March 13th Bug-Fixing Build

Hello! There were some bugs in the water cooler update, but I’ve prepared an update that fixes those bugs, and also improves the way that the feature works. You’re going to be interested in this build’s changelog!

To see a list of everything that was fixed, added, or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this screenshot of an entire classroom being electrocuted to death:

Yes, someone actually pulled it off! And he recorded a video of it, too. Exactly what I hoped to see when I released yesterday’s build!

Water Cooler Changes and Bucket Changes

  • Added the ability to remove a tripwire trap from a water cooler, so that if you accidentally place it in the wrong place, you can correct your mistake without waiting for someone to trigger the trap first.
  • Water coolers are now incapable of being tipped over onto their sides, eliminating the possibility of the player setting up a tripwire trap that floats in midair.
  • Slightly expanded the size of the “student triggered the tripwire” hitbox to reduce the possibility of a character walking into a tripwire without triggering it.
  • The game will now remember the existence/location of puddles of liquid (water, blood, gas, and brown paint) when saving/loading the game.
  • When holding a bucket that contains liquid, it is now possible to spill the contents of the bucket on the ground in front of you.
  • The act of creating a tripwire trap is now considered suspicious; if anyone sees you do it, they’ll react negatively.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the water cooler from acknowledging that the player was putting blood into it.
  • The game will now remember the location/status of the water cooler when saving/loading the game.
  • The act of carrying a water cooler around school is now considered suspicious behavior.

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • A student who has witnessed the protagonist perform suspicious behavior is marked yellow in Yandere Vision. Due to a bug, walking nearby a student council member would cause the council members to be marked yellow. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that caused teachers to sit and grade papers in strange locations if they were splashed with water while trying to turn off a noisy radio, if they had been grading papers before hearing the radio.
  • Fixed bug that would cause student council members to forget about any corpses that they had seen if they witnesed a fight after seeing a corpse.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student carrying a garbage bag to completely forget about the bag if they were alarmed by anything.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the words “Memes” to appear in 1980s Mode (where the word “Jokes” is meant to appear instead).
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from correctly tracking the current week when saving/loading data.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from fully rendering the protagonist during SNAP Mode.

84 thoughts on “March 13th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hey YanDev, would you ever consider adding the option for the 202X protagonist to be able to join the bullies in order to gain valuable social perks in the future?

  2. Hey YanDev, would you ever consider allowing the player to have access to one of those small cleaning sponges that all the other students use to wipe down certain surfaces instead of only having one cleaning tool (the mop) that isn’t concealable in a future update?

    • An interesting thought, but I imagine that it wouldn’t be able to clean very much before it would need to be soaked and restored to a fresh state. I don’t think it would be useful to the player.

  3. A logical and cool feature. How about making a weapon bloody if blood is poured on it? The opportunity to fabricate evidence!

    • And puddles that can be done at drinking fountains do not interact with those that can be done with a bucket (speaking of electricity).The power strip also does not interact in any way with puddles from the bucket.

  4. Thanks YandereDev but it was better if bringing in the water dispenser was not suspicious because in reality it is not suspicious as a thing. After all the game is beatiful ❤ WE ARE WAITING FOR ALL THE RIVALS ❤

  5. i love whenever kubscoutz makes a video playing yansim bc i know whatever bugs he finds while playing will be fixed by the next day and any suggestions he makes will be immediately added

  6. The game automatically skips Sunday on week 2 in both 202X mode and 1989. Also when the player tries to use stink bombs or bang snaps, Ayano/Ryoba throws the item on the ground instead of using it as intended (same function as the car battery)

  7. I’ve found water cooler can be put into the bookbag but…its a bit strange. Looks like it wouldnt fit at all!

  8. Amazing! Now I’m gonna go do things that DON’T involve electrocuting people. Yeah .. not at all. 👀💦 Nothing suspicious here.

  9. Heya. Found a bug.
    if you steal osanas phone, And then put it back on her desk before she gets there, She wont find it,
    And if you go to class before she finds her phone, She will just stay at her desk and not move.

    Also it should be suspicious to put her phone on her desk when others/her are watching. They should say “Hey! What are you doing with their phone?” or “Hey! Why do you have my phone? Did you steal it?” And then if she notices you, She will look through her phone and delete the stuff you put on there.

    Also, There should be a way to expel the bullies.

    (Aka make them bully someone, Then take photos and show them to the guidance counselor. There should be more steps, But that’s just a idea.)

    And say you pulled out your phone to take a photo or something, They would be like. “Hey. Lets get out of here, Someone taking photos of this.”

    • Sorry about the Osana phone bug. It’ll be fixed in the next build.

      You’re right, it should be possible for the player to take a picture of the bullies’ actions and report them…but, why would the player choose to do this? What benefit would it grant?

      • hello yanderedev. I see at least one advantage in having them expelled: It could be a different method of preventing them from going to the swimming pool on Thursdays, in order to kill Osana.

  10. I had a question but I’m not sure if what I’m saying only concerns me or other players. Since the last update, I can’t but the occult knife back into the altar, which makes the demon invocation impossible.

  11. YandereDev! YandereDev! Are you still only accepting help from professionals and not just regular fans? Because we have a few people on this end of the screen (Shared account) who love the game and would love to help you out but don’t have any experience. And I personally wouldn’t even know where to start.
    Keep up the good work!
    – KL

  12. Do you think you Can add A way to Fix the Car battery’s, Because Sometimes I will throw it into the puddle And the Student That triggered the Trap will be standing Just out of the Puddle And then I cant Electrocute Anyone Until The next day

  13. Hey YanDev, I wanted to put blood in the water container and when I killed a few students because of some witnesses, I went down to get a mop to clean the blood. I was next to the sink where you fill the bucket with water so I don’t know if it’s because of that. I dipped the mop in the bucket and after I took the mop out, I was stuck in a position while holding the mop, I couldn’t move at all. I was frozen. Is there any way to fix it?

  14. Yandere Dev you can add these functions: Yandere chan can ask info-chan to give her car battery or a power strip to put in the sink, are used to electrocute 1 student. This way you can add these object on Info-chan’s services. It can be used in the multi mission mode within the mission mode with this method

  15. Hey, YandereDev! So, it may just be happening to me, but when I look at a certain view at the stalkers house, the FPS would drop intensely. Usually, I get 70-120 FPS on my computer, so this is a huge problem. This also happens in SNAP Mode when I look at the enterance of the school or the fountain’s direction.

  16. Hey, YandereDev! So, it may just be happening to me, but when I look at a certain view at the stalkers house, the FPS would drop intensely. Usually, I get 70-120 FPS on my computer, so this is a huge problem. This also happens in SNAP Mode when I look at the enterance of the school or the fountain’s direction.

  17. YandereDev YandereDev!! Why so many students in 1980s have brown hair? If school allows only color their hair brown,black,blonde but what about rainbow students and rivals?

  18. Hi Yandere Dev, I encountered this bug in the build of 11 March where when I put the mop in the bucket the game stopped me and didn’t open the debug menu etc. I don’t know if you found this bug in the game. Bye^ _ ^

  19. yandere dev i dont know if this happens to anyone else but when ever i try to dip the mop in the bucket ayano just freezes and i cant do anything. can you fix this bug

  20. Honestly, I think it is weird that we’re able to spill water on the ground, but the character is not able to trip and splash water on other characters

    • A few years ago you could actually do that. I remember doing it a lot to Kokona especially, since she was the test rival of course. A shame it was ruined, hope it gets added back

  21. This update got me really surprised. Besides that the new feature is really cool, I noticed an improvement on framerate at least for me!
    Past builds from after Osanas official release, the game run at 15-20 fps. I’m going to be honest, my device is outdated. But sill could play fine. But this update, the game almost reached 40 fps. Is not that much, but for such outdated device without special graphics, it’s really good! I’m surprised and the new feature is great. Thank you for your hard work!

  22. When I redownloaded the game, all my games were saved, but there is no launcher, therefore I can’t update the game, cause I don’t have the tripwire update, could this be fixed

    • The launcher didn’t work for me, but I downloaded the game from the link below the launcher one, and when there is a new update, I Download it from that link again and delete my old files, It downloads in just 10 mins if you sit somewhere with a strong internet connection.

  23. hey yandere dev what i want to flar are not complaints but better for the game…how
    1-the characters don’t think it’s weird when ayano comes putting a sculpture even if it’s in front of them
    2-the ayano bag can’t carry knives, but buckets and brooms, that’s kind of weird…
    well there are just things that I find strange in the game…..

  24. Im a bit of a music nerd and music maker too so i will send you some music to hear an the week changer thing is not working

  25. Hello yanderedev! I found a bug. When i try to dip the mop in the bucket (i put bleach in it) it still says “Dip in bucket first!” and i can’t get the angle when i can press the dip button. Can you pls fix it if you can?

  26. Can’t at all play the new updated version with the water coolers. Every time I try to download it, even after deleting old downloads of Yandere Simulator, it still shows me the 3/11/2022 version of the game. It won’t update no matter what I do.

  27. so when I pull up the student info after purchasing Osana’s dark secret, the screen will show the info text and will take 5 info points away, even if I don’t have any.

  28. Kuroko: 4 eyed freak Akane: closed eyed freak Aoi: 1 eyed freak Shiromi: 2 eyed freak LOL got this from a comment on someone’s video

  29. I kinda have an issue with the game launcher-
    Whenever I update the game, the files are all downloaded, but then there’s this notification saying there’s some for of error and the update is still in the .zip file, and then I have to extract the files in the right place myself
    I don’t know if I should just download the launcher again or not..

  30. hey yandere dev
    i heard that my brother also play yansim when in 2017
    and could you add 202x uniform in 1980s mode because idk you’l will put ryoba would wear this uniform
    but i hope you’ll will put that into the game
    i know that i’m too young to play this game but i hope my advice will be in the game
    if you don’t wanna then is ok

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