This Feature Would Make Yandere Simulator’s Characters Feel More Alive

The title says it all!

The number of bug reports I’ve been receiving on a daily basis has dropped sharply, so now I’ve finally transitioned to working on those “last remaining improvements I want to put into the game before the crowdfunding campaign” features. I worked on one of them recently and made some promising progress, but sadly, I couldn’t quite get it to function as smoothly as I hoped for, so it might not make it into the next build.

To make the most of the situation, I’ve made a video about the feature; even if it’s not working perfectly at this point in time, at least I can create a video showing off the progress I’ve made on it so far…and maybe someone with the right type of technical knowledge might see the video and reach out to offer me a solution to the problem!

48 thoughts on “This Feature Would Make Yandere Simulator’s Characters Feel More Alive

  1. The only solution that I could find was to edit EACH animation to add keyframes to the neck&all the zones concerned.
    I’m not a professional, but I’m looking up for some solutions that I can find that are easier.
    Established that there is a lot of animations in the game, my solution is useless.

      • What do you mean by key frames in the neck and spine? 1:54 Forgive me but I don’t understand what the problem is? I see the adroit animation but I don’t understand what you mean by what’s causing it to be incompatible?

      • What do you mean by key frames in the neck and spine? 1:54 Forgive me but I don’t understand what the problem is. I see the abrupt animation but I don’t understand what you mean by what’s causing it to be incompatible?

  2. It’s funny I just watched the video just 5 minutes ago and I get an email on it! But otherwise it’ll just be great to add that!

  3. I think it would be great to add but here are some key things I think that would really make this feature amazing.

    1.) Students on their phone only deliver a brief gaze at you because they’re more preoccupied with texting.

    2.) The popularity of the player should also determine which students stare at you. For example a popular person wouldn’t give you the time of day and maybe only warrants a brief glance.

    3.) The longest I would say they would stare, unless guarding an area, would be 5 seconds. That way they don’t forever stare at you like a creep.

    4.) If a student hates you because they witnessed you murder their eyes will never leave you when in eyesight. Like an actual student would if they made the threat to expose you like they do the next time you see them. It really makes them feel paranoid and spiteful.

    Over all this mechanic could breath so much life into the characters. I really hope someone helps you out! Fingers crossed! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

    • Also, another thing I thought about. What about having Ayano looking at objects of interest while walking around. Just to make Ayano feel more lively as well.

      Again, fingers crossed this works out!

      • Maybe this feature should be based on not just the character’s reputation, but also their persona and which club they belong to.

      • Unless you walk in on a private group convo. I have had that happen to me and my group. It was hella awkward.

  4. I think this feature will look more natural and less weird if students don’t look at you while they’re texting, gaming, reading or doing anything busy. it’ll also look weird if they look at you while talking to their friends. it’ll awesome if the students just look at you while they walk pass you or they are standing near you.

  5. Hi yandere dev, do you planning add level of details after crowdfanding campaing? I know that the game already has something like this, but what about the level of detail? For example, if you move away for a long distance, the models and their textures will deteriorate.

  6. Heyy I thinking whenever a student is being framed for Murder , a cutscene should appear of a the student being framed trying to defend themselves or say they would never kill anyone! (It’s just a suggestion)

    • Thats a good idea! i dont think itll be added until after the crowd-funding campaign tho cause Yanderedev will need a fulltime animator for animations with cutscenes n stuff

  7. Will the cone of vision move along with the NPC’s head? Or it will just be a visual effect, like in TES Skyrim, where an NPC in complete darkness can look directly into the player’s eyes, but not notice him.

  8. Yeah this would be a good feature, more socially like-wise students. I was also thinking you could do something when Ayano-Chan has bad reptuation where the students would give her a dirty look whenever she walks by them or they could murmur negative things about her to the other students

  9. This feature looks like fun! Please add it soon! Maybe add a way that makes it so that Ayano looks around a bit when she’s idle, like how Ryoba has an idle animation that looks around. Maybe give Ayano and look back at forth idle. That’s just my thoughts, other than that, this looks great!

  10. I still wish Raibaru was Osana’s suitor instead of random lobster-head boy (;﹏;) Because of lobster boy I refuse to do the matchmaking elimination lmao

  11. I honestly don’t know much about programming, but isn’t it possible for other students to observe Ayano for a short period and then return to focus on their work? What I am trying to say is that you may not need to modify this feature, but rather reduce its time. Perhaps there will be no Glitch. If you succeed in activating the feature, I want to add something wonderful, in my opinion, that will increase the realism of the game: In the event that Ayano was a friend of a student and stood next to him when he noticed her, he turned his head with a small smile, I ask for your opinion.

  12. Hey YanDev, this is a cool idea, I think to resolve bugs like this the student should only look at Ayano / Ryoba for only a few seconds, it would also make sense for them to only glance at you for a short amount of time, also will you make it so that when you dismember a corpse the uniform will be the same as the one you chose in the game.

  13. If Ayano had a idle animation like ryoba does (where she looks around) that would also be cool, it would make look alive as well. That’s one of the things I like about Ryoba her unique animations. I know Ayano has less emotion but you did say she practiced acting like others to fit in so it would make sense if she did something similar

  14. Personally, the head glitch thing could be integrated into Yan-chans sanity animations or maybe even reserved for the occult club doing their occult things. You know just like the phone glitch that was turned into cinematic mode from waaaaaayy back? Still, gotta fix the problem for the rest though but hey other than he correcting every animation I ain’t got much of a solution other then let the animators you’re gonna hire after the crowdfunding campaign deal with it

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