mode was inconsistent with the events of Mission Mode’s timeline, so it has been adjusted.


  • If the player annoyed a teacher with a radio and then performed one giggle nearby that teacher, the teacher would react as if they had discovered the player repeatedly turning the radio on and off, or repeatedly giggling. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a “chromatic abberation” effect to appear in Ayano’s room if the player got a game over and then selected “Reset Week” while their sanity was low enough to trigger the “chromatic abberation” effect at school.
  • If the player participated in a tutorial that involved Kokona’s death and then advanced out of the tutorial into Ayano’s room, Kokona would be marked as dead in the Student Info screen. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player spoke to a character who was in the process of searching for a lost phone, the player would not correctly return to their search routine after the conversation had ended. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player summoned a tutorial window from Info-can’s Favors screen or the Tutorials list, there would be multiple redundant button prompts onscreen at the same time. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Mission Mode from allowing the player to load any Mission Mode ID that involved about 50% of the game’s weapons (anything after the Old Axe was added to the game).
  • If Osana was splashed with water during her Wednesday lunchtime event and never took a photo for Sepnai, she would still show a photo to Senpai later that day. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player dyed their hair blonde, their new hair color wouldn’t be reflected in the befriend/betray Osana cutscene. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that caused Megami’s school uniform to be grayscale in the “Congratulations on beating the Alphabet Killer Challenge” screen.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Mission Mode from allowing the player to load any Mission Mode ID that involved wearing a lab coat.
  • Fixed bug that caused weird behavior from Osana if she was splashed with water during her Wednesday lunchtime event.
  • Fixed bug that made Ayano’s pose in a weird way if she laughed while holding the science club’s cleaning robot.
  • Updated the guidance counselor’s 3D model to more accurately reflect her official character artwork.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent students from being able to open doors after loading a save.
  • Fixed bug that allowed players to stand on top of the table in the Headmaster’s office.
  • Fixed bug that prevented teachers from being able to open doors in the gymnasium.
  • Fixed typo on title screen – “Load Game” was misspelled. Oops!

58 thoughts on “March 1st Update

  1. YanDev, I really like this new update. thank you! Every time an old model get’s updated, it looks visually amazing. and I love the small details in this game. The aquarium disappearing from the room since it doesn’t make sense to keep a living animal in a room that’s out of access? that’s brilliant. I never though about that. I really appreciate your hard work for the game.

  2. However… I do have mixed feelings about this New Elimination Board feature. I’ll share my personal thoughts here.
    what’s so great about this new feature is…
    – Makes the game more easy to understand to new players.
    – Gives the new players a clear idea of what they should do and create less confusion.
    – This new feature will encourage new players to replay the game to try out other elimination methods.
    – This feature will help new players to learn about the elimination methods easily and help them beat the rest of the rivals.
    And what I’m worried about this feature is…
    – The scheme itself has always been criticized by many people for how bad it was. it makes the game boring because it tells you how to do everything, and basically causes you to not think, plan, or do anything but follow the instruction. making this part of the main feature, especially to new players can cause the game to be less fun.
    – As I said, you don’t have to do anything because the schemes doesn’t just give you subtle hints, it just tells you everything. it basically holds your hand. Making strategies and stalking your rival part completely useless.
    – This feature will restrain players from figuring out stuff for themselves.
    – Players will not think of creative ways to eliminate rivals because the game basically tells you what you can do in the game before you even start playing it.

    This is my personal opinion about this new feature, I hope you read this… and Thank you for the update!

    • Instead of telling new players what they should do, I think giving subtle hints can be a good idea.
      Maybe Ayano can think of it like this. “Maybe If I use gloves, I can frame the person who used this knife before me. but where do I get the gloves again…? And how will I make the student to use this knife? Maybe I should try dropping it.” Or Info chan can give suggestions. It tells you the information you need, but you’ll have to figure things out for yourself as well.

      • Thought of about this and came up with an idea. it won’t require too much change. Maybe you can just change the text in the schemes into a conversation with Info chan. Of course, everything else will be the same. you’ll need Info points to talk with her about those subjects just like how the schemes need info points.

        It’ll basically be like this.
        Yandere Chan: “Hey, if you have to frame someone, how will you do it?”
        Info Chan: “Hmm… interesting. Before I kill a student with a weapon, I’ll make someone touch it. And of course, when I’m committing the crime, I’ll be wearing a glove so that my fingerprints won’t be on it. and than, I’ll get rid of all the evidence except for the weapon.”
        Yandere Chan: “And how will you make a student touch your weapon? And where will you get gloves?”
        Info Chan: “That’s something you’ll need to figure out on your own”

        I know this isn’t really good, but this is just an idea. changing the scheme in to something like this will help new players and also make the game more fun. because you can think about what you’re going to have to do, plan and figure out things for yourself. ‘hmm… where do I find gloves… oh, I know! I seen them inside of the Drama club!’.

        You talked about how to improve this so I tried my best too think of an idea. I hope my comment helps you… even if it’s just a little!

    • Or how about reserving this for an “Easy mode”? Where this information is readily available for a newbie player. As you and I might like this gameplay I have actively watching new players and this is HIGHLY needed for them. Some of them need extreme hand holding.

      I really love the “You’ll have to figure that out on your own” thing you had at the end. Which could be more suitable for a “Hard/Intermediate Mode”. For players like us who don’t really like being lead around all the time and would prefer a bit of a challenge.

      With less help and guidance. “For experienced Yandere’s (Players) who prefer to go it alone.”

      In those modes Ayano comes to the forefront to shine. Maybe using notes for her schemes like Ryoba did? Or using the eye/head tracking feature on Ayano to make her look at items/conversations/weapons of interest. Where she could go, “Hmm.. I wonder..” And you would either hear her phone ping, with maybe a Notes app, or the scribbling of a pencil as she notes down schemes in her journal.

      It wouldn’t be hard since she already has a unique notebook page texture. The texture of the notes she leaves in lockers could work.

      What 1980’s mode did correctly was eliminate the hand holding features and instead of telling us what we needed to do verbatim it gave us a vague grasp on what the game wanted from us. Our helper merely provided some tools, not full blown schemes. In 1980’s Mode we were ultimately left to our own devices to complete said goal. Which was fun.

      We have to remember there are some players out there who just don’t understand things unless severely lead along. Which is who the Elimination Board is for.

      As was pointed out in the left hand corner there is a “Free style” option for people who would rather do things by themselves. But I think it blends in too easily with the rest of the methods. We should have a pop up like we do with the option to deny Kokana. So it is made clearer to players they have a choice to not go along with a pre-planned elimination.

      • Yeah, I hope he takes time to consider how to balance this feature in the future. Its a great feature for newbies. But I feel he could follow 1980’s Mode as an example to follow when it comes to schemes and how to present them to your audience.

        I mean having multiple options is dandy but when it overshadows core game features in an incredibly exploitative way it becomes a hindrance. I feel some options should be locked away if you don’t have the right stats to pull them off, just like with the drugs, or crafting.

        I mean with Info-Chan we can bypass the options easily. It comes off as overly reliant on Info-Chan and makes Ayano seem more of a background character in her own game. Its fine he was inspired by the game, all devs get their inspo from somewhere, but he should try to differentiate the two. As this is a story driven stealth game, with people who know your face, and you have a reputation to uphold if you want Taro to be yours. So the overly reliant Info-Chan mechanics that mimic Hitman gameplay feel like an odd fit.

        Kinda like the scythe added for no reason. I can’t reasonably see it in this school setting. It is fun to have around but not realistic. Even for an anime gardening club. I would have loved to have murdered someone with a trowel, gardening shears, or a small hand saw you use for branches. Or to stab someone with scissors, an iconic school setting yandere weapon, maybe even a pencil or a pen. Just to lean into the environment more.

        Or we could bring the matches back, since we have the throwing mechanic, it would be amazing. It was super satisfying. Maybe even setting the candle as a doorway trap to fall onto gasoline drenched student’s heads? Perfect.

        Oops. Sorry. Talked your ear off. Well bye. 😅

    • I agree! I like how the menu presents the amount of content avaliable in the game and gives new players a clearer idea of what they can do, but the schemes being so blatant about how to accompish each elimination could make the game more boring to play. Subtle hints that aren’t too difficult but don’t give too much away would be a great way to balance this!

      • Thank you for agreeing with my opinon! I dislike the schemes because of that reason. I really hope YanDev changes it someway.

  3. Umm so I took a photo of Ryuto Ippongo, and then I went to check Senpai’s student profile and Taro had Ryuto’s info.

  4. I found a bug, when you press R to skip intro in the senpai scene and after skiping the intro we go to the calendar scene. And then, when you press E to continue, the choose elimination method scene got two background musics and the animations of yan chan got glitched (I don’t speak english so sorry if you don’t understand)

  5. I think the “Free Style” option is great but blends in too well with other eliminations. I think, for the sake of clarity, that it should be similar to how we can deny the Kokona Tutorial. Maybe stopping us before we even get to the eliminations and giving us this option.

    This way new players still get the help they need and veterans can quickly go about their business.

    I also want to know your opinion, if the crowdfunding campaign works out, would you consider adding difficulty modes to the game?

    Like Beginner Mode with all the tutorials, the elimination board, and the Info-Chan pop ups for new players.

    Intermediate Mode could offer the tutorial but you have no pop ups, no elimination board, people’s cone of awareness is up, and maybe the items in Info-Chan’s store becomes pricier?

    Lovesick Mode (Hard) would mean no tutorial, no pop ups, people’s awareness are all the way up, it takes less bumps for Student Council members to spray you, and the Info-Chan store could go through a significant change.

    Like she runs out of stock for certain items, things are more expensive, certain contraband items must be ordered a day in advance, certain schemes are unavailable unless you have the study points or REP for it. If out of contraband you would have to go to the store with a fake ID to purchase them for yourself or wait until it restocks in 3 days to a week in Info-Chan’s store.

    I understand all of this is complicated and might not fit your vision for the game. Plus like I said I understand if this would only happen after the Kickstarter Campaign.

  6. Oh and another bug, when the monologue of the 1980’s mode ends the choose elimination method scene appears and…. Its so buggy

    • I think this update is pretty neat, however I do have a question, would it be beneficial to possibly add some mechanics (such as throwing objects, etc) into the tutorial? I feel like it’d be much easier than having to have the words on the screen, as the player might find it annoying? 😕 not sure, it’s just a hypothetical question. Great job on the update, I’m looking forward to it!

    • Yeah, I have the same opinon. The schemes makes the game less fun. It spoils everything and ruins interesting gameplay.

      • Hm, throwing is a basic mechanic, such as Yandere vision and laughing. It should be added somewhere near them, wouldn’t you think?

  7. wow! this is a really big update! It’s only the beginning of March and you’ve already added so many things! thank you so much for this update!

      • I’m talking about the tutorial, but you should also join in 1980’s, come to think of it. Maybe in the future, that’s a more difficult task, as it would be very unbalanced.

    • That would be nice, but I wonder how that would work in the tutorial. It won’t make sense to be in the rehearsal… or will it?

      • Maybe from the beginning you should see the club leader screen, the “JOIN” button should be “HOW TO JOIN” and you will see a list of things to do. Or it could even be a tutorial from info-chan.

        I highlight that because I really didn’t know you could join delinquents until 1980’s mode came out.
        I’ve been playing since the early 2020’s.

  8. i wanted to talk about something minor, though as you’re probably looking through comments for opinions on the update.
    some of the character models- unagi, mantaro, toga, sho – could use an update. more specifically the hair models dont fit in as well, even if they dont get talked about much. also the hair for karin hanabusa – her hair looks a little undone.
    i appreciate the work you put into the game 🙂

    • also another small detail id love to see added- during the kokona tutorial, you have some of the students watching in the background for some of them. like if one student loves the club, or are friends with a club member, they would come to the reheasal to watch. and for the first part of the tutorial, the club members seem more.. lively? small animations here and there, maybe even seeing kokona talk during the part where you’re cleaning weapons. you could use the anim for “evil” students when they see ayano murder someone- like the delinquents seeing a bully die. i dont know the anim name though- just sort of revamping it with a moving mouth so she talks.

      • Fair suggestions. I considered some of those while I was working on the tutorial, but ultimately, I just wanted to finish it and move on to the next thing on my checklist.

  9. Hello Yanderedev! I find it unfortunate that the ideas don’t come from Ayano but from Info-chan… This makes Ayano too dependent on info-chan. Moreover, when we know Ayano’s childhood, we know that her mother “trained” her for this kind of situation. It would be interesting if this were specified in the game (using a dream, flashback…ect). In addition, the video is very pretty and could be embedded in the game.

  10. uhhh loaded into 1980s mode (my save is on week 8 currently) and it did the corkboard cutscene however ryoba was just standing in her room + it just went to the window seat instead of the corkboard- then it skipped me to tuesday (i was on monday) sooo idk

    • okay eliminated komako with easter eggs (i was just messing around) and it says “amai challenge failed”??? im not even in 202x or in the amai challenge

      • update yet again- tried an actual elimination with ritsuko (i thought that maybe it was my save idk), i used mindslave but it still said amai challenge failed

  11. Very interesting updates, I love the new Genka model, it looks more realistic but stays in the game’s style, if you know what I mean, and it gives her a more outstanding look. And the update is incredibly amazing and the game is better

  12. Hi YandereDev.
    Bang Snaps can only be used with obstructions, but then Giggles is sufficient.
    I want to use it without obstructions like Coins of “Hitman”.
    Please consider it.

  13. I’m glad you’re deciding to find solutions that don’t involve panty shots, was honestly a big nitpick for me, now if we could just have another way of getting more info points, that would be amazing.

    • The current methods are placing covert listening devices around school, taking photographs of students’ faces, and completing “bounties” (special requests for Info-chan, like obtaining blackmail on students). What other methods can you think of? Feel free to e-mail me your ideas.

      • Chinese translation目前的方法是在学校周围放置隐蔽的监听设备,拍摄学生的脸部照片,并完成“赏金”(对Info-chan的特殊要求,例如对学生进行勒索)。您还能想到哪些其他方法?请随时通过电子邮件将您的想法发送给我。

  14. Chinese translation,奥萨娜的两种淘汰方法——驱逐和拒绝——要求玩家用奥萨娜的手机拍摄内裤照片,以便陷害她拍摄淫秽照片。但是,我希望能够说“你可以在不拍摄任何内裤的情况下 100% 玩游戏”,所以我实施了另一种将淫秽照片放到 Osana 手机上的方法:

  15. Hi Yandere Dev! how are you? Well, I wanted to inform you of a problem that I had, today I wanted to update Yandere simulator to test the new update, everything was fine until I went to the door to go to school, it turned out that the screen went black and it took me out of the game The truth is that it seems strange to me that something like this happens since in the almost four years that I have been playing, nothing like this has ever happened to me, well that would be all, bye and take care.

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