March 1st Bug-Fixing Build

Hello! I’ve prepared a new update containing around 40 differences from the previous build.

The number of bug reports I’ve been receiving has drastically declined, which means that I can finally start to focus more of my time on adding new content instead of fixing bugs and removing exploits. With 99% certainty, I can say that March is the month that we return to “Hey guys, check out this new feature!” builds, instead of “Hey guys, I fixed 40 bugs…” builds.

To see a list of everything that changed in the latest build, scroll down past this beautiful artwork of Ryoba and Sonoko by x_anp!

This art appears to be the “cover page” of a short manga that x_anp drew! It’s only 5 pages long, but the artwork is gorgeous! I really hope that someone translates it into English!

Actually, x_anp has been drawing tons of stunning illustrations lately! From cute ones like this to highly detailed ones like this! Please go check out x_anp’s Twitter, because everything they draw is absolutely amazing!

Bathing Suit Mechanics

  • It is now possible to shower while wearing a bathing suit, and wash blood off of the bathing suit that way.
  • Because it is now possible to wash blood off of your body and a swimsuit simultaneously, the swimsuit just became an advantageous outfit. To balance this new feature and prevent it from being overpowered, characters will now react negatively to you if they see you walking around in a swimsuit unless you’re behind the school (where the pool is located). (Walking around inside of a school while wearing a swimsuit never should have been seen as normal behavior, anyway.)

Fixes and Changes

  • At the title screen, Ayano/Ryoba will hold a love letter if the player’s most recent save is a pacifistic playthrough, but will hold a knife if the player’s most recent save has involved any character’s death. There was a bug that would cause Ayano to hold a knife if Ryoba had committed murder, even if the most recent Ayano save file was pacifistic. This bug has been fixed.
  • From now on, when playing the Light Music Club’s rhythm minigame in 1980s Mode, the graphics will be different than the graphics of 202X Mode. (The characters are currently using silhouettes instead of colored artwork, though, since the designs of the 1980s Mode music club have not yet been finalized.)
  • If the player sacrificed a club leader to the demon realm by killing them with the sacrificial knife and putting their corpse in the center of the Occult Club, their corpse would disappear, but police would still believe that a corpse was present at school. This bug has been fixed.
  • Changed the hairstyle of 1980s Mode Student #75. She is one of the girls that you can kidnap for the Yakuza. I changed her hairstyle to resemble the hairstyle from the “Yakuza holding girl hostage” artwork that appeared in the video where the Yakuza was first announced.
  • I reconsidered how the tarp feature should work. Dismembering a student lying on top of a tarp sheet WILL result in 6 tarp bags, but each tarp bag will be recognized by students as a trash bag that should be picked up and dumped in the incinerator at cleaning time.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to incorrectly identify the number of corpses at school as “-1” if a corpse was concealed in a trash bag before it was disposed of (by either incineration, woodchipping, acid, or dropping it into the sewer).
  • There was a bug that would transform a bloody club uniform (such as an Art Club apron, a Martial Arts gi, or a Science Club labcoat) into a school uniform if it was washed in a washing machine. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that caused Raibaru to repeatedly say “Hmm” instead of reacting to Osana’s disappearance, if Osana was tranquilized and put into a musical instrument case while Raibaru wasn’t around.
  • Fixed bug that caused two school uniforms to spawn (instead of one) when the player wore a raincoat over a bloody school uniform and then removed the raincoat in the locker room.
  • Fixed bug that prevented any subtitle text from appearing onscreen when a rival was giving their reason for refusing to follow the player during low school atmosphere.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a weapon bag or cello case to become permanently stuck on the protagonist’s back if the player attempted to equip both items at once.
  • Fixed bug that could cause the camera to render the gym as invisible if the player angled their camera a certain way while on the walkway above the gym’s stage.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “She didn’t notice the note in her locker” notification to appear even if a rival did notice the note in her locker.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to break the tutorial by cleaning their bloody clothing in the washing machine instead of incinerating it.
  • Fixed bug that caused the player’s camera to swing around after taking a photo if the camera had been in motion before the photo was taken.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to pick up a dropped can of brown paint if it was dropped on its side or upside-down.
  • Fixed bug that caused the art club president’s painting smock to clip through a garbage bag that he was wrapped inside of.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from moving from Sunday to Monday if the player played the maid cafe minigame on Sunday.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to use the “Report Blood/Corpse” feature in circumstances it shouldn’t occur under.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a smartphone to appear in a student’s hands if they were investigating a giggle in 1980s Mode.
  • There is a new prop somewhere at school. What is the purpose of this prop? It’ll become apparent in the next update…
  • Fixed bug that caused certain debug objects to appear on the school rooftop even if debug features were not enabled.
  • Fixed bug that caused the 1980s Mode sports club’s gym uniforms to appear pure white when loading from a save file.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a female teacher’s body to clip through the garbage bag that she was wrapped inside of.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the reputation bar from updating its numbers and text properly upon loading a save file.
  • Fixed bug that would break Osana’s Tuesday lunchtime event if the player spoke to Raibaru during the event.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from moving from Sunday to Monday if the player read manga on Sunday.
  • Fixed rendering issue with the garbage bags / tarp bags that would cause them to be shaded improperly.
  • Fixed bug that caused the player’s camera to continue moving after taking a photograph.
  • Fixed bug that caused male delinquents in 1980s Mode to spawn in the wrong locations.
  • Fixed incorrect subtitles for the Basu sisters’ conversation on Thursday morning.
  • Curtains can now be opened with a button tap rather than a button hold.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a dropped food tray to clip into the ground.
  • Crouching in front of your Senpai is no longer an automatic game over.
  • It is no longer possible to fit an entire jerry can into a bookbag.
  • You can now use the “M” key to mute the music in the street scene.
  • Changed the hairstyle of 1980s Mode Student #53.

83 thoughts on “March 1st Bug-Fixing Build

    • Oh yeah! Had an idea! What about using the cleaning supplies to make the floor slippery. For example making someone/a rival fall down the stairs in order to make them go to the nurse. Where you could plant the wrong pills and make the rival either ill enough to be sent home or kill them.

      It would be interesting to see a staff member get in trouble instead of a student for once.

  1. Every update is like a little holiday. Keep it up!
    And I want to share a couple of thoughts…
    -Yandere (according to the plot) is quite creative in eliminating. Why not use things creatively? The screws can be unscrewed not only with a screwdriver, but also with a knife, scissors, etc.
    -I have already suggested to “mix up” the purpose of the slots a little – in my opinion, the ability to put a mop in a weapon case is more logical than the ability to put it in a book bag.
    -Why do we need 2 slots for weapons at all? The slot under the number 3 would be more useful if you use it for tools (bangsnaps, remote control, extension cord…)
    -You said that you would like to change the inventory to something similar to RE 4. It’s not such a bad idea if this inventory is not somewhere in the void, but opened when interacting with a bag (book bag or some other)

    • I remember in an old video they talked about how Yan-chan could possibly see a fake front on her skirt, opening it to reveal pockets. These pockets would have an RE4 inventory system.

      I quite liked the idea. I thought it was a creative idea. Don’t know why people freaked out. There was a skirt beneath as well. It was just a fake front. People get weird about the tiniest things nowadays.

      • *have… Autocorrect WHY?!

        But maybe it got scrapped from the ideas because having too many pockets would be OP? And the bookbag fits more into a school setting??

        I mean I still love the skirt. It is a pretty unique idea. But I get if it never sees the light of day.

      • I also don’t understand at all what is wrong with a custom skirt with pockets. It reminds me of the cool inventory from Alone in the dark (MC opened his coat in a similar way) in which you could combine items. Even if it is not implemented, I believe that there are pockets in Ayano’s skirt.
        Hmm, maybe this is the 3rd game that Yandredev was inspired by? There, each opponent can be eliminated in a bunch of ways with improvised materials. Just kidding.

      • It’s way too made-up of an situation, way too awkward. I think it’s better if it’s just a natural girl with normal clothes, rather than a secret agent with hidden pockets on the skirt. It’s an odd thought. Having bookbags and in-scenario inventories are way more fun and interactive, besides the fact that it just makes sense.

      • That’s why I say I understand if it never sees the light of day. I think development went the way it needs to.

        But I mean the school has a literal blood cleaning robot and the science club is building a robot so we can’t really talk normal. Especially when every teacher can break your arms and the principal has a tazer.

      • The issue was that the concept didn’t originally show a second skirt, it showed her underwear. Plus, this was before the whole “post-high school” thing, so people saw it as “Players can open the inventory of a 16-17 year old high school girl, which shows off her panties.”, not “Oh hey, cool quirky little inventory of an adult”.

      • Wow you’re misremembering things. The original proposal included fully exposed front panty area, with a description box to cover it up being suggested by dev himself in the same post. I didn’t have a problem with it back then, now I see the controversy it would cause so I think it wasn’t a great idea and I’m glad it wasn’t implemented, but please try to stay true to what actually happened.
        Here’s a link to the showcase of the original proposal:
        The version with pockets and a fake front was talked about in later posts.

      • Bro. Not that serious. Calm down. Lolz. If I misremember things? Okay. I have ADHD and sometimes my brain mixes memories together. It’s fine.

        At least a fake front was talked about. I don’t really care about the panty thing. It’s an adult game. Not meant for kids. Every character is 18+. This is an anime game. It’s common in anime and anime style games.

        I mean I am asexual as all hell and I play games like this and Akiba’s Trip. Where I literally had to rip the clothes off of zombies in order for the sun to set them on fire. It was a gag gift from my Mom. We laughed as she watched me play for an hour. It was hilarious and had a nice story. Highly recommend if you’re not squeamish about that sort of thing.

        I guess I am just weird like that. Anyway have a good one! We don’t have to agree. We’re all humans.

  2. Thank you for the amazing work, Yan Dev!

    Although I’m very pleased with the update, I think it might be the time to warn you that there’s a very non top priority bug that has been on my head for so long now!
    If you crawl while taking pictures, Ayano’s gonna get inside the ground and simply have only her head out. It’s been since that fixed camera thing has been implemented! I know it’s not high priority, but even so, it always bugged me knowing it’s never been fixed! Please, take your time and you don’t really need to fix that, it’s just a reminder.

    I’m very excited for the next update!

  3. i love what you do yandere dev, suggestion this guy a bullie sees you with a may the second time yandere loses only 10 reputation points the bullie she starts to comment about it with the students that would make yandere lose the other day 10 more reputation points, so people would have to be more careful with reputation and bullies, and sorry for the mistakes I’m Brazilian

  4. Hey YanDev! This isn’t actually anything important, I just wanted to share something funny that happened to me! (I wouldn’t really call this a bug report, since it was caused by my dumb actions. Ha!)

    So, about a week ago, I was playing the 1980’s tutorial, just for fun! But, while I was carrying Sumire’s body to the incinerator, I decided that I wanted to see how the boy’s locker room entrance works and all. But when I got pushed back, Sumire’s body fell inside the locker room! And no mater how close I got, it was too far to pick up! I basically failed the tutorial!

  5. I am still confused, How do you download builds? Do you just download the from the website? If so, will your progress be saved?

  6. hi yanderedev, could you consider add an option that the player can choose the interactions with students using the mouse? It is because some keyboard combinations won’t work for me. It would be really appreciated if this option was add.

  7. hey! I’ve been playing yandere sim for the longest time its literally the best game 🙂 but on behalf of me and people in the lgbtq+ community i think it would be a really good idea to add for example, senpai could have the option to be a girl 😀 and so on. i know that when you go into the game it has that option and it says that it might take a while to be added and i totally appreciate that you are very busy but i think it would be good representation and support the community if it was a feature ^^ . Thank you 🙂

    • I’d like to add gender options for the protagonist/senpai, but it would require extra voice acting and models/programming, so it’s budget-dependent. Depends on the outcome of the crowdfunding campaign.

    • Lol speak for yourself! Nobody cares! 😒you don’t have to make it a stupid “support the community” thing. Honestly additions and money don’t do nothin

  8. When will we be able to kidnap male students both in 1980’s and 2023 mode? It wouldn’t be hard to get a voice actor, and I know a lot of people are awaiting it.

  9. Magnificent as always! Would it be possible to add a feature where you can click on debug modes/debug menu adds rather than keyboard options? because my keyboard has f1-f12 as computer options, like f1 is to mute sound, f2 is to decrease sound etc. other than that, this is awesome! Thanks for this new update!!

  10. I posted a comment a few days ago, if Ayano or Ryoba tries to take a picture of a student who was scolded by a teacher if you moved any evidence, you can make the student cover their face because they don’t wanna be made fun of.

  11. YandereDev! idk is this a bug or it’s not finish yet pls tell me. Why all of students in 1980s don’t have their club accessory?

  12. YandereDev! YandereDev! Shouldn’t Ayano/Ryoba lose more sanity then other students, more specifically, for example, stabbing Osana would result in -30 sanity, not 20, and killing Amai will result in -40.

    • I don’t really understand your logic. What is the difference between Osana and Amai? It seems to me that Yandere hates all rivals equally.
      But I see an interesting idea here. What about the loss of sanity when photographing a rival? Or just when viewing her photo, as with viewing a photo of Sempai, which restores sanity.
      Speaking of differences… I think that the amount of blood during the murder should depend on the level of sanity. I talking specifically about blunt weapons, they should also cause a pool of blood, on low sanity.

  13. just as a reminder, have you made sure that the first bug you fixed with the love letter/knife thing doesn’t work the other way around too?

  14. I found the prop. I’m not going to spoil it so if you wanna find it, you’re going to have to play the game for yourself. But, I have a couple ideas of what it could be used for ❤

  15. hi yandere dev it’s good that you fixed the bugs I already want my favorite youtuber artuxceed upload yandere simulator I speak Spanish that’s why if there is an error it’s because I hardly know English well bye

    • By the way, one day in the 1980s I was looking for the game club but I couldn’t find it because there isn’t …also every time I go to Ryoba’s next rival it always bugs me on Sunday please yandere dev can you fix that thanks

  16. in 1980’s mode when you put the sign near the pool on the rich girl’s week the female students who are supposed to be at the pool will walk around the school in their bathing suits

  17. YandereDev! YandereDev! in the morning (idk if it works at night) when i open the senpai shrine (1980s mode) the button is selected but it shows the text of the toothbrush

  18. The bathing suit mechanic is really cool, now instead of the outfit being just “an extra outfit for those special times you get blood on it”, it has a reason to be used outside of just an extra outfit! This is nice!

    • The development of this game is phenomenal! It went from some unknown game, all the way to one of the most beloved games on the internet! And MY favorite game on the internet! Keep up the good work, YanDev!

  19. Yandere Dev, if Komako is alive in week 9 and 10,her routine is the same, so she talks to the air. Maybe she could sit on the fountain, where senpai sits, or because she’s so cultural, she could sit near one of the shrines.

  20. Yan Dev, When I put Raibaru’s dismembered body parts in a cello case, her hair is sticking out, I would appreciate if you fixed this.

  21. Hello Yandere Dev, i was wondering, why do Sumiko and Sonoko don’t have their tans in the game?

      • Oooh… maybe we could have a south asian character when the new models come out? Brown Mantaro and brown Rino would be kinda cool.

  22. Hey YanDev! I saw this and thought it was nice! Hope seeing this fan content brightens your day! Also good luck on whatever bugs your fixing! We believe in you!

  23. YandereDev I found a really annoying glitchh! I took a picture of the cat outside of the building and accidentally sent it to info chan and she said her basic line “why are you showing me this? I don’t care.” but when I tried to take a sneaky panty shot she said it again! I thought I already got his girl and tried it on Pippi but she said it again so i tried it on the bullies but even they didn’t work! I restarted the day but she kept saying it so the only way of me being able to get panty shots were either placing bugs around or starting a new game which is annoying to go through everything again :(. Please fix thiss

  24. Hi yandere dev! i beat the game by poisoning osana with the lethal and for some reason the extras option isn’t unlocked and i cant get the debug commands? do you know how to fix this?

  25. Hey Yandere Dev! I have found some noticeable bugs you might want to check out.
    Bug 1:
    I was at home after school and used the computer to purchase the “Blonde hair dye” Then I went onto the chat program and talked to the guy online. Then after exiting the program my hair was blonde, when it is supposed to be blonde in the next morning. I cant tell if this is a bug but just wanted to point it out.
    Bug 2:
    After gossiping to most of the students of school about raibaru and she cut off her friendship with Osana, she started to glitch into Osana’s back and did her changing shoes animation.
    Bug 3:
    After raising your reputation and doing the cat charm task for Osana, I put a note in her locker. She was eating lunch with senpai when I told her about the note she started to run into senpai while he was still eating.
    Just wanted to point these out ❤

  26. I found a bug, when I read a manga on Saturday, it skips Sunday and move on to Monday. Then in 202x, it does the same thing and skips Sunday, including the cutscene where info-chan tells Ayano about the new rival. There is also a bug when I chose the 4th uniform(tea colour blazer)some students performing sit animation while walking around the school after I skipped the time in the library.

  27. If the crowfunding campaign is successful, will the 1980s mode rivals have unique voices and interactions with senpai ?

  28. Is there any way I can donate or support the game? i just found out about this game and it seems cool!

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