Yandere Simulator Anime Opening Storyboard

This song was created for Yandere Simulator on October 8th, 2015. I decided not to reveal it until I had visuals for it. After 8 years, the visuals still aren’t finished, so I’ve decided to just release it in its current state, and let people see how far it got.

When deciding what visuals would be the most fitting for an “Anime Opening” for Yandere Simulator, I had ideas that were incompatible with the lyrics – for example, I wanted the animation to start by showing how “empty” Ayano felt before meeting Taro, so I wanted the song to begin with sad lyrics instead of happy ones. In the end, I decided to just not use this song and design one myself that would suit my vision of the ideal Yandere Simulator opening.

Over the years, I commissioned various composers, lyricists, and artists in an attempt to create the “perfect” Yandere Simulator opening theme and animation. However, I was never satisfied; I always wanted further tweaks to the music, the lyrics, the art…I could never get it the way I wanted it to be. In the end, it became such a frustrating project to work on that I just stopped working on it.

Last night, while I was looking through some old folders for something completely unrelated, I stumbled across this ancient song from 2015, and all of the artwork that had been created for it. I thought to myself, “What a shame that I never used this amazing song that someone generously created for me, and wasted a bunch of time completely failing to make a superior one.” I decided that it would simply be too much of a waste to never release this song, or reveal the visuals that were created for a potential Yandere Sim anime-style opening animation.

It feels wrong to release a half-finished, partially-animated storyboard; game developers typically don’t reveal cinematics until they are 100% finished and ready to be seen by the public. But, at this point in time, I just don’t know if this opening animation will ever get finished. So, I feel that it’s time to just share it, and let people see how far along it was before production stopped.

If you check my video descriptions, you’ll see that I almost always go through great lengths to credit absolutely anyone who created even a single asset for my videos. However, it would be exceptionally difficult to do that in this case. The vocalist wishes to remain anonymous. The composer has changed their name and identity. From 2015 to 2020, so many different artists touched this project that I would have to do absurd amounts of detective work to list them all.

All I can do is present it as-is, and hope that you enjoy it.

Maybe one day it’ll get finished, but it would be post-crowdfunding campaign, for sure.

18 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator Anime Opening Storyboard

  1. Hey Yandere Dev I’m not sure if this is a bug or not but I was killing someone in the classroom there was no one around not even in the halls, then raiburo popped out of no where and apprehended me. I didn’t have debug commands enabled so I’m not sure what happened.

  2. Hey, Yandere dev!
    Your recent work has been amazing! But there is one strange thing in the game. When you come to the gardening club, the sounds of nature sound there, but when you leave the territory of this club, all these sounds stop. It looks very strange. These sounds of nature should be everywhere, not just at the gardening club.

  3. Hi Yandere Dev!
    Just wanted to say, this is really amazing, even if not finished! As an artist and a perfectionist myself, I very much understand how hard it can be to capture your idea exactly as you envision it, but I’m glad you shared this ^^ Both you and all the artists did a great job. (And Ayano looks so cute(⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠) Also, the new visuals for the cut scenes in the 1980’s mode are stunning! I’m so excited to see Yandere Simulator getting closer and closer to being finished, thank you for such a great game Dev ❤ Keep it up, can't wait for what the future holds for Yansim ⁠*⁠.⁠✧

  4. Hello, Yandere Dev!
    I don’t know if this is intentional but, are teachers supposed to apprehend you when picking up a fight against a delinquent?
    I had just finished classes and bumped into one of them in the hallways until the struggle mini game started. Then I heard a teacher scream “What have you done!?” as if I had just committed murder. After winning, I was pinned down by that teacher and got a game over. Thankfully I had saved the game before starting classes!
    I think the player should be at least sent to the guidance counselor in this type of situations, because maybe I could’ve bumped into them accidentally and got an instant game over for that, which could have been a bit frustrating.
    So, what do you think about this?

  5. Hi, Yandere Dev!
    I was playing the first week and I eavesdropped on Osana and Senpai’s conversation.
    I was wondering if Osana called Taro senpai would be a little strange? Since he is her childhood friend and they know each other for a long time, maybe just Taro or his nickname will be better?

  6. Hey YandereDev, I encountered a bug. On Monday of the first week, I joined the sports club, and then picked up a dumbbell to do a task. I was running down the hallways, and aoi pushed me into one of the benches, then kept doing it until I got a gameover. (also well done with your game, I love it so much)

  7. Hey YandereDev, I’ve encountered a problem. The students can now see you through doors.
    I killed someone in the Cooking Clubroom(with doors closed) and suddently someone from the Sports Club noticed me through the doors and tried to aprehend me. Can you fix this?

  8. Hey Yandev, just a quick note of a small tweak that would make a little more sense. When playing 1980s mode, I noticed that if a rival was killed, and Senpai takes a day off school to grieve, leaving the school early still provides the text of “can’t bear to leave before Senpai does” even though he’s not at school that day.

    Perhaps some new text could appear during that sequence?

  9. Yanderedev, I found a bug. The game hasn’t yet the option to make a task to Sho Kunin. Like this, It can’t be done make a task to Budo because is imposible to get friendship with all members of club

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