February 1st Status Report

The gameplay and voice acting for the 202X Mode tutorial are 100% finished, implemented, and tested. Everything is almost ready to go; only one thing remains.

The “first draft” of the pre-tutorial cutscene has been completed, but I would like for the animations to be tweaked and adjusted in a few ways before I release a build containing the tutorial. I know that it might be disappointing to hear that it’s not done yet, but I really don’t want to release the tutorial with flaws in the intro cutscene. Working so hard on the tutorial – and then releasing it with a flawed cutscene attached – would be like running a 10km race and then tripping right before the finish line. I won’t release it until that cutscene is ready.

While I was waiting for animations to come in, I looked at my checklist and wondered what to work on while waiting for the animations. I selected a checklist item and started working on it. What item was it? I want it to be a surprise, but I’ll say that it’s less of a “new feature” and more of an “overhaul” to an existing feature. Anyway, I thought that I would be able to complete the task before Feb 1st…but I couldn’t get it done in time. As a result, I can’t really release a new build right now, since one of the game’s features is in a half-functional “in the middle of being overhauled” state.

In short, what I’m saying is that I don’t have a new build for you today. I won’t release a new build until after I’ve finalized the tutorial cutscene and finished overhauling the other feature. To make up for it, though, I’d like to tell you some details about what the next build is going to contain.

It’s tradition to give you a glimpse of upcoming content using blurry screenshots, so…take a look at this!

Hey, want to hear something really stupid? YouTube flagged that video for “content identified as not suitable for most advertisers.” What the heck, YouTube? It’s so blurry that you can’t even tell what is happening! How can it possibly be “unsuitable for advertisers” if you can’t even see anything or hear anything? Chill out!

Anyway, that’s not the only preview I have to share with you. Get a load of this:

What the heck was that video all about? I’m not going to tell you! You’ll just have to wait and find out!

In addition to the tutorial and the mysterious thing above, the next build will also have 24 improvements. Miscellaneous improvements, quality-of-life improvements, players-have-been-asking-for-this-FOREVER improvements, etc. A lot of the additions coming in the next build are new animations for the game. Some of the game’s worst and oldest animations are finally getting replaced by much more smooth and polished animations. I’m so grateful for that! The next build will also contain bug fixes – a lot of them. 35, to be exact.

Between the tutorial, the overhauled feature, the mystery video above, the improved animations, and everything else, the next build is going to be a pretty big one. I cannot give you an exact release date, but I will be posting a preview screenshot/video here on this blog once per day every day until the next build is out. I’d like to imagine it will only take 1 more day, 2 days maximum, but I don’t want to make any promises. I’ll need some help from one of my animation volunteers, and I don’t want to make any assumptions about the availability of other people.

That’s all I’ve got to say for now. Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

37 thoughts on “February 1st Status Report

    • I know right? I’m so excited, I’ve been waiting for this! Hopefully YanDev doesn’t rush this update and take a few more days to release this because I’m really busy tomorrow… I would be crying if I miss this XD and it’ll look more perfect!

  1. Also, one of the “players have been asking for this FOREVER improvements” could be the voiced lines for the 1980s Delinquents =))))

  2. Wow, it doesn’t seem true to see the animation of the tutorial even if it’s blurry, I remember that in the video in which Yanderedev talked about the curious case of kokona, he announced that Kokona would have a small role in the final game, that is to introduce you to the tutorial, and he was doing see in the video a sequence of illustration, and see the correlation between the two videos and really impressive, after years of distance. Thank you YandereDev for your hard work and passion you are putting into this game. I can’t wait to see the tutorial as soon as I’m done.

      • I agree with you, it’s nice to see Kokona playing a role in this game again. even though she’ll just be a tutorial rival and not what she used to be, it’s still awesome to see her like this. I’m glad YanDev chose her as the tutorial rival.

  3. Oh shit! This looks amazing!

    Also, what the hell, YouTube? Even if it wasn’t blurred, it’s just two girls having a conversation.

  4. waking up every morning to check the blog and see the previews that each time filled me with excitement to start the day, what memories! I wouldn’t mind waiting a couple of months if you do that. I’m completely in 🤩

  5. I going to love this update so much when it comes out, let’s gooo! I’m so curious and excited about the new tutorial and the part of the town where Ayano is walking! could it be the place where Taro meets Amai? wow, mind blowing!
    And Yanderedev, will you make a video about this update on your channel like you used to? this seems like a pretty big update and I bet lots of people will be interested in this.

  6. Wow I’m so excited! I know what I’ll be expecting for the next few days 🙂 I can already imagine how cool it will be! P.S. Sorry if someone has already asked (I’m sure that yes), but still… Will Yandere Simulator be available in other languages?

  7. Man this mirrors your old video so much. I am happy to see Kokona getting to fulfill her role is our introduction to the game. I am in no rush, release the update only when YOU feel it is ready, at the end of the day it’s your game. So go at your own pace.

  8. Speaking of old animations… can’t wait for the electrocution animation to be changed! It’s funny how even today the electrocuted students keep putting their hand in the air as if they were touching the light switch like Kokona did back in 2015. 😅

  9. I’m so excited about the new for the new build it seems like you’ve put a lot of effort towards it. Make sure to take a break though.

  10. I believe that this update will contain the following not just the tutorial, yet the new models. That model used in said video DOESNT SUIT THE ONE IN GAME, suits the newer and original models

  11. hey yandev there’s something that annoys me in the game

    when yan-chan gets caught why doesnt she move? she just waits for raiburo (i dont think spelled here name right) and the teachers or maybe even the student council members when there far away to catch you i think you should make her be able to run away maybe increase there speed so they can still catch you but it feels like yan-chan is asking to be caught. thats all i just found that weird and wanted to say something about it

    • Running away would be pointless. They know your name, they know your face, you have to continue going to school every day. There is no escaping them; may as well confront them. You must kill them, it’s the only options.

  12. YouTube might have thought the reason you blurred it was because it was inappropriate, but I really have no idea how the algorithm works. It’s probably not smart enough for that.

  13. Hi YandereDev. I just wanted to say I’m a huge fan of your game. In fact, I have been in the Yandere Simulator fandom since I was 7 years old.

    Anyways, I just wanted to ask if a female senpai was still going to be added into the game? I feel like it would be doable, but also difficult because you would need to make a whole new model + adjust voice lines. Do you still think that this is an option for Ayano?

    I also wanted to know if it will ever be an option to become a bully or a student council member? I think you’ve stated before that becoming a bully is not an option, but becoming a student council member could be of great benefit to Ayano. ANYWAYS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!

    • I would like to allow the player to choose the gender of their Senpai, but in order to implement a female Senpai, I would need to pay a voice actress to record female versions of Senpai’s voice lines, and I would need to pay an animator to create female versions of Senpai’s animations. That would be hundreds of voice lines and hundreds of animations, which would probably cost thousands of dollars. So, I would only be able to implement a female Senpai if Yandere Simulator’s upcoming crowdfunding campaign is a massive success and raises an extra large sum of money.

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