New Aiming System and Bug-Fixing Build


I’ve prepared a new build with a bunch of bug fixes, and also something else that I believe is quite a significant change to the game – a new “aiming” system.

I wanted to make a video thoroughly describing every detail of it, but I am extremely sick right now with the worst sore throat I’ve ever had in my life, so I had to cobble together a “no narration, just text on screen” video to demonstrate what’s new. (I haven’t done that since 2014…)

Mouse and Keyboard:

  • Hold right mouse button to aim, click left mouse button to throw.


  • Hold left trigger to aim, pull right trigger to throw.

(Yes, that’s right – same controls as aiming the camera and snapping a photo!)

Currently, this new form of aiming only works with two objects – the bang snaps and the stink bombs. I think that this aiming system should be used by any object that can be thrown, such as the car battery. However, I think that the animation for throwing a car battery should look way different than the animation for throwing a small handheld object, so I won’t implement this feature for the car battery until I get a different throwing animation.

Actually, speaking of the animation…the current animation is all wrong. Since Yandere Sim is meant to be a stealth game, the protagonist should be trying to perform a subtle throw, more like this:

I’ll ask an animator to make me a “subtle aim” and “subtle throw” animation, but there is no guarantee when it will get finished or implemented into the game.

I’m thinking about letting the player switch between two aiming modes: “Subtle” and “Obvious.” The subtle aim would not look suspicious until the moment that the throw occurs, and it wouldn’t allow you to throw very far; just a few meters. But the obvious aim would look much more suspicious (basically looks like you’re about to throw a baseball at top speed) and would allow you to throw much farther. It all depends on whether or not I get the animations.

For now, the way it’ll work is that it’s not suspicious to aim, and it’s only suspicious to throw. This is because I lack the animations necessary to switch between a “subtle aiming” and “obvious aiming” state.

Oh, you’ll probably get a “stuck in aiming state” bug if a student council member catches you throwing, so try not to let that happen. It’ll be fixed in the next build.

By the way, I think it would be trivially easy to update this aiming system to accommodate a “throw knife at student’s head for instant kill” feature…but if it does get into the game, it’ll have to be as an easter egg, since it would probably be one of the most imbalanced features imaginable.

Normally, I would have waited until the 15th to upload a “new feature” build, but there were some critical bugs in the game that I really wanted to fix ASAP, so I’m uploading a new build sooner than usual. For that reason, there most likely won’t be a build on the 15th this month, even though development will continue.

To read a list of the things I fixed in the latest build, click “Continue Reading.”


  • Since the Language stat has a special benefit that is exclusive to 1980s Mode, the description of the Language stat now changes when you’re in class in 1980s Mode.

Bug Fixes

  • If a rival was planning to confess her love to a boy and even put a love letter into his locker so she could confess her love to him under the cherry tree, and then the boy was killed on the way to the tree, the rival would confess her love to Senpai. This is a bit too weird/goofy, so it has been changed; the game will now consider a rival to be eliminated through “Matchmaking” if she falls in love with another boy enough that she wants to confess to him, even if that boy dies before the confession can take place.
  • It was possible to kill the faceless “Empty Husk” students in the “Final Test” tutorial. This, by itself, was not a big problem. However, it was possible to trick the game into thinking that the tutorial had been completed by killing a Husk and disposing of her body. This was an exploit, so it had to be removed. The player will now get a game over for killing the Empty Husks.
  • If Raibaru tried to apprehend Ayano while another student was in the middle of a physical struggle with Ayano, the “Raibaru game over” cutscene would play with Ayano still performing the struggle animation. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the time of day switched from “Lunchtime” to “Classtime” while a student was dying of poison, the student would abruptly snap out of the “dying” state and go to class. This bug has been fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to crawl underneath the fallen bookshelf in the library, since crawling under that bookshelf and then standing would have caused a bug.
  • If the player befriended Osana, she would still eat lunch with Senpai every day, despite stating that she would stay away from him. This oversight has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause some objects to believe that they had just been interacted with if the player interacted with an adjacent object.
  • Added a better collision box to the bench in the school infirmary, because people were reporting that the bench “had no collision.”
  • Fixed bug with Sakyu Basu’s unique stocking texture that was causing a bit of her stocking texture to appear on her fingertips.
  • Fixed bug that caused Raibaru to perform a walking animation while moving at running speed during Osana’s bento event.
  • Fixed pathfinding bug that would prevent Reiichi from being able to reach his destination in the Sociology Classroom.
  • Fixed bug that would allow students to see through doors as though they were completely transparent.
  • Students were having difficulty pathfinding in the school gym. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed “flickering” that would occur in the doorframes of the school gym.

56 thoughts on “New Aiming System and Bug-Fixing Build

  1. This is great, especially the over the shoulder view! And the idea of subtle and obvious aiming and throwing is also really cool, I can imagine all the new possibilities this would bring to the gameplay. Get well soon Dev!

  2. You did a really great job yandev! And I’m so sorry to hear that you are sick… l really worried about you,remember don’t make yourself too tried! We won’t mind even if you stop updating for a while! You’re the greatest game developer in the world!( ´∀`)ノ~ ♡

  3. hey yandere this is just a observation and a suggestion the cafeteria, the game looks really sad looking you should redecorate it and add more settings to accommodate a large population of the students you’ve since added to the game

  4. sorry I wasn’t trying to see the game look sad I was using voice to text. I was trying to say the cafeteria inside the game looks sad In comparison to everything else you remodeled redecorated. I was suggesting that you should revamp it and make it look like a can accommodate all the students you since added to the game I would’ve deleted the comment above, but I don’t know how to.

    • That’s a terrible idea. the car battery is already really overpowered. being able to throw it from far away will make it even more overpowered than it is now.

    • I disagree, that’ll be like adding a gun to the game. a terrible choice. Yandere simulator already suffers because of OP mechanics, like the car battery and the garbage bags. adding more will destroy the game.

  5. If your throat hurts, try eating a whole lime. That means juice, pulp and rind. The juice and pulp can be mixed with sugar and water to make limeade. The rind goes down better if cut up into small pieces and swallowed like pills. Trust me, it works.

  6. hey! so i noticed a problem that i’m not sure how to fix, i’ve tried everything i can think of which is updating the game, restarting my pc and even deleting my saves, but i just can’t figure out why the muddy shoe prints in the east zen garden aren’t showing up (for mina rai’s task) i’ve even tried mopping both zen gardens everywhere and it still doesn’t say i can complete the task. i apologize if this question has been solved but i cannot find it. and there are no youtube videos for this year on that task. thank you :p

  7. Hey YandereDev! Do you have a way to download the old builds of the game? It’s because my computer can’t run the latest build

  8. does yandere simulator have backface culling? it could significantly increase fps, as its not loading the entire map all the time.

  9. Hey yandev! I wanted to make a collective small suggestion. The carpet in the photography club should be changed. It feels out of place, and ruins the aesthetic. I’ve asked 6 people I know that play the game and they all agree pretty much. Most of them said it should be changed to a red carpet that’s a bit more smaller, or a round carpet. Of course this is just a small aesthetic, but it could make the club feel a bit more unique!

    • I’m going to need more details. Why is Fureddo following you in the first place? Because you befriended him and asked him to follow you? or some other reason? I can’t help without specifics and details. E-mail me, please.

  10. I totally agree that killing by throwing is an overpower ability. However, at the same time, I think that the game should still be able to throw various objects, including weapons for distraction. And of course it should be more suspicious than a bangsnap throw.

  11. (Foreigners do not understand English)Yanderedev , I found a mistake, joined the drawing society> put on the society clothes> killed people> bathed> washed clothes> destroyed weapons> put on the community clothes, but was arrested for bloody clothes, I found that the bug was not mentioned in the fix, or was it fixed?

    • Strange. Sometimes I am able to replicate this bug, sometimes I am not able to replicate this bug.

      I need to see a video of the bug taking place so that I can thoroughly understand exactly what actions are necessary for the bug to occur.

      The video must begin at the start of the day. You can e-mail me a link to the video.

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