September 17th Bug-Fixing Build

Good news – the rate of bug reports has drastically reduced! Hopefully, we’re finally transitioning out of the “fixing anything that is broken” phase, and entering the “implementing the last remaining features I wanted to include in the game before the crowdfunding campaign” phase.

The latest build fixes some significant bugs that a lot of players were encountering and reporting, and also adds two minor features that may come in handy for Mission Mode players.

To read a list of everything that was added, changed, or fixed in the latest build, scroll down past this gorgeous artwork of Ryoba drawn by C4TH4R4SIS!

New Features

  • It is now possible to repair a sabotaged power strip and also unplug a power strip from a wall, meaning that the player can now use the power strip for electrocutions multiple times in multiple locations around the school in one day. This change was made to assist Mission Mode players.
  • You can now find a box of aluminum foil sheets in the Home Ec room. You can bring this box to the weapon bag and pad the inside of the weapon bag with foil. After doing so, metal detectors will become unable to detect any metal weapon that is inside of the weapon bag.


  • I’ve been made aware of the fact that, when Nemesis disguised herself as a student, she always wore “outdoor” shoes, even while indoors. This made it incredibly easy to identify which student was Nemesis in disguise. From now on, she will wear indoor shoes while indoors, so that the player can’t easily tell which student is Nemesis.
  • If the player attempted to use the sewer manhole to dispose of a murder weapon, the protagonist would simply put the murder weapon away in her inventory instead of actually disposing of it. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player opened the manhole cover with a manhole tool and then saved and reloaded the game, the game wouldn’t remember the actual state of the manhole cover. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player dumped a corpse into the sewer manhole, saved, and reloaded, the game would not recognize the corpse as “disposed” upon reloading. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to have the same item in their inventory twice if they brought an item from home to school, then saved and reloaded.
  • If the player picked up a crafting item, then saved and reloaded, the game would respawn the crafting item. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Raibaru to freeze in place permanently if she dodged the water coming from a sabotaged drinking fountain.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “crush rival with heavy object from above” feature from working.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible for the player to delete save files.
  • Updated Miyuji’s hair texture.

47 thoughts on “September 17th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hey yandere dev, I would like to ask you if you will be able to put more objects in a bag like 2-4 i think this would be a good feature to carry more objects around.

  2. YandereDev! Any plan to get Asian voice actors? I wanted to voice students, club leaders on 90s and possibly some background noise with my Asian accent and voice. Please consider to hire Asian voice actors in the final game! You can always call me 🙂 and oh! The school is set on Japan so it should have some asian voices just saying. Haha anyway I am happy for the fixes it’s hard fixing bugs y’know

    • I mean that would be perfect for if he wanted to port the game to other parts of the world. I would love to see this game shared all over the world so it can give people the friendship connections it gave me. I am hopeful he will have you dub for the Asian players so they can feel the connection we do with our English dub.

      Which is how I think of this. An English dub of an anime because it’s an anime style game. Seeing as it helps the target audience of that country feel attached.

      Not saying we can’t have accents or anything but with the crazy Karen’s of the internet we have to tread carefully. You know how it is.

      Really hope this works out for you but I think there’s an application section of the official website where if you’re offering to work for him you can see it there. Hope this really lands for you! Fingers crossed!!

  3. wow, this must have been posted only like a few hours ago. I was playing this game earlier this afternoon and there was no update. now there is an update. cool.
    Thanks for the update, it seems it will be really helpful. It is great that I can now reuse the power strip since there is only one in the entire school.

  4. I’m absolutely happy for that you repair every mistake! I can’t wait for the new features and scenarios! The Student Union is too hateful I but really want to join this damned organization.

  5. Now (for the moment), we can no longer call Yandere Simulator a buggy game. It’s getting more and more stable with each update.
    I’m really excited to see what new features will be added into the game in the future. I have tons of ideas and theories.

    Have a nice day!

    • We are the beta testers. He doesn’t have the money to professionally hire a group to do that. Which is why we all do our best to submit bug reports or helpful tips whenever we can.

      Hope this helps clear things up. ☺️ Have a wonderful day/night wherever you are and stay safe!

      • Okay then and thanks :). Also can you ask moderators in ys discord why i’m banned? Btw my nickname in discord it’s Gahler.

  6. Hi YandereDev,
    When playing mission mode (with low atmosphere) the leader of the Photography club moves while sitting in Sakyu Basu and when when you talk to the leader you have the options to join/do club activity/quit club even tho he isnt in the club room.

  7. Man, Ayano must have some knowledge of electrical devices to know how to repair a power strip just like that. Meanwhile here I am struggling with my company training courses. 😂

    Can’t believe how far we’ve come for this game. When I look back at where this started and how it is now? Can’t help but be proud to have seen this game grow. It’s given me some priceless friendships and I have every faith this game is going to be amazing when completed.

    • Also, I was wondering, if Ayano’s going to try to improve herself for Senpai in any way?

      Like she learns Senpai likes girls with (x) persona. She goes to the mirror and mimics the demeanor of girls she’s observed with this persona. She learns Senpai likes smart girls? She studies hard in the library. Senpai likes athletic girls? Hit the track.

      But I am also concerned that the clubs are unbalanced atm. There are several mechanics you have implemented that make the other clubs seem obsolete or less worth our time.

      I was wondering if the clubs are for after the crowdfunding campaign or can we expect an update on the club mechanics in the near future?

      I understand that you and all the volunteers work hard. So I understand if it’s an after the crowdfunding campaign scenario.

      • The thing is, clubs are not meant to be balanced. The whole reason clubs exist is to eliminate one feature of the game that you dislike, for example, I hate cleaning up blood. So if I wanted to, I could join the science club which would eliminate that necessity.

      • Maybe I worded it wrong but that is not what I meant. Sorry if I am not getting this across effectively.

        I am trying to convey how it’s not necessary to join most clubs thanks to some gameplay mechanics that was added. Like the Cello case in the music club. Why would I do something like that when I can just get trash bags and have the students dispose of the corpse for me? I am talking about things like that. Where, if you look at it, some of the clubs have no real incentive to join them because I could accomplish that way easier on my own thanks to a gadget or new mechanic.

        Like the cooking club can be rather tedious at times to go from person to person serving octodogs. I could get popular far faster by:

        A.) Reading manga and wearing the appropriate underwear to boost compliments.

        B.) I could just join the Light Music Club and perform a song once or twice to keep my popularity.

        Those are the inconsistencies I was talking about from a gameplay perspective. Why no follow a similar method you use and has been recently introduced? Like using study points to unlock better elimination methods, schemes, and poisons.

        Why can’t the same be applied to clubs? Perhaps it takes a similar approach to the Martial Arts club and you have perform favors for each member to be taught better recipes? Better recipes equalling more points with students you served that day.

        It could balance the game to approach clubs under a similar mindset.

        Like if you want that robot in the Science Club or access to the acid? You have to earn it! It could also lead to more access in sabotages due to things you learn in that club.

        Not saying there shouldn’t be work arounds, in case you don’t want to join a club, but if you look at it through this lens it could make gameplay feel more smooth. And really make whatever version of Ayano you want to be feel more unique as you playthrough the story.

    • About the power strip, maybe she only has a really good memory. After all, she was the one who sabotaged it in the first place. Only thing she has to do is to put the cables back in place

  8. Hi yandev, i know it may sound silly but I think that is kinda weird people see suspicious carrying a mop or the trash bags at 3:31, i think it would be cool if students dont see suspicious that the player is carrying a “cleaning”object maybe until 3:45pm. The reason is that i think it would be more realistic that students think u are going to leave the mop in the place it was before.
    Maybe they could say a line after 10-15mins of cleaning time end like: “why are u still carrying a mop/bucket/etc? Cleaning time ended 15 mins ago or some time ago…
    I hope u read this suggestion 😀

  9. Nice update Yandere Dev! but I did notice something while playing the game. the way to join the delinquents is very complicated to new players. I had no idea how to join them when I was new to this game! maybe you can add hints about how to join them in the game? sorry if this is already in the game.

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