May 24th Bug-Fixing Build

New build! What’s different? 1 new feature, 10 improvements, 41 bug fixes, 7 text adjustments, and 1 half-implemented mystery feature!

Want to read a complete list of everything that was changed, fixed, or added in the latest build? Scroll down past this cute artwork by Bbreaad_!

Ah! It’s so cute! Ahh! So cute! Ahhh! Cute cute CUTE!

Ventilation System

If you’ve been following the game for a long time, you probably remember that, years ago, I added some kind of “air ventilation control system” machine to the rooftop, and then never did anything with it. Today, I’ve finally given that object the functionality it was always intended to have!

If you approach the ventilation machine while holding a stink bomb, you will be able to send a horrible stench to any room in the school. Interacting with the machine will open up an interface that lets you select which room you’d like to send the stench to.

The stench will last for 60 seconds. During that time, anyone who comes into contact with the stink cloud will run outside of the school to get fresh air for 60 seconds.

What is the utility of this feature? Well, for example, you can use it to make all of the teachers in the faculty room run outside of the school simultaneously, making it trivially easy to steal anything you want from the faculty room! (That includes the paper clips, the faculty ID card, the cigarettes, the answer sheet, and the manhole cover tool!)

Will this feature one day be updated with the ability to use lethal poison or sedatives to kill or sedate an entire room full of people? Well, I don’t think I should add that kind of functionality to the game…I think it would have the potential to be a drastically imbalanced feature. If you could eliminate your rivals with poison gas and leave behind zero evidence, you’d go with that option every time, wouldn’t you?

It’s too early to say whether or not the functionality of this feature will expand in the future, but I’ll keep an ear open for good suggestions from the fans.

Improvements and Additions

  • If the player giggles while inside of a locker room / bathroom area, nobody will investigate, because they don’t want to be a creep who is peeking on someone in the locker room / bathroom. This is now conveyed in the text that appears when a notification pops up at the top of the screen to alert the player that a giggle has been ignored.
  • When torturing a prisoner in your basement, the “you will reduce your prisoner’s sanity by __%” text in the description box will now update to reflect any bonus damage that you’re doing to your prisoner’s sanity as a result of upgrading the Psychology stat.
  • Previously, any student with the “Snitch” persona would not respond positively to any kind of locker note. As of this update, they will now respond positively to any note about Bullying, Fighting Evil, or Suspicious Activity.
  • From now on, dropping a weapon (or other pickup) nearby its original position will result in the object re-appearing in the spot where it originally came from, instead of being unceremoniously plopped onto the ground at your feet.
  • Because Ayano’s phone background becomes darker in Mission Mode, some of the phone menu text has been made lighter so that it’s easier to read on a dark background.
  • You can now rapidly scroll up/down the Task List or Tutorial List by holding up/down instead of rapidly tapping up/down to get where you wanted to be in the list.
  • Students now have a subtitle for reacting to the sight of the player trespassing, instead of just saying “Hm…” when they witness trespassing.
  • Students no longer react negatively to being splashed with water while they are wearing a swimsuit.
  • The player can now apologize for trespassing (previously, the option simply did not exist.)
  • Updated the “POOL’S CLOSED” artwork with new illustrations that were drawn by OMGAyano!


  • Fixed bug that caused students to be alarmed by the sight of the player holding bloody scissors, but did not cause the student to accurately categorize what they were seeing, or subtract from the player’s reputation, or allow the player to offer an apology/explanation for the scissors.
  • Fixed bug that prevented students from accurately categorizing Ayano’s behavior if witnessing her being weird around Senpai, but still allowed the player to perform the “Apologize” action, which basically granted the player free reputation points with no downside.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Raibaru to become “alive and dead at the same time” if she was electrocuted to death with a car battery while spying on Osana’s phone call, and then Osana was killed before Raibaru’s electrocution animation had ended.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to mis-identify a Makeshift Knife as a weapon made out of metal, which would cause it to trigger metal detectors (even though a Makeshift Knife is made from glass, wooden sticks, and bandages).
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “Low Reputation Game Over” cutscene to be a permanent black screen and never conclude, if the cutscene was activated while Ayano was reporting blood or a corpse to the faculty.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the bucket from having an orange “this is evidence of murder” outline in Yandere Vision if the bucket was used to collect blood and gore from a student shredded by the woodchipper.
  • Fixed bug that caused Raibaru’s pathfinding to break if Osana was killed during her Thursday rooftop event while Raibaru was distracted with the act of returning a dropped object where it belonged.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to get stuck in a “standing idle” pose when being stabbed by the Flame Demon Knife, if they were stabbed while the player had attracted their attention somehow.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from correctly logging the cause of death of a rival if the rival was killed in an explosion and then the player cleaned up all evidence of the crime.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to fail to return to their routine properly if they were splashed with water while on their way to the locker room to change into a swimsuit.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player’s reputation to drop for “skipping school” if they tortured a kidnapped victim on Sunday, even though there is no school on Sunday.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “Rich Girl” icon from unlocking on the Content Checklist if the player met the criteria by selling a kidnapped victim to the Yakuza.
  • Fixed bug that caused delinquent pathfinding to break if a delinquent was attacked while fleeing school after witnessing the corpse or murder of a bully girl.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from accurately remembering whether or not the protagonist had a “weapon bag” attached to her back when loading a save file.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from remembering how corpses should be dressed when loading a save, if the save was created while corpses were at school.
  • Fixed bug that made the “RIVAL” Map Marker appear in gameplay above a dead rival’s body after reloading a save file with a dead rival on school grounds.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a “throwing object” trajectory arc to come out of the protagonist if a box of stink bombs was present anywhere at school.
  • Fixed bug that caused a piece of evidence to stop being marked as evidence in Yandere Vision if it was picked up by the player and then dropped.
  • Fixed bug that caused a student’s profile to display the name of that student’s crush, even if their crush had not enrolled in school yet.
  • Fixed bug that caused Osana to slide around the school fountain instead of sitting down at it during her Tuesday book-reading event.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the game from moving forward from Sunday to Monday if the player tortured a kidnapped victim on Sunday.
  • Fixed bug that prevented students from removing their aprons and musical instrument cases when changing into swimsuits to sunbathe.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from accurately remembering if a weapon should be stored in a weapon bag upon reloading a save.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to go to school on Sunday by using the “take mind-broken slave to school” option on a Sunday.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Matchmaking menu to display the text “(Not Available)” over a valid and available menu option.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Journalist to appear in 202X if the player attended the Light Music Club’s rhythm minigame.
  • Fixed bug that caused most characters to perpetually run around school instead of walking calmly to their destinations.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Ayano to “sit in midair” if she attended class while the police were on their way to school.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a rival to accept food from the player even if the player had not stolen the rival’s bento.
  • Fixed bug that caused a dead student to count as a “witness” on the 1980s Mode stats screen and courtroom sequence.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to store corpses inside of lockers after reloading a save file.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to commit murder right in front of the Journalist without any repercussions.
  • Fixed bug that caused lockers to incorrectly believe that they contained corpses when reloading a save file.
  • Fixed bug that caused dead bodies wrapped in garbage bags to have white outlines instead of orange outlines.
  • Fixed bug that allowed Ryoba to order the Yakuza to kidnap a rival who was arrested by the police.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Osana from sitting where she belonged in her Tuesday lunchtime event.
  • Fixed bug that caused Aoi to sit in midair at lunchtime if she was fired from the student council.
  • Fixed bug that prevented students from pathfinding to chalkboards during Cleaning Time.
  • Fixed bug in Pose Mode that prevented the “Blood” feature from working as intended.
  • Fixed bug that could result in the Journalist speaking two voice lines simultaneously.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the character Otohiko from spawning at school.

Idea Text Updates

  • Updated the “Frame” Idea to mention that you can get a girl’s fingerprints on a weapon by dropping an innocuous weapon like a screwdriver on the ground in her field of vision.
  • Updated the “Befriend” and “Betray” Ideas to more accurately reflect the steps for Befriending/Betraying in 1980s Mode.
  • Updated the “Poison” Idea to reflect the fact that there are multiple ways to put poison in a student’s food.
  • Updated the “Kidnap” Idea to remove any reference to the “Headache Poison”, since it is unavailable in 1989.
  • Updated the “Burn” Idea to mention the option of a Bunsen burner instead of a candle from the Occult Club.
  • Updated the “Expel” Idea to include the new method for stealing a ring from Himeko Dereguchi.
  • Updated the “Electrocution” Idea to reflect the updated location of the pipe wrench.


You will notice that I’ve added some cardboard boxes to the basement of the Aishi home. Why did I do that? You’ll find out soon…if not this month, then probably next month. But, if you’re impatient, and you want to know immediately, you can figure it out by searching for “Basement” on the About page of the official website…

60 thoughts on “May 24th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Amazing! I wonder if you would ever consider using the giggles in a new way? Like causing a student to become paranoid? I can’t imagine how terrified I would be if I turned to see no one there or if I investigated a giggle to only see a completely empty hallway.

    Or using the social butterfly persona’s to be a hinderance to a player. For example they could see Ayano/loner types alone and think, “Oh wow! They look lonely, they could use a friend!” Which would give an interesting mechanic to socializing and psychology so you can avoid them without damaging your own reputation. I have always imagined the social butterfly types to act like Teruhashi Kokomi from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

    I only got this idea from an old idea you had in a video where being too popular would get you admirers who would follow you around or wanna socialize with you. Which can provide witnesses who follow you around like human cameras or inconvenience you with socialization. Again, I feel like this could be a great addition to the game.

    Although I understand coding is hard and some of this would require animations. So understand if it won’t happen. I hope you’re having a wonderful day!

  2. Wow the vent system is sooo lit! I love it! This update is nice – all the small detail, small features and minor changes affect the game for good 🙂

    I can’t wait for you to return on making huge changes and updates to the game, ofc just like the old days 😀

  3. Hey. Yandere dev! It is possible to electrify the student . If they see a weapon near in water faucet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it would be more realistic if the your game have that!.

      • i think they mean if you put a weapon near a water fountain(sabotaged) they should be able to electrify them?

    • It’s already in the game, partially. You can lure a student into a puddle by the fountain with a weapon lying in it. Yes, he will not be electrocuted by touching the weapon, but the same effect can be achieved by making the puddle bigger.

  4. Amazing work, Yandere Dev! The new ventilation system is very useful. Thanks for the hardworking as always, can’t wait to see what’s next.😁😁

  5. It would be cool if appears a short cutscene that shows students running away from the room you choose to send a stench, just like we can see in the photo you uploaded. This update is great by the way.✌️

  6. I looooove the new vent feature, how funny it is to make everyone run out from faculty room! That would be something for a future Megami elimination, like ”join the student council but never be late at class” (bc you need to avoir the gym teacher while everyone is in class)
    I’m not a fan of the new design of the ”Pool’s closed” sign but whatever. I’ll deal with it.

  7. Great job Yandere Dev as usual. Will It be Possible be able to buy all the weapons in the city in the next update of Yandere Simulator? Will there be a lot of things to buy if Ayano uses the computer in his room? Yandere Dev Will these functions be there in the next update or not?

  8. Hi YandereDev, I found a bug. If i save the game after all students have changed their shoe to the one in their locker, and load it, everyone’s shoe changes back to the black one. And idk why, but if they are wearing black one, i cannot ask for a task.

  9. Yandere Dev I have a question will there be educational skills in biology with 2 3 4 5 rank and chemistry which is with 2 3 4 5 rank and then if you pumped them you won’t get anything for them?

  10. Hey YandereDev, love your work!! I have one question, are you planning to put some props in the English room and biology lab in the future?

  11. hey yandere dev , can you do the game controls for keyboard azerty for the french player i am a french , ignore the haters you doing very good job you’re game is so cool !

    • I’d like to eventually update the game with the ability to change the controls (for users in other countries that do not use QWERTY keyboards) but it’s not my current highest priority. It will have to wait until some time in the future. I’m sorry!

  12. hi yandere dev installed your game past month loved it but I have a doubt I do not know how to upgrade to the latest constructions, you or someone can explain to me please (sorry if my English is bad;-;)

  13. It’s extremely difficult for me to download new builds when I’m using POSE MOD BY Kgftbz. Especially when the mega can’t work for me, your disk is full and the launcher don’t work for me. Is there any way you can fix the launcher? Or am I going to have to delete some stuff?

  14. I like being able to put an item back in place. What if we make this action mandatory under certain circumstances? For example, if the police arrived at the school and they found a body but did not find the murder weapon, they will also examine the weapon that is not in place for fingerprints.

    • how would the police know where thing are supposed to go, also I’m pretty sure they just happen to be there

      • Knives, a katana, a circular saw, an axe – these things are obviously weapons, so if they are not in their place, it is noticeable.

  15. What if the simps got closer to Chigusa (except for Senpai) when Chigusa follows Ruoba, making kidnaping a bit harder

  16. Hi yandere dev I think I found a bug??? In the 1980’s mode I got caught by the nurse and after that when I distract her with the radio she just glides to it, stands there, and the radio switches off by itself.

  17. hey yandere dev ! how can i send you private email or text for suggestion or question ? and a last question , what is the criteria now for launch the crowdfounding campaign ? thanks to reply , you’re game is so fun you’re doing very good job don’t give up !

  18. hi again lol , i see on your debunk page on your website you’re have harrasment , damn that’s horible…some people can be monster i’m sorry about you very , stay strong don’t give up you’re doing very good job !

  19. hi yan dev! i love your work but i am wondering when do you think the crowdfunding campaign will be launched? take your time, but after you launch it im sure it will succed! 🙂

  20. Hi Yanderedev! I played the demo again with all the new features and adjustments and changes and I love it! you’ve really come a long way and it’s lovely to see how much the game has grown

    I do have a bit of suggestion though,
    – I feel like it would make more sense to matchmaker Osana with Raibaru, instead of a random student. I can understand it for 1980s mode, but in the modern version, the ‘better’ version, I think it’d be neat if the partner had a connection to the rival, in order to make it seem more manipulative of yanchan and overall cooler yknow? instead of just finding some random guy to shove in Osana’s face. I find I tend to avoid using the matchmaking elimination cause it lacks excitement and depth like the other eliminations. Of course, this is just my opinion.

    -I’m not a big fan of the new decorations on the school’s exterior. It seems too much, even for a fancy school. It makes the school look more like a gingerbread house.

    Some other things, I adore all the new hairstyle models and I’m just so hyped to see what other new features are in store!

  21. I have an idea. You should add mission mode in 1980s Mode, the Yakuza can send Ryoba to eliminate someone, especially his brother. You should put in all of the rivals in mission mode, Jokichi, the Journalist, and the headmaster shouldn’t be in this mode, someone should be in this mode and tried to kill Ryoba, Sonoko should be studying in the Newspaper Club, the rainbow students should no longer investigate various students but Newspaper and Photography does, but they should eat lunch, even when the atmosphere is lower, add a bench outside of the Newspaper Club so we can electrocute, drown, or poison them. And don’t forget, the alphabet killer challenge in 1980s mode should only be available in week 10 on Monday, so please add those to make 1980s mode more challenging, thank you! 🙂

  22. Yanderedev surely likes to have many ways to eliminate a rival also I hope he add free play mode where we do whatever we want

  23. Has anyone tried to join some club and tell some student that you can’t stand this club?

    • I tried To join the science club and the only I can’t stand is the leader of the club ( I forgot his name) he calls us his subject and he hid a very terrifying behavior

  24. hi yan dev idk if this is a bug just for me but in mission mode whenever i crush someone with the dumbells the dumbells disappear the second it hits the student meaning i cant crush two students during a multi mission

  25. I have a feature that should not be in the 1980’s mode, I went to inventory and saw Saki Miyu’s bra. Saki Miyu don’t exist in 1989 so, there will be no such thing as “Saki Miyu’s Bra”.

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