June 17th Bug-Fixing Build

Hello! I hope you read my blog post about “The Big June Update!” It was a pretty significant update, so if you’re curious to know what the biggest recent additions to the game are, I would recommend reading that blog post!

There were a handful of bugs in that build, so I’m releasing a bug-fixing build. Most notably, the “Chat Interaction” feature should finally be working! (I hope!)

To read a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this sweet and heartwarming artwork by Bbreaad!

Fixes and Changes

  • A murder victim can no longer be a witness to their own death. (Attacking someone from the front will no longer cause the “murder witnessed” effect, or cause the number of murder witnesses to increase by one. This may come in handy for Mission Mode.)
  • Fixed bug that caused the “Empty Bucket” and “Wash Weapon” buttons to appear simultaneously and intersect with one another if the player approached a water basin with a bucket of liquid immediately after having held a bloody weapon.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to get softlocked inside of the game’s tutorial by washing a knife at a water basin so that they wouldn’t be able to dispose of the bloody knife at the incinerator later.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the game from remembering that the player had spawned a Smoke Bomb and left it lying on the ground somewhere at school, when saving/loading the game.
  • Fixed bug that caused teachers in 1980s Mode to turn invisible when the player approached them, if the player was using the “disable character models at far distances” feature.
  • Fixed bug that would cause male Science Club members’ bodies and faces to deform when performing the “rummage around for supplies” animation in the school’s storage rooms.
  • Fixed bug that caused Light Music Club girls to perform their “playing instrument” animation in the wrong locations after searching for a lost phone and then finding it.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Senpai to permanently appear as a blue silhouette if the player was using the “disable character models at far distances” feature.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from accurately remembering whether or not the player had performed a club activity when saving/loading the game.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the game from acknowledging whether or not any murder weapons were present at school during the End-of-Day sequence.
  • Fixed bug that prevented certain characters from being able to notice Ryoba’s presence in the “burn photographs in the insane asylum” mission.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Journalist to forget that he had just witnessed Ryoba commit murder if he saw a corpse on the ground.
  • Adjusted Journalist behavior so that it’s not so easy to trick him into leaving the area that he is supposed to be guarding.
  • Fixed bug that caused Osana to get “stuck” on Senpai when trying to run from her lunchtime sitting location to her locker.
  • Fixed bug that prevented certain characters’ hair models from rendering while they were reacting to murder.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “Week Select” method from populating the basement with kidnapped rival girls.
  • Updated the “Kaobook” page within the game to refer to Akademi as an “academy” and not as a high school.
  • Fixed bug that caused octo-dogs to appear on a plate before the octo-dogs had actually been prepared.
  • Fixed bug that made Gema revert to his old idle/walk animations after being told to fix his posture.
  • Updated the artwork for the “Cherry Touch” manga that Ayano can purchase.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Chat Interaction feature from working.

45 thoughts on “June 17th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. BUG: Every time I lure Sonoko with a giggle, she starts rotating in circles when arriving at the place she was lured to

    Also, this is not a bug, but I believe that in order to have a complete experience with the arrival of the main rivals, it’d be cool to have all rooms with different walls/floors/ceilings, making the school feel more lively and different. Just an idea though=)))

  2. I honestly prefer the Older ones. The old ones gave that authenticity to the mangas whereas the new one make it more “less seducing or sexy”. I don’t know why (perhaps it’s another artist drama or something) i. Dunno. But if it’s for the better, then why not? The new cover look identical to one another and removed characters to them. But hey, if it’s for the good I’m go for it.

  3. Hey, YandereDev, I have a question: in you last blogpost you mentioned that in the future it will be possible to get new abilities after the player leveled up a school subject. I’m wondering what of the new abilities will be if you raise the biology stat. Maybe it will have something to do with the biology room on the 3rd floor and also craft something in the classroom? I think this is a good opportunity to furnish this room

  4. I have a suggestion: when the faculty sees you carrying a fire extinguisher, they should scold the protagonist for “carrying fire extinguisher when there is no emergency” instead of “dangerous object” like how the others react to the protagonist carrying fire extinguisher.

      • then how do you carry a fire extinguisher when there is an emergency as it is dangerous?

      • You don’t get it. If there was fire, everyone would know. The fire would be more dangerous than the fire extinguisher. However, in this situation, i don’t think it’d make sense for Yandere-chan to grab the fire extinguisher than first warning the teachers..

  5. Yandere dev I found a bug. I kidnapped osana on wednesday and kept her as prisoner# 3 in my basement. However she was covered in the boxes which meant I couldnt torture her and I couldnt see her.

    • I had something similar happen in 1980s mode. I had kidnapped 10 girls, but one had a box over her character model. It also meant i couldn’t kidnap that specific student and it didn’t say which prisoner she was when i was standing next to her – i’m assuming because of the box glitch

    • I also believe that instead of updating the journalist you should update student routines I know I said this to you a couple days ago but I think this would make eliminating the rivals harder and it fits the difficulty. Other than that good job and keep up the great work

  6. Yan Dev, I wanted to ask for a feature that would make the game alot cooler, so if the people see you drop something they don’t react and ALL of them come but I feel like if someone saw you drop something they would try to give it back to you and only 1/4 people would check it out. I think if they see you drop it then they will try to give it to you but if they can’t then they would look for you for the rest of the day. of course Osana and Raibaru would check it together as girlfriends ❤ but I think this would add a really cool feature and make it just a little bit harder and a lil bit more lively.
    – Linny<3

  7. I was wondering if you plan to balance the smoke bomb like you did with the water cooler trap? It seems a bit OP at the moment considering I can walk up to someone without a mask, drop a smoke bomb at my feet, and stab them with no consequences.

    They don’t even react to me holding a smoke bomb. So I think they should be able to recognize it was me who pulled it off, considering no one else was around, and they saw me with the smoke bomb.

    It would probably benefit from being thrown like a bang snap. So that way we would have to be more sneaky about it.

    I honestly love the smoke bomb, it’s as creative as the water cooler trap, and this is my favorite update. So I hope anything I said doesn’t come off as too abrasive. Sorry in advance if I seemed too harsh.

  8. Basically place heroic students near the area where the rivals and senpai have their morning conversation, the heroic students should be able to witness ryoba kill the rivals thus reacting and apprehending ryoba.

  9. I have 2 bugs!
    I looked through this a few times but if you already fixed one and I just missed it i apologize.
    1. When I kidnap Sakura, her hair is the old model, and her eyes turn green.
    2. This probably happens if you betray her too, but I had students in my basement, i kidnaped Osana, and she wasn’t there, any students I kidnapped after that were never there and a bald student model appeared through the box.

    • also, it doesn’t really matter that much but the magical girl wand sticks out of the case if you conceal it

  10. Hey there’s a bug that when I do the club activity in both 1980’s and 202x mode the screen fainted to black and stay like that.

  11. Hey Yandere dev i have a suggestion instead of the rival’s suitors changing what they look like completely i think you should keep the other stuff with the suitors but personally I hate how the suitors look after and in general i think it would be better if they didn’t change there looks completely maybe keep accessorys and maybe more gift option that are good for sertant rivils and some other rivals hate

  12. Hey yandev I have a question. How do I play the abc killer challenge soundtrack? The one from 2020? Not the alphabetic urgency one. I really love the old ost and it would be great if you can put back into the game.

  13. There’s also 2 errors I have found while playing. When getting kicked out of any club, the text should say Ryoba/Ayano has been kicked out of the club. The second error I have found is that the 1980s mode abc killer challenge two students need to switched
    Yae Ogata should be the first Y student to die and not Yahiko Onda. That’s all thanks and take care of yourself too.

  14. The ”Disable animations when ppl are far away” feature is glitched sometimes but it ups the amount of FPS maximum.
    For ppl asking (I sincerely hope I will help someone) here’s the minimum configuration that can run Yandere Simulator at 15-20 fps on average : Ryzen 3, 5.6 Go of RAM, AMD RADEON graphics (well this one noone cares), disable deep of fiels, draw distance 200m or less, you can also disable hair physics, LOW GRAPHICS 1/2 or LOW GRAPHICS if you don’t run anything else in the same time and disable shadows and vignette.
    Any lower config here?

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