Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a love-themed holiday, and Yandere Sim is a game about love (depending on how broadly you define the word “love”), so it feels wrong to let a Valentine’s Day pass by without making some kind of special post. I’ll be releasing a new build on the 15th, but for today, I’d like to share some of the coolest fan creations I’ve seen recently.

This video was created 6 months ago, but I didn’t actually discover it until recently! It’s absolutely amazing, please watch it!

And this cute little animation was made 3 whole years ago, but I didn’t even know it existed until yesterday! (Those teeth remind me of someone…)

I’m not even sure how creamstew_ekoda managed to make this video, but it’s hilarious to me:

In addition to those three videos, there are also dozens of fan-made illustrations I’d like to share. Please click Continue Reading to see what I’d like to show the community!

I learned a valuable lesson in my “Foreign Fan Appreciation Post” – embedding too many tweets in a single blog post drastically increases the loading time of the webpage, and even causes some browsers to crash! So, I’m only going to share one more tweet in this post; this one is from kipp:

Check out this adorable sprite art by 1tata1tata!

I want to share some of aki_okome ‘s artwork here, but they don’t want people to repost their work, so instead, I’ll just tell you to check out their twitter page!

All of these illustrations by blue_nori_snow are so cute!

crosma666 continues to astound me with his gorgeous illustrations:

In particular, I love the expressions he gives to the characters:

Look how smug Ryoba is in this illustration by d8_sv! She’s been caught, but she’s not worried, since she knows she’ll get away with it anyway…

And look at this absolutely adorable illustration by eeennnnenen! They all look so cute, don’t they!

They also drew this illustration of Ayano in a cup of “dead rival juice”. What does it take like? Like the satisfaction of a job well done, I suppose.

For contrast, check out this haunting drawing of Ryoba by haihondaitao:

HKR_Blue99 has been knocking it out of the park lately with incredible “male rival” artwork:

hot_pool_AIN created this absolutely incredible watercolor painting of the 1980s Mode Occult Club leader:

iHeartNayeon drew a gorgeous Kizana:

izmi2105 drew the cutest Miyuki ever!

…or did they?

kippei_Ux_xU drew a nice mother-and-daughter shot of Ryoba and Ayano:

kip_00 drew a very stylized Sakura:

kk69800267 drew a very cute illustration of Ayano and Kaga together!

kyorinsan_831 drew an absolutely adorable drowsy Aoi taking a nap against Megami!

lus6v6u6‘s depiction of Ayano looks great!

MiaOtaku drew an absolutely beautiful Ayano!

pinkinbeige drew a very cute Ayano!

This cute illustration of Ayano was draw by…hyuh? What? Is this correct? Their username is…sexyyandev?? O-okay…

stubbornLucious drew an absolutely adorable little Muja!

stub_NH drew a very cute Ryoba and Ayano combo!

suzu_UwU__1106 drew a very bashful Osana!

And a very assertive Ayano making Budo into her pet!

This drawing from T4ouM is very nice, as well!

Tangsen_Malum drew a very devious-looking Kaga!

Let’s just see what W7White_uma has drawn, and…whoa!! Jumpscare!! Kiba came out of nowhere!!

This isn’t an illustration, but it’s a fan-made creation, nonetheless; a fan of the game built an RGB decoration for his wall in the same of the Saikou Corp logo! It can even change colors! It’s so cool!!

Also, I’d like to share an illustration by AlyaFebrianaDe1, but it says “Do not repost without permission,” so I’ll just link you to it so you can admire it on her Twitter page. It’s a fantastic piece, because it conveys how Momoiro is the one bully who really doesn’t want to be participating in bullying, and is only pretending to a be a bully so that she isn’t targeted by the other bully girls. Oh, and check out this other illustration that she made, too!

Oh! Surprise last-minute addition: Check out the latest Reuben W video!

Ah, this makes me nostalgic. One of the original plans for Yandere Simulator would be that, no matter what choices the player made throughout the game, the final “level” would be about chasing Senpai through a forest with a weapon so that you could capture him, incapacitate him, and drag him back home to be your prisoner / pet. The idea was scrapped because it seemed like an anti-climatic conclusion to the story, but also because I couldn’t imagine how “chasing a boy through the forest” could result in fun or satisfying gameplay. This video makes it seem kinda fun, though…

Anyway! That’s all I wanted to share with you today. Happy Valentine’s Day, and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

7 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Perhaps that could be *an* ending. After all, there are plenty of options between not using something and using it for everything. We also haven’t seen the exact circumstances of how Ryoba kidnapped her senpai, or perhaps even Ayano’s grandmother, seeing as she only kidnapped her senpai, rather than using murder.

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