Successful Chat Interaction Test Stream!

Good news!

Less than 4 hours after I announced that I was having trouble getting the “Chat Interaction” feature to work, the problems were solved!

In order to truly determine whether or not the feature was fully functional and ready for official release – or if there were still hidden problems waiting to be discovered – I decided to stream Yandere Simulator on YouTube and invite fans to type commands in chat to help me test the feature!

Hundreds of people showed up to help! It was a very successful test; every aspect of the Chat Interaction feature was confirmed to be functioning. A couple of bugs were identified, but that’s exactly what we wanted; to learn if there were any hidden problems that still needed to be fixed. (And afterwards, I talked with the chat in “Vtuber Form” for three hours!)

So far, there are two problems I need to fix before this feature is ready for official release:

  1. The chat-reading plugin doesn’t understand how to interpret emojis, so if anyone sends an emoji in the chat, the plugin freezes up until the emoji is pushed out of the message queue by new messages. Whoops! We can fix that.
  2. The plugin crashes if you activate it, restart the school scene, and then activate it again. Oops! We’ll get to the bottom of this problem.

There are also a handful of other minor problems that should be fixed as well (it’s hard to click the text field where you enter the URL, and accessories are not deactivating when the chat picks the player’s accessory) but they’re relatively trivial matters that will be quick and easy to address.

I think that this feature has a lot of potential, and I’m interested in hearing creative suggestions for ways that a chatroom of people could interact with Yandere Simulator. I’ve created a Reddit thread where you can post suggestions for new commands to add to the Chat Interaction feature:

Please join the thread and share your ideas!

Thanks to everyone who visited the live stream and helped me test this feature! I really appreciated your assistance a lot!

61 thoughts on “Successful Chat Interaction Test Stream!

  1. There was bug during your live stream when you were getting ride of rabiru body the plastic bag appeared in the air will you fix this bug in the next build.

  2. I said !hair # [number] but everybody spam the same command. I am the one who firstly said !cloak and !clean. This feature is fun I hope Jay from the Kubzscout stream YandereSim while we ruin his experience lmao

  3. Yandere dev there’s a bug. If a student council were too notice a weapon or what the radio they would be buggy or frozen for a few seconds and they stop being buggy/frozen only when you are away from them. Also I think that you should change student routines in 1980s mode. The journalist no longer pepper sprays Ryoba if she kills the rival. one more thing, please fix the bug where if I were to kill someone on the stairs, they go through it and get stuck.

  4. You should also had more witnesses near the gardening area and fix another bug where the teacher in both modes don’t fully show up, they would appear as floating hair or glasses.

  5. I would add the ability to restore health to the player (Which delinquents demolish during a fight)

  6. I would add a change in persona, clothes, accessories and player points. I would add the ability to increase the stats of the suitor, call the police and give the player study points.

    • I would add the ability to increase the stats of the suitor, call the police and give the player study points.

    • They mention it in a earlier video on the Archive channel for YS, but you need to have the latest build + spam E (or the button to interact with things on controller) to get the menu to open. Once it does, you should be able to use the interaction system 😀

  7. Hey Yandere Dev! don’t know why I can’t use my google account anymore so I had to make a new one in Wordpres but I just wanted to drop by and say keep up the good work so far 🙂

    Now for the new feature: a surprise to be sure but a welcome one. Future streams are gonna be so much more fun! But what really intrigued me today was the whole “Info-chan controls the ventilation systems” bit of lore. Like, why is she so paranoid? Is she Yan-chan from a different timeline making sure she gets Senpai and is taking no chances or something? The plot thickens and the anticipation for the release remains

  8. This has nothing to do with the post but it lingering in my mind right now so I feel the need to address it, it’s about the rivals more specifically the teacher, nurse, hanako and Megami and what personalities that they could have come the final game I have ideas for Magami and Hanako but I’m still thinking about the teacher and nurse but I don’t think that these 4 should have the lovestruck personality since Magami more interested in stopping Yandere chan than Taro I think she should have a justice personality rather than a lovestruck one and hanako I think to keep a sibling relationship you could add a clingy personality where they will cling to someone close to them like say for example lovers one lover could be clingy to the other and in hanako’s case one sibling could be clingy to the other sibling now for the teacher and nurse while I don’t know what they should be I know for a fact that they shouldn’t be a lovestruck personality, so I hope that you will give this some thought ^w^

    • Muja’s (the Nurses) personality can be clumsiness, And Mida’s (the Teacher) personality can be flirty

      (Idk if clumsiness is a personality, I’m having problems coming up with a personality for Muja as well)

  9. ummm… why is Kyuji konagawa’s (osana’s suitor) crush the headmaster?
    is this a bug or is it just my game that’s glitched??
    Well, seeing that definitely made my day

  10. Hi Yandev , i have a bug , when I play 1980’s mode first rival is alwas in Jal since last actualization

      • I mean that the first rival from the 1980s mode does not appear in school at all and the photo of her shows all the time prison bars, I even downloaded the game again and deleted all the game records but the first rival still does not appear in the school but is not marked as eliminated what causes that the game ends in the first week because it is not possible to eliminate her, I will add that I do not play on debug and I do not use easter eggs

      • Hm…

        Open the “Content Checklist” screen and press the “R” key. You’ll gain access to a debug command that might help you fix the problem.

  11. hello I would like to know how we can select the text to paste the link, because my cursor is not displayed. Also in the game the basement cassettes are no longer available because there are boxes in front.

    • Hello,

      Pasting the link is not possible in the current build. It’ll become possible in the next build.

      The basement cassettes are meant to unlock one by one as the player kidnaps people and keeps them in their basement. This feature will come to the game in the near future.

  12. Command ideas: !Time # (changes the time) !Rival # (changes the rivals appearance) !Clothing # (changes the clothing to gym uniform, swim suit or uniform) !Uniform # (changes the uniform) !Area (teleports player to random location) Weather! # (changes the weather, does not affect anything, just a fun thing ) !Weapon # (changes the weapon the player has ) !CatFollow (makes the cat follow you) !CatDeath (kills the cat in a explosion of blood with body parts flying everywhere) !CatSpawn (Spawns a new cat) !CatKill # (goes to # student and blows up) !Trash (turns you into a garbage bag or garbage man)

  13. I want to report a bug. in mission mode if you need to kill raibaru and you create a leak to eletrify her in one fountain i fail the mission. it says “you need to kill only the target.”

    • Strange. I started a “Kill Raibaru with electrocution” mission and was able to complete it with no bugs.

      Can you record a video of the bug occurring, upload it to Google Drive, and e-mail it me the link?

  14. and when i make photos in 202X mode they don’t save in the photo gallery. they don’t appear.

    • They get saved for me.

      Maybe you’ve installed Yandere Sim on a drive of your computer where new files can’t be created without administrator access? Or something like that…

  15. This isn’t about the new feature but today when I was playing Yan-sim I saved the game in one of the classrooms to check something out while I was trying to complete the Genocide ending but when I exit the classroom to continue playing (for some reason the time would go back to 7:08 in the morning when I load the save so all the students would get up and walk out of the classroom) the students will get up and I would get out of the classroom but when I did the students will say “um…I don’t think you’re supposed to be here” or something along those lines, even though I would be in the hallway. I’m not sure how big of a glitch/bug this it is to fix though.

  16. okay so, something weird just happened. I eliminated Osana with the betrayal ending and I did Pippi’s task on Thursday. Once the game finished instead of the regular “the disc is scratched” I got a first person view of Ayanos’ room unable to move the camera much. The lines “I’ll do anything. I’ll do whatever you say.” were spoken. I moved the camera to the left as much as the game would let me and it gave me a lil thing to press E. I did and it gave me the menu for Ayanos’ bedroom door. i clicked basement and it took me back to Ayanos’ room but she was wearing her uniform instead of her pajamas. I went to the basement again and it didn’t fix anything. The music wasn’t even playing. i went to the town and came back and then the “The disc is scratched” scene played. is this a bug or an easter egg? I’m so confused-

    • i should clarify if anything was confusing, when i said the game finished, i meant the game from pippi’s task.

    • Whoa, that is weird as heck. I’ve never heard of anything even remotely similar to that before.

      Can you manage to re-create the bug, record a video of it, upload it somewhere (Unlisted on YouTube or to Google Drive) and e-mail me a link to it?

  17. I have a way to help the streamer when using the chat interaction feature. Its !NoNemesis (basically it takes Nemesis away.

    A way to hurt the streamer while playing: !spawnstudentcouncilmember (spawn student council member#. “!spawnstudentcouncilmember1” is Akane. “! spawnstudentcouncilmember2” is Shiromi. “! spawnstudentcouncilmember3” is Aoi. “! spawnstudentcouncilmember4” is Koroko) Basically it teleports a specific student council member to Yan-Chan

    I hope these are good ways to help/hurt the player !!

  18. great work on the game! honestly, im excited to turn this on in my game and see what happens. (im assuming chats going to mess with my hair a lot, lol.) keep up the good development and im excited for amai!

  19. Bug: Every time I lure Sonoko through a giggle she starts spinninh around after she investigates it (the giggle)

    Also, what if Chigusa would react to a mind slave the way Raibaru does??

  20. Hey, Yandere Dev
    Maybe you could add a camera view on the corner of the player’s Ul when you’re sabotaging one of the rooms in school by ventilation? Just like with pushing off students from the roof

  21. Dev! I know this goes against all of your traditions, but can you make updates once a month? Each update will have more content, each update will be fun and exciting, YouTubers will post Yan Sim videos once a month instead of inconsistently, and you won’t have to leave features half finished due to tiny deadlines as much! It’s more fun for us and it’s less unfinished projects for you!

  22. Dev, I feel like the school building could get a refreshed, Brand new look, With more props more outside decor and plants and new clean and lively wall, doors, and floor texture and some areas get moved around, like the cafe. in japan there are study rooms, these are huge rooms with desks for students to study at. The lunchroom is not part of the school building and is connected by a sky walk or path, the lunchrooms are also bigger, maybe the lunchroom is under renovation or construction and is unlocked further in the game. I would send you new textures and props for the school but my computer is broken and I can’t afford a new one at this point in time.

  23. !Weapon
    If someone uses this the weapon they choose will pop up right in front of you.
    It could be ANYTHING (Except for easter egg weapons unless activated)

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