October 24th Bug-Fixing Build

Oops x2! The last build introduced a new bug, so I’m releasing a new build to fix it. Sorry about the instability of recent builds!

To read a list of everything that was fixed, changed, or improved in the latest update, scroll down past this amazing Ayano cosplay!


  • Komako – the 8th rival of 1980s Mode – had a very boring daily routine: “Stand in the plaza, talk to 11 people simultaneously.” She now has a much more interesting routine, one that still makes sense even if she remains present at the school on subsequent weeks, when the other students’ routines have changed; she walks around the school’s two Zen gardens, admiring various aspects of them. Her followers don’t really try to talk with her, but instead, they talk amongst themselves about how graceful she looks. (I’d like to implement a “talking amongst each other” animation in the future, if the animation volunteers become free to help out with that.)
  • It’s weird to ask someone to follow you and then just take out a photograph and stare at it silently. So, from now on, if the player starts using the “Pass Time” feature while being followed by a student, the student will complain about the player spacing out and then leave.
  • The term “Feed List” has been changed to “Catering List”, because “Feed List” was always a really weird term.


  • Fixed bug that would cause the protagonist’s panties to become visible through her gym uniform if the player toggled the panty censor on/off while wearing the gym uniform.
  • Fixed bug that would cause certain students to run outside of school whenever loading a save file that was made after they should have been inside of the school.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the sound effect for “rummaging through paper” to last twice as long as the animation for rummaging through paper.
  • Fixed bug that would cause all students in the vicinity to become aware of a corpse if the player dropped a corpse onto the ground.
  • Fixed bug that prevented students from responding correctly to locker notes that should have convinced them to have a meeting.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the radio to disappear if the player put the radio into a bookbag, then saved and loaded the game.
  • Fixed bug that would cause female Art Club members to emit “speech lines” during the art club’s “club activity” cutscene.
  • Fixed bug that would cause female Art Club members to display a graphical glitch when wearing their art club aprons.

31 thoughts on “October 24th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I found a bug with Sanokai she can’t approach quietly when she noticed a corpse, weapons. I even tried to kill her when she was poisoned, you can’t drown her.

    • you can drown her ive done it before if its because she pushes you dont approach too near her but near enough for the drown prompt to appear

  2. Before you join the Cooking Club, there’s a screen that gives you info about it. It still says ‘Feed List’ in the text instead of ‘Catering List’. Thanks for the new build though!

  3. hi can you fix the horudas reputation bug i mentioned it last build but it still hasnt been fixed + ive noticed that the last 2 builds the download on the website is 1 build behind everytime a new build comes out

  4. Thanks for the fixes, YanDev! I have a question! Can you make the items that’s used to craft something at the workshop and science class appear in the inventory(on your phone) as well? it’ll help a lot because sometimes I forget what items I had picked up.

  5. Hey YandereDev! thanks for the new build! But remember from the last build that I was reporting a bug? Yes, all 5 bounties were not identifying when I took a screenshot clearly. But if you have the time to fix it, thank you.

  6. Not a bug, but a suggestion: Currently Mission Mode’s icon in the content checklist is inverted when incomplete, which is unlike every other image in the checklist. This is presumably because the complete image is in greyscale.

    The problem this leads to is confusion over if the mission has been completed, as the image for it when complete looks like all the other images when incomplete.

    Proposed solutions:
    1. Add a pop of colour to the mission mode image when complete, such as a red background, or Nemesis’s iconic red eyes.
    2. Add a “completed!” tag to each mission when complete – either in it’s title, or as an overlay across the image. (Maybe only when selected?)

  7. An actual bug this time, also regarding mission mode’s content checklist entry:
    Upon completing the Mission, the achievement pop up does not appear. Instead once you return to the main menu, it triggers the “attack” achievement popup. When visiting the (previously entirely reset) content checklist, Attack is NOT completed, but Mission Mode is.

  8. I also can report that after completing the genocide ending (killing musume besides senpai in class as the final kill, so the cutscene triggers) – the achievement pop up for “Befriend” appears. However, as with mission mode, the correct item in the checklist is unlocked, rather than “Befriend”

  9. I have a suggestion. Some people such as the Basu Sisters, Kokona, Saki, Riku, Himari etc can fight back when they witness their friends/relative being murdered by the player. In their student profile, their Self-Defense is said as Incapable. People who are Incapable of Self-Defense won’t try to fight back and begin to run away. I think that the Self-Defense needs to be changed to either Very Weak or Weak so that the players know that they shouldn’t mess with them.

  10. Bugs: when you kill a teacher who’s making a phone to the police they still speak even though they are dead.
    You can still take a panty shot of a student who is sitting in their desk.
    The delinquents don’t notice objects and blood on the floor.

  11. Small suggestion:
    The Science Club leader theme is quite techno, even in 1980s mode. The Science Club in 1980s mode is very chemical-based and not very technology-based. Maybe slightly change it like the Light Music Club?

    • not a fix for that bug specifically, but in the meantime, to complete the genocide ending, you can kill Raibaru with an electric shock by spilling water under her chair and throwing the car battery into it during class time!

  12. Hey YandereDev! I think when Osana is Befriended, she should no longer sit with Senpai but instead just sits with Raibaru during Lunch Time.

  13. the ‘day ___ of asking for ___’ comments won’t get the feature changed yknow. Like the person asking for new stockings for the basu sisters, volunteering a different 3d model you made is more helpful than spamming messages.

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