The Original, Alternate Ending to “Driving Your Rivals To Murder in Yandere Simulator”

I’ve got something super exciting for you today! It’s something that I’m tempted to describe as “lost media” – a video that was created early in 2017 that I thought I had lost forever. What is it? It’s the never-before-seen first draft of one of my most popular videos! Now you can see the original ending to “Driving Your Rivals To Murder in Yandere Simulator”! Take a look:

In this version of the video, Musume is murdered in Ayano’s basement, instead of a warehouse. Also, Ayano stays with Kokona instead of leaving and calling the cops on her. Ayano’s plan was to forge a bond with Kokona by helping her dispose of Musume’s corpse, rather than eliminate Kokona by getting her arrested by police.

This video was originally created on March 22nd, 2017. The final version of the video was uploaded on Sep 30, 2017. The video was in production for so long because I made dozens of adjustments to the artwork and script, which transformed it from this early draft into the final version that you’re all familiar with now.

I hope that you enjoy seeing this never-before-seen piece of Yandere Simulator history!

28 thoughts on “The Original, Alternate Ending to “Driving Your Rivals To Murder in Yandere Simulator”

    • Me to! I remember in one blog post not too long ago there was a render of Ayano and Osoro standing in front of a shed, so I think it will.

  1. I’ve had the idea of a character for a long time that is not just a friend, the one who owes Yandere, who agrees to help in hiding evidence.
    Regardless of whether there will be something like this in the game – a cool video!

  2. If this actually makes into the final game, there should be a minigame where you have to slice the body.
    maybe a fruit ninja clone.
    Letting the player choose between making bonds with the rival or just snitch on her would be really cool.
    Also, by befrending her this way, the rival could have a “special” dialogue where she talks about her past, or something else relating to the game’s lore.

  3. yandere dev, recently I was watching textures from yandere sim out of boredom and I found this blue blazer I introduced it to the game using the custom blazer command and it was wonderful! and I have one question, would it be possible to bring back all those old uniforms from 2014?

  4. Hello, I found a bug while playing. The bug is when i kill Osana and then when i go back to home, it says that i got the befriend checklist. When i go check my content checklist, it had my attack eliminate checklist so can you fix it??

    • I killed Osana, didn’t get an incorrect checklist popup. Couldn’t reproduce the bug using the very limited information in your bug report.

      If there is a sequence of events that causes the wrong popup to appear, you need to actually give me the details.

      Your bug report did not contain enough useful information. Figure out the steps that cause the incorrect popup to appear, then e-mail me the instructions.

  5. This is a cool Alternate Ending! I have a question: After Kokona helped Ayano to dispose of the body, how will the relationship between them be?

  6. Hi when I was playing the game I got the weapon bag first and then got the magical girl wand but when I press ctrl and then R it was still in Ayano’s hand can you please fix this

  7. I think it would be neat if for when/if the elimination is implemented, the player gets a choice to either help the rival dispose of evidence or to report them. It could be like a similar thing to when the player decides to befriend or betray a rival. Not only that, but you could also satisfy everyone if they prefer one option/ending over the other.

  8. Hey, Yan dev. Did you know that your game was on Turkish news? They told people that the game is terrible for children, even though this game is for 17+. This is so ridiculous…

  9. I hope this can become a real elimination method. It would make for a more intense version of the “Befriend/Betray” ending. If you plan to make it differ from rival to rival it would be a neat idea.

    I love the final version, as it seems super sinister, but I also love how morbid it is that they’re instructing Kokona to dismember a body so easily.

    It really goes to show the kind of things that just seem “normal” and “natural” solutions in Ayano’s mind.

  10. Hey, I found a bug. Essentially, when you go to the nurse office and giggle 5 times the nurse will say “This kind of behavior…” but you won’t go to the guidance counselor. Every next giggle will make her reiterate the dialog.

  11. I LOVE this ending so much more than the other one. My only comment is, I wish yan chan’s lines could express her intense manipulation skills. The idea is great! but I can’t help but feel like kokona is stupid for buying into yan chan’s proposal so quickly, even with musume’s taunting, it just feels unnatural for a kind-hearted character to flip so easily. Maybe make yan-chan’s lines less hollow when talking to students she’s trying to manipulate. Of course, my thoughts are probably stupid and I don’t want to give you an even bigger headache. I love the way Yandere Simulator is developing!

  12. Honestly it might be a good idea to have her as an accomplice, this can create an ending where Kokona can be pinned for every rival elimination (kill methods). with that being said, after killing Museme, it will create new tasks for Kokona. It will be a constant stream of Kokona being worried and asking Ayano for advice on how to deal with it, because judging from the fact that Musume is dead before lifting the debt, Kokona’s dad is still in debt. this is where the advice comes in. Ayano will tell Kokona that the 10 rivals are connected to Musume’s dad, and they need to kidnap and/or kill them in order to pay her dad’s debt. Kokona will then question Ayano’s logic on how that will work, and she will constantly add the rhetorical questions, “don’t you want your dad to be released from debt.” or “you don’t want to go to jail do you.” After the 10th rival is eliminated, if the regular game has a similar ending to 1980s (which I’m assuming it probably doesn’t) Kokona will be pinned for all the rivals deaths and even though she says Ayano made her do it, Kokona will be found guilty of the murders and Ayano will get off Scott Free. However after Kokona said that Ayano was involved, in the words of Ryoba,”People will have their doubts.” now I know for a fact this is probably not where the lore goes at all, but it’s still a fun concept and I’m happy if I can even predict a small amount of this method.

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