October 16th Bug-Fixing Build

Oops! There were a few bugs in the last build. Please get the latest build so you don’t have to deal with those issues.

To see a list of everything that was fixed or improved in the latest build, scroll down past this meme parody!

It always puts a huge smile on my face whenever someone creates a Yandere Simulator version of the latest dancing meme, like the Helltaker dance meme or the Ankha dance meme. I appreciate these a lot!


  • Certain craftable materials shouldn’t disappear after they’ve been obtained, because they are a container of multiple items. For example, the container of hairpins and the container of paperclips. From now on, the containers won’t disappear after the player has grabbed some materials from them, meaning that the player to keep crafting certain items as long as they run back to where the materials were found and grab some more from the container.
  • In the retro minigame, there is now a slight time gap between getting a game over and being allowed to retry, so that the player is less likely to mash the button and skip directly past the game over before they get to see what their score was.
  • The “Dot Matrix” handheld gaming device now uses a different texture depending on what time period you’re using it in. In 1989, it looks brand new. In 202X, it looks like it has 30 years of wear-and-tear.
  • The heart’s hitbox in the retro minigame is now more accurate to the shape of a heart, so that you are less likely to get a “WTF, it wasn’t even touching!!” type of game over.
  • In a previous build, I updated Miyuji’s hair model, but I never updated her portrait. Oops! Miyuji’s portrait has now been updated.


  • For testing purposes, I programmed the Achievement Popup to activate if I pressed the left ctrl key. I forgot to disable this when I exported the last build. Whoops! It’s fixed in the latest build.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to skip past Friday (and thus bypass a rival’s confession) by choosing to dispose of a dead prisoner’s corpse on Friday morning.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to always believe that the police had been called to school at the end of every day (affecting the Basu Sisters’ conversations).
  • Fixed bug that caused student council girls to never return to their correct walking animation after they finished reporting a suspicious object to a teacher.
  • Fixed bug that made the minimap automatically turn itself on if the player exited the light music club minigame or the delinquent beat-em-up minigame.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Journalist to disappear from school after the “Counselor yells at rival for breaking school rules” sequence.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Osana to immediately die as soon as she was kidnapped, if she was kidnapped through the Befriend/Betray method.
  • Fixed bug that made it possible to sell a corpse to the Yakuza for money. (He only wants to pay for living girls, not dead ones.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause a dead prisoner to twitch, even though they were supposed to be completely motionless while dead.

44 thoughts on “October 16th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. It was fast.
    The bugs I see are less and less bothering than before.
    Remember the build when you implemented the “fast bookbag item equip with yandere vision” feature.
    My framerate has drastically increased with the October 15th build : 18fps before, 28 now.

  2. Hey YandereDev, I’m here to report a bug and give an idea about the kidnapped students’ health bar

    Idea: my idea is about with each day that the health bar goes down, the sanity also goes down a bit, especially if the prisoner has low health, and the less health he has the more damage the torture will do, he will already be physically weak and if It hurts psychologically it will suffer even more, also after each torture the life bar decreases, I doubt that anyone will be left without damage to their health after being tortured for 18 hours

    Bug: in the 1980s mode, after each week they kicked me out of the club, even though I went to the activities every day, first I entered the gardening club and I left it, I think before the end of the week, in week 2, between to the journalism club and they fired me, when I perished I had a bad reputation (although I had a 100 reputation, the maximum) and I only went to the activity one day, finally I joined the science club and went to the activities every day but they returned to fire me, apparently one of them had problems (at this time he had a high reputation, I think at least 80) I don’t know if I missed something but that’s all I remember

  3. btw for the minimap feature id suggest only having students on the specific floor youre on showing rather than every single one showing and getting confused whether a student is coming or not but turns out theyre on the second floor e.g lets say youre in the cooking club and you killed akane and now youre waiting for people to pass through the hallway using the minimap so that noone walks in on you hiding her body and you see an arrow coming near you and you assume its someone passing by so when you look out the window you see noone and you see another arrow but then assume its someone on the second floor so you walk out but instead it is someone actually on the first floor and they just saw u with a dead body. hope that made sense its more of for the player to not get confused with different floors and stuff and also with the little amount of arrows it could also help with the fps

    • Oh and by the way, I think there’s is misspelling problem in one of the command descriptions of the “Chat interaction” menu. If you already fixed that, sorry for wasting your time!

  4. Hey, since when prisoners can die in our basement?! i knew we can make them kill themselves at school but i didnt see anything like this in past builds.

  5. Hey, caught a bug in Biju Mike’s newest video. No idea if you have already fixed it but here you go.

    The bullies don’t have their phones for some reason. I would play test it myself to see how something went wrong but my gaming PC died a horrible death. 😢 So RIP my gaming for a while I guess.

    Hope this helps!

    • Hey I found this wonderful concept I thought you might enjoy.

      I see you in the comments of some concept videos and in case it brightens your day to see them I thought it would be good to share. Especially since it’s a smaller channel that might not reach your recommendations.

  6. hey yanderedev, I would like to suggest that Osana should call Taro instead of senpai since they were childhood friends and not strangers. Also it is very rude to call your upperclassman “dummy” so it will be better to call him Taro. You don’t have to change anything if you are lack of voice actors or wanting to focus on something else though. By the way I miss the “arrive school one hour late than usual after reading the whole manga in one night” balancing feature. The current one is almost impossible to read all 15 mangas in 10 weeks unless you don’t do anything but read manga continually every night.

    • Ah! She just following the tsundere stereotype. It’s meant to be an anime style game, not 100% authentic Japanese experience, which is why they can have wacky things in it.

      For example the robot, the demon realm, the tooootally normal and not at all paranormal Basu Sisters, etc.

      So it’s actually purposely done. Hope it helps! And hope you’re enjoying the game so far!

  7. I suggest that students in the game will react everything to make game realistic. For example, if they see a student doused, they will say “Go to the locker room”, “I think you should wash”. If they see a npc student holding weapon that he/she found in ground then they will say like “Why do you need this knife?”, student while holding knife will respond like “I found a dangerous weapon so i will take this knife into faculty room” and they will say “I guess you’re right”. Also If they see a scared students that they saw a corpse, they will approach them and say “What happened?”. Also i suggest that students will sometimes (or rare) stare at recumbent objects if the player threw out, for example, a puddle of water, a mop, etc.

  8. Will there ever be an open door animation, and also I realized that trapping the door is really easy, so i was wondering if you could possibly have a stool to set up the trap and you cant do it when anyone is around. Lastly, will everyone’s new character model be in the next update?

  9. Hey on the Sunday cutscene after Ayano eliminates Osana and gets that text from info chan, the time and date are displayed on the phone, but the date says it’s still Saturday. Is this a typo? :0

    • I’m not Yan Dev, I could be wrong, but I believe that Yandere Dev has the intention of making the Sunday cutscenes take place in Saturday so that Sunday is a playable day in the finished gane
      Again, I might be wrong

    • “When I first came up with the kidnapping idea, the plan was that it would only be possible for the player to kidnap rivals.

      I wanted to be able to test the kidnapping feature without implementing a rival first, so I made it possible to kidnap any female student. I always considered the ability to kidnap any female student to be a temporary / placeholder feature that was only implemented for testing purposes.

      However, now that the Yakuza has been implemented and part of his functionality involves the ability to purchase kidnapped victims, it seems as though the “kidnap non-rivals” feature has become official. So, with that in mind, now I have to begin to consider whether or not it should be possible to kidnap males.

      Currently, I don’t have any strong feelings about whether I do or do not want to support that feature. However, I don’t actually have all of the animations that I’d need in order to make it possible to kidnap males. So, it’s not something I could implement at this point in time, even if I wanted to do so.”

      – Yandere Dev on the official Yandere simulator website, the about page

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