If Yandere Simulator had a small town, part of it might look like this…

Sometimes, I get a little curious. I think, “What if?” and I just want to set aside an hour or two to experiment a little bit.

You can download it here:


By the way, the music in this prototype was provided by DJ Volly! Check out his other work, too, it’s quite good.

Click “Continue Reading” to see the controls.


  • Move with WASD
  • Run with left shift
  • Rotate camera with mouse
  • Toggle high/low graphical settings with G
  • Return to starting position with R
  • Mute background music with M
  • Quit with ESC key


  • Move with left stick
  • Run with left bumper
  • Rotate camera with right stick

42 thoughts on “If Yandere Simulator had a small town, part of it might look like this…

  1. Hey yandere dev, while at the hospital, I got an idea for an elimination method for some rival later in the game.

    First, one of the rivals later (Asu Rito and after) could have a problem dealing with their loved one in the hospital. You would learn about it in a passing conversation.

    Then you would happen to find out that this rival would have been heading to the hospital later today to visit said loved one. The hospital could be located in town, and is one of the most largest and prestigious hospitals in Japan. This hospital is huge and has a few stories.

    On each story, there is a balcony that your rival may stand on, and contimplate life.

    I think you get the picture, but to add extra challenge, there may be people standing around or sitting on benches. There could also be an attendant at the front desk who could see you pushing your rival off the 4th story.

    This could infact be a betray befriend senerio, as in school, you could learn about biology (level 5) and create some sort of medication that could cure your rivals loved one. Although you could also betray her, and throw her off the 4th story balcony.

    Just something to think about 🙂

    • I can’t promise that you’ll see it in the game, since I wouldn’t like to spoil what I am or am not planning for the future, but I’ll just say that I’ve considered many ideas, including yours.

  2. I, too, really love open world games! I know Yandere Simulator doesn’t really lend itself to an open world format, but (after the game’s formal release and if you meet your stretch goals) I would love for you to build a small open world style town with the school in the center of town, that would be awesome!

    • I found a huge bug that can be done easily, if the player throws down water on osanas feet on Friday when she’s at the Sakura tree, and electrocutes her with the carbattery, it kinda breaks the game. I feel like the player shouldn’t be able to throw down water on Sakura hill at all in general.. It’s too buggy. It could also in general make the tree feel more mystical. I didn’t test this with any other features like the watercolor and stuff, but I’m pretty sure those features could be broken too at the Sakura hill.

  3. This is awesome!!! Yandere Simulator is close to perfection!!!! I am glad to follow you loyally since 2017 man this is all my dream come true 😭😭

  4. Sorry I haven’t been commenting on your posts I haven’t been able to with work and also my computer broke so I can’t play until I get a new computer which will be coming in a few days :3

  5. From the moment you proposed the idea of a small town I was always hyped to see what a high quality concept of it could look like!! Also if this does end up happening, maybe to save on making models you could use some of the character designs from students in 1980s mode.

  6. honestly, this would be a big upgrade than the current town we have. i personally like to explore a bunch in games, and this has a lot of places to explore! and it would be so cool to add students and people into the stores to add a little life. i’d be so excited to see this in game!!

  7. Are you still considering the idea of low detail students/citzens walking around envinronments? This would definitely be a important feature, especially for a small town.

  8. holy crap that was So cool. This should be in the final product, and don’t worry. Just experiment as much as you want. Will wait. Even though some people might call you lazy, but. Remember, you’re human. and You need to take a break once in a while. I’ll be looking forward for the final product.

    • I made an entire video just to answer that question:

      But, I’ll give you a summary, anyway.

      To finish the 202X rivals, I need voice acting and animations.

      To pay voice actors and animators, I need money.

      To get money, I need a successful crowdfunding campaign.

      I doubt that anyone will donate to the crowdfunding campaign, because there is a bunch of misinformation on the Internet that causes people to believe that I don’t deserve any support.

      I can’t do the crowdfunding campaign as long as there are so many false accusations about me on the Internet.

      I will have to fight misinformation and false accusations until I have repaired my reputation. Then I will be able to launch the crowdfunding campaign, and then I will be able to finish the rivals.

      Will that happen this year or next year? Depends on how firmly people cling to their false perception of me.

      It’s not up to me, it’s up to others.

  9. Ayano should have to change her appearance to join certain clubs, for example, I don’t think Kizana would let a ”nobody” join her club, so Ayano would have to change her hair colour, add some accessories like a choker with roses and have good reputation. I mentioned it on your discord server as well. Not all clubs would have to be like this, a great example is the occult club, Oka and Shin are surprised when Ayano says she’d like to join their club, so it wouldn’t seem natural to have restrictions like the drama club. This is why I believe club benefits should change, the drama club would have to get buffed and the occult club would have to get nerfed.

    • I don’t know about this… this will make the game even more complicated. new players will get confused easily. The way of joining the delinquents kinda proved my points. new fans doesn’t even know how to join them because you have to change your appearance, persona and reputation.

      • Which is why we should ask YanDev for it to be included in the 202X tutorial. Good catch!

        Maybe the “serial killer’s” target required the killer to infiltrate a group and alter their appearance to fit in closer to the target?

        That would be a great way to go about it.

        But the club’s have needed improvement for a looooong time and this could be a requirement. I mean why should Ayano be the odd duck out? All the other members require hair dye, drills, and roses to be part of their attire. Why should Ayano be exempt from that?? I always found it odd she didn’t fit in more with clubs she joined.

  10. The small town looks amazing, but I think if there’s a day where Ayano chooses to skip school, she should have a different outfit when walking around the town, I also think there should be more life, people walking their dogs, driving, etc. But other than that, I love how the town looks. 😀

  11. *Throws money at the screen*
    Why is it not real yet…. Oh yeah, it isn’t the crowdfunding stretch goal yet. Silly o’l me ;p

  12. There must be a way to disprove all those false accusations they madre about Yanderedev. If we fans could lend a hand…

  13. There must be a way to disprove all those false accusations they made about Yanderedev. If we fans could lend a hand…

  14. As cool as this is, I just can’t really picture it in game. It seems a bit too large scale to exist outside of the game’s regular mechanics. Besides, the idea of plotting a murder AND accomplishing it entirely at school is such a unique concept! If we were to actually get a larger town than we have now, I could only see it as something like the Splatoon series. Or maybe something that would happen if the crowd funding campaign is a massive success. My take on a new town would be to have it gradually open up more and more as the game progresses each (or every other) week. New stores and opportunities could unlock as the game progresses that way.

  15. Hey YandereDev! I have a suggestion and a question
    For the suggestion could you add slow-motion rival effect thingy when you are performing a drowning animation on a rival
    And for Osana the fan elimination and the pool elimination.
    And for the question so basically Akademi have infinite money for school supplies but the Shards of glass, Scrap Metal, The Old Axe and the Scythe is not achool supplies

  16. Honestly if you’d like to add a whole town, in my opinion it would make more sense to just expand that small street we already have into one. In fact it could also be interesting if on week one you only get that one street but on week two the area with the Odayaka bakery would become accessable as well, and then a new area of town is unlocked every week as new locations become relevant.

  17. Wow, I wrote a lot… sorry… the list at the end is just temporary I guess, I just didn’t mean to put so much :0

    Ok, so I have many ideas for possible elimination methods/improvements for the game, BUT, I understand you might not be able to use them. Like how you have said in the past, some ideas might not work due to future plans for a rival, funding issues, etc. That being said, I just thought these were cool ideas that I should post somewhere, so I decided to post them here! Just some things for you to think about, is all.

    Lethal/Emetic poison syringe: There is no short, concealable weapon in the game that does not cause blood spills. So I was thinking, what if you had to fill the syringe with a desired poison type to use it, like you set the syringe down, and there are multiple buttons you can click (using the same look as when you plant something in a 202X rival’s bag) that fill the syringe with different poison. If you choose not to fill it, it will work as a knife. If you fill it with sedative, it will for for kidnapping as normal. If you fill it with lethal poison, it will use the same animation as the sedative, but you can use it anywhere and it is an instant kill. If you fill it with emetic poison, it will make someone sick as always, but you would have to be more discreet. So it could probably use the “Sneaky Raibaru stab” animation. No new animations are required for this idea.

    Push opportunities: If you can come up with a code for it, students should be pushable in any roof situation. Meaning you can ask them to follow you, and you can just push them off the roof if you lead them there. A tricky part could be the code for repositioning the students to actually be pushed off the roof instead of just into the school… This would also include places like the walkway above the gym stage.

    About the “Rival Business”: I will try not to say too much about it because its a Patreon thing, and I will most likely get ALL of this information wrong because all of the details I “know” are just guesses, but… I’m assuming by the name, these people make the product out of people or at least make it with meat, so they are pretty evil… If Ayano killed them, the rival that this applies to would have a moral dilemma. You could steal the item to befriend her, or you could kill the owner to intimidate her. She would not tell the police because that would make her suspicious and the person who died was evil, so if Ayano says “I like Taro,” said rival would probably too intimidated to date him.

    Bad Asu idea: As a preface to this, I just wanted to say that this is a bad idea. I was bored last week and thought of how you said Asu was your least favorite rival, so I started thinking of ways to spice her up a little. So basically, lets say Hanako was ran over by a car a few months ago by a reckless driver. She was ok, but it was a very close call. If Hanako had been any slower, she would’ve directly been hit and probably not have survived. This driver, unbeknownst to Hanako, Asu, or anyone, is an acquaintance to Asu. They met through friends and grew close. This “friend,” wanting to avoid responsibility, bought a new car and gave their old one to Asu. This would take some time and effort, if not 40+ info points to discover. After discovery, you can leave a note in Senpai’s locker about this and blame Asu for the hit. He would shout something like “WHAT!?!” and storm out of school to check the parking lot (assuming Asu drives to school.) After it is revealed that she owns the car that hit his sister, he goes to confront Asu. He would never date someone who hit his sister, would he?

    Better note locations: Why should classrooms be meeting places if they don’t even respond to the note if you use them? Instead, you should be able to ask students to meet you in the gardening club for example. They would stroll around and you could bury or shred them. You could ask to meet in the bathroom where Sumire died, but some locations (like the bathroom) are strange to just go to unless it is a serious topic. People should not respond to bathroom notes or notes to meet behind the gym UNLESS it is an important topic like a rival secret or bullying for Horuda.

    Accidents: Vending machines, decorations, the lighting fixture in the upcoming room, and more things like that should be sabotageable to fall over. They would no longer be anchored and could just fall on students, immediately killing them.

    Better achievement menu: This could be accessed on the main menu and the phone/notepad. They would be fairly large cards with a picture on it and a title on top. They would have a short explanation next to it. If you viewed this on you phone however, you would no longer look at the phone, the information would take up the whole screen. It would kind of resemble the challenges from Hitman, but of course be noticeably different so it isn’t stealing the idea… All previously existing challenges would be on the list, but some extras would be there. Here is a (long) list of things that could be on there. this does not list everything. Some of these challenges would just be for fun or jokes from the community in the past. It may look weird, but I couldn’t think of names for some of them, so they are place holders. I know these are corny I’m bad at naming ;-;
    202X mode:
    Gets the job done…? – Kill Osana
    True love – Matchmake Osana
    Not right for eachother – Ruin Osana and Senpai’s relationship
    Take good care of him – Befriend Osana
    This isn’t funny! – Betray Osana
    Concussion – Crush Osana
    Shocking twist – Electrocute Osana
    Till golden brown – Burn Osana
    Wrong pipe – Poison Osana
    Unsanitary – Push Osana into the trash can
    I hope they wiped the seat down… – Drown Osana in the toilet
    Quick rinse – Drown Osana in the fountain
    Maybe I should get a haircut… – Drown Osana in the pool
    PLACEHOLDER TITLE – Drown Osana while she is cleaning with Senpai
    Ritual Sacrifice – Murder Osana with a ritual knife
    Mysterious Obstacle who? – Kill Osana without disposing of Raibaru in any way
    It’s not your choice to make – Gossip about Raibaru until she unfriends Osana
    Beat the unbeatable – Kill Raibaru
    Ugh… There’s something in my food – Drown Raibaru
    Not so strong now – Poison Raibaru
    Alphabet soup – Complete the ABC killer challenge
    Alphabet master – Complete the ABC killer challenge on Nightmare mode
    Massacre – Commit Genocide
    Unstoppable Yandere – Commit Genocide before 8:30 without raising suspicion at all
    Sneak Peak – Complete the Amai challenge
    Secluded – Kill Amai during cleaning time when she is alone.
    SNAP – …
    A learning experience – Complete the tutorial
    Like old times – Kill Kokona Haruka
    Pop – Crush Otohiko Meichi in the entrance fence
    Clean hands – Kill Osana by using Horuda Puresu as a tool
    PLACEHOLDER TITLE – Spend time in each club
    Assassin – Complete a mission in mission mode
    Experienced killer – Complete a level 10 mission in mission mode
    Revenge goes unserved – Kill nemesis
    What fun – Use the dance machine in the gaming club
    Down you go – Dump a dead student off the roof
    1980s mode (Shares many achievements with 202X, but shared ones are not listed here):
    Cutesy – Eliminate Kaguya
    Rejected – Eliminate Kaguya by ruining Kaguya and Senpai’s relationship
    Tomboy – Eliminate Moeko
    When you play with fire.. – Eliminate Moeko by burning her to death
    Bookworm – Eliminate Honami
    Quite the accident – Eliminate Honami by crushing her with a bookcase
    Sport-sy – Eliminate Sumiko
    “Healthy” food – Eliminate Sumiko by poisoning her food
    Spoiled brat – Eliminate Ritsuko
    A lot of unfortunate accidents – Eliminate Ritsuko by pushing her into the pool
    Pop star – Eliminate Ai
    Electrified – Eliminate Ai by sabotaging her stage equipment
    Valedictorian – Eliminate Teiko
    Exiled – Eliminate Teiko via expulsion
    Yamato Nadeshiko – Eliminate Komako
    Social peril – Eliminate Komako by ruining her reputation
    Gravure model – Eliminate Chigusa
    Model addict – Eliminate Chigusa by matchmaking her with her suitor
    The Detective – Eliminate Sonoko
    Powerful ally – Eliminate Sonoko by befriending her
    Asylum – Burn photos for a rival
    Pacifist – Get a S ranking without killing any rival
    True ending – Get a S+ rank
    Close one – Get a D ranking
    Guilty! – Get a F ranking
    The images that go with these achievements can just be screenshots from the game.

    Well, I hope some of these ideas intrigued you, and I hope it wasn’t annoying to read all of these (if you even did.) Thank you!

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