Will the Ayano and Oka Plushies Ever Return?

Fairly often, fans of the game ask me if the Ayano and Oka plushies will ever return. The full answer to that question is complex, so I usually just give short answers like, “Maybe,” “It’s complicated,” or “It depends on a variety of factors.”

I feel guilty for giving fans such short and unsatisfying answers, so I’ve created a video to answer the question in thorough detail so that the matter can be put to rest. I hope that this video clears everything up!

By the way, there is something that I forgot to mention in the video: If the plushies *do* ever return, I think I’d want the second run to have improved hair. The hair was the one aspect of the plushies that I wasn’t completely satisfied with…

21 thoughts on “Will the Ayano and Oka Plushies Ever Return?

  1. To be honest, I only missed out on the plushies because of lack my of money. There is merch I’d love to get, but again, my current issue is money.

  2. me: I wonder what Yandere-Dev posted as an update for today *sees that he might return the plushies*
    me: INFLATION, RECESSION, AND FOOD BE DAMNED I’M NOT GONNA MIS THEM THIS TIME!!!!!!! *aggressively cuts self off from the outside world and does Busshist fasting to save money*

  3. I’m really curious! How do you deal with all the hate? It hurts a lot at times. (Personal experiences) I am a big fan though and continue to support your hard work 😉

  4. You should add the option of plushies when you do the kickstarter,as a seperate add-on people can buy. Start with 250 and if they all sell out in a short amount of time,you could do another run of 250. I know other creators have added stuff like bookmarks,plushies and posters to their campaign in limited numbers to gauge the intrest and then if enough people are intrested,opened a backer store afterwards with the option to add on items.

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