A Feature That Probably Won’t Work Out

Hey, do you remember when – instead of making elaborate 31-minute-long video essays – I uploaded short 4-minute videos where I briefly talked about the latest feature? I miss those days. A lot. But, at this point in time, it would be pretty weird to start uploading that stuff to my main channel again. It’s just not what the main channel has come to be known for. So, if I ever feel like making one of those short, 2014-style videos again, I’ll probably upload them to my Yandere Archive channel, instead.

And on that note…

Finally, I’m receiving so few bug reports that it is now possible for me to shift my focus towards other things. One of the things I’d like to do at this point in time is test out some ideas/concepts that I came up with earlier in development, but never had time to implement. Above, you’ll see an experiment I performed recently – “Can I make a ‘speech bubble above head’ feature work out?” The answer, sadly, might be “no,” for the reasons explained within the video. However, perhaps some clever person will propose the ideal way to implement this type of feature, and I’ll be able to make it work out in the end…

103 thoughts on “A Feature That Probably Won’t Work Out

  1. Maybe making speech box slide from bottom of the screen when somebody is talking, and sliding out when not in use could work out.

    It would fit between reputation and sanity meter, or would be whole screen wide and slightly lift sanity and reputation meter up when expanding and put them down when collapsing.

    However there is one problem: inconsistency – some players may be confused why eg. Osana and Raibaru talk via normal text and other students use speach box.

    • I alredy commentes this on your YouTube second chanel. But…. I’ll uplpad It here too. Maybe an idea Would be the normal subtitles that where always used to hear what Students are saying but with a little picture of the Student at the begining of the line to know Who is talking. I Also think this could be added to all the lines and It would help… But of course, you decide❤️

      • I love your idea! That could cut out confusion. But I also wanna add I don’t wanna hear or see Osana’s convos from across the map. It should only be visible of you’re close to the person.

        But having a student icon next to who’s talking is great for cutting out player confusion. Great idea!

      • Oops! Don’t mean as in you said it that way. Stupid ADHD. I meant more as a suggestion for YanDev. Hope you’re having a lovely day/night wherever you are!

    • It looks like we all came up with the same idea. After all, the characters already have “blah blah blah” icons above their heads and the game already has a system displaying subtitles of talking characters.

      About the lack of space on the screen – regardless of the implementation of this feature, I believe that hiding interface elements will benefit the game. I think the sanity level, date and time can be hidden from the screen and displayed only in Yandere Vision.

  2. While I understand your point about the “press to listen” option, I think it may just be the best solution if there are so little space left on the screen. This solution gives players more freedom. If they’re trying to do something but those bubbles keep covering what they need to see by default it’ll be so annoying, and that doesn’t facilitate stealth gameplay.
    Either that, or shrink the size of the bubbles and make them appear where the kidnapping checklist usually does because the checklist doesn’t appear that often and only appears at one specific room, so that may work.

    • What if the player is deaf? What if the player wants to play with the game muted? What if other voice-acting is happening nearby?

      Please put thought into your suggestions.

      • I remember how they worked with subtittles for NPC talking to each other in first Gothic game (2001) – to this day probably one of the most immersive RPG games ever. Box with text is floating at the height of players legs… Just check that game, maybe it will give you some ideas…

      • So if it clips into the button print it doesn’t work? Ironic since the speech bubbles aren’t prompts
        And I think there is a way to put speech text closer or beside as well as where normal subtitles go above the other ones

    • What I mena ra is that even if the player is deaf or plays the game mute there would still be subtitles either in the speech bubble thing or the regular subtitles so yeah

  3. So I know this feature is not out yet, but I’m wondering if it makes the bubbles show up even when the students/one of the students is dead, or when they are away from each other lmao

  4. While I understand your point about the “press to listen” option, I think it may just be the best solution if there are so little space left on the screen. This solution gives players more freedom. If they’re trying to do something but those bubbles keep covering what they need to see by default it’ll be so annoying, and that doesn’t facilitate stealth gameplay.
    Either that, or shrink the size of the bubbles and make them appear where the kidnapping checklist usually does because the checklist doesn’t appear that often and only appears at one specific room, so that may work (well, there’s also the water cooler checklist, but perhaps we can make them not simultaneously appear?)
    There’s also the space below the clock. The Info-chan phone pop-up doesn’t appear all the time, and can even be disabled, so the space above it may look good after all, similar to Persona 5 here at 1:34

  5. Maybe you can move the button prompt next to the character’s head? That would leave way more room for the text.

    I also think the text prompt is way too big, it should have a more slender profile and smaller font. For a feature that’s
    more for flavor, rather than a main gameplay element, it doesn’t make much sense for it to be so large.

    • I don’t like the idea of allowing the button prompts to dynamically re-position themselves. The button prompts have been located above the character’s heads since 2014, and I feel that if that aspect of the game is changed, then the look, feel, branding, and identity of the game are changed too significantly.

      I might be the only one who feels this way, but it would just be too much of a departure for me.

  6. How about getting rid of some of the things blocking the screen and add them to Ayano’s phone as gameplay features.

    We don’t really use our phone for much and I feel this would help gameplay immersion. If the first screen is full? You can swipe the screen to the left to see what you need.

    • Sanity/Heartbeat Monitor
    • Info-chan’s tips
    • Time of day
    • School Map
    • Money tracker app
    • Journal app for scheme steps (with option to put it on screen)

    Just like a real phone! Plus the Journal App can make it feel like Ayano’s own personal notes. Like if she notices an object that could be used for murder or comes across information it could be jotted down. Reminds me of how you used the notebook for Ryoba.

    I think classes and week days can still be displayed at the top of the screen. But the money should either be tracked in an app and ONLY appear on screen in situations where you spend money. Like shops, Info-chan’s purchase menu, or vending machines.

    If you want the player to notice that they’ve gotten a tutorial from Info-chan then you can make her phone buzz and a mini phone icon bounce onto the screen three times before it falls off screen. It will then fall upon the player to check things on their phone.

    As for how it functions I think it could work for the designated spot or using the “Listen in” button. I would add more hiding spots around school so when you eavesdrop you aren’t called out on it. I think that should function like all the other talking events. Just for the sake of continuity.

    Or if you’re worried about sanity maybe add an auditory heartbeat to accompany the already unsettling visuals of Ayano going nuts. You could also just keep sanity hidden until she starts laughing. You have already done a fantastic job in letting people know visually and atmospherically when Ayano’s sanity is low. If a player can’t figure it out then that’s on them. I mean the twitching, uncontrollable giggles, desaturation, the slow morphing of music, and hallucinating is a preeeetty big hint.

    Anyway I hope this suggestion helps!

    • Also wanted to add I hope you and anyone else reading this has a wonderful day/night wherever you are! Stay safe! Stay hydrated and wash your hands!

      • I like the idea of hiding information from the screen but the phone… What about the 80s mode? Let’s say the date can be written in a notebook, but the time… It would be great to add a small wristwatch to the pause menu, next to the notepad. But this requires both the work of an artist and the work of a Dev, and I would not like to distract him with trifles that practically do not make the game better.
        I completely agree that the interface showing the sanity level is not particularly needed, the game is full of signals telling if something is wrong with the heroine.
        I vote for immersiveness with both hands. This is the main reason why I am REALLY looking forward to the appearance of the full location of Aishi’s house. The ability to physically walk around the house and take the necessary items with you. And also a pleasant feeling when returning home. Everyone likes the feeling of returning home after a hard day.

      • I agree this would take work. My only other suggestion would be to hide things unless the situation absolutely calls for them to be on screen.

        For example you would only see your money when around something like a vending machine, in the stores, purchasing from Info-chan, or when walking in town.

        The checklist only pops up in steps (like step 1) and keeps other steps hidden until the current task is complete. Or you could have special ones, that requires you to be in an area to be hidden unless you get in that area. Like the kidnapping scheme could be visible in the kidnapping room when you get close to the chest.

        I know I would want to suggest rewarding character exploration/scheming by “discovering” items and schemes through conversation or walking around the school. Ayano could go, “Hmm..” To let you know you found something interesting or just having her look at an point of interest while walking.

        Buuuuuut… That’s a lot of work. So I won’t suggest it unless we have the Kickstarter campaign money. In fact I wouldn’t suggest a majority of the things I have running in my head because the time and budget just isn’t there.

        I really like your idea as well though! Great work! To expand on that why not just reuse assets like the notebook Ayano uses to leave notes in lockers or Ryoba’s notebook? It wouldn’t require a new model and could serve the function for schemes being something we can just carry around or jot down.

        To take away space for Info-chan’s pop ups I would just add a buzzing noise, showing the original pop up thing, before it faids away from the screen it’ll buzz three times. After that it’s just info you can look up on your phone whenever you want.

        That way most of the screen is free and it’s more of a situational thing. As we have both pointed out the game already does a great job at telling us when Ayano is low sanity. The music, character twitching, hallucinations, uncontrollable giggles, and desaturation are pretty great at selling that.

        Sorry rambling. I’ll stop. Lolz. Have a good one!!

    • I agree with the sanity thing. maybe you should only see the sanity what it decreases/increases for 5 seconds, and them it fades out. like when you kill someone, you can get a quick glimpse of your sanity before it goes away. naturally, if someone notices you kill someone or laugh during a conversation, they would stop talking, so there would be no way that these two things could overlay eachother.

      • Yeah but I honestly think we would be fine without the meter. The game already does great at telling us when we need to laugh. The music starts to warp the more your sanity goes, Ayano twitches, giggles, the desaturation kicks in, and then you hallucinate. It’s pretty easy to hear and see when you need a sanity boost.

        Plus isn’t it just more chilling to see yourself deteriorating into a mad psychopath? The game was cutesy a second ago and then it slowly starts making your hair stand on end. First timers get the experience of going, “Oh.. OH. OHHH… I’m the bad guy.”

        That’s why I love this game. I get to be a villain even if my Pacifist Route isn’t morally great either. We’re still messing Taro up psychologically and isolating him from any connections he could make outside of us.

  7. Please, don’t forget to activate the automatic subtitles, 😭​ because for those who don’t speak fluent English, you could use the “automatically translate” feature and be able to understand the video!

    • I hadn’t considered creating a designated area for the button prompt to exist in. It’s a fair suggestion…but it doesn’t solve the problem of other button prompts potentially appearing over/under the speech bubble, which could obscure the text or prevent the player from interacting with something they’re trying to interact with.

  8. Maybe Yandere-chan can only listen in on conversations if her sanity is at 100%, and the speech bubbles appear where the sanity meter goes… unless it dips below 100% and then the speech bubbles disappear, indicating Yandere-chan is too much in her own head to notice what’s around her. But I agree with everyone else that a UI cleanup would be all around helpful.

  9. Here is a concept. Do you recognize a game called Lost Judgment? In investigation mode, you need to zoom into something in order to for example hear something. How about a similar concept? Here is a video showcasing this feature in Lost Judgment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yV90DQCwIk Here is a 4-6 page concept i made : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14axAdoGOUk8vGEXqkVWHKo0rPr4jMiIF?usp=sharing Other concept is the normal interact with a button option, but under it is b button, listen. Have a nice day.

    • I understand the concept.

      “Button Prompt appears floating between two characters who are having a conversation, pressing the button prompt will summon the dialogue between those two characters” is one of the ideas I’m considering.

    • I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, but are you aware that fully voicing a video game is orders of magnitude more difficult then using texts?

    • I’m sorry, I don’t want to be impolite, but are you aware that fully voicing a a video game (including every single character and line of dialog) is orders of magnitude more work than using subtitles?

    • Yeah but VAs are expensive which is why he is looking for a suggestion right now. Plus what if the player is deaf? We’re looking for a solution that works for everyone.

      What I feel this person is saying, whom I agree with, is that this isn’t viable right now. It’s why a good many characters don’t have voice acting. Only the important characters have voices.

      Plus what if it’s in a crowd of people or an Osana event is going on at the same time? Then we would have overlapping audio and it would be hard to tell who was talking.

      A solution would be to have a speech bubble with whoever is talking’s face on it. That way if Osana is talking we would see her face next to her lines.

      For an idea of how expensive it is? Any price range for a professional VA can be from $250-$3,500 and that can be PER LINE. You can even see in streams for Michaela Laws, she is frequently asked to say lines, but she just says, “Pay me. Pay me my going rate and I will say a line.” She then goes and lays out her price range for the amount of lines she has to say.

      It’s not as easy as you think it is. THAT is why we’re only talking speech bubbles and subtitles right now. We aren’t near the Kickstarter campaign yet, we’re closer, but we’re not there.

  10. I saw a comment on YouTube by Claudehopper that is really interesting and I think would save a lot of work overall:

    Instead of having speech bubbles for new players to see to learn new things, why not have dreams?
    They would be optional to go through each night, and each one would show a new unique Murder method, like dismemberment or using the water cooler. I think this would match the game very well too, and would show even more the kind of stuff Ayano thinks about all the time other than Senpai.
    The dreams would be set up in a similar way to the tutorial on 80s mode, where the player can be shown how to do something. This could also pop up on the Home Screen, and the player could have the option of playing through a “dream” again if they need to. Or, Ayano could write details about her dreams in a journal, and the player could access it in her room at home to play through the tutorial by clicking on the write page. It could be like Ayano is remembering everything about her dream again.

    I hope you like this idea! Not mine, but Claudehopper’s!!!

  11. It’s not a bad idea, but won’t it be difficult? I mean, speech bubbles have a space limit, maybe some players won’t be able to read them fast enough.

    • Or they have to put too many bubbles, or the bubble would have to be very large, or the letters very small.

  12. What if they appear at the bottom of the screen like normal text, but to not obscure them, some text takes priority over others; for example, if a character is in a cutscene, that covers up whatever mundane conversation is going on by the nearby students, but if you talk to a student while a cutscene is going on, that takes priority over the cutscene. Just an idea.

  13. The only thing I can come up with for this particular issue is making the prompt appear inside of the bubble only when the characters talk.
    That way the button prompt wouldn’t clip in and out of the bubble as it seemed to be the case in the video.

  14. I know that this is stupid but how about the text thing only being visible in yandere vision and perhaps you could tell the player by the tutorials that the text thingy is only visible in yandere-vision.

  15. Hi there. I believe that the solution you had of listening in people’s conversations like in Persona 5. They paralyze gameplay, yeah, but they paralyze gameplay for the split second it takes you to read the dialogues. In Persona 5 was, in fact, enjoyable to see that the characters just spoke to each other and talked about things like a normal person does. To not stop you from talking to the speaking character in a normal way, you could just make another prompt in a key to “listen” to the character’s dialogue.

    I hope that it helps giving you another insight from the solution you proposed, as I think it could work out.

      • I had initiatly agreed with you on this one YanDev, though i guess if the player has an option to see or not see the text, it’d be ideal. I mean, Ayano would have to stop and listen anyway in the end.. I hope you figured an good idea by now.

  16. What if I told you, that you don’t need anymore most of the things that are slammed on the main screen? You don’t need to constantly see what day it is, currency, reputation, and especially you don’t need to see sanity/mood. Why especially? Because the game is designed in a way mass murder is hardly possible nor wise to do so it’s not like you have to track your sanity 24/7 because most of the time you.. just don’t use it.
    That being said, you can redirect most of the info into Yandere Chan’s phone. It would also add some immersion that you look up for hour/wristwatch rather than having in conveniently slapped on the screen.
    Remove that unnecessary (for regular stroll) info and you’d have plenty of space to put background conversations.
    Just like it is handled in GTA V.

      • I think most of the prompts in the main screen could be shown only when their respective actions are activated..

      • You have the right to disagree, it is your game after all, but currently, the interface looks more like an excel presentation than an immersive game. You don’t have to agree with everything but try to play the game without thinking much and consider yourself, how often you need these big signs. And think if you can’t make it so its not a clutter that disables you from adding things you desire.

        Also yxunknown below gave a good idea too.

        Ultimately though, considering there’s a pass time option, it wouldn’t particularly hurt to “listen” to the conversation as a way of passing time if you don’t want to fast forward. If you always wanted to give players to do whatever they wanted, that is one of these things.
        Maybe instead of clicking on a phone to AFK for a certain amount, you could place some spots in the game to pass the time, and as Ychan does that, there could be some conversations appearing as other characters could join Ychan on the bench or somewhere else to rest and chat. This way:

        1) it doesn’t force players to stop whatever they were doing – they are passing time for an event to occur and simultaneously they learn information (like in assassins creed when you join an area of sound to listen to characters while also blending in)

        2) it doesn’t create clutter, mess, or force players to tilt the camera angle

        Now, you’re going to ask – but how? Time is fast-forwarded. It doesn’t make sense?
        Well, I personally imagined RPGmaker prompts that happen when there’s a conversation. And the flat rule to display such an event would be passing time for 30 minutes or more. That still makes you wait long enough to be able to read conversations. Or you could do the Persona 5 murmur floaty things around Yandere-chan and among those, interesting information would be popping and that’s up to players if they read it.

        It doesn’t hurt the player. After all, they are locked in the “waiting” animation already. Adding bonuses would make it more interesting.

    • I’m sorry, but when an aspect of the game has existed for 8 years, it’s become a part of the game’s “visual identity” and changing it becomes somewhat unthinkable.

  17. I always like how the players actions changed the school atmosphere. Its a part of the game that could be expanded on with the feature of students having speech bubbles talking about recent events at school.
    How about instead of having students talk at school, the players would instead see small comments on the calendar screen or even during the loading screen instead?
    It could be little speech bubbles to provide a simple two sentence reaction of the passing day.
    “I saw Ayano Aishi with a knife”
    “Yeah, she isn’t part of the cooking club is she?”.

    If it was like a this, you wouldn’t have to limit certain messages based on students personality. (Like how occult club students probably won’t talk about manga or anime) You could even use make it as if Info Chan was sending you screenshots of other Students phones shes hacked

  18. Yandere Dev! I found a bug! When I’m by Horuda’s hideout, and you take a picture of the wall behind her, and do it in different places, the camera goes crazy, spinning for a little bit before going back normal. If you take a picture of that same spot another time, it doesn’t. Also, you should fix Horuda’s picture, her eyes are half closed!

    • Her eyes are half-closed because she is shy and can’t even make eye contact with a camera.

      I’m not encountering the “camera goes crazy” bug. You may need to record a video of the bug and e-mail me a link to the video.

      • Tried the camera spinning glitch with the hideout. It seems to only happen once, because it didn’t happen this time. :,>

  19. what if the speech bubbles had no border and were slightly transparent? that way, they’re not as harsh on the environment, and they (shouldn’t) obstruct the button prompts. bouncing off that idea, you could have the text be a more neutral color that isn’t black (as that would be too harsh on a transparent background), like a medium brown. this way you could really put them anywhere and they won’t be in the way of gameplay!

  20. i know u probably wont, but if u put this feature in game, will basu sisters or science club boys use the same system in their events too? because they are background characters too (i can be wrong idk) and they are trying to give info to player too so? Also will they repeat the same thing all day or only a few times? maybe when school starts or smt? also good luck

  21. I have an idea, how about making the “listen” button available on the “yandere vision” as an option? Maybe by making a pop up ( or the phone idk ) appearing on the screen after the player selects it and then it tells the player what they are chatting.

  22. yk how in some videogames there’s a certain timepoint where it becomes like a manga slideshow thing. like in the game game clumsy ninja where there’s like a photobook and when you click on a photo it tells an animated story. maybe you could do that.

  23. well its easey. like rpg has a space below the screan in the botem raw . make space for the text and when a player geting close to the npc . ther spetch apers in the text below like if it was a game chat . with the npc namens beside the text . its woldent cower up to moutch to has a text bar on the lower port of the screan. just move the UI upp a bitt. gamers are use to the chat text on the botem port of the scren when playing games .

  24. I have an idea, I hope you like it. How about buying a small spying tool from Info-Chan and then placing it on the person you want to spy on, then their conversations will automatically come to your phone by adding a new icon there? for the deaf player he will see something between the two talking persons and know that they r having an important chat and use the tool

    • This would be achieved by stealing that student’s phone, sliding it under Info-chan’s door so that she can install hacking software, then returning the phone to the student.

      • But suppose that the player is new and does not know that a conversation will take place and therefore he will not be able to steal the phone

  25. does anyone know how to turn off the auto shoe changer im srsly getting annoyed that it glitches out when i want to play as an rival

    • But that’s a mod and not a fault of the actual game. It’s something I would suggest bringing to the modding community instead of here.

      As mod creators have often told people who download models and such not to bother YanDev about something he didn’t develop.

      Not coming at you or anything and if YanDev answers that’s great but remember to respect the wishes of the modding community. Again not angry or anything.

  26. Hello YandereDev.
    I know you have a lot on your plate but I think you should take some time to watch this video. The person in it makes fair criticism and suggestions.
    Many weapons in YS are trivialized since they are functionally identical to others.

  27. I’ve been thinking… When you drop a bucket filled with heavy weights from the rooftop, wouldn’t the gravity act in that moment ? It’s logical to asume that the weights would come out of the bucket while falling.

  28. If you wear uniform 4, during the Thursday morning event where Taro and Osana talk about nightmares Taros pants are a different texture…

  29. Is it possible to make the text smaller and not have them in a bubble? You can still have it above the head but have the words highlight so they can stand out in front of the background

  30. (I know I’m a few days late to this, but…) Would it be possible for the button prompt to be apart of the speech bubble, like in the bottom right corner? Or even have transparency on the speech bubbles and text, but enough to still read what is being said? I honestly have very little knowledge of scripts and coding when it comes to video games (technology in general), and others have likely already said both ideas.
    I am curious about the other concepts. Would one of them happen to have anything to do with alibis? Because if so, it would be interesting. Like Ayano/Ryoba being questioned by the police on her whereabouts, maybe if a student were to “jump off the rooftop”, the player could perhaps make sure they are seen around school “reading a book” in the library/while walking around (as in walking while reading). If a student believes Ayano/Ryoba is a killer and try telling the police this, and if other students claim to seeing the player reading in the library (and no one sees the player leaving the room and head to the rooftop), basically you could possibly manipulate an alibis or actually giving yourself one (like for a murder-suicide, the player could put themselves in a completely different room from the target, while that happens) *But, again I know little about coding and such, so this could actually be something really complicated to program into the game, yet I am curious to see if having an alibis will be a concept. [sorry if this is a lot toe read and if someone else had already said this before, have a nice day]

    • I’m not sure about using that method, because the button prompt could still clip into another button prompt that is nearby, most notably the “talk” button above a student’s head. I think I know what the solution is, though, so don’t worry about it.

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