February 16th Bug-Fixing Build

Hello! There was a bug in the previous build that was preventing two of the tutorials from being completed, and the tutorial is something that absolutely needs to work flawlessly so that new players don’t get confused, so I wanted to release a new build right away.

For a list of everything that was changed / fixed in the latest build, scroll down past this cute artwork by haihondaitao!


  • Previously, only female students had an “impatiently waiting for someone to show up” animation. Now, male students have that animation, too. (You can see them using it when male photographers are waiting for Chigusa to arrive for her photoshoot.)
  • After you have used a locker note to arrange a meeting, students will now perform an “impatiently waiting for someone to show up” animation while waiting at the meeting spot (or a matchmaking spot).
  • Updated the photo that Info-chan takes of Senpai and Amai to reflect Amai’s new dress.


  • If the player is spotted carrying a weapon, the weapon is taken away and put into a box in the faculty room. However, if the player was caught while holding a syringe, the syringe would just permanently disappear. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a character to perform a cleaning animation with their bare hands (instead of with a scrubber) if they entered Cleaning Time immediately after exiting a scripted event.
  • The game was not properly tracking the amount of “clothing splattered with blood” and “clothing splattered with red paint.” This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the camera to fail to render properly if the player was being apprehended while walking up stairs.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from being able to complete the “Socializing” and “Kidnapping” tutorials.
  • Fixed bug that allowed characters to see through bathroom stall doors as if they were completely transparent.
  • Fixed bug that gave large outlines to the scissors and the syringe.

By the way, I wanted to share a handful of other things, too:

It’s Aoi in a burger!

Look at his eyes! Look at them!

And I know I’m posting this way out of season, but a great cosplayer dressed up as Ayano for Christmas and I forgot to share it! Well, better late than never, right?

64 thoughts on “February 16th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hello YanDev. I noticed that in the current builds, Osana isn’t going straight to lockers for a note, because first we need to befriend her and have a higher reputation. And I think it’s more burdensome and annoying than hard, not to mention that Osana is supposted to be easy. So I’m kindly asking you to remove this feature, because I don’t find any pleasure in this. Thank you in advance.

    • Two things:

      1. it is an intentional feature to kill someone near the sakura tree at the back of the school and not have any blood spilt, rather, the flowers surrounding that tree dont let any blood spill while in its little circle, thats why blood trails will form if you were to drag a bleeding body out of the circle of flowers.

      2.Though the bloody texture from a weapon staining things it shouldnt is a well known bug that has been around for many years, the 2/16 build has already fixed this problem, so please make sure if this problem still occurs with the latest build.

      • I believe it is possible to wear a raincoat without a school uniform. Maybe it should be possible. She can change her clothes with putting on a towel later on, though taking off raincoat would be deactivated. I believe she wouldn’t let an viable clothing option pass off only because it would be weird for her to be “naked” inside. That would only matter internally.

      • Oh I see I had the slight idea it was intentional because of it being the confession tree but better safe than sorry

        If you hold a blood-stained knife or clothing and walk to a door it causes blood to appear on the door and yes I am using the most updated build. Supposedly it’s a bug that was fixed but it re appears

        I don’t really get the raincoat one though. Like why do you have to be wearing the school uniform to use it? I found that a little strange

    • Well something more or less similar to it os already in the game – Lovesick mode to be exact which is activitated by pressing L
      It is not Mission Mode at all, but in my opinion it gives Mission Mode vibes

  2. Hello YandereDev. I’ve got a request. I noticed that in the recent builds, Osana doesn’t want to check out our note unless we befriend her and have a higher reputation. And honestly, I find this very burdensome and annoying with no pleasure at all. So I’m kindly asking you to remove this feature and make Osana easier again. Thank you in advance.

  3. hey yandere-dev can i ask when the original rivals will be available in the game i know you kinda implemented amai into the game but me,jay and alot of your fans are very excited and eager for the next week/rival to be available can you give us a idea on where you are at with this being possible for players to play thank you for your hard work

  4. I have an honestly random stupid question but I just figured I ask.

    I saw a handful of people mentioned that the second rival is completed in the comment section of Jay’s recent yandere Sim video.

    So is she done? Because jay never made a video exploring her pathline nor did you upload anything to YouTube.
    At first I thought it was slip up and they meant that we were waiting on the second rival not the third.

    Jay also played a mod for the third rival.
    Why make a mod for the third rival if the second isn’t done?

    I am confused and would like to not be confused anymore so anyone has any information on this please tell me.

    • Nope! Amai isn’t finished. she’s only in the game as a challenge.
      Also, YanDev did not made the mod for Kizana. someone else made it.
      The rest of the rivals will be coming after the crowd funding campaign.

      • Thank you.
        I am aware that the third rival was a mod not made by yandere Dev. Those comments wording was just confusing
        But thank you again for the answer.

  5. Dev, after expelling osana raibaru goes to rooftop and stays like that.. Ill send a photo of this from email, can you please fix this?

  6. I saw in your to-do list that you plan on improving the socializing gameplay. Have you considered only making conversations intractable (instead of individual students). Basically, whenever 2 or more students are chatting, you can “join conversation”.
    The gameplay can also be turned into a simple multiple-choice mini game. It wouldn’t need new character animations, only pop-up texts with buttons.

  7. Since you are replacing some old animations, one of them I saw a little bit replaceable was the “student finding their phone animation” after you stole it from them in the locker room. Anyways you are doing a great job with everything else 😀

  8. Hello, YanDev! I’d like to add something, but obviously I need your opinion. Maybe when you enable the blood-censoring option, the mop heads turn pink rather than red. The addition of the following isn’t necessary, but, you know.

  9. Hello, just a few thoughts relating to balance:

    I think you’ve mentioned before how some areas will be off limits and open up as the weeks pass.
    Currently, there are several items that replace club benefits pretty heavily:

    Music Club benefits get negated by tarp bags & the bag in the shoe change/locker room.
    Gardening Club Shed can be unlocked with lock pick/the keys, negating one of it’s benefits. (maybe make it so that once the leader notices their keys are missing/shed is unlocked, they will no longer allow their back to be turned for very long), so it’s only a one time thing.
    Art Club benefits get negated with the rain coat. You can take it off before you even see anyone.
    Drama club benefits get negated with the rain coat. I believe they count as gloves, when framing.

    Correct me if I’m mistaken on any of these as it’s easy to overlook or jump the gun. Anyway, some ideas I have is to have a weekly or daily limit for some of these items. Have tarp bags limited to few uses per week. OR to have some of these items unavailable until certain days/weeks, this could be the intention and they’re always available since there’s only one week, just thought to mention it here, since it also affects 1980’s mode.

    • Yeah. All valid observations.

      Potentially, I could limit the player to only being able to use the “weapon bag” if they have joined the Music Club or Delinquent Club…but that could potentially anger the majority of the fanbase, who have become accustomed to using the weapon bag as the default.

      The raincoat should probably cost money…maybe it should need to be ordered online through “Nozama” in order to be accessible.

      I do think that the amount of effort that goes into obtaining/crafting a lockpick is enough to justify giving the player the ability to steal something from the gardening shed, but maybe I’m not thinking it through enough.

  10. hi, yandev, i have a glitch that’s been bothering me quite a bit lately. whenever i try to use the save feature (which i know is glitched overall, lol) while having trash bags in my bookbag, they disappear entirely. no more trashbags in my bookbag or the school at all and i’m sure it’s the same with other items when you put them in your bag. it’s annoying when i’m trying to kill everyone in the school in one day or do the abc killer challenge. i try to reload the same save multiple times but they remain gone, lmao.

  11. I’m not sure if this is meant to happen, but when someone is mourning the loss of their friend (senpai, raibaru, osana, basu sisters) you can just run up to the body and put garbage wrapping paper on them.

  12. Hey YandereDev! So I was gonna download a fanmade mod of Yandere Simulator but the mod needed the July 2nd 2022 build but when i looked through the Archive of Old Builds (Onedrive) I noticed that the build wasn’t in there And I also noticed that most of the old builds wasn’t in there, Sorry if i bothered but would you mind adding all the old builds of Yandere Simulator in the Archive of Old Builds?, And also thank you!

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