Big October Update

For the past few months, you’ve heard me say the same thing over and over: “I haven’t been able able to focus on adding new features to the game recently, since I’ve been fixing bugs. I’ll return to adding new features once the bug reports stop.”

Well, that long-awaited time has come; I received very few significant bug reports recently, so I was finally able to spend the majority of the past two weeks adding new features and improvements to the game! I made a massive amount of progress through my “Every change I want to make to the game before the crowdfunding campaign” checklist, and I’ve got a LOT to show you today! How much, exactly? Well, I’ll put it this way: this blog post is over 4,300 words long! That ought to give you a sense of just how much progress I’ve made!

To begin reading about everything that was added or improved about the game recently, scroll down past this absolutely fabulous illustration by Almer, who created it for this hilarious meme video!

The Feed List

The Cooking Club’s passion is sharing their food with others, so they spend their spare time walking around school handing out food to the other students…however, not everyone at school wants to receive food. Some of them are on a diet, and others are simply not interested in being bothered by the Cooking Club. So, the Cooking Club has created a list of students who have “opted in” or “opted out” of receiving food. This is called the “Feed List.”

The Feed List is a list of all students at school who have expressed that they wish to free food from the Cooking Club. Anyone whose name is crossed out from this list is a student who has specifically requested to NOT receive any food from the Cooking Club. The Sports Club and delinquent boys/girls are examples; they do not want the Cooking Club bothering them at all.

So, what does this have to do with gameplay? I’ll explain: If you join the Cooking Club, the Cooking Club leader will trust you to update/edit the Feed List. In other words, you will gain the ability to cross out any student’s name from this list, making sure that the Cooking Club will stay far away from that student…meaning that you won’t have to worry about the Cooking Club being a witness to you murdering that student.

Want to murder Osana, but don’t want the Cooking Club to walk into the room while you’re busy burying a knife in Osana’s brain? Join the Cooking Club and cross out Osana’s name from the Feed List! This ensures that you will be able to murder Osana witness-free. (Well, you’ll still have all the OTHER witnesses to worry about, but not the Cooking Club.)

Another way to look at it: Previously, joining the Cooking Club did not carry a significant benefit. But, as of now, the act of joining the Cooking Club has gained a massive buff, which might make it a much more relevant club in the future.

There’s one last thing I’d like to mention: I dislike the name of this feature – I named it “Feed List” because I couldn’t think of anything else – so the name might change in the future. (Also, I worry that the font on the Feed List isn’t legible, so that might also be changing in the future, as well.)

Aside from those two little details, though…this is an idea that I’ve wanted to include in the game for years, and I’m very happy that it’s finally here!

Sukeban Routine Update

Some of the most common feedback about 1980s Mode is that the rivals are far too easy to eliminate, because there are too many situations where they are completely alone with no witnesses around them. In the near future, I plan to adjust student routines so that the rivals won’t ever be alone…and while I’m repositioning students around school, some of the most important students might be the delinquent boys and delinquent girls.

Because the delinquents don’t belong to any clubs and don’t have any specific interests / responsibilities that would dictate their routines, they can realistically “fit in” anywhere at school. An explanation like, “That’s where they decided to loiter today” or “They’re standing here because they know it’s inconvenient for people and they’re waiting for someone to pick a fight with them” can justify their presence almost anywhere. This makes them very useful as “living security cameras” who can be placed anywhere in order to make that area more safe for a rival.

I noticed that the 5 delinquent girls, in particular, were severely underutilized; they spent all of their time in a bathroom, where they were zero threat to the player. So, I decided to do something with them…

From now on, the 5 delinquent girls in 1980s Mode will now begin every day loitering nearby the school gate. This should prevent the player from using any type of exploit that allows the player to eliminate their rival before they’ve even walked through the school gate at the beginning of the day.

After a few minutes have passed, the 5 delinquent girls will move inside the school – and each week, they will loiter in a different location. During Week 1, the week that is intended to be the easiest week, they will hang out in the bathroom, just like they did in the past. But, on every subsequent week, they will choose to hang out elsewhere in school.

I originally planned to put them in locations that would make them an obstacle to any player that was trying to kill their current rival when the rival was alone – but it proved to be kind of difficult to do so, since there are just too many opportunities like that. So, for now, the locations I’ve currently chosen for them are kinda arbitrary, and don’t really make the rivals more “protected.” I’ll definitely revisit and reconsider where they should stand in the near future.

New Tasks

Currently, all students who don’t have a unique Task are sharing a “placeholder” task – “retrieve a book from the school library to help a student study.” The idea behind this task is that none of the students think of using books to study because they’re all too accustomed to using the Internet. However, there is one student at school that this Task shouldn’t apply to – Kuu Dere. She’s the school librarian, so of course, books would be at the forefront of her mind! To solve this problem, I’ve given Kuu Dere a unique Task in the latest build.

There was also one other student who the placeholder Task didn’t really apply to – Geiju Tsuka. His gimmick is that he only speaks in one-word or two-word sentences, so he is another one of those students who really needs a unique Task, since the dialogue of the placeholder Task doesn’t suit him. So, Geiju has been given a unique Task in the latest build, as well.

I strongly dislike “I misplaced something, go find it for me” tasks, so I will be avoiding implementing any Tasks like that in the future. Kuu and Geiju are probably the last two students who will ever have a Task like that.

By the way, there’s something I should mention about the book in Kuu’s Task. It’s related to –

…on second thought, nevermind. It’s just an ordinary book. Yep…a completely ordinary book.

Sonoko Changes

Sonoko Sakanoue is the “final boss” of 1980s Mode, so she should be a lot more difficult than all preceeding rivals. To that end, the following changes were made:

  1. She will now turn towards the player if the player runs nearby.
  2. She will now turn towards the player if the player walks close enough to attack her.
  3. She will not turn away from the player if the player is standing close enough to attack her, and she will shove the player away if the player just stands there for long enough.
  4. She will now shove the player away from herself if the player collides with her.
  5. She now carries pepper spray, if the player runs into her 5 times, she will spray and arrest the player.
  6. She will now pepper spray the player if the player approaches her while armed with any weapon.
  7. If she witnesses the player commit murder, she will react as a “Sleuth” – taking an incriminating photograph of you and running away to report you to the police. However, if you chase her down and try to kill her before she reports you, she will spin around and pepper-spray you.

I’m planning to make changes to the other rivals, as well – I might pile them all into one build and call it something like “The Completely Revised Rivals Update!” or maybe the changes will trickle in one by one over the course of the next few weeks. We’ll see how things turn out.

Manga Rebalancing

A lot of players have informed me that the manga feature was imbalanced; the player could achieve Level 5 Seduction within 5 days, thus completely trivializing the ability to befriend students in order to earn their trust. This was extremely valid feedback, so the feature has been adjusted. It now takes 5 days to read through a single manga book; this means that it now takes 25 days (halfway through the game) to achieve Level 5 Seduction. Hopefully, this will balance the overpowered feature.

With that said, I’ve also decided to power up another one of the game’s features: if you upgrade your Language stat, you will be able to read through manga books faster. At maximum Language, you can read an entire manga book in only two nights.

Extended Content Checklist

When a new player starts playing Yandere Simulator for the first time, they have no idea exactly how much content the game holds. The “Content Checklist” was added to the game to inform players of exactly how much content is in the game, and was placed on the main menu directly underneath “New Game” so that players couldn’t possibly miss it. However, the Content Checklist didn’t actually list all of the game’s content – it only listed the elimination methods and a small handful of challenges!

16 new items have been added to the Content Checklist so that it more accurately represents the full breadth of content and experiences that are waiting for you in Yandere Simulator.

(The icons for these new items are temporary, and will be replaced at a later date.)

Oh, and, by the way, on the topic of the Content Checklist…

Achievement Pop-Ups

From now on, whenever the player completes a “Content Checklist” challenge, a little notification will pop-up in the bottom-right corner of the screen to inform the player of their accomplishment. This may not seem like a big deal, but to me, it’s a big step towards making the game feel complete and polished; one of those things I’ve wanted to do for years in order to increase the production values of the game.

(Please note that any pop-up related to a rival elimination will only appear after the player safely returns home without being arrested on the day of the elimination.)

The design of the Achievement Pop-Up might change in the future; for now, all that mattered to me was getting the feature to work.

Student Gazes

Last month, I uploaded a video describing the reasons why I wanted to add a “students subtly turn their upper bodies and eyes to look at the protagonist” feature to the game.

After I demonstrated the progress I had made with the feature, I described a problem I had encountered that was causing some unwanted “janky” behavior.

I’m happy to announce that I eventually figured out how to solve that problem! (On every frame, compare the current rotation to the previous rotation. If the rotation hasn’t changed, don’t apply any extra rotation.) However, there could still be bugs with this feature, so I’m not ready to enable it in the game by default. Instead, you’ll have to manually enable the feature by pressing the “U” key 10 times. Please check it out and report any bugs that you find with the feature.

Changes and Improvements

  • Testing a change to student protocol. Previously, students were incapable of reacting to corpses while they were in the “wearing towel and walking to shower to clean up” state. This was a deliberate design decision. However, every week, many players reported this as a “bug.” The reason why I wanted to keep it this way was to simplify matters; to prevent students from being able to enter a situation where they are in a towel, but doing things such as running to the faculty room to talk to teachers. However, it does look strange and unnatural for someone wearing a towel to calmly walk past a corpse. So, I’m going to try something: I’m going to make it possible for students in that “towel” state to react to corpses. However, if this creates a large number of new bugs, I’m just going to revert it back to how it was before. “The student doesn’t react to the corpse because they are focusing their attention on taking a shower and there is too much steam in the shower building to see clearly while they are focusing on doing something else” will be the explanation.
  • If Raibaru smells gasoline nearby, she will warn Osana that something isn’t right. Previously, she only reacted to gasoline in a bucket. From now on, she will also warn Osana about the smell of gasoline coming from a nearby sabotaged water cooler, which will cause Osana to keep an eye out for the trap and disable it when she passes by it.
  • After the player eliminates Osana, she appears at the title screen, and her appearance reflects the way she was eliminated (burned, drowned, electrocuted, etc). If Osana was rejected, Senpai would appear nearby her, except he was using his old hairstyle instead of his new hairstyle. His hair has been updated.
  • Updated some of the models around Akademi (the pillars that appear at the corners of the exterior of the school building and the doorway that leads into the pool’s pump room).
  • From now on, while crouching / crawling, the camera will not lower itself to such an extreme degree as before, and the camera movement with be smooth instead of abrupt.
  • All text boxes that appear in the Calendar screen of 1980s Mode will now appear blue-and-white instead of pink-and-white, which is the color scheme of 202X Mode.
  • Nearby radios will no longer play music during a game over sequence, since the radio music ruins the mood of the game over.
  • Finally gave a proper texture to the pens that the characters hold, which have all just been solid red this entire time.
  • The act of sweeping the mop is now accompanied by a sound effect, instead of being completely silent.
  • Horuda Puresu will now smile and walk with straight posture if all of the bullies are dead.
  • Changed the hair model of the mysterious woman who walks around in the shopping street.
  • Updated the textures for some of the window frames and door frames around school.
  • Changed the outfit that Amai wears in the cutscene where she meets Senpai.

Bug Fixes

  • If the player got arrested, used the “Reset Day” feature, and then eavesdropped on the Basu sisters’ conversation, the sisters would discuss the police arriving at school, even though the player had reset back to a point in time before the police had arrived. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed numerous bugs related to the dance machine minigame. (The game not removing the arrows that were onscreen during the previous game over, instant game over when starting a song, semitransparent text lingering when it should be invisible, etc.)
  • If the player put certain small items into the weapon bag (such as a circular saw) the item would float above the weapon bag. From now on, small items will simply be stuffed further down inside the bag so that they don’t stick out at all.
  • Fixed bug that could result in the player becoming unable to advance the tutorial if the player dropped a garbage bag box so that Sumire’s corpse would land on top of the box and prevent the player from interacting with the box.
  • During the 1980s mode tutorial, the player is asked to change out of bloody clothing. If the player changed into the spare uniform from the Sewing Club, the tutorial would refuse to move forward. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause certain characters (Kiba, Dora, Himari, Sakura, Sumire, Tsubaki) to continue performing a “talking” animation even if their conversation partner was gone / distracted.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the police to illogically identify the protagonist as a murderer if the player disposed of a bloody knife on the same day that a mind-broken slave killed Raibaru.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a teacher to psychically become aware that the protagonist was guilty of murder if she noticed a corpse while she was already guarding another corpse.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to immediately be sent to the counselor’s office if they reloaded a save where they had a dangerous weapon in their inventory.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Raibaru to demonstrate weird behavior if the player giggled within Raibaru’s earshot during Osana’s Monday lunchtime rooftop event.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to perform the “studying in class” animation when resting in the school infirmary after being beat up by delinquents.
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause the liquid that was contained inside of a bucket to stay at the bottom of a bucket after the bucket had been emptied.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Raibaru to repeat the “I would love to visit the Martial Arts Club!” dialogue even after she had finished mentoring the club.
  • Fixed bug that would make puddles of blood look “glitchy and twitching” if they were spilled out of a bucket instead of being spawned in any other way.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a cloud of white smoke to spawn when removing a corpse from a locker if the corpse had changed clothing earlier in the day.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to levitate up into the air when walking close to some of the colliders in the street where all the shops are.
  • If the police arrived at school, the Basu sisters would not have a morning conversation, as they were supposed to. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona to “talk to the air” if her conversational partner (Saki) was present at school but was nowhere near her.
  • During the 1980s Mode tutorial, incorrect text appeared at the top-right corner once the Weekday was displayed. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Taro’s name to appear in the 1980s Mode student info screen the first time that the player opened the screen.
  • Fixed bug that caused Otohiko’s corpse to reappear at school if the player disposed of Otohiko’s corpse and then saved/loaded the game.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a rival to freeze in place permanently if she was splashed with water while running to the confession tree.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Nemesis from wearing the proper uniform when disguising herself as a Student Council Member.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the rival’s reputation from dropping after the player gossiped about them on the Internet.
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause Raibaru to block Osana’s path as she was trying to walk away from her desk.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Senpai to not perform any type of reaction if he witnessed the player pickpocketing.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the protagonist to be seen carrying a red pen in the “Low Rep Game Over” cutscene.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Journalist to misidentify a corpse in a trash bag as a visible corpse.
  • Fixed bug that made certain characters’ phones telekinetically float above their hands in 202X mode.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the friendly gym teacher lady from having her trademark smiling mouth.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to fit the giant 50kg weight from the gym into her tiny bookbag.
  • Fixed bug that allowed players to break the tutorial sequence using the weapon bag or bookbag.
  • Fixed typo that would appear in the text that displays when the player is removed from a club.
  • Fixed bug in Yanvania that could prevent the boss fight with Dracula-chan from beginning.
  • Fixed bug that prevented certain teachers’ podium papers from appearing.

Video Summary

YouTuber Bl00d recorded footage of the most significant content that was added to the game in the latest build! Check it out:

Amount of Remaining Work?

Some of you might remember the time when I used a “Trello” page to track the development of Osana. It was a checklist of all the work I needed to do in order to implement the first rival, and it was updated in real time whenever I completed one of my tasks.

Unfortunately, I had several negative experiences while updating the Trello:

  1. Sometimes, while working on my tasks, I realized that there was a task I forgot to add to the Trello, so I would update the Trello with the task I had forgotten. When people saw the list of tasks grow longer, they got upset, and even started inventing stupid conspiracy theories that I was just going to keep adding things to the list indefinitely in order to artificially lengthen the development of the game.
  2. Some tasks took multiple days to complete. This means that there were occasionally days when people refreshed the page and did not see anything change. When this happened, people became enraged and accused me of not doing any work, even even I had been working on the day for 12+ hours every day.
  3. A lot of the things I was working on were meant to be a secret or a surprise until the release of Osana – for example, the “Mysterious Obstacle”, who was eventually revealed to be Raibaru. Because I didn’t want to spoil these surprises with a Trello checklist, many of the Trello items were deliberately very vague. This only caused anger, confusion, conspiracy theories – the usual.
  4. Although every item on the checklist was important to me, some of those items didn’t seem very important to some people. When those people saw me working on checklist items they didn’t care about, they demanded that I stop and focus my attention elsewhere. When those people saw that the only remaining checklist items were things they didn’t care about, they demanded that I stop working on Osana and just release her.
  5. People frequently attempted to calculate the date that the checklist would be finished by looking at the rate of my progress. However, the rate of progress was inconsistent, due to each task taking a different amount of time to complete, which led to wildly inaccurate “When will YandereDev be finished?” estimates. This caused – you guessed it – anger and impatience.

Dealing with all of that stuff was really annoying and demotivating, and absolutely annihilated my enthusiasm for the idea of ever doing a Trello checklist again. So, even though I know a lot of people would love to see the Trello return, it’s almost guaranteed to never come back.

And, for the exact reasons named above, I wouldn’t like to give you a list of all remaining “Before the Crowdfunding Campaign” tasks, either. Instead, I’ll give you some deliberately vague information about what remains to be done. Firstly…

I’ve separated all of my tasks into four categories:

  1. Miscellaneous things that will improve the game in various ways – sometimes minor, sometimes major – but can get done super fast.
  2. Things that would potentially be an improvement to the game, but I’m not sure whether or not it’ll actually work out, so I’ll have to just have to experiment and see if I can get it to happen.
  3. Things that would absolutely be a huge improvement to the game, but would take multiple days to implement, and will require replacing systems that have been in place for years.
  4. Things that would be great to have in the game, but would require assets that I don’t have right now – 2D art, 3D models, voice acting, etc. (Whether or not those features get into the game will depend entirely on my ability to find volunteers who are interested in helping me.)

The past 2 weeks were almost entirely focused on things from Category “1” and “2”. There are currently less than 10 tasks remaining in each of those categories. (Category 4 is the wildcard, though; I don’t actually know whether or not anything from that list will actually get into the game prior to the crowdfunding campaign. We’ll just have to wait and see.)

Sometimes, I can complete multiple simple checklist items in a single day (primarily the ones from Category “1”) but there are also other checklist items that take multiple days of work to complete. And, of course, if I get a massive amount of bug reports, then that’ll cut into the time I could have spent working on checklist items. With all of those factors to consider, it’s kind of impossible to give you a meaningful and accurate estimate for when the checklist will be done. I’d like to say “The middle of October at the absolute soonest, the middle of November at the absolute latest.” But, of course, things never go as smoothly as I hope. We’ll see how things turn out.

Even though I deliberately left out many specifics in order to avoid the same problems that were created by the Trello checklist, I hope that this information paints a clearer picture of the current state of the game’s development!

As always, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

86 thoughts on “Big October Update

  1. The difference between the first build of the Demo and now is impressive.
    The game becomes more and more qualitative and fun to play.
    I can’t wait to see what it will look like when development is complete!

  2. Question: All the male delinquents in both modes have their own music. Will the sukeban girls have their own unique music as well? Also one last thing it’s a bit hard to know which male delinquent is which in 1980s mode cause they all look the same except for the hair/eyes/weapons. Not saying it’s bad I love the male delinquents but will they get a makeover? Example remember the old Easter egg in yansim where the delinquents would dance and move their arms. What if you add the face masks the male delinquents wore before and added it to the game? This would be extremely helpful when determining which delinquent is which.

  3. I really love this feature of the student gazing you as far as you pass by. But it very akward if he just stare you for the entire time you’re in there.

    As far as I analize the update I didn’t any kind of bug, but I would make students to stare you for like 5-10 sec and then stop, but then after a long time the students would stare you again as long as you there.

    Even if you just walking by, IRL we would look for the person that we have beside for like 5-10 sec and then just stop.

    • P.S But there’s something that would have sense, the studet counsil (For Ayano, but not for Ryoba), knows your true nature so they must stare you in order to have an eye on you.

      P.S.S I would disactive this feature during the events, for example Osana and Raibaru club event is very akward.

      And with that said I said my thought

  4. Question: Hello Yandere Dev! Do you have any idea when Yan sim will be playable on Mac devices? If not, that’s fine. Asking out of curiosity.

    • Many new lines were added for the delinquents after that actor recorded his lines.

      Would need to ask the actor to record a bunch of new lines.

      That actor costs money.

      Depends on budget.

  5. Thank you for the great update.
    I have a request to Yanderedev, I would like to be able to put on and take off the symbols when the main character joins the club.
    It is always uncomfortable for him to wear a bowl, a triangular hood, or a hat.
    Also, I would like to be able to use the Alt key to fix the viewpoint in the 1980s.

  6. OMG! I love the new update, Nice job Yan dev!! The feeding list is a brilliant idea and I’m sure people will join the cooking club more now! also re-balancing the manga feature is a very nice choice for gameplay. I’m glad you did it! I hope you rebalance the made cafe too though! in my opinion, it gives you way too much money. love that you made the radio music stop now, Yan dev! great job as always!

  7. Will be all students have own voice types or they will have 4 voice types by default?
    If they won’t have own voice types then i suggest that main characters, rivals and club leaders will have own voices, while other generic students and teacher will have 4 voicetypes by defeult.

  8. This update is really amazing thanks for the hard work you put in this game for us, cant Wait to see it finished 🙂

    • Students in towels could put on their clothes to go out first and then report if they saw blood or weapons, but it would look weird for them to take the time to get dressed if they saw a dead body in the locker room, so in that case they could hide in the shower room regardless of their personality. Maybe the Academy standards put so much pressure on students that they aren’t capable of walking around school without clothes even in that situation, but they’d be scared enough to get dressed and go out. In fact, it would be interesting! It would seem like a horror movie. Imagine being locked in a locker room with a dead body and the killer walks in…

  9. Outstanding work Yanderedev! So hyped to try this out ahhh!! <33 thank you so much for all your hard work!

  10. Students in towels could put on their clothes to go out first and then report if they saw blood or weapons, but it would look weird for them to take the time to get dressed if they saw a dead body in the locker room, so in that case they could hide in the shower room regardless of their personality. Maybe the Academy standards put so much pressure on students that they aren’t capable of walking around school without clothes even in that situation, but they’d be scared enough to get dressed and go out. In fact, it would be interesting! It would seem like a horror movie. Imagine being locked in a locker room with a dead body and the killer walks in…

  11. Yandev, I noticed a very minor typo in Geiju’s task. In the pop up that asks “Will you accept this task?”, the bottom line says “locate the paint bucket, and bring it to hime.” I’m sure you meant to say him.
    Anyways, amazing work!! So much has been accomplished. I’m super excited to see what else you have in mind!

  12. I like the new addition to the Cooking Club, what about adding a way to make the recipes the other members make? Like a natural progression in leveling up your cooking skills so that way you can get more points?

    Kinda like we have to be friends with all the Martial Arts Club members in order to get Budo’s task we should be friends with each member of the cooking club to unlock better food. We could also tie that to our language skills if we wanted to.

    Or what about doing the same thing we do with the feeding list but for the Photography Club? We could join and steer the direction of the search by targeting someone else to make the investigation lead to the targeted students? Or vice versa be able to clear someone, like Jokichi, because wouldn’t be suspicious as well?? I mean all these girls meet tragic ends or have accidents and they’re all around HIM? Wouldn’t people suspect him? We could plant evidence and take incriminating photos. A perk only awarded to Photography Club members.

    Another thing I have noticed is that it feels odd that they’re always staring at Ayano. There should be more circumstances around it. Like popular kids ignore you, if they’re busy they shouldn’t spare more than a brief glance, or if they suspect/know you murdered someone they should always keep their eyes on you. Glaring.

    Then again I know this is all still a demo and the staring feature is in experimentation. So I understand that this may all seem a bit much or something.

    I hope you and anyone reading this has a wonderful day/night wherever you are! Stay safe! Wash your hands!

  13. Sonoko’s biggest problem is that it does not intimidate the week.
    -She looks intimidating in the introduction scene.
    -She looks intimidating in all her dialogues.
    -She looks intimidating when getting a game over.
    -She has intimidating and difficult mechanics.

    She can even come to feel like just another generic rival. She has to feel like a final boss ALL THE TIME.

    My solution is for there to be changes at the school. At least in the final week.

    For example: posters of her, more warning signs, make the school atmosphere always low. EVEN A DIFFERENT BACKGROUND SOUND, the one used in the ABC challenge makes me feel it will be a real challenge, for example.

    It’s just for the experience.

    • I think thats a good idea! although i’m not sure why they would need warning signs and low school atmosphere for her, as she’s just a detective apprentice, yknow? but I agree with the music change!

    • She’s just a detective. This isn’t mission mode, where I feel this would make more sense, the only thing I can agree on is the music.

      But I feel she’s only going to be more polished in the final version of the game. ☺️ I have faith in this game.

      • Yeah but this isn’t a boss battle style game. She’s a detective, not someone with countless hours of training and resources under her disposal like Megami. Whom has the resources, man power, training, and money to make herself as intimidating as possible. She’s not a street thug like Osoro who eats gang fights and violence for breakfast. She’s a slueth.

        Power wise it makes sense for Sonoko to be as is. Her weapon should be her mind, connections, pepper spray, and her keen senses. The only extra thing I feel should happen is on her week she lets her club in on her suspicions and asks them all to shadow her/accompany her at all times. For protection/witnesses.

        I would also say she should only look angry or intimidating if she KNOWS it’s Ryoba specifically. Giving you suspicious glares and never taking her eyes off of you when in the same vicinity or if she notices you around. Her and her crew follow you around at all times waiting to snap a photo. They should all perform the same actions as her and keep a close guard on her. They’re supposed to be pretty close after all and should look out for one another. Shinako should be the only other one on their team with pepper spray, as she’s super obsessed with Sonoko, and learning about the danger will cause her to take defensive measures.

        Those are a few difficulty increasers I could think of besides Sonoko convincing the Headmaster to do bag searches on her week and in low school environments. Along with headcounts to see who’s coming in late to class. But this last one I feel would be great for some sort of hard mode.

        This is also only a beta and many more updates to come so who knows what the future holds. Thanks for having a chill discussion btw. Hope you’re having a good day/night wherever you are. Sorry for the long wall of text too. Lolz.

  14. YandereDev, thank you for such an update, but I don’t understand why complicate the game with the help of the placement of students, because you said that Osana will be the easiest rival, which will be very easy to eliminate, but at the same time you add a Raibaru, which makes Osana a very difficult rival!

  15. In my opinion, the sweeping sound effect doesn’t really fit with the action of mopping up blood. It shouldn’t really be making a dry sweeping sound if yk what I mean? It kinda takes away the satisfaction of it, at least in my opinion.

    • Ayano loves Taro for her emotions. She is apathetic and whenever she’s near Taro she gets these emotions (Happiness etc…) she never felt before. He brought light into her world. A good example would be Watching a show called Color Rush. It’s on you’ll get the idea

  16. Hey! i have a Idea about Gaze, How about Ayano Gazes At somenthing Important Too or At the Students Too? It will Make The game More Realist Too.

  17. Yandere Dev! Yandere Dev! (hehe, I had to say it) I wanted to ask you something, although I already know what answer I could have, I would still like to have an answer. So my question is…do you plan to add any other languages to the game? He imagined that it is not your priority and that it would cost you to find professional people to do dubbing (although you could try to find those who do fan dubbing-) Well that’s not what I’m ahg forget it… and well another option would be to change the subtitles but so I know you only speak English and you would have to ask someone to help you with that or use the translator (as I am doing while I write this comment) but well I don’t bother you anymore, thanks to whoever will take the time to read this comment bye bye!
    P.D: Yes…what I speak is Spanish and that’s why I would like to have the game in Spanish so I can understand it hehe…

  18. Hey Dev, I can’t lower Raibaru’s rep anymore! I tried resetting the game entirely(with the secret debug command from the checklist), but it didn’t work. Can you help?
    (I think I did something that could trigger this bug.)

  19. Hey Yandere Dev, great update! I was thinking that It would be cool if in the future if you could make different dishes in the cooking club and maybe you could buy cooking books, so your reputation will grow in base of what food you’ll make. For example if you learn how to make cupcakes your reputation when you’re feeding students will grow more than 1 and so you can develop your cooking skill and maybe compete to Amai! Just an idea though 🙂

  20. Hey Yandere Dev, I can’t lower Raibaru’s reputation anymore. Whenever I gossip about her, the next day her rep resets back to 17+. Can you help?

  21. For Horuda, do you have any idea of his future quest?
    She reads often, and so the default quest doesn’t suit her either.
    I can see her asking us either to find her a place to isolate herself, or to ask us that the bullies leave her alone.

  22. Hello! Could you make the cat in 1980’s mode walk around so that the 1st rival in future weeks will be a problem when eliminating a future rival?

  23. I understand that Sonoko is the last rival and therefore the most difficult to face… but it is ridiculous that it is almost impossible to do anything to her, not even distract her or drown her, they nerf her a little I don’t know

    is the book that got lost…is it “how to hentai without hentaing”?
    yes i remeber that. also why would senpai write it?

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