December 6th Bug-Fixing Build

Whoops!! There was a bug in the previous build that prevented one of the game’s murder methods from working. How embarrassing! I’ve uploaded a new build where the bug is fixed.

That one bug isn’t the only change that has been made to the game, though. to read a list of everything that was fixed/added/changed in the latest build, scroll down past this amazing Ayano cosplay by kae_kk_ae!


  • When a student screams, nearby students will now look in the direction of the alarming thing the screaming student is screaming about, instead of staring at the screaming student himself. (It was supposed to work this way already, but a bug prevented it from working.)
  • The 16 most recent additions to the Content Checklist now have unique icons with original artwork, instead of the crummy placeholder icons that I made in 5 minutes.
  • One of the shots in the intro cutscene has been tweaked. It is not final, and further changes are pending in the future.
  • Updated the delinquent boys’ textures to more accurately reflect their official character artwork.
  • Otohiko is now performing a pose in his portrait instead of performing a neutral idle animation.
  • Updated the eye textures for Borupen, Juku, Kyuji, Riku, Sho, Shozo, and Tsuruzo.


  • If the player killed a student, wrapped the corpse in a garbage bag, and then dropped the corpse near another student, that student would incorrectly believe that a valid conversation partner was nearby, and they would begin performing a talking animation. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to splash water onto a character who was wearing a gym uniform. (This was not meant to be possible, since it would wreck the game’s logic regarding what state a student was in.)
  • If the player joined a club, quit the club, then joined another club and performed a club activity, the game would not acknowledge the club activity as being performed. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to freeze in place if they were attacked by a mind-broken slave while in the middle of practicing sparring with the player.
  • If the player picked up a garbage bag that was next to a cardboard box, the cardboard box would disappear. This bug has been fixed.
  • The subtitles 1980s Mode Genocide Ending cutscene didn’t have the correct font or color. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to put a scythe inside of a weapon bag using the Yandere Vision menu.
  • Fixed bug that would allow characters to clip into desks when being killed next to a desk.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to put a scythe inside of a cello case.
  • Fixed bug that prevented any electrocutions from taking place.

58 thoughts on “December 6th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Wow thanks Dev I don’t know if u have red my comment in the last build, but unfortunately the Senpai photo bug is still present in the game. The bug only occurs when you play on a new game.

  2. You should give the delinquent who is the yakuza’s brother bruises so that you can tell him apart from the other delinquents so you can easily locate the task. Plus it would make sense since he is being beaten up.

  3. Hey Yandere Dev, are you planning on adding a hairstyle edit menu to the game? That would be cool to see and I feel like you already had it planned and it was coming soon🙂.

  4. Yandere dev I absolutely love your work and appreciate all the hard work and detail you put into yandere simulator. This game Is truly one of my dream games and something that as a child I would dream of existing. I know there Is a lot of pressure on you and I don’t want to add to that but do you think it’s possible to to start working on other rivals at the moment? If not that Is totally fine.

    • I’m sorry, now is not the right time to work on the rivals.

      Adding rivals isn’t as important as fixing flaws.

      If the game has a bunch of flaws when the rivals are released, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the rivals, because of all the flaws.

      Therefore, it makes more sense for me to fix flaws first and add the rivals second.

  5. Hey Yanderedev! I’m going to talk a little about the realism of the game, but I’m making a mean comment!
    well, i think the toilets should be used for something else, not just killing people, and filling a bucket of water..but they should also be used by other students they use the bathroom every minute..and use the toilet!

  6. *in placeholder clubleader voice* Greetings, YanDev.

    I just want to something point out in case anyone hasn’t. It’s regarding Ayano’s hair. Based on her usual hairstyle, her hair should end by her waistline when she let it loose. You don’t have to do this immediately if you don’t want to, though. I just hope that by the official release of the game, it would be the accurate length.

  7. Yandere dev because in the game the teachers are actually so boring but they are required to play in the academy but i just have a question if the teachers could patrol the school sometimes? oppressors are easy to get rid of, local government may be difficult but something is missing, could you add their new routine? I also have a plan to diversify the learning of subjects, for example, on Friday there would be a biology test and the player would have to have biology at level one, because EVERY school had at least one test, I hope you will like these ideas!

  8. The scythe is too large to fit in the bags, so it can’t be concealed. This makes it so that there is no advantage to using the scythe at all. But what if the scythe could kill two people at the same time? This would definitely make it a more interesting weapon, at least in my opinion.

  9. Hey YandereDev, do you plan on filling in the empty spaces outside of the school? Like the areas with just grass, that kinda extends to the school barrier walls

  10. Hey Yandere Dev! I know you don’t have any plans for the rivals as of now, (since you are working on bugs) but I thought of a cool idea for Senpai’s sister. I’m not sure if she transfers to Akademi but if she does you could have her transfer with another student. This student could be the obstacle for Ayano! I think you mentioned that Hanako would be following Senpai around all day which would make it hard for Ayano to kill her, but I just thought would be a cool idea. On to the main point, this student would have the cowardly personality, but she would also be suspicion. She would be by Hanako’s side when Hanako isn’t with her brother. Also, I was thinking that Hanako’s friend would be a bit like Rybaru but instead of fighting she has this 7th sense. She knows what’s up and if she catch’s Ayano doing anything weird then she would share her suspicions with Hanako. Also, the weeks before Hanako and her friend join Akademi, if Ayano killed the other rivals then Hanako’s friend would place suspicion on Ayano. If Hanako’s friend thinks something was off or had something to do with Ayano even if she wasn’t there then she’d know. Anyways this was just a fun little idea, sorry if this was a bad explanation!

  11. I found a few bugs that needed to be fixed

    1. When I dismembered Shinako Bunzai, her scarf floats when I picked up her head.

    2. The weapon floats out of a teacher’s hand when picked up.

    3. The delinquents lost their piercings when dismembered.

    4. Some of the bullies (Kokoro and Hoshiko) didn’t have any earrings, Hana’s earrings glitches when ever she walks.

    5. Juku Ren’s eyes turned red instead of his normal green eyes when I dismembered him.

    And 6. Female hairstyle #56 is Ayano’s cousin’s hair, not Ayano’s old hair, and hairstyle #75 is Himedere-Chan’s old hairstyle, not Yui’s old hair.

    If you fixed these bugs, I’d really appreciate it.

  12. I have a suggestion, it would be nice if the toilets where delinquents and the bullies go to discut,have graffiti on the walls

  13. I also forget to mention that Spiteful students in 1980s mode would test that they witnessed you killing someone with a low reputation. They should just keep Ryoba’s dark side a secret when they witnessed her killing someone with a low reputation…

  14. Haha! My daughter has been playing this game, couldn’t help but look it up. How charming!! The effort that has been put into this is truly magnificent.

  15. Hey Yanderedev! I have stg for you:
    1-)An Alternative End:
    Different endings can be added to the 1980s mode. If Ryoba being Student Council President and has the highest reputation, that makes Ryoba famous! Mr. Saikou will remove the news about the school’s Council President. Ryoba doesn’t have to kindap Senpai. The game ends in a cutscne like the other rivals accepting the declaration of love.
    2-) Random idea – 1:
    Ryoba can attend to student council but Ayano can’t. (because in 202X mode Megami chooses the student council members and Megami knows what happened in 1980)A student council member must come to school every day, and student council has much advantages. Who knows, maybe Ryoba becomes council president and if the school atmosphere gets too low, she will meet with Grandpa Saiko.
    3-) Random idea – 2:
    Ayano should start the game with a reputation of -10. (Everyone heard from their families what happened in 1980. There are rumors about Ayano and her family) This makes the game a little harder.
    4-) A Mistake:
    In 1980 every rival gives a gift to Senpai one day a week. Player can put bad things in the gift box. There are 2 ways to do this: buy at a shop in the city in the morning or wait for lunch. If the player does not know on which day the gift will be given, player will not go to the city in the morning. If the player waits for lunch, the rival gives the normal gift box to Senpai. So to sabotage this event, you have to start the day over.

    (English is not my main language I hope you can understand)

  16. Hello Yanderedev! Are you aware of a bug that doesn’t let you select Horuda’s locker, and when you exit the selection screen the arrow heart is for someone else, and it doesn’t even let you write the letter, essentially bugging the whole game run. If I’m being an idiot and getting it wrong, then please let me know, but if this is a genuine bug then I hope to have alerted you, have a merry Christmas. 🙂

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